Monday, June 14, 2010

A Kisame Lemon -- Training

Character: Kisame Hoshigaki

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Tsuta Doku, medical nin and Zetsu’s cousin

Inspiration: get the picture =P

“Zetsu!” a long, drawn out screech rang through the heavy woods, “Come back here!”

Said man only gulped uneasily and ducked behind a tree trunk just as a bottle came hurling at him. The plastic container noisily hit the wood and bounced to the ground, giving Zetsu a relieved feeling at his cousin’s lack of weapons.

Poking his head out from behind his unoriginal hiding place, the odd looking man searched for the girl whom he called family. She was standing not ten feet from him with a livid expression on her face.

“Zetsu, if I see you so much as touch that bottle...” she warned as his hand went down to scoop up the trash.

He stopped, mid-reach, and glanced up at her. His white side grinned sheepishly, while the boy’s black side only scowled.

“Sorry, Tsuta,” his white face said quickly.

But to both our disgrace, his black side spat, “Serves ya right, stupid girl.”

Tsuta growled angrily and walked forward, grabbing the bottle and staring him straight in the eyes, “You know how I feel about you leaving your trash all over the forest! Do it again and I’ll tear that black shit right off of you,” she fumed, referring to Zetsu’s black side as she turned her eyes to face the Akatsuki’s lair.

Zetsu sighed; al least she had realized it was his dark side and not his white side who got her angry. That was how it usually was.

Trudging back to the hideout with heavy footsteps, Zetsu sighed again as rain began to fall. Yep: this was such a great day.

Tsuta’s POV

My anger had washed away as soon as I walked into the Akatsuki lair. Upon entering the kitchen, I noticed Deidara at the table, feet up and molding a piece of clay in his stable hands.

“Hello Dei-kun,” I greeted cheerfully, taking a seat beside him as I watched him.

He glanced at me and sent me a swift smirk, “Hey Tsuta-chan.”

A peaceful silence kicked in and I leaned back, before deciding I was thirsty. I stood and grabbed a glass, filling it with water before sipping it.

Deidara shifted in his seat and looked at me, finally finished molding the clay. I grinned when I saw what he had made. A pretty little plant, just beginning it’s growth.

He smirked at me and got up from the table, leaving the clay there for me before exiting the kitchen. I walked to the table and picked up the small mold, holding it gingerly in my hands as I studied it. It was perfect; not a detail missing.

“Did Deidara make that for you?” a voice asked, making me jump and nearly drop the delicate piece.

But just as it slipped from my hands, a finger hooked around the leaf and brought it back to the safety of my grasp. I sighed in relief and smiled at Kisame, “Yeah- it’s pretty, isn’t it?”

The blue man merely grunted and stared out the window, “Yeah I guess...”

I followed his gaze and smiled softly, “You like the rain, right Kisame?”

The man looked at me, surprised, and slowly nodded wordlessly.

“I wonder...if you could teach me some of your technique’s outside?” I asked, gazing at the ninja with a slight blush. There had always been something about him: I just could never figure it out.

His surprised expression turned even more startled, and my heart began sinking.

As I sighed and walked past him, he grabbed me by the elbow and looked at me, smirking slightly, “Be outside in 5 minutes.”

I nodded slowly and he let me go, walking away to his room to prepare.


My breath came out forced and laborious. Kneeling on the forest floor, I grabbed the small wound Kisame had put in my side. The blue man was currently kneeling next to me, breathing heavily as well due to our fight.

“Do you want me to take a look at it?” he asked, feeling slightly sorry. His emotion surprised me; I had never seen Kisame show any feelings. When he was around me, it all seemed to slip.

I smiled softly despite the pain and nodded, “Yes, please.”

He stared at my smile for a few seconds and finally nodded, pushing me back so that I was lying on the ground. He hovered over me, worry in his eyes as he slid my shirt to my bra line and began examining the cut.

In this position, everything seemed surreal. Gazing up at Kisame, he refused to look me in the eye as I caught sight of a light pink that was scattered across his cheeks. He brushed his fingers over the cut and grabbed my hand, placing it over the wound before glancing up at me quickly, “You don’t have a lot of chakra: use some of mine.”

I stared at him and nodded slowly, wondering why he would lend me some of his very life force just to heal a mere wound. But, thinking nothing of it, I focused on the wound and drew some of his chakra from his body to heal it.

When I opened my eyes- which had closed during the medication- Kisame was staring at me.

It was then that I realized the awkwardness of our position, but to my surprise, it didn’t feel so bad to me. Unsurely, I brought my hand up to stroke his cheek. He took it and smiled gently at me before quickly turning his face into my skin and pressing his lips to my palm. Startled, I stared at him. He stared right back, not hesitating to smirk and lean down. I couldn’t remember the foreplay before the kiss: the only thing that I seemed to understand was the way his lips moved against mine. Eyes slowly closing in bliss, I kissed him back as my hands grasped the fabric of his Akatsuki cloak tightly. Measuring his weight onto his forearms as he loomed over me, Kisame used one hand to gently stroke my face while the other held himself up.

