Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Deidara Lemon -- Hold You Captive

Character: Deidara

Fandom: Naruo

OC: Misaki Akasono, best friends with Sasori and Tobi

Inspiration: Do I really need any? (Just imagining Deidara in the bath is inspiration enough XD)

“Oh, come on, Sasori-kun!” I whined, sitting on his bed as I watched his emotionless face flicker with exasperation.
“I’ve already told you- I don’t know what Deidara wants for his birthday,” he said, not looking up at me as he continued with his work. I pouted and sighed, flopping back onto his bed as I looked over at the other bed beside his. Deidara shared a room with the puppet master, and I knew how much said blondie respected the redhead.
“What’s going on here-yeah?” came his voice at the doorway. Speak of the devil.
I shot up and grinned cheekily at him, “Deidara! We were just talking about you.”
Sasori sighed, “You were talking about him, Misaki...”
Deidara looked at me, “You were-un?”
I smirked, looking at him as I lay back down on the bed, “Yeah. I was wondering what I should get you for your birthday.”
Immediately, emotion flashed through his eyes and he stared at me, “...You remembered...yeah?”
His voice was soft, and I smiled gently at my friend, “Of course I did. How could I forget?”
Sasori seemed as if he couldn’t stand any more of this mushy behavior, and in a swish of fabric, he was out the door without so much as a grunt.
I giggled at his retreating figure and Deidara smirked at me, “I have an idea...of what you can get me, un.”
I tilted my head, wondering, and nodded, “Ok! What is it?”
He chuckled and came closer, sitting on the bed and leaning toward me. His closeness took my very breath away.
“...I’ve been in need of a bath lately...” he whispered huskily, sending shivers down my spine.
My eyes lit up and I smirked, taking a strand of his hair and twisting it around my fingers. I leaned closer and pressed my lips lightly against his cheek, “I’ll go get one ready for you.”
But before I could get off the bed, he grabbed my arm, throwing me down and pressing our lips together in a delightful kiss. I inhaled sharply and grabbed his head, pressing our together more and swearing at the desire suddenly running through me.
“Go...get the water...ready, un,” he softly ordered, and I nodded, rushing off to the bathroom and filling the tub up.
He met me there, taking me into his arms and kissing me again, moving his lips over my cheek and neck. As his hands rubbed my sides, he bite into my neck as I whined lightly.
“Ahh! Deidara...” I groaned, feeling wetness pool in my panties as his tongue slid over my neck, lapping up my blood after he had nibbled at me.
Hands sliding underneath my shirt, he squeezed my covered breasts, eventually lifting up the cups of my bra and attacking my skin. I threw my head back and moaned lightly as the mouths of his hands began biting and licking my nipples. Deidara smirked down at me and kissed me, lips covering my mouth as his tongue slid across my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I could only comply, feeling myself rapidly falling into those ties of lust that seemed to beckon to me. My eyes shot open as the mouth on Deidara’s hand forcefully bit down on my tender nipple. Pain filled my expression, and Deidara pulled away and took his hands from me, scowling at them. He lifted my shirt and bra, throwing them onto the ground as he stared at my bleeding breast.
I laughed weakly, trying to sound strong, “It’s alright, Dei-kun. Really, I barely feel anything-“
His tongue cut me off as he tentatively licked the blood from the wound, this time leaving his hands to hold his weight up. I inhaled sharply as he licked me dry, pleasure suddenly tearing through my body as I tangled my fingers into his hair. He grinned at me and his tongue took one last lap around my nipple, twisting my other breast around his fingers before slowly kissing down my stomach to the hem of my pants. I barely heard the button pop: I was too busy enjoying the feel of his hands rubbing my warmth through my clothing. He loosened the rest of my clothing and it all dropped to the ground as my own fingers began unraveling his cloak. He watched me with amused eyes, lust building in his cerulean orbs as I dragged his shirt off.
I didn’t touch his chest, though I dearly wanted to: instead, I knelt down before him and shakily undid his pants. Before they were even gone, I noticed the huge bulge that was proof of his growing erection. I felt myself get hot at the sight.
My fingers brushed over the bulge and he stifled a noise, hands automatically tangled into my hair, pushing my head toward his need. I slipped his boxers off and studied the manhood, finally leaning in to lick the tip tentatively. The result I got was mind-blowing. Deidara moaned and moved his hips a bit, shoving his dick further into my mouth as I smirked. I took as much of him into my mouth and sucked hard.
“Ahh! Ung...Misaki...i-if you don’t s-stop...I’m gonna-!” he shut up in shock and lust as I moved my mouth from his erection and moved my lips to a different prize. Now lapping my tongue over his sensitive balls, I slowly moved one into my mouth and began sucking on it like a piece of candy.
Deidara’s eyes popped and his hands shoved my head farther into him. My fingers played with his long dick as my other hand tangled themselves into the patch of curly blonde hair.
I hadn’t had this much pleasure before, just by doing this things to Deidara. I liked it.
Before he was even close to coming, I let him go, standing up and smirking at him. He looked very shaky, as if he’d fall at any moment from the intense pleasure he had been receiving.
I took his hand and sent him a coy smile, leading him slowly to the awaiting bathtub. He stood at the edge of the tub, watching lustfully as I got in, covering myself with the bubbles as a delightful smile lit up my face.
“It’s so nice, Dei-kun! Hurry up and get in,” I added, looking at him expectantly.
He did just that, getting into the large tub and crawling over to me. He leaned down and captured my lips with his, and I melted into the passion that the kiss was made of.
His hands were now all over me, no doubt getting payback for what I had done to him.
His fingers touched my warmth and I inhaled sharply against his lips as his fingers slowly pushed into my opening. I moaned and as he drew them back, whined a little. He chuckled at me, shoving more fingers into me even deeper than usual and watching the desire grow in my eyes with a pleased smile.
I threw my head back into the soapy water and bucked into his hand, riding on his fingers as they were forced deeper. Deidara leaned down, kissing my neck now before slowly taking his fingers out and licking them, his irresistible tongue circling his digits he tasted my core.
“Mmm...un, you taste good,” he told me, smirking as my cheeks blushed with color. I took the back of his neck and forced him down, kissing him and spreading my legs wide, “Hurry up, Dei-kun. I’m getting impatient.”
He smirked and nodded, holding my thighs as he positioned himself at my entrance.
And then...an explosion. I had never thought it would be so...so...indescribably blissful. Feeling him inside me was like heaven to my desire=stricken body.
“...Fuck,” I whispered, and realized my eyes were closed.
When I forced them open, Deidara was staring at me with such love and passion that it took my breath away. He pulled out of me and shoved back in, tearing through my depths as he navigated toward my core.
“Oh God...Deidara! Oohh harder! Please, Dei-kun!!”
He complied, taking my leg and throwing it over his shoulder and he forced himself deeper with a grunt of mingled delectation and huskiness.
Our moans rose to unspeakable levels as our thrusts strengthened, pushing our sexes into each other and increasing the pleasure.
Our first orgasms came and went with a rise of satisfaction. Finally slowing in his thrusts, Deidara pulled out of me and growled, voice still husky, “Turn around.”
I smirked at him and complied, knowing exactly what was in store for me. I arched my back in painful pleasure as he shoved his cock into my ass, not giving me time to get used to his invasion in my sensitive rectum before throwing his hips in and out again and again.
I groaned and held as still as possible, but failed miserably as I bucked into his hard length. Stroking my back, the mouths of his hands licked my body as he caressed me gently, kissing the back of my neck with his mouth as he murmured soft words into my ear.
It didn’t seem like very long before his semen burst forth and coated me in his white fluids. I moaned one last time and came, arching me back into him as he finally slid out of my tight opening and collapsed on top of me, panting heavily.
I flipped over slowly and took him into my arms, grabbing the bar of soap and cleaning him up. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of my hands all over his body, washing the sweat and stench of sex from him.
“Mmm...I love you, yeah,” he told me, picking himself up and getting comfortable behind me, holding me between his legs as he switched places and began washing my own body with the bar of soap.
I snuggled into his arms and smiled, “I love you too, Dei-kun.”
He smiled and kissed my neck gently as we continued with our bath.
One thing was for sure: Deidara definitely showed me how to open my eyes.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Tyki Mikk Lemon -- I'll Show you Dominance

Character: Tyki Mikk

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Evelyn Kade, Age 20

Fingers typing diligently at the computer keyboard, my sharp golden eyes narrowed in apprehension as a new tide of letters were placed on my desk by my ‘secretary’, or, in looser terms, the job underneath secretary.

