Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Deidara Lemon -- Hold You Captive

Character: Deidara

Fandom: Naruo

OC: Misaki Akasono, best friends with Sasori and Tobi

Inspiration: Do I really need any? (Just imagining Deidara in the bath is inspiration enough XD)

“Oh, come on, Sasori-kun!” I whined, sitting on his bed as I watched his emotionless face flicker with exasperation.
“I’ve already told you- I don’t know what Deidara wants for his birthday,” he said, not looking up at me as he continued with his work. I pouted and sighed, flopping back onto his bed as I looked over at the other bed beside his. Deidara shared a room with the puppet master, and I knew how much said blondie respected the redhead.
“What’s going on here-yeah?” came his voice at the doorway. Speak of the devil.
I shot up and grinned cheekily at him, “Deidara! We were just talking about you.”
Sasori sighed, “You were talking about him, Misaki...”
Deidara looked at me, “You were-un?”
I smirked, looking at him as I lay back down on the bed, “Yeah. I was wondering what I should get you for your birthday.”
Immediately, emotion flashed through his eyes and he stared at me, “...You remembered...yeah?”
His voice was soft, and I smiled gently at my friend, “Of course I did. How could I forget?”
Sasori seemed as if he couldn’t stand any more of this mushy behavior, and in a swish of fabric, he was out the door without so much as a grunt.
I giggled at his retreating figure and Deidara smirked at me, “I have an idea...of what you can get me, un.”
I tilted my head, wondering, and nodded, “Ok! What is it?”
He chuckled and came closer, sitting on the bed and leaning toward me. His closeness took my very breath away.
“...I’ve been in need of a bath lately...” he whispered huskily, sending shivers down my spine.
My eyes lit up and I smirked, taking a strand of his hair and twisting it around my fingers. I leaned closer and pressed my lips lightly against his cheek, “I’ll go get one ready for you.”
But before I could get off the bed, he grabbed my arm, throwing me down and pressing our lips together in a delightful kiss. I inhaled sharply and grabbed his head, pressing our together more and swearing at the desire suddenly running through me.
“Go...get the water...ready, un,” he softly ordered, and I nodded, rushing off to the bathroom and filling the tub up.
He met me there, taking me into his arms and kissing me again, moving his lips over my cheek and neck. As his hands rubbed my sides, he bite into my neck as I whined lightly.
“Ahh! Deidara...” I groaned, feeling wetness pool in my panties as his tongue slid over my neck, lapping up my blood after he had nibbled at me.
Hands sliding underneath my shirt, he squeezed my covered breasts, eventually lifting up the cups of my bra and attacking my skin. I threw my head back and moaned lightly as the mouths of his hands began biting and licking my nipples. Deidara smirked down at me and kissed me, lips covering my mouth as his tongue slid across my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I could only comply, feeling myself rapidly falling into those ties of lust that seemed to beckon to me. My eyes shot open as the mouth on Deidara’s hand forcefully bit down on my tender nipple. Pain filled my expression, and Deidara pulled away and took his hands from me, scowling at them. He lifted my shirt and bra, throwing them onto the ground as he stared at my bleeding breast.
I laughed weakly, trying to sound strong, “It’s alright, Dei-kun. Really, I barely feel anything-“
His tongue cut me off as he tentatively licked the blood from the wound, this time leaving his hands to hold his weight up. I inhaled sharply as he licked me dry, pleasure suddenly tearing through my body as I tangled my fingers into his hair. He grinned at me and his tongue took one last lap around my nipple, twisting my other breast around his fingers before slowly kissing down my stomach to the hem of my pants. I barely heard the button pop: I was too busy enjoying the feel of his hands rubbing my warmth through my clothing. He loosened the rest of my clothing and it all dropped to the ground as my own fingers began unraveling his cloak. He watched me with amused eyes, lust building in his cerulean orbs as I dragged his shirt off.
I didn’t touch his chest, though I dearly wanted to: instead, I knelt down before him and shakily undid his pants. Before they were even gone, I noticed the huge bulge that was proof of his growing erection. I felt myself get hot at the sight.
