Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Tyki Mikk Lemon -- I'll Show you Dominance

Character: Tyki Mikk

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Evelyn Kade, Age 20

Fingers typing diligently at the computer keyboard, my sharp golden eyes narrowed in apprehension as a new tide of letters were placed on my desk by my ‘secretary’, or, in looser terms, the job underneath secretary.

“Today’s mail,” she explained quickly and left, knowing that the look in my eyes was none to be trifled with.

I tore my fingers from the computer and twisted my chair around, edging closer to the somewhat large pile and beginning to go through it. The waste paper bin beside me began to fill up, until only a small orderly stack of letters sat on the desk. Nodding my head, I turned away from them and back to the document I was currently writing. I’d have to finish that first.

I was getting angrier by the second. It wasn’t because I had a ton of work to do for the man I worked for, who had unceremoniously dropped it all on my desk when I wasn’t looking. It wasn’t even because my mother was in town and I knew she wanted to scold me about how I should hurry up and get married before she dies.

It was because of one person: one man, actually. The fact that I worked in this cursed agency did absolutely nothing for me, as the only reason I had even joined was to help a few so-called friends find their own jobs. But eyes softened a little- a drastic change from their normal wintry stage. I looked at the list of open jobs that I had managed to get and went through them, finally picking out ones that seemed beneficial to Tyki’s friends. I had never met them, but Tyki insisted that they were great people who needed help, and me, having that damned soft side, agreed to assist them. But I wished I hadn’t.

Shrugging my discomfort off as best I could, I printed the sheet off and stuck it into a letter. I then opened one of the many drawers and pulled out a scrap paper, hurriedly writing a small note for Tyki to read. Stuffing that into the envelope as well, I flipped it over and began to scribble the address and town in which he was staying, leaving the return address blank. I always did that, so as to convince myself that I didn’t care for Tyki or any of his friends. But I knew the undercurrent of the action never got through to my brain, because whenever I thought about the mysterious man I could never quite pull away. He was probably a huge contributing factor as to why I had so much unfinished work laying about my desk. The other factor...? My bad temper and tendency to throw a huge fit and break things when I was pissed. Which happened regularly, I thought, knowing that it had been a good two weeks since I had last heard from Tyki. That thought alone made me even more uncomfortable, and in an action that both surprised me and angered me, I began to hastily write down a return address on the letter before I could stop myself. Letting out an unidentifiable sigh, I leaned back in my chair and grabbed my coffee, now cold from sitting there for three hours. But nonetheless, I took a sip and nearly spat it back out in disgust.

“Marie!” I shouted, watching as my little...’secretary’ hurried toward me with a worried and nervous expression.

“Would you get me more coffee? Please?” I added, sparing her a small glance to see her sighing. I hid a smirk and she nodded, turning to get her coat before hurrying outside into the cold weather.


Luck seemed not to know I existed. Nor did fate seem to like me all that much. Glaring avidly at the unopened letter, I hissed to myself, trying vainly to calm myself down.

It took a while for me to decide I wasn’t going to yell or scream or break anything that might cost me my job. When I realized I was safe, I took a pen and stuck it into the letter, ripping the top off expertly and tearing the envelope away. There was a printed piece of paper and a small scrap note. Edging them away from each other, my eyes connected with the words I had written only days before:


Enclosed is a list of open jobs your friends might be interested in.

...And I haven’t seen you in a while. Are you ok?


Either Tyki was fine and just wasn’t home, which I thought was fairly obvious seeing as the letter was returned, in this unopened state. Or Tyki was not ok and was unable to open his letters or even get them, which also led to the return of my note.

Whatever the case, I was finished helping him without any gratitude. I was going to go there and see just what he was up to, and if I didn’t see him, I would just stop assisting him. I would quit this useless job and get on with my life= something I should have done ages ago.

Getting up, I glanced at the clock and walked toward the office of the man I worked for. Mr. Mattor looked up when I knocked, and gestured for me to enter.

“Ah...Mr. Mattor, I was wondering if I could have my lunch break early,” I asked, pleading.

He tilted his head, “Are you...meeting someone?”

His question took me off guard. Eye wide, I laughed a little, “Um...yes, I suppose I am.”

