Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Orochimaru Lemon -- Wasted Treasure


Character: Orochimaru

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Another nameless request...*sigh* (I think I just lost the info...|D)

The way the darkness crept up on me was proof enough: there was no getting out. No chance of escape.

I closed my eyes, wondering how long he would keep me imprisoned like this, and for what reason. In all the weeks I had been down here, he had never once showed me kindness.

Of course, I didn't see him a lot anyway: he usually sent Kabuto down to feed me. I only saw glimpses of him, and when I did, I was in such a dream-like state that I thought his image was merely my imagination.

There was a noise by the door, and I looked up curiously, trying not to hope to much...

But it was only Sasuke Uchiha. Disappointment clouded my eyes, and he chuckled darkly at the sight. Walking over to me, he knelt to my level and held up a key.

Hope returned, flying through me like fire as he unleashed the chains. They fell loudly onto the cement floor.

"Oorochimaru wants to see you," was all he said before grabbing my under the arms and pulling me roughly to my feet.

I didn't have time to answer before I was dragged out the door and down the endless corridors. In the back of my mind, I wondered how he could walk without getting lost.

He led me to a door in a deserted corridor and knocked on it softly three times.

A cold voice that I recognized as Oorochimaru's answered, "Come in."

It was surprisingly gentle.

Sasuke twisted the door handle and stepped into the room, pulling me with him.

"...Sasuke, be more gentle with her- she's our guest," the snake-like man said.

I could barely see him through the darkness, as only a few candles lit the room. His face was hidden with shadow, but I knew what he looked like anyway.

"What do you want with me?" I asked, my voice rough from using it so seldom.

The Sannin merely smirked and stepped into the light.

"Sasuke, you may leave now," he said, bringing up a hand to caress my cheek.

His touches sickened me: I pulled away jerkily.

My rejection only made him smile more as he was faced with another challenge.

Sasuke nodded and left, closing the door without another word.

Then, it was just him and me, and I didn't like that at all.

"I asked what you wanted," I repeated, my eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Oorochimaru just smirked, "My dear, I'm afraid if I told you, you wouldn't stay."

I was a smart girl: I could usually see through lies and find answers, but I just couldn't comprehend his words.

His hand grabbed my elbow, dragging me to a wall. I raised an eyebrow, confused.

He reached into his clothes and pulled out a rope, and I knew he was going to tie me up again.

Eyes wide, I struggled as he crossed my wrists together above my head and tied them to a metal hook protruding from the wall.


his lips cut me off, slamming against mine in a rough way. As I he were marking me as his.

I gasped as he thrust his tongue into my mouth, hands on my curves while he crushed our bodies together.

"Oorochimaru," I tried to say, but gasped again when his hand gave my breast a squeeze.

"I've been waiting to do this for a long time," he murmured, staring at me hungrily.

In that instant, I knew he had more in mind that just a few kisses.

Clothes began flying: his cold hands gripped a kunai knife and brought it through my clothes, from my shirt to the bottom of my pants.

He pushed the cloth off me, leaving me half naked in front of him. I'd never felt so vulnerable.

"Don't-" I tried to stop him, but when his hands slid under the cups of my bra and teased my breasts, I had to bite my lip to suppress a moan.

His movements disgusted me, and still I could not stop myself from getting wet at his touches.

He chuckled, amused, and gripped the clasp of my bra before throwing it off me and staring at my large chest.

He gave me a teasing smirk before kissing down my neck and swirling his tongue around my right nipple. His fingers pinched and kneaded my left breast as his teeth nipped at my right.

I couldn't stop my moan from getting the better of me.

Oorochimaru halted in his teasing to look at me, slightly surprised. His eyes turned dark with lust as he murmured, "You like that, don't you?"

I shivered as he breathed on me, kissing my neck now as his own hands began to remove his clothing.

All I could do was watch as he revealed his well built chest. He then removed his pants, so that we were both standing there nearly naked.

His hands roamed my upper body before slowly escalating downwards.

My eyes widened as he stroked me through the tine fabric of my panties.

