Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Madara Uchiha Lemon -- Walking The World

Character: Madara Uchiha

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Maiko Kazumi

Inspiration: Don’t Bring Me Down, by ELO

That village. Pitiful. My crimson eyes glanced over the Hidden Leaf Village, soaking in the details as I observed what was going on.

“You’re never going to find him, you know,” Madara said from beside me.

I threw a scowl at him and edged closer to the gates, “I just want to see him and decide if he’s Itachi’s equal.”

The man beside me sighed and rolled his eyes. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me back to his side, “Come on, Maiko. We should go back to the base. We’ve been sitting here for hours.”

I paid no attention to the complaints of my boyfriend and edged away from him, squinting into the village before glancing up at the moon, “I’m going in. No one will see me so I’ll be fine.”

In the cover of darkness, I was practically invisible. It was a specialty of mine. Madara sighed and grabbed my wrist, “No- you’ll get caught.”

I struggled and said, “Madara! Stop taking my fun from away from me!!”

At this, he smirked, “You know...we could be having other fun if you’d come with me.”

I scowled at him, “That’s all you think about. Now don’t try to stop me: I want to see Sasuke.”

I tore my wrist from my demanding boyfriend and jumped over the gates, blending into the shadows as I crossed over the rooftops.

I knew he was following me, and when I was pulled into a narrow alleyway, I wasn’t surprised to see Madara glaring at me.

“What are you doing?! A guard nearly saw you!” he whispered furtively.

I sighed and put a finger on his lips as someone passed by our alcove.

He smirked under my finger and opened his mouth, taking it in his teeth.

I turned my eyes back at him, only slightly surprised as I watched him twist his tongue around me.

Sighing inaudibly, I pulled away, “Stop trying to stall me: I want to see him!”

But when I was about to leave, another person passed, and Madara dragged me back, pushing me against the wall as the person stopped to glance over.

That was when I lost control. I don’t think he meant to, but when Madara pushed me against the brick stones, he slid his knee between my legs.

I blushed as he pushed me harder, trying to cover us with complete darkness.

The person didn’t seem to leave, and for once, I was grateful. This feeling...was strong.

I knew that Sasuke could come later. Madara had won in my mind now.

Before the person even left, I grabbed the front of my boyfriends cloak and pushed my lips on his. He seemed shocked at first, but soon got into it and began kissing back as the person began to walk away.

He groaned softly and pushed me higher up the wall, pushing his knee against my now throbbing womanhood even more.

I was breathing heavily when he pulled away. He must have seen the desperate look in my eyes, because he grinned and murmured, “Let’s find somewhere...more spacious.”

I nodded fervently and followed him out of the alley, returning to our place outside the village as he pushed me against a tree and we continued our make out session.

But this...this was so much more heated. Twirling his tongue around mine, Madara’s hands became busy. I didn’t even feel my clothing slipping off: I was far too intent on the pressure that was now pressed against my inner thigh. My fingers worked furtively on his cloak and with stumbled intensity, I slipped it off his shoulders and nearly drooled at the sight before me. Through that tight fishnet shirt I could see his chest. I clawed at it, trying to figure out how to get it off in the spasmodic heat that rolled off us. Madara chuckled at me and helped me, pulling the shirt over his head as he unconsciously flexed his muscles. That was what set me off.

I let out a low, guttural growl and tackled him. In his surprise, he allowed himself to be forced to the ground and watched with wide eyes as I straddled him and brought our lips together in a feverish kiss.

He grunted against the fieriness of my mouth and my tongue slipped into his, beginning a battle like no other as my hands dropped to his chest to study his muscles closer.

My boyfriend, so lost in the moment, grabbed my hips and pulled them into his own. I nearly choked in anticipation as I felt his eager member through the fabric of his pants. That was when I realized he was, in fact, wearing pants and my control went to the dogs.

“Ah...Maiko!” he groaned as I slammed our lower bodies together. Our covered sexes pounded despairingly and it took me even more time than necessary to unlock his pants and pull them down to his knees. I wasn’t used to being in this much...control. Usually whenever we were close like this Madara was the dominant one and if I even so much as tried to get the upper hand he’d show me my place. I quite enjoyed the view from up here, however, and planned to make the best of the new situation as I smirked down at a helpless Madara. Helpless because by now I had grasped his erection beneath his boxers and was twisting it gently around my hands. I couldn’t even describe the amount of satisfaction I was getting from hearing his low moans. I added more pressure to my fingers and began pumping firmly up and down, from his base to his tip as I watched his blissful agony transpire.

