Monday, June 14, 2010

A Naruto Baby Daddy -- Electricity

Character: Naruto Uzumaki

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Hana Uzumaki, married to Naruto

Inspiration: Naruto as Hokage~

// How You Met //


My friend dragged me though the crowded streets of a village I knew nothing about. Only 13 years old at the time, I placed my forehead protector tighter on my hairline and narrowed my eyes at the sights around me. It was the Chunin Exams, and I was just as determined as everyone else to come out as a victor. I had been born and raised in the Mist Village, and my slightly untrusting personality showed it.

“Sakura,” I asked my pink haired friend in a slightly annoyed voice, “Where are you taking me?”

I had known Sakura since early childhood, due to some weird friendship between our parents, and as soon as I showed up at Konoha, she all but tore me away from my team.

She glanced back at me with a large smile, “To meet my team, of course! Oh my god, you’ll love Sasuke! He’s sooo handsome and-“ she suddenly stopped, looking back at me with suspicious eyes, “But...uhh...well no offense, but I don’t think he likes girls like you, Hana.”

I raised an eyebrow and smirked: this wasn’t the first time I had seen Sakura’s territorial side.

“I’ll leave him for you then,” I assured her, and immediately her smile re-appeared on her face and we continued on our way.

Five minutes later we had arrived at some training ground.

Sakura let go of my hand and looked around. I saw her eyes light up and she made her way over to two boys who were gripping kunai as they practiced their aim.

“Sasuke, Naruto!” she called, and they looked over to her. The blonde one grinned when he saw her, “Hi Sakura!”

The black haired genin merely stared her down with a reproachful look in his somewhat cold eyes.

I walked up behind her and studied them.

The blonde guy grinned and ran up to me, “Hi! I’m Naruto Uzumaki- the next Hokage! Believe it!!”

I tilted my head and smiled, slightly overtaken by his energy, “I’m Hana...and I’d be stupid not to believe it.”

Laughing softly, I took his hand and watched as he blushed slightly at my words, his smile never disappearing from his tanned face.

“I think I’m gonna like it here,” I muttered, smiling at the three people in front of me.

// How It Happened //

My fingers drilled the wooden table in angst as I sat there, waiting for him to come home. We were going out tonight, and I was all dressed up in a pretty black dress that held my curves perfectly. Frowning, I shot another glare at the clock and saw that it hadn’t changed since I last looked at it. The minute hand had barely made it to the next number. It was still only 6:30.

I sighed and the frown disappeared. I knew Naruto had a mission, and he might not even be home until later tonight. But I had still wanted to go out with my husband since we never usually had the time. After all, we were both ninja, and had regular missions that we couldn’t back down on.

I laid my head in my arms and closed my eyes, not realizing that I was falling asleep until the door suddenly opened. The loud noise made me shoot up from my chair and I clumsily fell over, beginning to fall to the ground.

But two arms caught me before I could hit the cold floor, and I felt soft chuckling vibrate our bodies.

“Dozing off, Hana?” my husband chided gently, his voice music to my ears.

I smiled, blushing with embarrassment, and allowed Naruto to help me to my feet.

“You were taking too long...” I yawned, stretching. As I opened my eyes, I noticed Naruto staring at me with a strange look.

He took me into his arms and delicately kissed my cheek, “Sorry- Grandma Tsunade kept me longer than I thought she would.”

I wrapped my arms around him and brushed our lips together, “It’s fine. You’re here now.”

Naruto smiled lovingly at me and leaned in to capture my lips in a more passionate kiss, “I missed you so much.”

He had been gone for an entire week, tracking down a rogue ninja with Sai and Sakura. I kissed back even more roughly, fingers latching themselves into his blonde tresses as I responded with a breathy, “I missed you too.”

Naruto finally broke the kiss and chuckled, “Are you still in the mood to go out? You look beautiful by the way.”

The gentle blush that covered my cheeks made him smile and pull me back into him.

“Thank you,” I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, “I think we should stay here. You look exhausted.”

Naruto nodded and kissed me again, this time pulling away faster and taking my hands, “I’m kinda hungry- I think I’ll make some Ramen.”

I smiled at his choice of food and stopped him as he made his way to the kitchen, “I’ll make it for you. You go take a shower: it’ll be faster.”

My husband nodded, appreciation coating his face, and swooped down to kiss me lightly on the lips, “I’ll be down in a few.”

Nodding, I watching him disappear upstairs before making my way to the kitchen and getting out some things to make his dinner.

Empty bowls cluttered the tabletop, and I dipped my hands into the sink as I washed them. Naruto was behind me, systematically distracting me as he kissed the back of my neck over and over again. I giggled and glanced at him over my shoulder, “Naruto, leave me be. I have to finish these.”

But my husband only tightened his hold around my slim waist and moved his lips to the side of my face, “No.”