“Today’s mail,” she explained quickly and left, knowing that the look in my eyes was none to be trifled with.

I tore my fingers from the computer and twisted my chair around, edging closer to the somewhat large pile and beginning to go through it. The waste paper bin beside me began to fill up, until only a small orderly stack of letters sat on the desk. Nodding my head, I turned away from them and back to the document I was currently writing. I’d have to finish that first.

I was getting angrier by the second. It wasn’t because I had a ton of work to do for the man I worked for, who had unceremoniously dropped it all on my desk when I wasn’t looking. It wasn’t even because my mother was in town and I knew she wanted to scold me about how I should hurry up and get married before she dies.

It was because of one person: one man, actually. The fact that I worked in this cursed agency did absolutely nothing for me, as the only reason I had even joined was to help a few so-called friends find their own jobs. But now...my eyes softened a little- a drastic change from their normal wintry stage. I looked at the list of open jobs that I had managed to get and went through them, finally picking out ones that seemed beneficial to Tyki’s friends. I had never met them, but Tyki insisted that they were great people who needed help, and me, having that damned soft side, agreed to assist them. But now...how I wished I hadn’t.

Shrugging my discomfort off as best I could, I printed the sheet off and stuck it into a letter. I then opened one of the many drawers and pulled out a scrap paper, hurriedly writing a small note for Tyki to read. Stuffing that into the envelope as well, I flipped it over and began to scribble the address and town in which he was staying, leaving the return address blank. I always did that, so as to convince myself that I didn’t care for Tyki or any of his friends. But I knew the undercurrent of the action never got through to my brain, because whenever I thought about the mysterious man I could never quite pull away. He was probably a huge contributing factor as to why I had so much unfinished work laying about my desk. The other factor...? My bad temper and tendency to throw a huge fit and break things when I was pissed. Which happened regularly, I thought, knowing that it had been a good two weeks since I had last heard from Tyki. That thought alone made me even more uncomfortable, and in an action that both surprised me and angered me, I began to hastily write down a return address on the letter before I could stop myself. Letting out an unidentifiable sigh, I leaned back in my chair and grabbed my coffee, now cold from sitting there for three hours. But nonetheless, I took a sip and nearly spat it back out in disgust.

“Marie!” I shouted, watching as my little...’secretary’ hurried toward me with a worried and nervous expression.

“Would you get me more coffee? Please?” I added, sparing her a small glance to see her sighing. I hid a smirk and she nodded, turning to get her coat before hurrying outside into the cold weather.


Luck seemed not to know I existed. Nor did fate seem to like me all that much. Glaring avidly at the unopened letter, I hissed to myself, trying vainly to calm myself down.

It took a while for me to decide I wasn’t going to yell or scream or break anything that might cost me my job. When I realized I was safe, I took a pen and stuck it into the letter, ripping the top off expertly and tearing the envelope away. There was a printed piece of paper and a small scrap note. Edging them away from each other, my eyes connected with the words I had written only days before:


Enclosed is a list of open jobs your friends might be interested in.

...And I haven’t seen you in a while. Are you ok?


Either Tyki was fine and just wasn’t home, which I thought was fairly obvious seeing as the letter was returned, in this unopened state. Or Tyki was not ok and was unable to open his letters or even get them, which also led to the return of my note.

Whatever the case, I was finished helping him without any gratitude. I was going to go there and see just what he was up to, and if I didn’t see him, I would just stop assisting him. I would quit this useless job and get on with my life= something I should have done ages ago.

Getting up, I glanced at the clock and walked toward the office of the man I worked for. Mr. Mattor looked up when I knocked, and gestured for me to enter.

“Ah...Mr. Mattor, I was wondering if I could have my lunch break early,” I asked, pleading.

He tilted his head, “Are you...meeting someone?”

His question took me off guard. Eye wide, I laughed a little, “Um...yes, I suppose I am.”

He nodded, waving his hand, “Alright that’s fine. I don’t need to that much today anyway.”

I thanked him gratefully and left, wrapping my furry coat around my shoulders before disappearing into the streets. Discarded envelope clutched tightly in my hands, I glanced at the address I had nearly memorized and began walking in his apartment’s direction.

It took only fifteen minutes to get there. I knocked on the front door and the landlady answered, looking at me with a smile, “Hello! Are you here to visit someone?”

I nodded, slowly taking in the appearance of the room behind her. It was a long hall which was neatly furnished. Little vases of fake flowers lined the sides of the peach colored walls.

“Yes. I’m here looking for a Tyki Mikk,” I responded, “I have something to give him.”

Holding up the letter, I watched her nod and gesture for me to follow, “I haven’t seen much of him. In fact, I’m not even sure he’s home, but you can wait for him. He usually gets in by 3:00, the latest,” she said, stopping at an off-white colored door and turning the handle, “Here you are.”

I smiled at her, “Thank you very much.”

She just waved it off and nodded.

Inside the room was simple, as if Tyki hadn’t lived there for very long. There was very few personal items in the four rooms, though the furniture was lavish and didn’t need much of anything else.

I sat down in one of the chairs and closed my eyes, unknowingly falling asleep.


I was pulled from my sleep by a confused Tyki as he hovered over me. My eyes glanced at the clock on my wrist and told me that it was 2:30: Tyki was early by half an hour.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, eyes narrowed as he looked down at me.

I stood up, stretching, and answered him with a question, “Why didn’t you answer my letters?”

He sighed, running a hand down his face, “Because I don’t need the jobs anymore- all my friends are being paid for doing something...different. Now answer my question.”

I made a noise, “Fine. I’m here to tell you that I’m not helping you anymore,” scoffing, I muttered, “As if you need my help anyway.”

He was silent for a moment before tilting his head, “Evelyn, you look ravishing.”

His words caught me off-guard. Looking at him as though he was crazy, I glanced down at my choice of clothing. It was a simple dress that went down to my knees in a pencil straight manner. My cleavage showed a bit, making me look more feminine. My hair was tied up in a loose bun and my make-up was normal: red lipstick and a small amount of mascara. Pointed black pumps adorned my feet, giving me a cutting look that perfectly complimented my sharp, always suspicious eyes.

“No, really,” Tyki murmured, coming closer and running a hand down my arm, “You look truly beautiful.”

I pulled away, ignoring the blush that made my way to my cheeks, “What do you want, Tyki? You’re obviously not complimenting me for no reason.”

He grabbed my hand, making me to look at him, and purred, “I want you, Evelyn. That’s why I haven’t been responding to you. I’m afraid that if I see you too much I’ll loose control.”

He seemed to be having an internal battle. Suddenly, he whispered, “You should leave. I don’t know what I’ll do if you-“

I growled and slammed my hand over his mouth, golden eyes narrowed in annoyance as I pushed him against a nearby wall.

I smirked at him, “Tyki, do you really want me?”

He only groaned and closed his eyes tightly, answering me with a silent plea.