He threw his head back and panted heavily, chest rising and falling as sweat began accumulating on his skin. It only made the moment all the more heated and with one hand, I reached behind me and undid my bra which was, annoyingly, still latched into place. As soon as my breasts were free Madara seemed to go even wilder. He stared at me with anxious eyes and his fingers twitched as he stared at my full chest. I smirked wider and pumped fast, causing him to loose focus and forget about my breasts as he let out a shameless groan and became muttering.

It took me a few seconds to realize exactly what he was saying and when I did, I blushed at the dirty words leaving his mouth. He was describing to me everything he was going to do when I was finished with him. I wasn’t sure whether I should draw it out or pick up the pace as I worked on his dick. Because...a part of me wanted to go through that blissful torture and another, quite small part of me did not. However, I didn’t get much time to decide a course of action because Madara was suddenly flipping me over and now leaned over me with such a fierce expression adorning his face it made me shiver. With anticipation or dread, I know not, yet it seemed not to matter as he jerked my remaining pieces of clothing off and worked his magic on my body.

It was my turn to feel helpless and that was just what Madara wanted from me. Fingers squeezing and kneading my breasts, he watched in pleasure as I tried futilely to hold back my moans. I bit my lip as his other hand trailed to my opening and began rubbing me. My dripping juices were already there, though, and he glanced at me in slight surprise. I returned it with a sheepish look and he smirked, inserting a few fingers into me as my eyes flew shut in the pained ecstasy that followed. The readying did not take long. After he was pleased with my moans that were now leaving my lips at every touch, he brought his fingers from me and I gave him a pleading look. He slowly licked his coated fingers and I squirmed in expectation. Finally, our hips met and I gasped at the needed fullness Madara was bringing me. He moved easily in and out of me, face twisted in desire as his cock thundered through my tight womanhood. And just like that, we began thrusting together, meeting halfway as our lips danced sensually.

My toes curled as I wrapped my legs around his waist, bringing him as close as possible and letting my newest moan fill our mouths. He grunted in response and slammed into me hard. My back arched and I gasped short, spasmodic breaths as I clutched at his shoulders.

“Ma-da-ra!” I panted, forcing his name out at intervals between thrusts.

He groaned loudly and bit my shoulder. The blood was ignored: I’d barely felt it and certainly didn’t care at this point what he did to me, as long as he gave me my much needed release.

My wish was answered minutes later. Or at least it felt like minutes, but was, in reality, probably much longer. Throwing his head back, Madara swallowed loudly as he let out a long moan. Driving his manhood as far into me as possible, he shot his semen through my depths and I couldn’t help but answer with a moan of my own.

“MAIKO!” he yelled, biting my shoulder again as our bodies thrust furiously together in the last moments of bliss.

I felt my release as well and as soon as our orgasms swept through us, it was over.

Only heavy panting and loud gasps were heard. He was nearly sliding off my body as our sweat mingled and as he cupped my cheek in his hand, he shared a soft, gentle smile with me.

“I adore you,” I cheekily told him, grinning and placing my hand atop his.

He chuckled, “As do I.”

He leaned down to press our lips together in a loving kiss that left me both satiated and hungry for more. When he saw the wild look in my eyes he smirked, “Haven’t had enough?”

I groaned and my eyes slipped closed, “Not in the least.”

He laughed quietly and whispered against the skin of my neck, “Wait till we get back to the base. Then I’ll make sure you’ve had enough.”

I supposed he was right. After all, we were kind of laying right outside the Konoha gates and it wasn’t exactly the safest place to have sex...

I grinned and nodded, pleased with what was in store for me as I sat up.

“Where are you going...?” Madara asked, sitting up as well and watching as I reached for my discarded clothes.

I arched a brow, “The faster we get to Headquarters the better.”

He thought over my words and laughed, “You couldn’t be more right.”

With that, we made our way into the blissful folds of night.



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