Whining jokingly, I responded with a soft, “Please?”

But he only answered with a swift, “No. Listen to your husband and come upstairs.”

I sighed and grabbed a dish towel, turning in his arms. But before I could protest, Naruto slipped in and pushed his lips against mine in a tempting kiss.

I closed my eyes and sank into his lips, moving my mouth against his as I wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands latched themselves to my waist, stroking the silky material of the dress I had still not taken off.

When I pulled away, Naruto groaned and tried to grab my arm, but I merely slipped from his grasp and giggled at him, turning back to the dishes once again.

Naruto slid his arms around me persistently and sighed, hiding his face on my shoulder as he murmured, “I haven’t been able to touch you in an entire week and now you tease me...”

A smirk lit my face and I laughed, gently patting his hair with my wet hand, “Oh well. You’ll have to deal with it for just a little bit more.”

His arms constricted around my waist, pushing my breasts up a little in the tight embrace. From his place on my shoulder, he seemed to enjoy looking down at my body, and it made me roll my eyes. But I did nothing to stop him, and instead turned my attention to the plates that were stacking up in the rack.

One of his hands suspiciously left my waist to travel down my leg, stopping at my inner thigh. I pretended not to feel him rubbing my leg, but when he lifted the fabric of my dress and slid his hand to touch my most sacred place, I had to protest.

“Naruto, what are you-“ turning around, he caught my surprised lips for the second time that night, kissing me passionately as he tried to get me in the mood.

This time, it worked. With one hand still latched to my southern body and the other now exploring my right breast, I couldn’t suppress the agonizing desire that now shredded through me.

“Ahh...Naruto,” I moaned into his lips, gripping the back of his neck tightly in order to push us closer.

But to my grievance, he just pulled away and extracted his hands from me, sending me a teasing smile as he began unzipping the front of his jacket.

I stared at him hungrily, eyeing his hands as they slid the jacket off and slowly...teasingly pulling the undershirt he wore off as well, revealing his well built chest to my starving eyes.

I walked forward, now completely captivated, and allowed Naruto and grab my wrists and kiss me lightly on the mouth. Pulling away, he chuckled and began to give me a taste of my own medicine, “If you want me, come to the bedroom.”

He began walking away, leaving me to stare, mouth agape, at his back. When I heard the bedroom door close, I snapped out of my thoughts and shook my head, following him as I left the abandoned dishes behind to wallow in the sink.

The light was dim in the room, and as I shut the door, I looked around blindly for my husband. He was nowhere to be found.

In my lustful desire, I couldn’t hear him come up behind me until he had already wrapped his arms around my waist.

Pushing my back to his front, I felt his erection poking into my thigh. Smirking, I turned in his arms and rubbed his gorgeous chest, melting into his lips as he leaned down to kiss me passionately.

He pushed me backward, not breaking the kiss, until the back of my knees hit the bed and I fell onto it.

Moving to the middle of the mattress, Naruto straddled my waist and smirked triumphantly at me, looking down at me with his beautiful blue eyes, “Will you let me do whatever I want?”

Furrowing my brow, I nodded helplessly, needing this just as much as he did. Chuckling, he smirked and reached over me to the bedside table. Pulling out a piece of rope, he watched as I stared in shock.

“N-Naruto, what are you-?”

He cut me off, kissing me as he grabbed my wrists and threw them over my head, tying them to the bedpost with the rope.

My dress was strapless, so Naruto found it easy to remove it without much of a fuss. Now wearing only a pair of lacy panties, my husband grinned and stared at my revealed body hungrily before beginning the torturously blissful touches.

He leaned down and took my right breast in his mouth, sucking on my nipple and watching as I arched my back in pleasure. He repeated the process with the other one and smirked, hands traveling to his pants as he removed them. Now I could see the obvious bump in his boxers, and the sight of it made my mouth water. He grinned and slipped off my soaking panties, letting them fall carelessly over the edge of the bed before leaning down to kiss my sensitive skin. I threw my head back as his tongue entered me, swirling around inside of me as he prepared us.

“Naruto!” I moaned, my voice pleading and excited.

He merely chuckled: the vibrations made me close my eyes in bliss as his fingers began continuing his ministrations below. He licked his lips and came back up, finally removing his boxers and letting me see his thickened cock standing straight up. I moaned at the sight and struggled against the bonds, wanting more than ever to touch him.

He grinned and stroked my sides, nestling himself between my open legs comfortably, “Did you really miss me that much, Hana?”

I groaned again and nodded, “I missed you so much, Naruto. Please!”

He seemed pleased with my answer. Not wasting any more time, he shoved himself into me and I craned my neck in the immediate pleasure that seemed to ricochet around my very bones.

