Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Contagious

Character: Neji Hyuuga

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Tora, Age 17

Inspiration: Tea

"He's what?" I gasped, staring at Hinata in shock.

Hinata glanced at me, blushing at my loud outburst, "Neji's not feeling well. That's why he isn't here."

I felt a sinking feeling in my gut, "But Hinata, you told me he was fine yesterday!"

She looked at me like I was crazy, "Uhh...that is, he's not sick, but he doesn't feel like hanging out with Naruto-"

But I didn't hear her words, because I was already bolting down the street to my home, worry filling me at the thought of my long time crush being hurt in any way.

I slammed my door open and raced around my kitchen, getting together a cup of tea and pouring it into a simple cup before running out the door, trying not to spill it.

I had always been known to be a kind hearted person, who was much like Naruto. In fact Naruto was one of my best friends: we played pranks on people, trained together, and even slept over each other's houses. Our hyper attitudes we so alike that to those who watched us hang out, it was unnerving.

It took me five minutes to find the Hyuuga resort. I had been there, of course, but I'd always loose my way. I skidded to a stop in front of the doors, and knocked lightly.

But no one answered.

I knocked again and stood there for a few minutes, pondering what to do, before slowly sliding the door open and slipping inside.

There was absolutely no one in sight, so I felt at ease as I walked through the halls in search of Neji's room.

I would keep him company, at least, until he felt better. I found his door in no time and knocked lightly on it.

A few seconds later, the door slid open to reveal Neji, looking as calm as ever. When he saw it was me, he stared in surprise, "Tora? What are you doing here?"

I smiled cheekily at him and held out the tea, which was now cold, "I brought you some tea."

Then, noticing he was fully clothed and looking fine, I frowned, "Why aren't you in bed?"

He looked startled at my angry voice, "I beg your pardon?"

Frowning deeper, I allowed myself in his room, sliding the door behind me as I set the tea on his bedside table before turning back to him with a glare, "Neji, aren't you supposed to be sick? You have to rest up, and give your body a chance to heal itself. It won't do it overnight, you know- these things that time! Ohh...when I heard Hinata say you were ill, I was so worried. You're feeling better, right? I hope you like the tea-"


"I made it before coming here, so it's probably a little cold."


"But I'm sure it'll be fine, Neji, so don't worry. I can always heat it up for you, if you want. Or I could make you another batch! That's a good idea: I think I'll-"

Neji suddenly grabbed my shoulders and forced me to look at him, "Tora, I'm not sick."

I blinked, finally shutting up as I realized what he said, "...What?"

He sighed, "I'm not sick."

I blinked again, making sure I heard him correctly, "You're...not sick...?"

He shook his head slowly, as if ready for my annoyed reaction.

Annoyed was an understatement.

"You mean...I came all the way here, made you tea and everything, got lost on several occasions...for nothing?"

At my words, he chuckled softly, "You got lost? How many times have you been here?"

I glared at him, growling, "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"

He raised an eyebrow at me, "So what are you gonna do now?"

Turning my glare at him, I walked to his bed, sitting down, "I'm staying here."

"You are?" he asked, leaning against the wall, "I didn't know I invited you to do that."

I made a noise and said, "Too bad. I expected to find you dying in bed, and here you are, alive! I mean honestly, what is this world coming to?"

He walked toward me and sat next to me on his bed, "Would you rather I was sick, Tora?"

His voice was indignant, and I stared at him, completely serious as I said, "Yes."

He seemed surprised at my blunt answer.

I hurried to finish my thoughts, "Because when you're sick, I can take care of you! I feel like I'm doing something good for you, instead of just..."

I trailed off, not being able to find the right words. His hands touched my cheek, turning my head in his direction.

His face was taken aback when he answered, "Instead of just what? Tora, do I really have to be sick for you to take care of me?"

I stared at him, not fully understanding what he was trying to say.

He leaned closer, and I blushed as I felt his breath wash over my face, "I want you to take care of me even when I'm not sick."

Eyes huge, I breathed out, "What do you mean?"

He sent me a rare smile and softly pressed his lips to mine in a sweet kiss, "I mean that I like you, and I want you to like me too."

He kissed me harder this time, hand cupping my cheek. My lips moved on their own as they kissed back, and I felt my eyes closing as I leaned into it.

Our kisses began getting rougher and rougher: I wrapped my arms around his neck and bent toward him, pushing him over as I crawled on top.