I licked his neck, making his body convulse horribly and adding the pleasure I got from seeing him so helpless. Dragging my tongue all the way to a spot directly beneath his chin, he suddenly grabbed my shoulders, flipping positions as he held me down with strong arms. I struggled, not liking the change of dominance, and he murmured, “I’m the Noah of pleasure.”

His words, though the confused me greatly, made my body ache for him. He must have realized my arousal, because he grinned and his hands began to touch every part of me, starting from my shoulders and working their way down...until the pool of wetness forming in my wasted panties was uncovered. He chuckled, “I see you want me as well.”

I opened my mouth to throw a retort at him, but he merely pushed his lips onto mine, shoving his tongue into my opened lips and frenching me terrifically.

I moaned and closed my eyes, now useless beneath him, and he suddenly grabbed my thighs and lifted me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he walked into the bedroom, shutting the door with definitely finality as throwing me onto the bed.

“Strip for me,” he ordered, eyeing me lustfully as I nodded.

I threw my shoes off, ignoring the thud they made when they landed on the floor, and proceeded to unbutton the dress as I knelt on the bed, eyes latched to Tyki’s as the lust in them grew.

The dress slipped from my shoulders and revealed my lacy bra and flat stomach. I noticed his fingers give a twitch, and I smirked. I pushed the rest of the dress off me, now sitting in my thigh high cream colored stockings and black lace lingerie.

Tyki didn’t seem to be able to take it any longer: in a rush, I was thrown onto my back as he kissed me fervently, hands undoing my bra before plunging his mouth over my revealed nipples. I barely had time to grasp what had happened as the leggings were ripped off of me and thrown onto the ground. Holding back a moan as his tongue was dragged across my nipple, I arched my back, pushing my breast into his mouth even more. His other hand, rather than working on taunting my other breast, slid down and rubbed me hard through my panties. The moan that ensued seemed to make him even more wild.

He tore the panties from me and stuffed his fingers into my wet opening, forcing them as deep as possible and watching my reaction with lustful eyes.

My face twisted in pleasure and my hips, unknowing to me, began to automatically thrust with the pump of his fingers. He added more and more, until my dripping flower was taking all the heat as Tyki kissed me, biting my lip and bleeding me a little before lapping up the liquid.

Finally, before I could get to the safety of my orgasm, he pulled his fingers out of me, tantalizing me as he slowly licked each one clean.

He smirked, “Would you like to taste?”

My unclear mind wasn’t sure how I responded, only that Tyki was suddenly grabbing my hand and forcing me to stick my own fingers into my pussy, guiding them in and out. He seemed to like watching me pleasure myself. I moaned and went faster, pumping in and out sinfully. But, to my demise, Tyki grabbed my hand and stopped me, smirking as he licked the juices from my fingers.

I tried to glare at him, but I didn’t think it turned out very convincing. He only chuckled and said, “Now undress me.”

My lust filled eyes turned to his body, staring up and down and finally landing on the covered organ which was meant to give me the utmost pleasure. I smirked, getting up and kneeling in front of him. I slipped my fingers into his shirt and ran them up and down his muscles, taunting them before pulling the fabric over his head. He closed his eyes in contentment as I played with his nipples, twisting them around my fingers before dragging my nails down his chest. He grunted and watched me tug at his pants, freeing the button and pulling them off. Finally, now only in his boxers, I rubbed him, touching the dent that had grown with all the foreplay. He moaned, biting his lip, and I pulled the flimsy piece of fabric off, finally eyeing him in all his manly glory.

I smirking, I suddenly clasped my fingers around his large length, sliding them up and down in the dripping precum. Now slick and wet, I leaned down to flick my tongue over the tip, watching his body convulse as he moaned loudly, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to take more of him in my mouth. I complied, dragging my teeth over his hardened cock and teasing him.

“Just...get on...with it...!” he ordered, sounding strained as he felt me smile against his dick.

I didn’t just get on with it, however. I continued to tease him until he had enough. Grabbing my shoulders, he threw me back down on the bed and crawled on top of me, opening my legs and pushing the tip of his manhood against me.

I moaned and looked down at him, not being able to keep my smirk off my face as he glared halfheartedly at me.

Without any more warning, he shoved himself into me, pumping in and out without giving me the time to get used to him. But it was ok: I had been ready for him since he had woken me from my stupor, and this merely bliss and nothing less.

I thrust along with him, pushing my hips into his as he grinded me. He dug as deep as possible until I wanted more. Flipping him over, I slammed my hips onto him as I bounced on his hard length. Both our desperate moans filled the air, and only seconds later, our voices melded together in harmony as our bodies released themselves. Fluids dancing together, I threw my head back and Tyki rolled over, diving into me a few hard times before it was finally over.

With a long sigh, he pulled himself out of me and collapsed, pulling me closer to him as our passion died down, melting into a peaceful silence that both of us treasured.

“I’ve been waiting to do that...” he panted, kissing my neck tenderly, “Since I met you.”

I smiled, my normally edgy personality burnt down in the heat of our moment, and snuggled close to his chest, “I’m glad you finally did.”

He laughed, deep and masculine, “I’m glad too.”


Monday, June 14, 2010

A Naruto Baby Daddy -- Electricity

Character: Naruto Uzumaki

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Hana Uzumaki, married to Naruto

Inspiration: Naruto as Hokage~

// How You Met //


My friend dragged me though the crowded streets of a village I knew nothing about. Only 13 years old at the time, I placed my forehead protector tighter on my hairline and narrowed my eyes at the sights around me. It was the Chunin Exams, and I was just as determined as everyone else to come out as a victor. I had been born and raised in the Mist Village, and my slightly untrusting personality showed it.

“Sakura,” I asked my pink haired friend in a slightly annoyed voice, “Where are you taking me?”

I had known Sakura since early childhood, due to some weird friendship between our parents, and as soon as I showed up at Konoha, she all but tore me away from my team.

She glanced back at me with a large smile, “To meet my team, of course! Oh my god, you’ll love Sasuke! He’s sooo handsome and-“ she suddenly stopped, looking back at me with suspicious eyes, “But...uhh...well no offense, but I don’t think he likes girls like you, Hana.”

I raised an eyebrow and smirked: this wasn’t the first time I had seen Sakura’s territorial side.

“I’ll leave him for you then,” I assured her, and immediately her smile re-appeared on her face and we continued on our way.

Five minutes later we had arrived at some training ground.

Sakura let go of my hand and looked around. I saw her eyes light up and she made her way over to two boys who were gripping kunai as they practiced their aim.

“Sasuke, Naruto!” she called, and they looked over to her. The blonde one grinned when he saw her, “Hi Sakura!”

The black haired genin merely stared her down with a reproachful look in his somewhat cold eyes.

I walked up behind her and studied them.

The blonde guy grinned and ran up to me, “Hi! I’m Naruto Uzumaki- the next Hokage! Believe it!!”

I tilted my head and smiled, slightly overtaken by his energy, “I’m Hana...and I’d be stupid not to believe it.”

Laughing softly, I took his hand and watched as he blushed slightly at my words, his smile never disappearing from his tanned face.

“I think I’m gonna like it here,” I muttered, smiling at the three people in front of me.

// How It Happened //

My fingers drilled the wooden table in angst as I sat there, waiting for him to come home. We were going out tonight, and I was all dressed up in a pretty black dress that held my curves perfectly. Frowning, I shot another glare at the clock and saw that it hadn’t changed since I last looked at it. The minute hand had barely made it to the next number. It was still only 6:30.

I sighed and the frown disappeared. I knew Naruto had a mission, and he might not even be home until later tonight. But I had still wanted to go out with my husband since we never usually had the time. After all, we were both ninja, and had regular missions that we couldn’t back down on.

I laid my head in my arms and closed my eyes, not realizing that I was falling asleep until the door suddenly opened. The loud noise made me shoot up from my chair and I clumsily fell over, beginning to fall to the ground.