Our breathing raced: my hands struggled ever more against the rope, yet Naruto refused to untie me. He pulled himself out, and threw himself back in, again and again.

Finally, when our orgasms seemed imminent, he reached up and undid the cords. As soon as I was free, my liberated hands flew to his shoulders and I thrust my hips to meet his harsh pounds with delight. I moaned loudly as my fluids raced through me, meeting his own orgasm in blissful harmony.

“Narutttoooo!” I screamed, feeling him hit me at just the right spot.

He mirrored my movements, pushing himself into me with unmatched speed as he hurried to catch up to me.

He let himself loose within me and earned another strand of pleased noises to add to his own, matching me with perfect ease as our bodies rose and fell together.

Finally, he collapsed upon my sweaty body, kissing as much of me as possible as I wrapped my arms around him tightly. Giggling, I murmured, “I really did miss you, silly.”

He merely chuckled and didn’t stop his assault on my neck, “I realize that, Hana.”

I leaned up to kiss him once more before we settled down for a well earned rest.

// How You Found Out //

Sitting on the bathroom counter, our breathing was tiresome and heavy.

“Naruto, I really don’t think I’m-“

He shushed me lightly, kissing me softly on the lips before answering, “Sakura said you have all the symptoms. Let’s at least have a look.”

I sighed and nodded, staring at the pregnancy test in my hands with a doubtful look. Naruto noticed, and chuckled as he wrapped his arms around me, but no other words were exchanged in the next five minutes as we waited.

I glanced down for what seemed like the hundredth time and my eyes widened. Shakily, I raised it to my husband’s face and saw him grin.

“Hana...I’m going to be a father!” he whispered energetically as he pulled me toward him and began littering my face with kisses.

I laughed and murmured, still shocked, “Hopefully our child won’t have as much energy as you: I don’t think I could handle two of you.”

He only laughed and took my face in his hands, kissing me deeply on the lips in celebration.

// The Birth //

The dull thump in my lower region said all that needed to be said. Clamping my hand tightly with his, Naruto hovered over me, not sure whether he should comfort me in my pain, or to join the doctor and see how the actual birth was going.

I groaned and with one last push, the birth was finally over, after hours of labor and discomfort. My tears were brushed away by my husband’s warm fingers and he looked down at my lovingly, “You did well. I’m so proud of you, Hana.”

I laughed a little, my voice harsh from not using it in hours, and whispered, “Where is my baby?”

The doctor smiled and held up a bundled up form, carefully setting the girl into my arms before murmuring, “I’ll be back to take her to the infirmary in about ten minutes.”

He left after that, and I looked up at Naruto with stars in my eyes, “She’s beautiful. Isn’t she beautiful, Naruto?”

He grinned, his blue eyes locking onto his very own child, and kissed both our heads, whispering, “Kushina is gorgeous.”

A bright smile lit up my face as the sound of the name we had vigilantly picked.

I nodded, agreeing, “Gorgeous.”

// Epilogue //

The bright sun beat down on us as I walked to my husband’s office. Kushina, walking beside me, held my hand tightly as she looked around, “Mom, when can I be a ninja like dad?”

I smiled at her question, “When you turn 12, honey. You’ve still got a few years to go.”

She pouted, and I hid a smile.

“What about Minato and Kimi? Are they gonna become ninja too?” she asked innocently as she looked at the bundle in my arms.

I looked down at my most recent child: Kimi. The baby girl looked back at my with electric blue eyes and a large smile.

I laughed lightly, “Maybe, if they want to be,” came my answer.

Minato rolled his eyes beside me, his lips pouting cutely as he said, “I’m gonna be a ninja, Believe it!” I hid another smile at the use of my husband’s normal words. He’d always rub off on the kids...

“I’ll be better than everybody else!” Minato exclaimed loudly, making people smile our way.

“Well you’ve got a long way to go, kid,” a familiar voice said.

I grinned as Naruto walked toward us, Hokage robes fluttering valiantly in the breeze. Kushina and Minato ran forward, hugging their father tightly with their small arms. Naruto merely laughed and picked them up, much to their struggling forms, and walked over to me. Leaning down, he kissed me smoothly on the lips, ignoring the grunts of displeasure from our children.

“How’s Kimi?” he asked, finally putting Kushina and Minato back on their feet before wrapping his arms around me and the baby.

I smiled fondly and looked down at her, “Great.”

“...And how are you?” he asked, his tone slightly worried as he looked at my exhausted appearance.

It wasn’t exactly easy to handle three children at the same time...

Even so, I smiled brilliantly at him and murmured, “I’m doing just fine.”

He grinned at my response and leaned down to kiss me more fully on the mouth, engulfing me in his lips.

Pulling away, he took his two older children’s hands and smiled, “C’mon- let’s get to my office.”

Sending one last loving glance my way, we finished our walk to the Hokage’s building.



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