Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Kankuro Lemon -- Ties Of Lust

Character: Kankuro no Sabaku

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Some people just don’t understand what a Request Form is ^^;

Inspiration: Returning from a mission :3

Kankuro's POV

I was exhausted. I stumbled up the path to my apartment, loosening my headband on the way and stuffing it into my kunai pouch as I reached the door.

I rested my head against the wood frame and was about to turn the handle when the door opened. Surprised, and out of balance, I fell right into the arms of my lover, who had a shocked expression on her face.

"Kankuro?" she asked, frightened, "Are you alright? You're not hurt, are you?"

I smiled a little and stood back up, holding a hand to my head, "No...just tired."

The woman in front of me smiled brilliantly, and I felt my heart splutter in my chest as I admired her beauty.

"Was the mission hard?" she asked, leading me to a kitchen chair a pouring me a cup to tea.

"Not that hard," I answered, resting my head in my hand as I watched, "it took two days to find the target. The rest was spent on the return journey."

She nodded, understanding, and set the tea in front of me. I lifted it up and drank from it, allowing the hot liquid to warm me, but my eyes never left her slim figure. She leaned against the counter and ran her fingers through her hair, putting it up in a messy ponytail as she stared into space.

As I finished my tea, she walked toward me, rubbing my shoulders in a relaxing massage.

My tense muscles loosened at her touch. I closed my eyes and felt her lips kiss the skin of my neck.

"I missed you," she reminded me, her arms slipping around my waist as she continued her assault on my neck.

"I missed you too," I murmured, turning in my chair and taking her face in my hands.

Her lips were just as soft as ever: my arms wrapped around her, pulling her close as we shared a deep kiss.

When it began to get deeper, she pulled away, smiling. She kissed me once more before taking my hands and pulling me from the chair. Her gentle movements made me want her more and more.

I realized that she wanted the same thing as she began to lead me to our bedroom.

And then, the front door burst open, and our kisses were halted as we snapped our heads to the newcomer.

Temari stood in the threshold, breathing hard and looking very worn out, "Kankuro," she gasped, "Gaara wishes to see us. It's about the mission."

Gaara: our brother, and also the new Kazekage.

But right eyes turned disappointed when I realized I wouldn't be having much fun tonight.

Temari disappeared outside, already beginning her trek to Gaara's office.

I turned back to the woman before me, sighing, "Well, I guess it'll have to wait. I'll see you later, alright love?"

She nodded, and I took a step away. Before I could get far, however, she grabbed my hand, pulling me into her and kissing me hard on the mouth.

I was surprised, but soon got into it, holding her close to me as our tongues began to dance.

But then she broke away, and I was left with that familiar craving in the pit of my stomach.

A sly smirk grazed her lips. My voice spoke, slightly out of breath, "What was that for?"

She simply shrugged, running a finger down my arm and sending chills throughout my body, "So you don't forget my plans for later."

At this, I grinned, swooping down on her and pecking her lips once before standing straighter, "I won't forget."

With that, I left, walking out the door, to the Kazekage's office.


I sat at the kitchen table. I had been sitting here for hours.

I was beginning to think Kankuro wasn't coming at all.

Sighing, I traced the pattern of the marble counter top with my finger, wondering if I would ever get my fun tonight.

I had, after all, been waiting a whole week for my lover's return. The least he could do was reward me for the effort.

I closed my eyes, already dreading the day when Kankuro would leave again on another mission.

It never failed to bring me heartache.

The door opened. I twisted, excited, to see who it was.

But...there was no one there.

I frowned, confused, and stood, walking to the door and shutting it so that no more cold wind could chill the apartment.

Two arms slid around my waist. My eyes widened, and I was ready to scream...

But I realized I didn't need to do that.

"Kankuro," I breathed, smiling brightly.

"Did you miss me?" he murmured, kissing the back of my neck and sending shivers down my spine.

I nodded, "Yes- don't scare me like that ever again."