But two arms caught me before I could hit the cold floor, and I felt soft chuckling vibrate our bodies.

“Dozing off, Hana?” my husband chided gently, his voice music to my ears.

I smiled, blushing with embarrassment, and allowed Naruto to help me to my feet.

“You were taking too long...” I yawned, stretching. As I opened my eyes, I noticed Naruto staring at me with a strange look.

He took me into his arms and delicately kissed my cheek, “Sorry- Grandma Tsunade kept me longer than I thought she would.”

I wrapped my arms around him and brushed our lips together, “It’s fine. You’re here now.”

Naruto smiled lovingly at me and leaned in to capture my lips in a more passionate kiss, “I missed you so much.”

He had been gone for an entire week, tracking down a rogue ninja with Sai and Sakura. I kissed back even more roughly, fingers latching themselves into his blonde tresses as I responded with a breathy, “I missed you too.”

Naruto finally broke the kiss and chuckled, “Are you still in the mood to go out? You look beautiful by the way.”

The gentle blush that covered my cheeks made him smile and pull me back into him.

“Thank you,” I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, “I think we should stay here. You look exhausted.”

Naruto nodded and kissed me again, this time pulling away faster and taking my hands, “I’m kinda hungry- I think I’ll make some Ramen.”

I smiled at his choice of food and stopped him as he made his way to the kitchen, “I’ll make it for you. You go take a shower: it’ll be faster.”

My husband nodded, appreciation coating his face, and swooped down to kiss me lightly on the lips, “I’ll be down in a few.”

Nodding, I watching him disappear upstairs before making my way to the kitchen and getting out some things to make his dinner.

Empty bowls cluttered the tabletop, and I dipped my hands into the sink as I washed them. Naruto was behind me, systematically distracting me as he kissed the back of my neck over and over again. I giggled and glanced at him over my shoulder, “Naruto, leave me be. I have to finish these.”

But my husband only tightened his hold around my slim waist and moved his lips to the side of my face, “No.”

Whining jokingly, I responded with a soft, “Please?”

But he only answered with a swift, “No. Listen to your husband and come upstairs.”

I sighed and grabbed a dish towel, turning in his arms. But before I could protest, Naruto slipped in and pushed his lips against mine in a tempting kiss.

I closed my eyes and sank into his lips, moving my mouth against his as I wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands latched themselves to my waist, stroking the silky material of the dress I had still not taken off.

When I pulled away, Naruto groaned and tried to grab my arm, but I merely slipped from his grasp and giggled at him, turning back to the dishes once again.

Naruto slid his arms around me persistently and sighed, hiding his face on my shoulder as he murmured, “I haven’t been able to touch you in an entire week and now you tease me...”

A smirk lit my face and I laughed, gently patting his hair with my wet hand, “Oh well. You’ll have to deal with it for just a little bit more.”

His arms constricted around my waist, pushing my breasts up a little in the tight embrace. From his place on my shoulder, he seemed to enjoy looking down at my body, and it made me roll my eyes. But I did nothing to stop him, and instead turned my attention to the plates that were stacking up in the rack.

One of his hands suspiciously left my waist to travel down my leg, stopping at my inner thigh. I pretended not to feel him rubbing my leg, but when he lifted the fabric of my dress and slid his hand to touch my most sacred place, I had to protest.

“Naruto, what are you-“ turning around, he caught my surprised lips for the second time that night, kissing me passionately as he tried to get me in the mood.

This time, it worked. With one hand still latched to my southern body and the other now exploring my right breast, I couldn’t suppress the agonizing desire that now shredded through me.

“Ahh...Naruto,” I moaned into his lips, gripping the back of his neck tightly in order to push us closer.

But to my grievance, he just pulled away and extracted his hands from me, sending me a teasing smile as he began unzipping the front of his jacket.

I stared at him hungrily, eyeing his hands as they slid the jacket off and slowly...teasingly pulling the undershirt he wore off as well, revealing his well built chest to my starving eyes.

I walked forward, now completely captivated, and allowed Naruto and grab my wrists and kiss me lightly on the mouth. Pulling away, he chuckled and began to give me a taste of my own medicine, “If you want me, come to the bedroom.”

He began walking away, leaving me to stare, mouth agape, at his back. When I heard the bedroom door close, I snapped out of my thoughts and shook my head, following him as I left the abandoned dishes behind to wallow in the sink.

The light was dim in the room, and as I shut the door, I looked around blindly for my husband. He was nowhere to be found.

In my lustful desire, I couldn’t hear him come up behind me until he had already wrapped his arms around my waist.

Pushing my back to his front, I felt his erection poking into my thigh. Smirking, I turned in his arms and rubbed his gorgeous chest, melting into his lips as he leaned down to kiss me passionately.

He pushed me backward, not breaking the kiss, until the back of my knees hit the bed and I fell onto it.

Moving to the middle of the mattress, Naruto straddled my waist and smirked triumphantly at me, looking down at me with his beautiful blue eyes, “Will you let me do whatever I want?”

Furrowing my brow, I nodded helplessly, needing this just as much as he did. Chuckling, he smirked and reached over me to the bedside table. Pulling out a piece of rope, he watched as I stared in shock.

“N-Naruto, what are you-?”

He cut me off, kissing me as he grabbed my wrists and threw them over my head, tying them to the bedpost with the rope.

My dress was strapless, so Naruto found it easy to remove it without much of a fuss. Now wearing only a pair of lacy panties, my husband grinned and stared at my revealed body hungrily before beginning the torturously blissful touches.

He leaned down and took my right breast in his mouth, sucking on my nipple and watching as I arched my back in pleasure. He repeated the process with the other one and smirked, hands traveling to his pants as he removed them. Now I could see the obvious bump in his boxers, and the sight of it made my mouth water. He grinned and slipped off my soaking panties, letting them fall carelessly over the edge of the bed before leaning down to kiss my sensitive skin. I threw my head back as his tongue entered me, swirling around inside of me as he prepared us.

“Naruto!” I moaned, my voice pleading and excited.

He merely chuckled: the vibrations made me close my eyes in bliss as his fingers began continuing his ministrations below. He licked his lips and came back up, finally removing his boxers and letting me see his thickened cock standing straight up. I moaned at the sight and struggled against the bonds, wanting more than ever to touch him.

He grinned and stroked my sides, nestling himself between my open legs comfortably, “Did you really miss me that much, Hana?”

I groaned again and nodded, “I missed you so much, Naruto. Please!”

He seemed pleased with my answer. Not wasting any more time, he shoved himself into me and I craned my neck in the immediate pleasure that seemed to ricochet around my very bones.

Our breathing raced: my hands struggled ever more against the rope, yet Naruto refused to untie me. He pulled himself out, and threw himself back in, again and again.

Finally, when our orgasms seemed imminent, he reached up and undid the cords. As soon as I was free, my liberated hands flew to his shoulders and I thrust my hips to meet his harsh pounds with delight. I moaned loudly as my fluids raced through me, meeting his own orgasm in blissful harmony.

“Narutttoooo!” I screamed, feeling him hit me at just the right spot.

He mirrored my movements, pushing himself into me with unmatched speed as he hurried to catch up to me.

He let himself loose within me and earned another strand of pleased noises to add to his own, matching me with perfect ease as our bodies rose and fell together.

Finally, he collapsed upon my sweaty body, kissing as much of me as possible as I wrapped my arms around him tightly. Giggling, I murmured, “I really did miss you, silly.”

He merely chuckled and didn’t stop his assault on my neck, “I realize that, Hana.”

I leaned up to kiss him once more before we settled down for a well earned rest.

// How You Found Out //

Sitting on the bathroom counter, our breathing was tiresome and heavy.

