Monday, February 28, 2011

A Shikamaru Nara Lemon -- Private Meanderings

Character: Shikamaru Nara

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Miyu, who is not a ninja

I had a feeling that Shikamaru had planned this all out. I wouldn’t put it past a genius like him, after all. But it was really hard to deny him when his hands were gripping my body in such a way. I keened softly as he began grinding his hips into my backside.

“Y-You know...” I whispered, clutching the wall desperately, “You have guests outside, Shikamaru...”

He hummed against the back of my neck, but didn’t seem to care for my words, though they were very true. We were in Shikamaru’s house – in his bathroom, to be precise – and we were not alone. Naruto had invited a group of people over to celebrate some little thing no one really cared about. I knew most of the people came for the drinks.

I came for an entirely different reason...but at least I was getting it fulfilled by my lovely boyfriend. And Shikamaru didn’t seem to mind helping me fulfill it.

“You know...” he grinned, and spun me around suddenly to kiss my neck, “I don’t think they’ll be able to hear us...”

I blushed and felt myself get giddier and giddier with each passing moment. I thought I’d loose it when Shikamaru began toying with my breasts through my shirt.

Before I knew it, said shirt and bra was being torn from my body and replaced by hot lips. I went over the edge then, because I knew I wouldn’t be leaving this bathroom for a long while – I might as well have fun with the time that I had. Tangling my fingers into my boyfriend’s hair, I pulled him closer and reveled in the feeling of his fingers tugging my pants off.

It wasn’t long before I felt those fingers begin to fondle other areas of my body, and well...I sort of went ballistic. Let’s just say that his clothes didn’t seem to want to stay on his body...

He smirked at me and slid into me before I could protest – not that I planned to anyway. It wasn’t long before a steady pace was formed, and my eyes began drifting closed at the unbearably blissful pleasure radiating from our erratic bodies.

“Moan for me, damn it!” Shikamaru growled, and thrust me harder against the bathroom wall. I whimpered, feeling ever so delighted at the feeling of his hard cock within me. I pushed against him, hips snapping into his wildly as his fingers played with everything his manhood wasn’t addressing.

“Shika...!” I ground out, throwing my head back and hitting the wall in my haste. A dull pound filled my head, but I could not give it another thought as Shikamaru whipped his lips to mine and kissed me. I lost myself in his kiss, for it was romantic and passionate and wild all at once. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I deepened the kiss.

“Oh God...” Shikamaru breathed, sounding pained and blissful at the same time. He opened his eyes and I could just barely take in the fact that he was staring at me before he was kissing me again with even more fervor.

His hands stroked my thighs, guiding them around his waist as our hips pumped together.

I could feel myself quickly coming to an end, and raced faster toward the finish line. Sweat was accumulating all over our bodies, but it was only making Shikamaru seem hotter and sexier than ever. I leaned in to nibble at his neck, and his body immediately went haywire.

“Damn it...Miyu...” he choked, gripping my hips and thrusting deeply inside me.

We both shared muffled groans and the feeling began ascending into reality. I bucked against him senselessly and let out a particularly loud moan as I felt myself go, “Shika...maru...! I’m – “

He evidently didn’t care that I was coming, because it seemed as though he was as well. He reached up and grabbed my chin, bringing out lips into a kiss that left me both excited and satiated. With one last thrust, Shikamaru was releasing himself into me. His seed filled me up so pleasantly that I could hardly breath.

It took a while for us to descend back into the real world. Before we could pull away from each other and locate our clothes, and loud knock sounded at the door.

Shikamaru gulped and stared at me, shock and fear caressing his features.

“Hey! Shikamaru? Are you in there?” Naruto called, loud and obnoxious but thankfully oblivious, “I can’t seem to find Miyu...hurry up so we can go look for her.”

With that, the blonde haired ninja left. I didn’t dare breath until I knew Naruto was long gone. When his footsteps indeed faded, I sighed and rested my head against Shikamaru’s shoulder. He chuckled, and pulled out of me to reach down for his boxers.

“Come on, Miyu,” he purred, and I stared at him in slight surprise. He grinned and threw my clothes at me, “The faster we go out, the faster this party will end.”

