Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Edward Elric Lemon -- Audacity

Character: Edward Elric

Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist

OC: Brooke, real name is Andrea

Inspiration: Mustang’s opposition to Ed~

I had not entered Central with this in mind, for sure, but Edward seemed to have been thinking about it for weeks...since the last time I had seen him, in fact. I chuckled nervously and said, “Edward...what exactly do you want with a dark closet...that you locked...?”

I was definitely uneasy. Edward smirked and nodded to my body, “Take your clothes off.”

I was filled with shock and audacity at his blunt words, “W-What...?!”

He merely raised an eyebrow and titled his head, “If you won’t, then I will.”

He stepped forward and I jerked back. The process continued until I reached the wall. Edward’s hand suddenly found me, and I frowned as he grasped my shirt. It was pulled from me without so much as a glance, and I shivered at the sudden coldness.

“Why...?” I began, but was cut off as Edward’s lips found mine in a surprisingly gentle kiss.

“Because,” he muttered, slipping his arms behind me and slashing through my bra, “I want you. I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you...”

He must have wanted me for a long time, then, because we had initially met about three years thoughts were interrupted as Edward found my naked breast and squeezed it. I gasped and my eyes widened, shocked at the pleased emotions running through me as he touched me.

I arched into him, closing my eyes in blissful delight as his lips found my breast and began working on it. A breathy sigh escaped my throat and Edward chuckled. The vibrations of his laugh tickled my breast and I tangled my fingers into his hair as I pushed his face closer. His tongue raced over my pink nipple; his teeth scraped against it lightly; his mouth enclosed around as much of it as possible. I thought I was going to break if he continued, and as though reading my mind, Edward stopped and brought his lips back to mine in a passion filled kiss.

My lips worked with his hungrily; tongues dancing together in silent melody. Edward’s hands became busy and he started undoing the button of my pants, tugging them down quickly and finding the source of my womanhood through my panties. Said fabric was already wet with need, and Edward chuckled at said wetness as he pulled the panties away. Cold air hit me forcefully, but was soon replaced by Edward’s skillful fingers. I moaned wildly against his lips as he slid them in and out of my sensitive flower.

“God...Edward...” I mumbled. I pushed my breasts against his chest helplessly and help in a despairing wail as he removed his digits.

My own fingers began unbuttoning his pants. In scattered, thoughtless movements, I ripped them off and fell to my knees, immediately taking him into my mouth. It was Edward’s turn to moan, and oh, he did. He felt as though he would nearly come right then and there, for the fell of my hot little mouth was easily sending him over the edge.

My tongue slipped over his tip, and I reveled in the bittersweet taste he produced. Fingers grasping his base lightly, I licked him up and down, taking extra care to follow my tongue up the vein on the underside of his member.

Edward gasped loudly when I did that, and his fingers found my hair tightly. He smashed me into his manhood, savoring the feel of my efforts, and moaned. His hips began pumping into me, and I had to match him so as not to choke. When I noticed how crazed his eyes were and just how fast his hips were lurching, I stopped. Edward groaned in a mix of disappointment and pleasure.

He opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him off. I stood up and pushed him toward the wall, roughly kissing him as eagerly as I could. Edward breathed against my lips, no doubt tasting himself in our kiss, and grabbed my waist. He pulled me into him tightly, spinning me around so that my own back was pressed to the wall, and carefully lifted my legs into the air.

I curled them around him, so that they rested upon his hips, and my eyes drifted closed as I felt Edward’s hardened erected push against my opening.

“Look at me,” he ordered, and my eyes snapped open to meet his in a fierce staring contest. He leaned in to brush his lips against mine, “I want you to scream for me.”

His words nearly made me come right there, but it was nothing compared to when he actually broke into my womanhood. I gasped as he began pumping in and out, and our eyes connected, both dilated in supreme pleasure.

“Oh my God...” I mumbled incoherently, arching my hips to meet his. His powerful body pushed against mine in every way possible, and I found myself succumbing to him in more ways than one.

“Edward...” I moaned, louder than I thought, and he smirked through his obvious passion, “Fuck...”

Minutes passed, though I could not tell, and our bodies were slick with sweat and sex. It was amazing...invigorating... Edward moaned my name, and I shivered as it was drawled over his lips. Our lips found each other in a kiss of the utmost fervor. With one last push, the coil that had been winding tighter and tighter inside of me snapped, and I let myself go with jerks and moans and yells.

“EDWARD! Oh God...ED!” Edward retaliated with equally loud moans, shouting our delectation as we came. It was a few more minutes before everything actually stopped, and even then, our hips were still slowly meeting each other.

Edward let out a deep sigh and I giggled breathlessly.

“I think I like this closet,” I told him, cheekily grinning as he kissed me once more. I had a feeling that he did, too.

Extended Ending

In the next room over, Roy Mustang sat with his head in his hands. His face was contorted in a deep scowl. His fist was holding his pen so tightly it would surely break. Moans and yells filled the corridor and leaked into his room. Mustang glared at the wall in fury.

He made a mental note to burn that damned closet.