He laughed softly against my skin, and I felt his arms constrict around my waist, "Sorry, love. I couldn't help it."

A giggle left my lips: I turn around and kissed him. He hugged me closer, so that there was no gap between our bodies, and allowed his hands to grope me, pressing tenderly on my breasts, sliding up and down my sides...

I couldn't contain my soft moan: he chuckled lightly and his hands slid down my arms, taking my hands and pulling me with him toward the bedroom.

I smirked, looking at him, "I guess you didn't forget?"

He shook his head, grinning, "How could it? All the time I was explaining the mission, you were all I could think about."

I smiled, kissing his cheek as we closed the bedroom door. He immediately pushed me against the wall, kissing me exuberantly as my fingers tunneled in his hair.

His hands touched me everywhere, "Ohhh, Kankuro," I moaned loudly, allowing my prolonged ecstasy to slip into my voice.

He grabbed me tightly and lifted me up, carrying me to the bed before throwing me onto it and climbing above me.

I had no time to think straight before his tongue grazed the tender skin of my neck, biting and nibbling in between kisses.

His hand slid over my breasts, squeezing and groping before moving down my sides to grasp my hips.

I tilted my head back, feeling another moan. I bit my lip to stop it, but had to release it when Kankuro's knee slammed into my opening.

It hurt, to say in the least, but at the same time, a strange pleasure washed over me as he got me ready.

His shirt had come off, and I traced his firm muscles as he stopped his actions to take my shirt off. He reached down and kissed the flat plane of my stomach before a loud snap was heard.

There was a flash of black, and my bra was being thrown to some unknown destination. I didn't have long before Kankuro's lips captured my breast, earning another delightful moan. He took that as an obvious sign and bite down on my nipple.

The pain only increased the pleasure.

As his other hand hardened my left breast, I tangled my fingers in his hair, unable to stop myself as another wave of desire washed over me.

But I had enough: though the feelings Kankuro was unleashing on me were plentiful, I needed a release of my own.

I twisted under him, until my knee was prodding between his legs. A snarl-like moan ripped through him, and he shut his eyes tightly, abandoning my breast. His muscles tensed to support his weight as he leaned over me.

I moved my knee harder into him, and smirked when he tried- and failed- to hold in another moan.

But that wasn't enough.

Gripping his shoulders tightly, I allowed myself to roll on top of him. I sat directly on him, giving him a pleasure that I was proud to give.

I knew I was the only one who could, not because not one else would, but because I was his, and he was mine. I wasn't intending on changing that.

"Ohhh!" Kankuro moaned as I pressed myself against his hard member.

Both of us were only half naked, and the thought annoyed me. Especially since I was already wet, and my panties were probably ruined.

As if reading my thoughts, Kankuro reached down and shakily caressed the skin of my stomach before attempting to untie the strings of my pants.

I smirked, still not quite ready.

Another hard pound did the job: Kankuro's hands left my pants and flew to my hips, pushing me against him even more. I smirked wider, and leaned down to trail kisses from his neck to his chest, lightly tracing over his tight abs as I made my way down his irresistible body.

I slowly slipped my fingers under his pants with one hand, and with the other rubbed his bump through his pants. It made him wild. I held in the urge to giggle and easily tugged his pants off, throwing them over the edge of the bed before grinning up at Kankuro, who was staring down at me.

I slowly slid his boxers off to reveal his hard erection. On a whim, I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine, since he so deliberately made me practically have to spell out my need for him every time we got it on.

"What should I do, Kankuro?" I asked, my voice seductive.

I slowly touched his tip with my finger, and a shiver wracked through him. He looked so very inviting: a sure temptation to give him pleasure.

I leaned down and gently, gave him an almost non-existent kiss. But he could feel it, and the tiny movement made him struggle to contain another moan.

"Please..." he breathed, trying to reach me with his hands.