He nodded, waving his hand, “Alright that’s fine. I don’t need to that much today anyway.”

I thanked him gratefully and left, wrapping my furry coat around my shoulders before disappearing into the streets. Discarded envelope clutched tightly in my hands, I glanced at the address I had nearly memorized and began walking in his apartment’s direction.

It took only fifteen minutes to get there. I knocked on the front door and the landlady answered, looking at me with a smile, “Hello! Are you here to visit someone?”

I nodded, slowly taking in the appearance of the room behind her. It was a long hall which was neatly furnished. Little vases of fake flowers lined the sides of the peach colored walls.

“Yes. I’m here looking for a Tyki Mikk,” I responded, “I have something to give him.”

Holding up the letter, I watched her nod and gesture for me to follow, “I haven’t seen much of him. In fact, I’m not even sure he’s home, but you can wait for him. He usually gets in by 3:00, the latest,” she said, stopping at an off-white colored door and turning the handle, “Here you are.”

I smiled at her, “Thank you very much.”

She just waved it off and nodded.

Inside the room was simple, as if Tyki hadn’t lived there for very long. There was very few personal items in the four rooms, though the furniture was lavish and didn’t need much of anything else.

I sat down in one of the chairs and closed my eyes, unknowingly falling asleep.


I was pulled from my sleep by a confused Tyki as he hovered over me. My eyes glanced at the clock on my wrist and told me that it was 2:30: Tyki was early by half an hour.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, eyes narrowed as he looked down at me.

I stood up, stretching, and answered him with a question, “Why didn’t you answer my letters?”

He sighed, running a hand down his face, “Because I don’t need the jobs anymore- all my friends are being paid for doing something...different. Now answer my question.”

I made a noise, “Fine. I’m here to tell you that I’m not helping you anymore,” scoffing, I muttered, “As if you need my help anyway.”

He was silent for a moment before tilting his head, “Evelyn, you look ravishing.”

His words caught me off-guard. Looking at him as though he was crazy, I glanced down at my choice of clothing. It was a simple dress that went down to my knees in a pencil straight manner. My cleavage showed a bit, making me look more feminine. My hair was tied up in a loose bun and my make-up was normal: red lipstick and a small amount of mascara. Pointed black pumps adorned my feet, giving me a cutting look that perfectly complimented my sharp, always suspicious eyes.

“No, really,” Tyki murmured, coming closer and running a hand down my arm, “You look truly beautiful.”

I pulled away, ignoring the blush that made my way to my cheeks, “What do you want, Tyki? You’re obviously not complimenting me for no reason.”

He grabbed my hand, making me to look at him, and purred, “I want you, Evelyn. That’s why I haven’t been responding to you. I’m afraid that if I see you too much I’ll loose control.”

He seemed to be having an internal battle. Suddenly, he whispered, “You should leave. I don’t know what I’ll do if you-“

I growled and slammed my hand over his mouth, golden eyes narrowed in annoyance as I pushed him against a nearby wall.

I smirked at him, “Tyki, do you really want me?”

He only groaned and closed his eyes tightly, answering me with a silent plea.

I licked his neck, making his body convulse horribly and adding the pleasure I got from seeing him so helpless. Dragging my tongue all the way to a spot directly beneath his chin, he suddenly grabbed my shoulders, flipping positions as he held me down with strong arms. I struggled, not liking the change of dominance, and he murmured, “I’m the Noah of pleasure.”

His words, though the confused me greatly, made my body ache for him. He must have realized my arousal, because he grinned and his hands began to touch every part of me, starting from my shoulders and working their way down...until the pool of wetness forming in my wasted panties was uncovered. He chuckled, “I see you want me as well.”

I opened my mouth to throw a retort at him, but he merely pushed his lips onto mine, shoving his tongue into my opened lips and frenching me terrifically.

I moaned and closed my eyes, now useless beneath him, and he suddenly grabbed my thighs and lifted me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he walked into the bedroom, shutting the door with definitely finality as throwing me onto the bed.

“Strip for me,” he ordered, eyeing me lustfully as I nodded.