"I'll take care of you," I murmured against his lips, "right now."

His hands at my waist, he opened his eyes to stare at me and smiled, "Good. I was starting to think you never would."

Giggling, I pushed my lips harder on his as we began to make out. His tongue dragged across my bottom lip, and I opened my mouth and let him explore.

His hands roamed my body, tangling in my hair, slipping under my shirt.

Finally, he pulled my shirt off, stroking my stomach lightly as I fixed my position above him.

He didn't seem to like the fact that I was on top, and so he flipped us over and began kissing me even more ruggedly.

I arched my back as his hands slid under me, unclipping my bra and sliding it off my shoulders. As soon as it fell over the side of the bed, I forgot about it. Focusing on Neji's clothes, I fumbling with the buttons of his shirt, pulling it off his pale shoulders. I practically melted at the sight of his bare chest, and moaned loudly as his lips found my breast.

His torment didn't last long, though. I think we were both in need of something greater- a higher form of pleasure. Abandoning my breasts, he moved to my pants as he tugged them off. I didn't look to where they landed.

He got off the bed for a second as he undid his pants and let them drop.

I watched as he crawled above me and kissed me again. But he didn't stay at my lips for very long. Breaking away, he began trailing kisses down my neck, over my breasts, and finally, to my clit.

With one hand, he slid under my panties and rubbed my mound, making me wetter with every touch.

I arched my back and bit on my lips, holding in a loud moan as he pulled my panties off and replaced his hand with his tongue.

It was more pleasure than I could handle, and my orgasm hit me sooner than I wished it to.


He returned to my lips, kissing me hard on the mouth as he positioned himself above me.

He wasted no time in shoving into me, waiting a few seconds before easing himself back out and in once more.

I craned my back as the pain lessened and turned into pure bliss, and tangled my fingers in his hair as I moaned.

He kissed me roughly on the lips and massaged my breasts, giving me more pleasure than ever.

My orgasm came soon again, causing Neji to swear and pump faster as he tried to catch up.

"I'm...sorry...Neji!" I gasped between thrusts.

He grunted and moaned in my ear as he came, filling me up with his hot seed.

He pulled himself out of me and order fervently, "Turn around."

Raising the corners of my lips into a smirk, I complied, sitting up and turning.

Neji knelt above me as he rammed himself into me once more, holding onto my hips as he grunted in pleasure.

It was my first time performing such intimacies, and I was a little rough in my movements, but Neji seemed not to mind. He shoved himself deeper and deeper, penetrating my depths in ways that made me scream out his name.

Finally, after half an hour, he shot semen into me and pulled away, falling onto my back as I panted.

I rolled over and he held me close to him, pulling a sheet over our hot bodies as we tried to catch out breath.

"Well, did I...take you?" I gasped out, looking at him and grinning.

He smirked and kissed my cheek, "Not...quite."

I gaped at him playfully and noticed the tea on his bedside table, "You know...the probably cold."

He chuckled softly and brought me closer to his chest, "Oh well. I don't really like it anyway."

I grinned cheekily at him and leaned up to kiss him again.



    Is this yours?

    1. Yep. Plagerization is a bitch, but at least it was one of my older lemons xD Thanks for letting me know about that

    2. Whoever this is...I really want to BURN them because I rely on your lemons to survive!

    3. Aw thanks ^o^
      I die a little inside when people steal my work. It makes me so upset. :^:

    4. At least people think your work is worth stealing, other wise they wouldn't do it.

  2. Thought so, It's hard to find good smut but to steal it from someone else is unforgivable. By the by, your work is beautiful please keep writing, it would be a shame to lose such a good writer

  3. Could you do a kakazu lemon? Just wondering or kimimaro? thanks!

  4. Would you consider doing a Haku lemon? He is far too unappreciated, and the few ones I do find are trash (I don't mean that in a smutty way, either). Thank you~!

  5. In the past hour/ hour and a half, I've read about 5 or six of your stories, and I am so impressed~! I'd love to see you write a Kakuzu Lemon! Pretty Please~? Thank you *^*!! ((And maybe a Zabuza one as well..? ♡ ))

  6. I loved it! And i hope no one plagurizes your stuff, as an author mysepf i understand its a bitch but i really enjoy reading your stories. Continue please! :)

  7. what if hinata walked in on that oh mygod I wouulda lost my sh*t! XD

    1. Or like if she joined in

  8. Do you still make lemons?