“Naruto, I really don’t think I’m-“

He shushed me lightly, kissing me softly on the lips before answering, “Sakura said you have all the symptoms. Let’s at least have a look.”

I sighed and nodded, staring at the pregnancy test in my hands with a doubtful look. Naruto noticed, and chuckled as he wrapped his arms around me, but no other words were exchanged in the next five minutes as we waited.

I glanced down for what seemed like the hundredth time and my eyes widened. Shakily, I raised it to my husband’s face and saw him grin.

“Hana...I’m going to be a father!” he whispered energetically as he pulled me toward him and began littering my face with kisses.

I laughed and murmured, still shocked, “Hopefully our child won’t have as much energy as you: I don’t think I could handle two of you.”

He only laughed and took my face in his hands, kissing me deeply on the lips in celebration.

// The Birth //

The dull thump in my lower region said all that needed to be said. Clamping my hand tightly with his, Naruto hovered over me, not sure whether he should comfort me in my pain, or to join the doctor and see how the actual birth was going.

I groaned and with one last push, the birth was finally over, after hours of labor and discomfort. My tears were brushed away by my husband’s warm fingers and he looked down at my lovingly, “You did well. I’m so proud of you, Hana.”

I laughed a little, my voice harsh from not using it in hours, and whispered, “Where is my baby?”

The doctor smiled and held up a bundled up form, carefully setting the girl into my arms before murmuring, “I’ll be back to take her to the infirmary in about ten minutes.”

He left after that, and I looked up at Naruto with stars in my eyes, “She’s beautiful. Isn’t she beautiful, Naruto?”

He grinned, his blue eyes locking onto his very own child, and kissed both our heads, whispering, “Kushina is gorgeous.”

A bright smile lit up my face as the sound of the name we had vigilantly picked.

I nodded, agreeing, “Gorgeous.”

// Epilogue //

The bright sun beat down on us as I walked to my husband’s office. Kushina, walking beside me, held my hand tightly as she looked around, “Mom, when can I be a ninja like dad?”

I smiled at her question, “When you turn 12, honey. You’ve still got a few years to go.”

She pouted, and I hid a smile.

“What about Minato and Kimi? Are they gonna become ninja too?” she asked innocently as she looked at the bundle in my arms.

I looked down at my most recent child: Kimi. The baby girl looked back at my with electric blue eyes and a large smile.

I laughed lightly, “Maybe, if they want to be,” came my answer.

Minato rolled his eyes beside me, his lips pouting cutely as he said, “I’m gonna be a ninja, Believe it!” I hid another smile at the use of my husband’s normal words. He’d always rub off on the kids...

“I’ll be better than everybody else!” Minato exclaimed loudly, making people smile our way.

“Well you’ve got a long way to go, kid,” a familiar voice said.

I grinned as Naruto walked toward us, Hokage robes fluttering valiantly in the breeze. Kushina and Minato ran forward, hugging their father tightly with their small arms. Naruto merely laughed and picked them up, much to their struggling forms, and walked over to me. Leaning down, he kissed me smoothly on the lips, ignoring the grunts of displeasure from our children.

“How’s Kimi?” he asked, finally putting Kushina and Minato back on their feet before wrapping his arms around me and the baby.

I smiled fondly and looked down at her, “Great.”

“...And how are you?” he asked, his tone slightly worried as he looked at my exhausted appearance.

It wasn’t exactly easy to handle three children at the same time...

Even so, I smiled brilliantly at him and murmured, “I’m doing just fine.”

He grinned at my response and leaned down to kiss me more fully on the mouth, engulfing me in his lips.

Pulling away, he took his two older children’s hands and smiled, “C’mon- let’s get to my office.”

Sending one last loving glance my way, we finished our walk to the Hokage’s building.


A Kisame Lemon -- Training

Character: Kisame Hoshigaki

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Tsuta Doku, medical nin and Zetsu’s cousin

Inspiration: Kisame...water...lake...you get the picture =P

“Zetsu!” a long, drawn out screech rang through the heavy woods, “Come back here!”

Said man only gulped uneasily and ducked behind a tree trunk just as a bottle came hurling at him. The plastic container noisily hit the wood and bounced to the ground, giving Zetsu a relieved feeling at his cousin’s lack of weapons.

Poking his head out from behind his unoriginal hiding place, the odd looking man searched for the girl whom he called family. She was standing not ten feet from him with a livid expression on her face.

“Zetsu, if I see you so much as touch that bottle...” she warned as his hand went down to scoop up the trash.

He stopped, mid-reach, and glanced up at her. His white side grinned sheepishly, while the boy’s black side only scowled.

“Sorry, Tsuta,” his white face said quickly.

But to both our disgrace, his black side spat, “Serves ya right, stupid girl.”

Tsuta growled angrily and walked forward, grabbing the bottle and staring him straight in the eyes, “You know how I feel about you leaving your trash all over the forest! Do it again and I’ll tear that black shit right off of you,” she fumed, referring to Zetsu’s black side as she turned her eyes to face the Akatsuki’s lair.

Zetsu sighed; al least she had realized it was his dark side and not his white side who got her angry. That was how it usually was.

Trudging back to the hideout with heavy footsteps, Zetsu sighed again as rain began to fall. Yep: this was such a great day.

Tsuta’s POV

My anger had washed away as soon as I walked into the Akatsuki lair. Upon entering the kitchen, I noticed Deidara at the table, feet up and molding a piece of clay in his stable hands.

“Hello Dei-kun,” I greeted cheerfully, taking a seat beside him as I watched him.

He glanced at me and sent me a swift smirk, “Hey Tsuta-chan.”

A peaceful silence kicked in and I leaned back, before deciding I was thirsty. I stood and grabbed a glass, filling it with water before sipping it.

Deidara shifted in his seat and looked at me, finally finished molding the clay. I grinned when I saw what he had made. A pretty little plant, just beginning it’s growth.

He smirked at me and got up from the table, leaving the clay there for me before exiting the kitchen. I walked to the table and picked up the small mold, holding it gingerly in my hands as I studied it. It was perfect; not a detail missing.

“Did Deidara make that for you?” a voice asked, making me jump and nearly drop the delicate piece.

But just as it slipped from my hands, a finger hooked around the leaf and brought it back to the safety of my grasp. I sighed in relief and smiled at Kisame, “Yeah- it’s pretty, isn’t it?”

The blue man merely grunted and stared out the window, “Yeah I guess...”

I followed his gaze and smiled softly, “You like the rain, right Kisame?”

The man looked at me, surprised, and slowly nodded wordlessly.

“I wonder...if you could teach me some of your technique’s outside?” I asked, gazing at the ninja with a slight blush. There had always been something about him: I just could never figure it out.

His surprised expression turned even more startled, and my heart began sinking.

As I sighed and walked past him, he grabbed me by the elbow and looked at me, smirking slightly, “Be outside in 5 minutes.”

I nodded slowly and he let me go, walking away to his room to prepare.


My breath came out forced and laborious. Kneeling on the forest floor, I grabbed the small wound Kisame had put in my side. The blue man was currently kneeling next to me, breathing heavily as well due to our fight.

“Do you want me to take a look at it?” he asked, feeling slightly sorry. His emotion surprised me; I had never seen Kisame show any feelings. When he was around me, it all seemed to slip.

I smiled softly despite the pain and nodded, “Yes, please.”

He stared at my smile for a few seconds and finally nodded, pushing me back so that I was lying on the ground. He hovered over me, worry in his eyes as he slid my shirt to my bra line and began examining the cut.

In this position, everything seemed surreal. Gazing up at Kisame, he refused to look me in the eye as I caught sight of a light pink that was scattered across his cheeks. He brushed his fingers over the cut and grabbed my hand, placing it over the wound before glancing up at me quickly, “You don’t have a lot of chakra: use some of mine.”