I threw my shoes off, ignoring the thud they made when they landed on the floor, and proceeded to unbutton the dress as I knelt on the bed, eyes latched to Tyki’s as the lust in them grew.

The dress slipped from my shoulders and revealed my lacy bra and flat stomach. I noticed his fingers give a twitch, and I smirked. I pushed the rest of the dress off me, now sitting in my thigh high cream colored stockings and black lace lingerie.

Tyki didn’t seem to be able to take it any longer: in a rush, I was thrown onto my back as he kissed me fervently, hands undoing my bra before plunging his mouth over my revealed nipples. I barely had time to grasp what had happened as the leggings were ripped off of me and thrown onto the ground. Holding back a moan as his tongue was dragged across my nipple, I arched my back, pushing my breast into his mouth even more. His other hand, rather than working on taunting my other breast, slid down and rubbed me hard through my panties. The moan that ensued seemed to make him even more wild.

He tore the panties from me and stuffed his fingers into my wet opening, forcing them as deep as possible and watching my reaction with lustful eyes.

My face twisted in pleasure and my hips, unknowing to me, began to automatically thrust with the pump of his fingers. He added more and more, until my dripping flower was taking all the heat as Tyki kissed me, biting my lip and bleeding me a little before lapping up the liquid.

Finally, before I could get to the safety of my orgasm, he pulled his fingers out of me, tantalizing me as he slowly licked each one clean.

He smirked, “Would you like to taste?”

My unclear mind wasn’t sure how I responded, only that Tyki was suddenly grabbing my hand and forcing me to stick my own fingers into my pussy, guiding them in and out. He seemed to like watching me pleasure myself. I moaned and went faster, pumping in and out sinfully. But, to my demise, Tyki grabbed my hand and stopped me, smirking as he licked the juices from my fingers.

I tried to glare at him, but I didn’t think it turned out very convincing. He only chuckled and said, “Now undress me.”

My lust filled eyes turned to his body, staring up and down and finally landing on the covered organ which was meant to give me the utmost pleasure. I smirked, getting up and kneeling in front of him. I slipped my fingers into his shirt and ran them up and down his muscles, taunting them before pulling the fabric over his head. He closed his eyes in contentment as I played with his nipples, twisting them around my fingers before dragging my nails down his chest. He grunted and watched me tug at his pants, freeing the button and pulling them off. Finally, now only in his boxers, I rubbed him, touching the dent that had grown with all the foreplay. He moaned, biting his lip, and I pulled the flimsy piece of fabric off, finally eyeing him in all his manly glory.

I smirking, I suddenly clasped my fingers around his large length, sliding them up and down in the dripping precum. Now slick and wet, I leaned down to flick my tongue over the tip, watching his body convulse as he moaned loudly, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to take more of him in my mouth. I complied, dragging my teeth over his hardened cock and teasing him.

“Just...get on...with it...!” he ordered, sounding strained as he felt me smile against his dick.

I didn’t just get on with it, however. I continued to tease him until he had enough. Grabbing my shoulders, he threw me back down on the bed and crawled on top of me, opening my legs and pushing the tip of his manhood against me.

I moaned and looked down at him, not being able to keep my smirk off my face as he glared halfheartedly at me.

Without any more warning, he shoved himself into me, pumping in and out without giving me the time to get used to him. But it was ok: I had been ready for him since he had woken me from my stupor, and this merely bliss and nothing less.

I thrust along with him, pushing my hips into his as he grinded me. He dug as deep as possible until I wanted more. Flipping him over, I slammed my hips onto him as I bounced on his hard length. Both our desperate moans filled the air, and only seconds later, our voices melded together in harmony as our bodies released themselves. Fluids dancing together, I threw my head back and Tyki rolled over, diving into me a few hard times before it was finally over.

With a long sigh, he pulled himself out of me and collapsed, pulling me closer to him as our passion died down, melting into a peaceful silence that both of us treasured.

“I’ve been waiting to do that...” he panted, kissing my neck tenderly, “Since I met you.”

I smiled, my normally edgy personality burnt down in the heat of our moment, and snuggled close to his chest, “I’m glad you finally did.”

He laughed, deep and masculine, “I’m glad too.”



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