I caught on and sent him a sultry smirk, walking up to him and leaning in to brush my lips against his jaw, “And...the faster we can fuck – “

Shikamaru cut my next words off with a hard kiss. I laughed against his lips and sure enough, when I next looked, his face was red. He only shook his head at me.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

An England Lemon -- Very Important Interruptions

Character: England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Emma Marie Wolfe, France’s adopted sister

Inspiration: America being an idiot~

The first time I met England was during a conference my adoptive older brother France had to attend. As it was no place for a lady – or so my brother claimed – I waited outside the room until it had ended. But patient I was not, and am still not, and I ended up ruining the meeting by literally falling into the room and calling Italy a tomato head.

I hadn’t meant to make him cry, of course, but it really was the first thing that popped into my own head when I saw his hair. And then, of course, I had gone on in an attempt to apologize to him, which only make him cry harder when I accidentally insulted him again.

Needless to say, my big brother France was not pleased with me, and neither were a great amount of other countries who claimed I had rudely interrupted their very important discussion. But the one who said that was so busy chomping his way through a hamburger that I doubted he even knew what the word ‘important’ meant.

Now that I thought of it, I interrupted big important events on a daily basis. For some reason, I would always walk in on something I shouldn’t be seeing. For instance, big brother France would often bring women into his bedchamber. I wouldn’t know, but yet I’d still manage to interrupt them in their...ahem, endeavors. It was terribly bad luck. (But usually the type of women France brought home were willing to expose their boldness. So they didn’t really care that I’d catch the two in the act...)

But France’s lovers aside, I’d find myself in the most awkward situations without even realizing how I got there. Last time it was Germany in the bathroom. This time...well, I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. All I knew was that England and America were having a row. And that was never a good thing.

When America left in a huff and a small glare shot at England, I felt even more uncomfortable than before. Confused and bewildered, I took a step toward England, who was sitting at his desk with a perturbed look adorning his face.

England? Is there something wrong?” I asked, tilting my head in curiosity. He only sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly.

“Nothing, Emma – just America being a complete fascist idiot again,” he muttered, running a hand through his hair as he looked up at me. He indeed looked exhausted, and in need of some rejuvenation.

I grinned cheekily and shrugged, waltzing over to his desk and saying, “Well, that’s not anything new, really. But you look like you need some relaxation. Care for a massage?”

He looked slightly taken aback by my question, but a soft smile appeared on his face nonetheless. I twisted the spinning chair he was sitting on so that the back was facing me, and sat on the desk. I had a feeling that, as I leaned down to unbutton the first three buttons of his shirt, England was enjoying the attention. His eyes drifted to a close as I maneuvered around the fabric of his shirt and sunk my hands into the taut muscles of his shoulders.

He relaxed almost instantly, rolling his head back and sighing. I giggled, leaned down to kiss his cheek gently, and promptly ignored him as he blushed and stared. If there was one thing I enjoyed doing, it was embarrassing England. (Probably because he was so easily embarrassed.)

By the time I had finished working out the kinks in his shoulders, neck, and upper back, a plan was already formulating through my head. It was an evil, sly plan that would surely be worth it, and embarrass England at the same time. I grinned and reached around England to undo the rest of his shirt. He stiffened, but did not object as I pulled it from his figure. It dropped to the floor in a soft heap of wrinkled fabric.

My hands moved to caress his chest, taking great heed of the way his breathing was picking up. He was feeling uncomfortable, but yet pleased. I could tell, because I often spent time around England when brother France wasn’t around. I knew England better than anyone else, sadly enough.

I gently kissed his ear, licking the outside and then breathing softly on the conjuncture of his neck. He shivered, and spoke shakily, “...Em...what are you trying to do...?”

My lips curled into a cunning smirk, and I abruptly pulled away and spun the chair back around. With England now facing me, I could easily detect the traces of desire in his eyes. I giggled, and ran my fingers through his hair, “...I’m seducing you, silly,” and then I kissed him.

England was so shocked that he didn’t know what to do. After a few seconds of no response, England finally began moving his lips with mine in a soft kiss. I quickly made it deeper, and my hands went back to my own body to pull my shirt off. England took one look at my revealing form and seemed to snap.

In an instant, I was in his lap, being pushed into his chest as his lips danced over mine in a fiery kiss. I was gasping for breath by the time he had pulled away.

His lips were now attacking my neck, in a gentle barrage of nips and licks. I tilted my head back and moaned. Without even realized what I was doing, I began grinding into England’s lap, and I quickly began feeling the result of it pushing right back against me.