I had never thought it would come to this: falling for Kisame anyway. Besides the fact that we were both killing machines and therefore weren’t allowed to have any emotion, Kisame had never shown any such feelings toward me anyway. We had never spoken much in the base. But that didn’t stop me from tightening my hold on him and pulling him ever closer, now sitting up slightly and making our kisses rougher than before.

A moan caught in his throat at my advances, and he grasped my shoulders and held me down, a small smirk on his face. His smile only grew wider when my restless hands tried unsuccessfully to tear his cloak off.

Straddling my hips as he hovered over me, he easily pinned down my wrists and leant down, slowly capturing my lips in a torturously slow kiss.

“Stay still,” he ordered in a hushed voice, and I whimpered softly as he moved one hand away from my crossed wrists to gently stroke down my sides. I let out a out gasp as he suddenly grabbed my breast, tenderly pressing down and trailing circles around my covered skin.

“Ahh...Kisame, please-“

He cut me off, kissing me hard on the mouth while his hands abandoned my wrists to tug my Akatsuki cloak off. As soon as my hands were freed, they clasped themselves to his own cloak, pushing it away and revealing his light blue skin. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and forced it up, revealing his toned chest. I melted into it, slowly tracing his muscles in awe. He chuckled and pulled me into a sitting position before pulling my own shirt off and pushing me back to our previous position.

I bit back a moan as his lips explored the sensitive skin of my neck, biting softly as he trailed downward. Reaching behind my arched back, and gripping my bra as he energetically ripped it loose, flinging it somewhere unimportant before all but pouncing on my newly revealed breast. The feeling that followed could not be described: as I grasped the back of Kisame’s head and pushed him closer, I felt his sharp teeth nick my nipple, but the short pain only made me wetter and wetter as he continued his rash treatment on my skin.

I let loose another loud moan, and Kisame chuckled almost evilly as he groped me tightly. As I tried despairingly to attach myself to his chest, he grabbed me and pushed me down, holding me tightly beneath him as his hands traveled to other unexplored areas.

Finally I had too much of his dominant behavior. Growling under my breath, I thrashed from under him and forcefully rolled on top, hands immediately flying to his pants as they tore them away. He didn’t even see it coming, and when I grasped his hardened member tightly in my hands, he threw his head back in surprise and satisfaction and moaned loudly.

I stroked him through his boxers, pumping expertly up and down as my other hand reached underneath the fabric and stroked his balls to add to his pleasure. I smirked from over him and he stared into my eyes, watching lustfully as I quickened my pace to an almost unbearable speed. I slowly pulled that fabric away, and wasted no time as I leaned down and claimed my prize, wrapping it in my mouth and smirking as he inhaled sharply at the hotness of my breath.

My tongue worked wonders on his tender skin, licking and sucking every part of him as he writhed beneath me. His grip on my shoulders was hard, but not hurtful in our ties of bliss.

Finally, I felt his member throb in my mouth and I broke away just before he cummed, crawling up his form with cunning eyes. He watched me, breathing heavily below as a sheen of sweat appeared on his chest and forehead. I took his hands and placed them on my waist, smirking to him as I touched his dick again. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, they were sharp and dominant. Growling, he took his thickened cock and guided it into my opening, pushing me down upon it and craning his neck in satisfaction.

I threw my head back and moaned loudly as his hands began massaging my breasts and guiding my hips all at the same time.

I felt myself falling, and suddenly I was on the bottom, and Kisame was hovering over me as he pumped in and out of my hot warmth.

“Ahh...Kisame...!” I groaned, meeting him halfway as our thrusts molded together as one.

The feelings that coursed through my veins made me hotter by the second. Arching my back as Kisame leaned down to lick my breasts, I shoved my hips into his and closed my eyes in bliss. The feeling of him driving himself farther into was flawless.

Fingers clawing at his shoulders, blood began dripping softly onto out melded bodies, yet nothing seemed to stop our forms from rushing into each other in perfect sync.

It was too soon when our fluids met in melodic harmony: Kisame groaned loudly and yelled across the forest, awakening my own moan as I released my tightly strewn orgasm.

When finally he pulled out, he collapsed beside me in exhaustion.

“I can’t believe...I just fucked you...” he gasped, grinning like the maniac he was.

I giggled and ran my fingers through his coarse hair, eyes wondering, “Why?”

He smirked and wrapped an arm around me, ducking his head in to kiss me a few times before murmuring, “Because if Zetsu finds out-“

I pushed a finger to his lips and laughed, “I don’t care about what he thinks. I want you.”

Kisame smirked and kissed me once more, “I want you too.”

Giggling again, I snuggled into his chest as we rested.



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