He watched my face, leaning over me and pressing our chests together as he rubbed me.

My knees felt weak: I was about ready to collapse from the jolts of pleasure filling me up.

"Oorochimaru...!" I gasped, "S...s-stop..."

But my words were moaned halfheartedly, and he knew it.

He smirked and rubbed harder, while his other hand slid my panties off. Then, he slipped a finger into me, making me gasp in the slight pain.

I had never done this before: this feeling...this was all new to me. I wasn't sure if I liked it.

"I've been watching you for a long time," he said softly, slowly thrusting his fingers in and out as he added another.

I opened my mouth to retort, but all that came from it was a loud, drawn out moan.

He grinned, pumping even harder as I felt a dull thumping in my lower abdomen.

"You can't deny it, love: you like this," he whispered in my ear, gently kissing my neck as he added another digit: four in total.

I let out a loud moan as my fluids shot from me, coating his fingers with the thick milky cream. He wasted no time in bringing them to his lips and licked the fluid off.

I felt strangely turned on as I watched him consume my liquids: I shivered, but still didn't want to go through with this entire thing.

"Oorochimaru, I don't want to do-"

But I couldn't finish my sentence. Not because he forcefully stopped me, but because he was now taking his boxers off, and it was just human nature to be curious. I had never seen...I trailed off, blushing madly as I stared at his huge erect manhood.

He smirked widely, "Like what you see?"

I averted my eyes to his, stuttering nonsense as he approached my tied up form.

There was nothing I could do...he could steal my virginity before I could stop him. Shutting my eyes tightly, I waited for him to come closer before throwing my knee at between his legs in a harsh blow.

It worked: he made a groan of pain and bent over, glaring at me hatefully.

I swallowed loudly at the facial expression.

"You'll pay for that, girl," he spat, recovering and grabbing my legs tightly before forcing them open.

I was at my wits end, "Stop, please! I don't want to-"

he cut me off by slamming into my opening. I gasped as a pain like no other ripped through me. He pulled out and thrust back in, not letting me get used to his size.

I whimpered as he continued his assault on my body, plunging deeper and deeper into me with every pound.

He groaned and allowed his hands to guide my hips, getting them at the perfect angle so that he could go deeper.

After a few minutes of the torture, I began to feel a sudden pleasure overcome me.

Confused, I arched my back and pushed my breasts against his chest as he thrust in again and again.

"I...hate you..." I whispered as I wrapped my legs around his waist, giving him more space.

He didn't answer, but instead reached up and untied the bond that kept me to the wall.

My arms fell, cramped, by my sides, but he continued to push me against the stone mercilessly.

I moaned loudly as he hit me perfectly, and he groaned in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

I couldn't take it any longer, "I HATE YOU!" I yelled, throwing my arms around his neck while I kissed him exuberantly.

My actions and words canceled each other out, but they made perfect sense to me, and Oorochimaru seemed to like my newly awakened self.

He kissed back just a rough as he dove into me again, hitting my G spot with great accuracy. I moaned against his lips and drag my nails up his back. The pain only seemed to heighten the satisfaction he seemed to be getting.

Finally, after a good few minutes of his relentless slams, I came, my fluids meeting with his in a sensual dance.

He stayed inside me as we gasped together. My hands still tangled in his hair, he finally pulled out of me. Our liquids ran down my leg as he departed. He held me up, and got onto his knees in front of me.

I gripped his shoulders as he licked the juices from my skin, and when he got back to his feet, I noticed some dribbling down his chin.

I leaned forward and kissed it away. He smirked and grabbed my body, pulling me into his arms as he carried me to the other side of the room and deposited me onto the huge bed.

I got into it and sighed, burying myself under the covers. The pale man grinned and stroked my face, kissing my cheek twice before murmuring, "I never could let a treasure go to waste."



  1. O.M.G O:
    This is the first ever Orochimaru lemon I have read.... and I Love it xD

    Not a super huge fan of him, but I thought I'd read a lemon on him and this one was great

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