I smirked and grabbed his wrists tightly, holding them firmly to his sides, "Please what?"

He snapped his eyes shut in humiliation and moaned, "Please suck me!"

I suppressed another giggle and murmured, "As you wish: all you had to do was ask."

With that, I closed my mouth around his length, pumping it in and out as I enjoyed his loud groans of delectation. When he instinctively thrust deeper into my mouth, I nearly choked. Getting used to the feeling, my hands abandoned his wrists and moved to grasp his hips as I deep throated him.

His own hands immediately tangled in my hair, pressing me even closer to him as my tongue danced around his shaft.

Soon, his semen burst from his opening and spilled into my mouth. The taste did nothing for me: I disliked it, but nonetheless, swallowed every bit of it before finally releasing him.

His hands gripped me gently and pulled me up to kiss me softly on the lips, "I'm sorry," he murmured gently, stroking my face.

I didn't answer, but instead straddled his waist, raising an eyebrow, "Kankuro, if I was so against it, I wouldn't have done it."

He grinned and felt up my legs, his thumbs brushing my inner thighs as he made his way to the button of my jeans.

They came off easily, and I was quick to retake my place on either side of Kankuro's legs.

But I was not expectant to what he would do next.

Through the thin fabric of my already wet panties, his fingers rubbed me hard.

My eyes widened in shock and lust as Kankuro smirked, "You're already wet, you naughty girl."

I let out a pent of breath as he slipped a finger into my panties and slowly slid it into my opening.

I leaned forward, breathing hard, and gasped out, "Well if your moans weren't so loud I wouldn't have bothered, Idiot."

He simply chuckled and moved around inside me, pushing against my walls as he added another digit.

I was going to fall...I just knew it. I would fall right on top of him from the unbearable satisfaction of having him touch me.

But that never happened: I was on my back before I could blink, giving him easier access as he hovered over me.

I breathed shakily as he added another...and another, until he decided I was ready.

"Please Kankuro...!" I moaned, gripping his shoulders as I felt his tip touch me.

He smirked and, without warning, pumped himself into me.

But I didn't care: nothing mattered right now. My grip on his was tight: my nails dug into his skin as I felt every part of him move inside me. He didn't seem to mind the blood that I was drawing from him: he seemed quite relaxed, actually. Our breath mingled as I got used to his usual size. Then, once I was breathing as normally as I could, he began to thrust harder and deeper.

His lips pressed against mine, and his hands squeezed my breasts in ways that made my heart nearly beat out of my chest.

After a good few minutes of starting out, the real fun began: Kankuro pushed into me so hard that my whole body moved with the thrust.

His eyes fixed on my breasts, enjoying the sight as they bounced with the force.

I wanted to smirk, but instead, I moaned more loudly than ever before: I could feel myself coming to an end.

After a while longer, I screamed out my lovers name, just as he screamed mine.

As our voices blended together, so did our bodies.

With one last, final thrust, Kankuro released himself within me, making me arch my back as I felt his hot seeds penetrate my depths.

We slowed down after that, and Kankuro's thrusts were less frequent.

Finally, he pulled himself out of me and collapsed by my side.

I gasped for air, pulling Kankuro and allowing him to rest his head below my neck. His arms encircled me, pulling me close to him, and I wove my fingers into his hair once more as I closed my eyes.

"I love you," Kankuro murmured, leaning up to gently kiss my lips once before returning to his place above my breasts.

My arms tightened around him, and I smiled, "I love you too, Kankuro. Forever."

With that, we drifted off into a peaceful, accomplished, and well deserved sleep.



  1. wow, man this was an excellent lemon, i really loved it. You did an excellent job by the way :D

  2. awsome could u make a hidan lemon for me?

  3. Nice, could you please make me a kakuzu one.


  5. holy Jashin... I really think that Kankuro needs more fanfictions and more love. He's Gaara's older brother for Jashin's sake.

    1. Completely agree!!! He's one of my favorite characters ;3