England groaned, eyes tightly shut as though in pain, and he muttered huskily, “Damn it, Emma. Why are you torturing me...?!”

I had a feeling England was under some sort of delusion, for I didn’t think torturing was the right word. Here I was, on top of him, and we were both topless. I think that counted for something more than just ‘torture’. I merely grinned at England and got up from his lap, pushing his chair back a few feet and waiting until he opened his eyes before I began striping.

Since he was obviously too formal to start anything – even though we had already started something – I would just have to be the catalyst. After slipping out of my bra, I turned my attention to my pants. They came off just as easily. When I was in nothing but my panties, I looked up to see England’s expression.

It wasn’t something I was expecting, for sure. I thought I’d see his cheeks much redder than they were, or his eyes squeezed shut as they had been moments before. But he was only staring at me, eyes drinking in my practically naked figure. There was a determined look in those green eyes, and it made me shiver in excitement.

I raised an eyebrow at him, and that seemed to set him off. England lurched from his chair, tugging his pants off just as he reached my lips. Kissing furiously and attempting to strip oneself at the same time was quite difficult. I giggled at England’s failing attempts. Leaning down slightly, I helped him out of his uniform, finally setting him free before cheekily smiling up at him.

He rolled his eyes, “You French are all the same; no shame.”

My eyes laughed as I pulled off my final article of clothing, taking pride in the way England’s face twisted in satisfaction as he watched.

“Technically, I’m not actually French. I only grew up with him,” I corrected smartly, and then promptly laid back onto the desk after shoving England’s paperwork to the floor.

The man scoffed, but said no more – for he was already crawling on top of me and beginning his ministrations once more on my body. I was twisting and writhing in pleasure by the time he had stopped touching and kissing me.

Positioning his erect manhood at my entrance, he slid into me, and I was filled with a sensation I had never before felt. I’d had sex before, but it felt nothing like this. This was purely bliss; a complete and unending cycle of ultimate relief. To have him so close felt like a dream come to life. I thought I had died an gone to heaven.

But even that feeling could not amount to what I felt when he began moving. Let’s just say I had a feeling that most of the building heard what ensued. England didn’t seem to care – he contributed to the noise just as much as I.

Pounding into me, the desk shook. The remaining papers flew off. I vaguely wondered if the door was locked, and didn’t think it was. Hopefully, no one would be stupid enough to walk in. (The noises we were making made it clear of our actions.)

England leaned down and captured my lips with his. I moaned loudly into his mouth as my orgasm began flying through me. Hips bucking continuously, I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and arched my back. My breasts pushed into his chest, and his face screwed up in pleasure as he rushed to catch up to me.

It wasn’t long before we let ourselves go. With one last exuberant pump, England let out a strangled groan that he muffled in my neck, and I tangled my fingers into his hair as I moaned loudly. Mere seconds later, England was collapsing on me and everything was finished. Panting, I looked down at him and grinned, “I hope no one heard that.”

But we both knew that it was impossible for people not to have heard. England chuckled against my neck, and murmured softly, “I just hope your brother doesn’t kill me for ravishing you.”

I scoffed gently, running my fingers through his hair as he closed his eyes in peace, “Don’t worry. I have plenty of blackmail to use against him if he even tries.”

England chuckled again.

A Harry Potter Lemon -- The Alcove

Character: Harry Potter

Fandom: Harry Potter X]

OC: Silly goose didn’t give me a name D=

Inspiration: Really tight spaces @.@

It wasn’t my fault, really. I mean, I wasn’t the one hiding precariously in a tiny alcove by the Transfiguration room. My boyfriend had been the one who just left his detention (with Professor Snape, I might add) and I was on my way to dinner. You know, to eat.

But apparently, when Harry caught me quite suddenly by the wrist and pulled me backward, his mind was very much on something else. Which was slightly unfortunate for me, since I was so hungry. Like I said; slightly.

Harry seemed hungry too, I supposed, but in a completely different way. So you can’t really blame me if I decided to satiate my own hunger. Harry certainly wasn’t displeased.

He smiled against my neck, hands shooting up and down my sides with uncontrollable force, and I had to remind myself that we were in a narrow space with hardly any light. Not that we really needed light – Harry’s lips were finding mine with ease. His hands were similarly finding me. I moaned into the heated kiss.

