Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Kaname Baby Daddy -- Summer Nights

Character: Kaname Kuran

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Hana

// How You Met //

The soft wind gently stroked my face, blowing my hair back as I reveled in the book I was currently reading. I pushed it back down as I heard someone walking toward me, and a smile lit my face when I saw Yuki.

“Hana,” she said, smiling to me, “Still reading that book?”

It was my favorite, about a prince and a princess who were told they were not meant to be. But their love conquered all and the happy ending was truly well thought out, if not a little cliche.

I snapped from my thoughts and nodded up to her, “Yes. Still on watch duty?” I retaliated.

Yuki grinned and nodded, “Yep. I’m sorry, Hana, but since it’s getting late I’m gonna have to ask you to go back to the Night Dorms.”

I merely nodded and stood, “Of course, Yuki. I’m sorry to be a bother.”

Yuki shook her head, “You’re not a bother, Hana,” she smiled at me, “I have to go- see you tomorrow.”

I simply smiled at her and began walking away, to my dorms.

Inside the foyer, there was a small group of vampires lounging around. When they saw me, they smiled and waved, which I returned with a small laugh before disappearing upstairs to my room.

As I vanished from their view, one pureblood vampire tilted his head, and in a gentle voice he wondered, “That is who you were speaking of, Takuma?”

The said blonde vampire nodded, barely looking up from his manga as he answered, “Yes, Kuran-sama. She is the one.”

The pureblood smiled softly and stood, “I think I’ll go talk to her.”

None of the others said anything, but as the Lord walked away, Aido smirked. Kain rolled his eyes at his cousin and jolted him with his elbow as Aido whispered, “He likes her.”

Kaname evidently heard him and smiled, glancing back at the blue-eyed blonde wordlessly. Aido stumbled over a small apology, when he looked again, the pureblood was gone.

// How It Happened //

A squeal interrupted the silence of one large dorm room, “Kaname!”

The brown haired pureblood smiled in amusement, but did not stop his assault on his girlfriend’s neck as he kissed as much of it as he could.

His hands held her down, making her resist as her beautiful smile glowed on her face.

“Tell me you love me,” the pureblood ordered, mirth nearly choking his voice, “and I’ll stop.”

He held her down his one hand, while the other stroked her face lovingly. The light haired woman giggled and stared at him, “I love you.”

But even after his promise had been reconciled, Kaname only leaned down to continue his kisses to lower places on her neck.

The girl squirmed as he lifted the collar of her uniform lower to make up for lost space.

“Show me you love me,” was his next command, pronouncing each words carefully.

Hana tunneled her hands through his hair and whispered, “Will you stop if I show you?”

Kaname glanced up at her with amused eyes, “No.”

Her lips curved upward in a smile, “Good.”

Allowed her hands a mind of their own, she slowly unbuttoned the front of his uniform, spending time of each button before swooping her lips down to kiss the newly revealed skin of his chest. Kaname smirked and flipped her over, allowing her more access as she sat atop him.

Hana smiled, laughing softly, and pushed his jacket off, sliding it down his shoulders and rubbing her hands down his skin, caressing each part of his toned chest as if it was the lifeline that held her to him.

He closed his eyes in bliss as he enjoyed her touch, his hands reaching up to finish the job he had previously began. She helped him, smirking as her uniform top came off and left her only in her bra.

Hana reached down and kissed his chest, swirling her tongue around his nipple before continuing her trek down into more southern regions.

She felt his body tense up when she got to the hem of his pants, and she knew he was turned on now: that all too familiar look in his eyes told her everything.

Her hands slowly slid into his pants, unlocking them as the zipper was turned down. She tantalizingly slid them off his hips before running her hand swiftly across his length. She watched lustfully as his eyes closed and his back arched. The contact definitely turned her on just as much as it did him.

Kaname slowly gripped her hands, pushing them down on his cock as he forced her to rub him. Hana was only too happy to: she gripped him softly and ran her hands up and down as she watched him moan in bliss.

After a few minutes of her ministrations, she reach back and undid her bra, showing him her full breasts. His hands made to touch them, but she clasped her fingers around his wrists and held him down with inhuman strength, smirking, “You told me to show you how much I loved you. Not the other way around.”

Kaname merely nodded helplessly and watched as his girlfriend got up from the couch they had been on. Hana leaned down to press her lips lightly against his before slowly slipping her hands around her waist and tugging at her skirt, which was still latched to her.

Kaname sat up, his eyes never leaving her lustful figure as the skirt fell to the floor, vexing him in anguish as he caught sight of her lacy black panties. Along with her school thigh high tights and heels, she looked like a present wrapped up just for him. Kaname got up from his place on the couch and sauntered over to her. Hana giggled as he caught her in his arms, sweeping down to press their lips together in a passionate, luscious kiss.

His girlfriend looked up at him with sparkling eyes, a light blush glazing her face as she smiled, “Have I shown you yet? How much I love you,” she reminded him, taking one manicured nail and scraping it down the center of his chest teasingly. He grabbed her hand and kissed it gently before bringing her closer and kiss her neck softly, “Yes, you have. But I’m not sure I’ve shown you yet.”

Before she could respond, Kaname gripped the hem of that black lace and forced them down, letting them drop to her ankles. He wasted no time as he slid his fingers into her and caught her swiftly as her knees buckled.

Holding onto him tightly, his woman cried out in desire as she felt him dig his digits deeper into her, “K-Kaname, please!”