I stared at him and nodded slowly, wondering why he would lend me some of his very life force just to heal a mere wound. But, thinking nothing of it, I focused on the wound and drew some of his chakra from his body to heal it.

When I opened my eyes- which had closed during the medication- Kisame was staring at me.

It was then that I realized the awkwardness of our position, but to my surprise, it didn’t feel so bad to me. Unsurely, I brought my hand up to stroke his cheek. He took it and smiled gently at me before quickly turning his face into my skin and pressing his lips to my palm. Startled, I stared at him. He stared right back, not hesitating to smirk and lean down. I couldn’t remember the foreplay before the kiss: the only thing that I seemed to understand was the way his lips moved against mine. Eyes slowly closing in bliss, I kissed him back as my hands grasped the fabric of his Akatsuki cloak tightly. Measuring his weight onto his forearms as he loomed over me, Kisame used one hand to gently stroke my face while the other held himself up.

I had never thought it would come to this: falling for Kisame anyway. Besides the fact that we were both killing machines and therefore weren’t allowed to have any emotion, Kisame had never shown any such feelings toward me anyway. We had never spoken much in the base. But that didn’t stop me from tightening my hold on him and pulling him ever closer, now sitting up slightly and making our kisses rougher than before.

A moan caught in his throat at my advances, and he grasped my shoulders and held me down, a small smirk on his face. His smile only grew wider when my restless hands tried unsuccessfully to tear his cloak off.

Straddling my hips as he hovered over me, he easily pinned down my wrists and leant down, slowly capturing my lips in a torturously slow kiss.

“Stay still,” he ordered in a hushed voice, and I whimpered softly as he moved one hand away from my crossed wrists to gently stroke down my sides. I let out a out gasp as he suddenly grabbed my breast, tenderly pressing down and trailing circles around my covered skin.

“Ahh...Kisame, please-“

He cut me off, kissing me hard on the mouth while his hands abandoned my wrists to tug my Akatsuki cloak off. As soon as my hands were freed, they clasped themselves to his own cloak, pushing it away and revealing his light blue skin. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and forced it up, revealing his toned chest. I melted into it, slowly tracing his muscles in awe. He chuckled and pulled me into a sitting position before pulling my own shirt off and pushing me back to our previous position.

I bit back a moan as his lips explored the sensitive skin of my neck, biting softly as he trailed downward. Reaching behind my arched back, and gripping my bra as he energetically ripped it loose, flinging it somewhere unimportant before all but pouncing on my newly revealed breast. The feeling that followed could not be described: as I grasped the back of Kisame’s head and pushed him closer, I felt his sharp teeth nick my nipple, but the short pain only made me wetter and wetter as he continued his rash treatment on my skin.

I let loose another loud moan, and Kisame chuckled almost evilly as he groped me tightly. As I tried despairingly to attach myself to his chest, he grabbed me and pushed me down, holding me tightly beneath him as his hands traveled to other unexplored areas.

Finally I had too much of his dominant behavior. Growling under my breath, I thrashed from under him and forcefully rolled on top, hands immediately flying to his pants as they tore them away. He didn’t even see it coming, and when I grasped his hardened member tightly in my hands, he threw his head back in surprise and satisfaction and moaned loudly.

I stroked him through his boxers, pumping expertly up and down as my other hand reached underneath the fabric and stroked his balls to add to his pleasure. I smirked from over him and he stared into my eyes, watching lustfully as I quickened my pace to an almost unbearable speed. I slowly pulled that fabric away, and wasted no time as I leaned down and claimed my prize, wrapping it in my mouth and smirking as he inhaled sharply at the hotness of my breath.

My tongue worked wonders on his tender skin, licking and sucking every part of him as he writhed beneath me. His grip on my shoulders was hard, but not hurtful in our ties of bliss.

Finally, I felt his member throb in my mouth and I broke away just before he cummed, crawling up his form with cunning eyes. He watched me, breathing heavily below as a sheen of sweat appeared on his chest and forehead. I took his hands and placed them on my waist, smirking to him as I touched his dick again. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, they were sharp and dominant. Growling, he took his thickened cock and guided it into my opening, pushing me down upon it and craning his neck in satisfaction.

I threw my head back and moaned loudly as his hands began massaging my breasts and guiding my hips all at the same time.

I felt myself falling, and suddenly I was on the bottom, and Kisame was hovering over me as he pumped in and out of my hot warmth.

“Ahh...Kisame...!” I groaned, meeting him halfway as our thrusts molded together as one.

The feelings that coursed through my veins made me hotter by the second. Arching my back as Kisame leaned down to lick my breasts, I shoved my hips into his and closed my eyes in bliss. The feeling of him driving himself farther into me...it was flawless.

Fingers clawing at his shoulders, blood began dripping softly onto out melded bodies, yet nothing seemed to stop our forms from rushing into each other in perfect sync.

It was too soon when our fluids met in melodic harmony: Kisame groaned loudly and yelled across the forest, awakening my own moan as I released my tightly strewn orgasm.

When finally he pulled out, he collapsed beside me in exhaustion.

“I can’t believe...I just fucked you...” he gasped, grinning like the maniac he was.

I giggled and ran my fingers through his coarse hair, eyes wondering, “Why?”

He smirked and wrapped an arm around me, ducking his head in to kiss me a few times before murmuring, “Because if Zetsu finds out-“

I pushed a finger to his lips and laughed, “I don’t care about what he thinks. I want you.”

Kisame smirked and kissed me once more, “I want you too.”

Giggling again, I snuggled into his chest as we rested.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Kaname Baby Daddy -- Summer Nights

Character: Kaname Kuran

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Hana

// How You Met //

The soft wind gently stroked my face, blowing my hair back as I reveled in the book I was currently reading. I pushed it back down as I heard someone walking toward me, and a smile lit my face when I saw Yuki.

“Hana,” she said, smiling to me, “Still reading that book?”

It was my favorite, about a prince and a princess who were told they were not meant to be. But their love conquered all and the happy ending was truly well thought out, if not a little cliche.

I snapped from my thoughts and nodded up to her, “Yes. Still on watch duty?” I retaliated.

Yuki grinned and nodded, “Yep. I’m sorry, Hana, but since it’s getting late I’m gonna have to ask you to go back to the Night Dorms.”

I merely nodded and stood, “Of course, Yuki. I’m sorry to be a bother.”

Yuki shook her head, “You’re not a bother, Hana,” she smiled at me, “I have to go- see you tomorrow.”

I simply smiled at her and began walking away, to my dorms.

Inside the foyer, there was a small group of vampires lounging around. When they saw me, they smiled and waved, which I returned with a small laugh before disappearing upstairs to my room.

As I vanished from their view, one pureblood vampire tilted his head, and in a gentle voice he wondered, “That is who you were speaking of, Takuma?”

The said blonde vampire nodded, barely looking up from his manga as he answered, “Yes, Kuran-sama. She is the one.”

The pureblood smiled softly and stood, “I think I’ll go talk to her.”

None of the others said anything, but as the Lord walked away, Aido smirked. Kain rolled his eyes at his cousin and jolted him with his elbow as Aido whispered, “He likes her.”

Kaname evidently heard him and smiled, glancing back at the blue-eyed blonde wordlessly. Aido stumbled over a small apology, when he looked again, the pureblood was gone.

// How It Happened //

A squeal interrupted the silence of one large dorm room, “Kaname!”

The brown haired pureblood smiled in amusement, but did not stop his assault on his girlfriend’s neck as he kissed as much of it as he could.

His hands held her down, making her resist as her beautiful smile glowed on her face.

“Tell me you love me,” the pureblood ordered, mirth nearly choking his voice, “and I’ll stop.”

He held her down his one hand, while the other stroked her face lovingly. The light haired woman giggled and stared at him, “I love you.”