My fingers brushed over the bulge and he stifled a noise, hands automatically tangled into my hair, pushing my head toward his need. I slipped his boxers off and studied the manhood, finally leaning in to lick the tip tentatively. The result I got was mind-blowing. Deidara moaned and moved his hips a bit, shoving his dick further into my mouth as I smirked. I took as much of him into my mouth and sucked hard.
“Ahh! Ung...Misaki...i-if you don’t s-stop...I’m gonna-!” he shut up in shock and lust as I moved my mouth from his erection and moved my lips to a different prize. Now lapping my tongue over his sensitive balls, I slowly moved one into my mouth and began sucking on it like a piece of candy.
Deidara’s eyes popped and his hands shoved my head farther into him. My fingers played with his long dick as my other hand tangled themselves into the patch of curly blonde hair.
I hadn’t had this much pleasure before, just by doing this things to Deidara. I liked it.
Before he was even close to coming, I let him go, standing up and smirking at him. He looked very shaky, as if he’d fall at any moment from the intense pleasure he had been receiving.
I took his hand and sent him a coy smile, leading him slowly to the awaiting bathtub. He stood at the edge of the tub, watching lustfully as I got in, covering myself with the bubbles as a delightful smile lit up my face.
“It’s so nice, Dei-kun! Hurry up and get in,” I added, looking at him expectantly.
He did just that, getting into the large tub and crawling over to me. He leaned down and captured my lips with his, and I melted into the passion that the kiss was made of.
His hands were now all over me, no doubt getting payback for what I had done to him.
His fingers touched my warmth and I inhaled sharply against his lips as his fingers slowly pushed into my opening. I moaned and as he drew them back, whined a little. He chuckled at me, shoving more fingers into me even deeper than usual and watching the desire grow in my eyes with a pleased smile.
I threw my head back into the soapy water and bucked into his hand, riding on his fingers as they were forced deeper. Deidara leaned down, kissing my neck now before slowly taking his fingers out and licking them, his irresistible tongue circling his digits he tasted my core.
“Mmm...un, you taste good,” he told me, smirking as my cheeks blushed with color. I took the back of his neck and forced him down, kissing him and spreading my legs wide, “Hurry up, Dei-kun. I’m getting impatient.”
He smirked and nodded, holding my thighs as he positioned himself at my entrance.
And then...an explosion. I had never thought it would be so...so...indescribably blissful. Feeling him inside me was like heaven to my desire=stricken body.
“...Fuck,” I whispered, and realized my eyes were closed.
When I forced them open, Deidara was staring at me with such love and passion that it took my breath away. He pulled out of me and shoved back in, tearing through my depths as he navigated toward my core.
“Oh God...Deidara! Oohh harder! Please, Dei-kun!!”
He complied, taking my leg and throwing it over his shoulder and he forced himself deeper with a grunt of mingled delectation and huskiness.
Our moans rose to unspeakable levels as our thrusts strengthened, pushing our sexes into each other and increasing the pleasure.
Our first orgasms came and went with a rise of satisfaction. Finally slowing in his thrusts, Deidara pulled out of me and growled, voice still husky, “Turn around.”
I smirked at him and complied, knowing exactly what was in store for me. I arched my back in painful pleasure as he shoved his cock into my ass, not giving me time to get used to his invasion in my sensitive rectum before throwing his hips in and out again and again.
I groaned and held as still as possible, but failed miserably as I bucked into his hard length. Stroking my back, the mouths of his hands licked my body as he caressed me gently, kissing the back of my neck with his mouth as he murmured soft words into my ear.
It didn’t seem like very long before his semen burst forth and coated me in his white fluids. I moaned one last time and came, arching me back into him as he finally slid out of my tight opening and collapsed on top of me, panting heavily.
I flipped over slowly and took him into my arms, grabbing the bar of soap and cleaning him up. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of my hands all over his body, washing the sweat and stench of sex from him.
“Mmm...I love you, yeah,” he told me, picking himself up and getting comfortable behind me, holding me between his legs as he switched places and began washing my own body with the bar of soap.
I snuggled into his arms and smiled, “I love you too, Dei-kun.”
He smiled and kissed my neck gently as we continued with our bath.
One thing was for sure: Deidara definitely showed me how to open my eyes.



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