“Harry,” I croaked, trying to see him through the thick darkness. I could just catch his eyes with a limited, transcended slat of light, and the look in them made me hot, “You know...that we’re very close to Professor McGonagal’s classroom...don’t you...?”

I had to clear my throat when Harry’s lips bite down on my collar bone. His hands began slipping beneath my shirt.

“And...if we get caught...?” I had no choice but to shut up, because at that moment, Harry’s lips were on mine again, and he was kissing me with a passion that could not – and would not – be sated unless I responded,

“Celestia, I’m the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain,” he reminded me, voice husky and yet as arrogant as ever, “I’ll get us out of trouble,” he pulled away, eyes twinkling as he took in my expression. I’m sure it was filled with need and desire...

“Just...don’t...scream...” he breathed, coming closer with every word, until I was pushed against the wall and begin kissed with even more exuberance than before.

I felt as though I might collapse, had Harry’s arms not wound around me and held me up. His hands slipped in the back of my shirt and he undid my bra. A moment later, he was breaking away from our kiss to pull my shirt from my head. I disposed of my bra myself. I pulled his head back to mine with a force to be reckoned with.

Lips moving fiercely, our bodies began tangling together. Harry’s knee was suddenly driving itself between my legs. I moaned and allowed my hands free reign. Freedom was tangible in the air when I undid Harry’s pants. He got rid of his shirt as I tugged his boxers away. In the dark, I couldn’t exactly see him, but I felt my way around his thighs until I reached his manhood. Pleasuring him was excruciatingly fun; his own back was against the wall by the time I was done with him.

It seemed forever before my panties were finally torn away and Harry was pushing himself inside me. It was a difficult position, but definitely one I realized I loved. The sense of taboo was obvious, for if anyone was to catch us now, we’d both be expelled. It was a risk I was willing to take, because I knew I’d go mad if Harry didn’t continue to ravish me right now.

My hips bucked against him, driving him in farther. Our faces were screwed up in satisfaction; our arms wrapped around each other tightly. I curled my legs around his waist and drew him closer.

And then suddenly, everything stopped. Harry’s face grew serious and he paused mid-thrust. He broke our kiss and breathed heavily on my face. I stared in confusion, but he only extracted a hand from my back and brought a finger to his lips.

We turned our heads to the entrance of the alcove and I felt my heart nearly give out. Whoever was walking down the hallway was going terribly slowly. I wondered vaguely if it was McGonagal, or a prefect, or another professor, but then I remembered how Harry’s erected manhood was still breaching me. I glanced down and my breathing hitched at the sight. glorious. How beautiful and wily and intrinsic. Harry followed my gaze and swallowed hard, subconsciously wriggling in discomfort. The movement only made both our bodies crave the other. I shot my boyfriend a look of pure need and Harry, not even waiting for the person to complete disappear, grabbed my hips and roughly pounded into me.

I half sighed and half screamed in the ultimate heat of the moment. My fingernails dug into Harry’s shoulders and he buried his face into the conjuncture of my neck. Hips bucking, I focused on the supreme pleasure radiating from our connected bodies.

It wasn’t long after that I came to and end. Just as we let ourselves go, Harry kissed me hard. Our muffled yells hopefully didn’t get very far, for neither of us wanted the person from before to come back. Harry ran his body as close to mine as possible, pushing against my breasts and clinging to my sides. In the next moments, all we could think about was the blissful emotions going through our minds.

It was a while before either of us moved. I supposed the person never came back, or if they did, they were too afraid to interrupt us. I know I’d be, if I walked into two people in such a position.

Harry leaned back, extracted himself from me, and gave me a relieved grin, “Thanks for that.”

I only giggled as I scrambled to get into my clothes, “Anything for you,” I told him cheekily.

Before I could pull my shirt over my head, I was bombarded with another kiss. It seemed we were attracted to the wall just as much as each other, for we just kept ending up alongside it.

Needless to say, neither Harry nor I left that alcove for a while. Both of us missed dinner.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Park Stroll

Character: Kakashi Hatake

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Aeon Miller, likes Mandarin oranges

Inspiration: I just feel like Kakashi would do something like this, spurred by his book, of course~

There was something soothing about Konoha, even when it was bathed in a cloak of darkness. The full moon was high in the sky, beating down upon me as I shifted on the park bench. It was cold, certainly – colder than I liked to admit. The small blanket I had brought with me offered little warmth. It hung uselessly around my shoulders.