But even after his promise had been reconciled, Kaname only leaned down to continue his kisses to lower places on her neck.

The girl squirmed as he lifted the collar of her uniform lower to make up for lost space.

“Show me you love me,” was his next command, pronouncing each words carefully.

Hana tunneled her hands through his hair and whispered, “Will you stop if I show you?”

Kaname glanced up at her with amused eyes, “No.”

Her lips curved upward in a smile, “Good.”

Allowed her hands a mind of their own, she slowly unbuttoned the front of his uniform, spending time of each button before swooping her lips down to kiss the newly revealed skin of his chest. Kaname smirked and flipped her over, allowing her more access as she sat atop him.

Hana smiled, laughing softly, and pushed his jacket off, sliding it down his shoulders and rubbing her hands down his skin, caressing each part of his toned chest as if it was the lifeline that held her to him.

He closed his eyes in bliss as he enjoyed her touch, his hands reaching up to finish the job he had previously began. She helped him, smirking as her uniform top came off and left her only in her bra.

Hana reached down and kissed his chest, swirling her tongue around his nipple before continuing her trek down into more southern regions.

She felt his body tense up when she got to the hem of his pants, and she knew he was turned on now: that all too familiar look in his eyes told her everything.

Her hands slowly slid into his pants, unlocking them as the zipper was turned down. She tantalizingly slid them off his hips before running her hand swiftly across his length. She watched lustfully as his eyes closed and his back arched. The contact definitely turned her on just as much as it did him.

Kaname slowly gripped her hands, pushing them down on his cock as he forced her to rub him. Hana was only too happy to: she gripped him softly and ran her hands up and down as she watched him moan in bliss.

After a few minutes of her ministrations, she reach back and undid her bra, showing him her full breasts. His hands made to touch them, but she clasped her fingers around his wrists and held him down with inhuman strength, smirking, “You told me to show you how much I loved you. Not the other way around.”

Kaname merely nodded helplessly and watched as his girlfriend got up from the couch they had been on. Hana leaned down to press her lips lightly against his before slowly slipping her hands around her waist and tugging at her skirt, which was still latched to her.

Kaname sat up, his eyes never leaving her lustful figure as the skirt fell to the floor, vexing him in anguish as he caught sight of her lacy black panties. Along with her school thigh high tights and heels, she looked like a present wrapped up just for him. Kaname got up from his place on the couch and sauntered over to her. Hana giggled as he caught her in his arms, sweeping down to press their lips together in a passionate, luscious kiss.

His girlfriend looked up at him with sparkling eyes, a light blush glazing her face as she smiled, “Have I shown you yet? How much I love you,” she reminded him, taking one manicured nail and scraping it down the center of his chest teasingly. He grabbed her hand and kissed it gently before bringing her closer and kiss her neck softly, “Yes, you have. But I’m not sure I’ve shown you yet.”

Before she could respond, Kaname gripped the hem of that black lace and forced them down, letting them drop to her ankles. He wasted no time as he slid his fingers into her and caught her swiftly as her knees buckled.

Holding onto him tightly, his woman cried out in desire as she felt him dig his digits deeper into her, “K-Kaname, please!”

He chuckled and exited her, not bothering to take off her thigh high tights as he slammed her against the wall and entered her. She craned her head back in bliss as he filled her up, diving in again and again as he ravished her.

Hana gasped in convulsive breaths of air and felt her nails dig into his shoulders. But he didn’t seem to care: in fact, the smell of blood, even his own, seemed to drive him even crazier.

Kaname suddenly kissed Hana’s neck before showing his fangs and biting her deeply. She hissed in pleasurable pain as he drew her blood, sucking it from her as he forced himself deeper.

Just as she felt herself go slightly weak from the blood loss, a new strength appeared in her stomach as she felt her orgasm build.

Kaname released his hold of her neck, and she gazed at the blood dripping from his lips. Leaning in, her tongue made quick work of that as she swallowed her blood and kissed him roughly.

Kaname ground their hips together as he burst, filling her up with his seed as the pure passion slowly diminished into sweet satiation.

Their gasps dwindled and Kaname pushed himself out of her, catching her weak body as she began to fall. Picking her up, he placed her on his bed and held her gently in his arms as he flicked the light off.

Little did they know that their actions meant even more than they first thought.

// How You Found Out //

A huge smile lit up Hana’s face as she held the pregnancy test in her hands. Sitting in the bathroom of her own dorm, a laugh escaped her lips as she thought of a tiny Kaname running about her feet.

How adorable...

Shoving the test into her pocket, she left the bathroom and went to the mirror, wondering what Kaname would say when he found out. As she fixed her hair, Hana sighed. She was ecstatic to tell him, but unfortunately he wasn’t here at the moment. Gone on a business trip, he wouldn’t be back for an entire week.

The light haired vampire merely shrugged: she would just have to wait. Smiling brightly, she gripped the test and went out to find Yuki to tell her the good news.

// How You Told Him //

“Kaname!” a brilliant voice called, before a pair of arms encircled the pureblood’s neck and kisses began littering his face.

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her thin waist, looking down at her and allowing their lips to meet, “Hana.”

Said girl grinned and grabbed his hand, dragging him from the foyer as Aido winked at her. The rest of them already knew of her pregnancy: she hadn’t been able to hold in her happiness and spilled before she could stop herself. Dragging Kaname to his dorm, she pushed the door closed and inhaled deeply before saying, “I have something important to tell you. You might want to sit down.”

Kaname tilted his head wonderingly, but did not sit. Instead, he walked closer to her and touched her arm, “What is it?”

The worry in his voice made her laugh, “Do you remember that night...a few weeks ago? When I showed you how much I loved you?”

His eyes sparkled in amusement, “How could I forget?”

Hana giggled and looked at the ground, a blush beginning to take control of her face, “Well...apparently I love you more than I could begin to understand.”

He didn’t get it. Reaching up, he caressed her cheek, “What do you-“

Enlightenment overcame his features, “Hana, are you telling me that you’re-“

“Pregnant,” she finished for him, grinning widely, “Yes. I am.”

A large smile filled his face. He laughed and grabbed her waist, lifting her up and spinning her in a full circle before putting her back down and taking her face in his hands, “I love you.’

He kissed her so vividly that she almost thought it was a dream. Giggling into the kiss, she allowed herself to sink melt into him as they began expressing their love all over again.

// The Birth //

After hours of labor and many tears, Kaname sat by Hana’s side, holding their materialized love in his strong arms. Bright smiles were latched onto both their faces.

“Isn’t she the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?” Hana asked him, sitting up slightly so she could get a better view of their daughter’s face.

Kaname grinned, placing her into his lover’s arms and swiftly kissing her gently on the forehead, “Yes. She looks just like you.”

Hana laughed softly and nuzzled her face into the bundle of joy, “I think she looks more like you, Kaname.”

A scoff was heard from the other end of the room, and the two lover’s looked up at Aido, who was sitting in a chair, as he watched, “She looks like both of you.”

Hana smiled and shared a loving glance with Kaname as he whispered, “Both of us.”

Leaning down to kiss his daughter ever so gently, they two relished in each other’s company.

// Epilogue //

“Kimi!” Hana called, a soft smile alighting her face as her 5 year old daughter ran into her arms, “Daddy will be home soon, so how about we get you dress into something cute for him?”

Kimi smiled and nodded, “Daddy will be home soon? I missed Daddy!”

Hana smiled, “I did too, sweety.”

Ushering her child into the next room, she began looking through the closet before picking out a small dress and showing it to Kimi.

Kimi’s face lit up and she ran to her mother, allowing Hana to change her into the cute summer dress.

After picking her up, the two disappeared downstairs just in time to see Kaname entering the mansion.

Kimi squealed, “Daddy!”