He chuckled and exited her, not bothering to take off her thigh high tights as he slammed her against the wall and entered her. She craned her head back in bliss as he filled her up, diving in again and again as he ravished her.

Hana gasped in convulsive breaths of air and felt her nails dig into his shoulders. But he didn’t seem to care: in fact, the smell of blood, even his own, seemed to drive him even crazier.

Kaname suddenly kissed Hana’s neck before showing his fangs and biting her deeply. She hissed in pleasurable pain as he drew her blood, sucking it from her as he forced himself deeper.

Just as she felt herself go slightly weak from the blood loss, a new strength appeared in her stomach as she felt her orgasm build.

Kaname released his hold of her neck, and she gazed at the blood dripping from his lips. Leaning in, her tongue made quick work of that as she swallowed her blood and kissed him roughly.

Kaname ground their hips together as he burst, filling her up with his seed as the pure passion slowly diminished into sweet satiation.

Their gasps dwindled and Kaname pushed himself out of her, catching her weak body as she began to fall. Picking her up, he placed her on his bed and held her gently in his arms as he flicked the light off.

Little did they know that their actions meant even more than they first thought.

// How You Found Out //

A huge smile lit up Hana’s face as she held the pregnancy test in her hands. Sitting in the bathroom of her own dorm, a laugh escaped her lips as she thought of a tiny Kaname running about her feet.

How adorable...

Shoving the test into her pocket, she left the bathroom and went to the mirror, wondering what Kaname would say when he found out. As she fixed her hair, Hana sighed. She was ecstatic to tell him, but unfortunately he wasn’t here at the moment. Gone on a business trip, he wouldn’t be back for an entire week.

The light haired vampire merely shrugged: she would just have to wait. Smiling brightly, she gripped the test and went out to find Yuki to tell her the good news.

// How You Told Him //

“Kaname!” a brilliant voice called, before a pair of arms encircled the pureblood’s neck and kisses began littering his face.

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her thin waist, looking down at her and allowing their lips to meet, “Hana.”

Said girl grinned and grabbed his hand, dragging him from the foyer as Aido winked at her. The rest of them already knew of her pregnancy: she hadn’t been able to hold in her happiness and spilled before she could stop herself. Dragging Kaname to his dorm, she pushed the door closed and inhaled deeply before saying, “I have something important to tell you. You might want to sit down.”

Kaname tilted his head wonderingly, but did not sit. Instead, he walked closer to her and touched her arm, “What is it?”

The worry in his voice made her laugh, “Do you remember that night...a few weeks ago? When I showed you how much I loved you?”

His eyes sparkled in amusement, “How could I forget?”

Hana giggled and looked at the ground, a blush beginning to take control of her face, “Well...apparently I love you more than I could begin to understand.”

He didn’t get it. Reaching up, he caressed her cheek, “What do you-“

Enlightenment overcame his features, “Hana, are you telling me that you’re-“

“Pregnant,” she finished for him, grinning widely, “Yes. I am.”

A large smile filled his face. He laughed and grabbed her waist, lifting her up and spinning her in a full circle before putting her back down and taking her face in his hands, “I love you.’

He kissed her so vividly that she almost thought it was a dream. Giggling into the kiss, she allowed herself to sink melt into him as they began expressing their love all over again.

// The Birth //

After hours of labor and many tears, Kaname sat by Hana’s side, holding their materialized love in his strong arms. Bright smiles were latched onto both their faces.

“Isn’t she the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?” Hana asked him, sitting up slightly so she could get a better view of their daughter’s face.

Kaname grinned, placing her into his lover’s arms and swiftly kissing her gently on the forehead, “Yes. She looks just like you.”

Hana laughed softly and nuzzled her face into the bundle of joy, “I think she looks more like you, Kaname.”

A scoff was heard from the other end of the room, and the two lover’s looked up at Aido, who was sitting in a chair, as he watched, “She looks like both of you.”

Hana smiled and shared a loving glance with Kaname as he whispered, “Both of us.”

Leaning down to kiss his daughter ever so gently, they two relished in each other’s company.

// Epilogue //

“Kimi!” Hana called, a soft smile alighting her face as her 5 year old daughter ran into her arms, “Daddy will be home soon, so how about we get you dress into something cute for him?”

Kimi smiled and nodded, “Daddy will be home soon? I missed Daddy!”

Hana smiled, “I did too, sweety.”

Ushering her child into the next room, she began looking through the closet before picking out a small dress and showing it to Kimi.

Kimi’s face lit up and she ran to her mother, allowing Hana to change her into the cute summer dress.

After picking her up, the two disappeared downstairs just in time to see Kaname entering the mansion.

Kimi squealed, “Daddy!”

Letting her go, Hana smiled as she watched Kimi jump into Kaname’s arms and snuggled into him.

Kaname laughed and he sent Hana a soft smile as she stepped forward. Placing Kimi on the ground, he met his lover in a tight embrace and a passionate kiss. Kimi made a noise and the two broke away, grinning.

“We missed you very much,” Hana said, scooping Kimi back into her arms as Kaname embraced them both this time, placing a gentle kiss on his daughters face before turning to Hana.

“I won’t be leaving for awhile now. You have me for a few months,” he said lovingly.

With that, he leaned down to press his lips to mine in another sweet kiss, and this time, we both ignored out daughter as she made another noise and tried unsuccessfully to escape from our tight embrace.



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