Letting her go, Hana smiled as she watched Kimi jump into Kaname’s arms and snuggled into him.

Kaname laughed and he sent Hana a soft smile as she stepped forward. Placing Kimi on the ground, he met his lover in a tight embrace and a passionate kiss. Kimi made a noise and the two broke away, grinning.

“We missed you very much,” Hana said, scooping Kimi back into her arms as Kaname embraced them both this time, placing a gentle kiss on his daughters face before turning to Hana.

“I won’t be leaving for awhile now. You have me for a few months,” he said lovingly.

With that, he leaned down to press his lips to mine in another sweet kiss, and this time, we both ignored out daughter as she made another noise and tried unsuccessfully to escape from our tight embrace.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Rock Lee Lemon -- The Handsome Devil

Character: Rock Lee

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Faina Murasaki, Age 19

Inspiration: A lovely green jumpsuit~!

I had only known him for a short while. In the Village Hidden in the Leaves, I wasn't a well-known person. Though I lived here for most of my life, I wasn't friends with many people. But then, there was always that one person who would talk with me, regardless of the fact that he didn't know much about me.

"Faina!" I heard, and turned around to see the handsome leaf ninja. He looked strangely determined. Raising an eyebrow, I watched as he skidded to a stop in front of me.

"Hello, Lee. How are you?" I asked sweetly, smiling at him.

I was currently on my way to the hospital. I only went in several days a week, but I enjoyed it very much.

"Good, thank you," he answered, panting slightly. I guessed he had been running again.

"Are you training?" I asked, noticing that he indeed looked exhausted.

"Yes. Gai-sensei wants us to run 500 hundred laps around the village! I will not fail!" he responded, fire blazing in his eyes.

I put a hand to my mouth and giggled lightly at his attitude. When he noticed, he blushed slightly and smiled, eyes turning dreamy.

"You really are something, Lee," I said, beginning to walk with him.

His head snapped toward me, and he answered quickly, "Do you really think so?"

I suppressed another giggle and nodded, "Yes. I do."

His mouth spread into a wide grin as he stepped in front of me, "Faina, could I pick you up after your work? I would like to show you something."

I was slightly confused by his words- he had never asked me something like that before. I nodded, "Yes, of course. I get out of work at 6:00."

He nodded, determination suddenly blazing in his eyes, and said fiercely, "Then I will be there at 5:00 and train myself to be patient! I will see you later!" he called as he began running away to finish his laps around the village.

I giggled again as I watched his retreating back, and blushed slightly. He was always testing himself to get stronger, but he didn't realize just how strong he already was. Smiling brightly, I continued on my way to the hospital, wishing 6:00 could come sooner.

It was 5:30, and I was busy finishing my work. I was just treating a patient when Tsunade walked in with my weekly pay.

"Faina, here's your money. You can go home if you want. We have more than enough people to help out," she said, throwing the money to me.

I caught it with ease and looked at her, "Are you sure?"

She nodded, and smiled, "And do you know why Rock Lee is outside? He's been there since 4:00, you know. Says he's waiting for you or something."

A blush immediately came over my face, "Uh...4:00? He wanted to show me something I think...I-I'll go find him!"

She didn't answer as I ran from the room. I grabbed my bag in the foyer and bolted out of the doors, immediately colliding with none other than Rock Lee.

I gasped as I hit him, but he didn't fall like I partly expected him to. He grabbed my shoulders to steady me and looked at me, worried, "Are you alright, Faina?"

Blushing heatedly, I nodded, "Uh...yes, Lee. Have you really been here since 4:00?"

He looked taken aback for a second, but then grinned, "So they have told you? Yes, it is true- now I have the patience needed in a fight!"

I swallowed hard, wondering what to say to that. But he didn't allow me to answer anyway, because he suddenly grabbed my elbow and began dragging me down the street.

His grip was hard, and I knew it would leave a bruise, "Uh...Lee, could you...maybe..."

He glanced at me, then noticed I was staring at his hand, and he immediately let go, "I am sorry!"

I smiled and rubbed my arm before shyly slipping my hand into his, "Don't worry about it."

He seemed shocked at my gesture, and grinned widely as he tried to hide a blush.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked, noticing we were headed in the direction of the training grounds.

"You will have to wait and see," he said, smiling brightly.

After a few more minutes, we arrived at the training field, and he stopped, holding my hand tightly in his.

I looked around, having never been to this particular field, and turned back to see Lee staring at me.

Raising an eyebrow, I asked, "Lee? Is there something on my face?"

His eyes widened, "No! Of course not! Nothing has tainted your beautiful face!"

Then, he blushed and began stuttering: I don't think he meant to say that.

I smiled and blushed as well, "Th-thank you."

Then, plucking up the courage, I stood on my tippy toes and pecked him lightly on the cheek.

His eyes were huge as I pulled away, and I giggled again, taking his cheek and turning his face toward me before reaching up again to brush my lips against his.

He was blushing scarlet when I leaned away...and he was talking nonsense.

I giggled again and took his hand, "What did you want to show me?"

"Uh...um...well, I-I mean, I-"

I grinned and wrapped my arms around his neck, staring up at him, "Was it something like this?"

His eyes were wider than I had ever seen them. I brushed my lips against his again, but this time, he kissed back more firmly, his arms sliding around my figure as we began kissing more roughly.

His tongue licked my bottom lip, making me moan inwardly as I opened my mouth. He explored my wet cavern as my fingers tangled in his hair, clinging to his shiny tresses.

"Lee," I breathed, pulling him deeper into the woods, "Come on."

He nodded, following me. Before we got ten feet, though, he slammed me into a tree and began kissing me again. The trunk of the tree cracked by the force, and my back stung slightly as he pushed me harder against the wood.

My hands slid over his headband that was latched around his waist, and tugged at the knot, throwing the metal plate on the ground before slipping his ninja jacket off of him. He let me, not minding my actions as he lost more and more clothing.

He kissed me hard on the lips and pulled me away from the tree. I threw my shirt off and grinned at him as he looked over at my body, blood coming out of his nose.

I smiled and continued kissing him as his hands came down on my upper body and began feeling me up, squeezing and groping my breasts through my bra.

Finally, he reached back and undid the annoying piece of clothing, throwing it onto the ground before leaning down to capture my right breast in his mouth.

I let loose a moan that seemed to drive him even crazier, and his fingers began undoing the buttons of my pants.

I pulled away, gasping for breath, and as my pants fell down, began to furiously work on removing his green jumpsuit.

The task was harder than I had first deemed, and in the end, Lee had to help me. With our clothes laying on the forest floor, Lee wasted no time in pushing me against the tree and suddenly ramming into me.

I hissed in pleasurable pain and wrapped my legs around his waist as he brought himself into me again and again.

Tugging at his hair, I craned my head back as his lips littered my neck with bites and kisses.

He groaned in my ear as he slid back into me and hit me perfectly. Gasping, I latched my arms around his neck and kissed him with so much heat I thought we'd burn down the entire forest.

Ohh...Lee!" I yelled, feeling a pounding in my lower abdomen area.

Nothing mattered to us. The outside world was just that: outside, and the only thing I cared about was having him with me.

Our furious love making skidded to a halt as he shoved himself into me and we rode out our orgasms together.

"LEE!" I screamed, tightened spasmodically around his length as he shot his semen into me.

He muffled his yell into my shoulder as he thrust once...twice...three times more before dragging out of me and collapsing over my body, grabbing onto the first thing he could.

His hands slid around my waist as I held him up, a dazed smile lighting my face.

"Wow, Lee. You're good," I panted, helping him to the floor.

He sent me a dazzling smile and cradled me in his arms as he murmured, "Of course I'm good- I'm the handsome devil of the Leaf Village!"

I giggled and snuggled into his arms, "Yes, you are."