The dark meant a slew of horrible memories and fears better left forgotten. It was why I was here, sitting in the middle of the Konoha park during the night, rather than in my own comfortable bed. I got skittish every night, and every night I searched for the same solace. Kakashi was always willing to accept my into his arms. He left his door unlocked and sometimes even stayed up with me. One night when I sought Kakashi’s comfort, he was away on a mission. But that still had not stopped him from leaving me a mug of tea on the table by the door.

Unfortunately on this particularly cold night, Kakashi was not with me. I hadn’t bothered to go to his house at all, for the fight we were currently in forbad it. It wasn’t much of a fight – more like a disagreement concerning that little dirty book Kakashi always read.

Anyway, I was feeling quite chilly and the blanket was not helping me in the least. I sat there for a while, and was only just starting to nod off when a voice cut through the air and I gave a small jump in shock.

“I thought I might find you here,” Kakashi said, strolling up to the bench and plopping himself beside me. I sighed, but did not respond. I thought Kakashi was mad at me, for goodness sake! My companion measured my expression and then shuffled closer, pulling out a small book that I knew too well. I began glaring.

“I just wanted to show you that the book’s really not bad,” Kakashi insisted, and opened to the page he no doubt left off on. Needless to say, I had no desire to fight him. I merely studied the illicit image before me and raised my eyes to Kakashi’s.

“Disgusting,” I told him, and looked away from both him and the book before he could get any ideas.

But, as it seemed, I had more things to worry about. Kakashi grinned beneath his mask and shrugged, “I thought you’d say that. Which was why I devised a plan to show you how nice the positions actually feel.”

A blush instantly formed upon my soft cheeks. I turned my incredulous eyes toward his, and knew it was going to be a long night. For I had seen that look in Kakashi’s eyes before, and I knew it was not good.

“For instance...” he murmured, and I realized just how close he was. His lips were hardly an inch from my own, and I found myself unwillingly leaning towards him, “...I find this particular page to be the very best...”

He watched as my eyes flickered down to see the picture. It startled me at first, for it was so familiar to the position we were currently in. The couple in the book were sitting together on a bench. The girl was laying beneath the man while they kissed...and did some other...more unmentionable things to each other. I turned my eyes slowly back to Kakashi’s, only to find his own gaze trained on my lips.

Before I knew it, I was being kissed with an exuberance that surprised me. My back hit the bench and Kakashi crawled over me, as though he wanted nothing except to act out the book. But I didn’t care if that was all he wanted – for I knew that I would not be able to separate myself from him right now. Not when he was running his hands up and down my body in the most surreptitious of ways; not when our lips were moving faster and faster and our tongues were dancing in sync. I pulled him close, and he readily acquiesced.

“What does the couple do...on the next page...?” I huskily asked, knowing full well and yet wanting to hear him say it. He smirked in my ear, catching on, and began grinding his hips into mine. I nearly gasped at the sudden contact.

“Let me show you,” Kakashi breathed, and his hands began loosening my clothing. I was fully dressed – we both were – so it was harder than I wished to wiggle from the fabric restraints. Kakashi finally resorted to using a kunai and cutting through my shirt. I would have scolded him, had his lips not suddenly discovered the sweet spot below my collar bone. I keened and ran my fingers through his hair, tugging his forehead protector off in the process.

It seemed forever before the rest of our clothes came off. By that time, I couldn’t think about where we were, or why we were doing it. All that passed through my head was how happy I was to be here at all. I was even happier when Kakashi finally began rocking into me.

Back arching, I moaned loudly and bucked my hips into his, shoving his hard length deeper into me. He groaned against my neck and sunk his lips into my shoulders, kissing me and licking me and drawing me into an abyss of never ending passion. My eyes closed; my fingers clutched at him; my legs wrapped around his waist. With heaving pants, we met each other in our thrusts, matching in our speeds.

Kakashi’s rock hard chest was pushing against mine in the most airy, yet unrestrained movements. With hurried pushes, our orgasms began shooting through us. It was purely blissful, the next few moments. A few seconds after, Kakashi was collapsing onto me and it was over.

After a few minutes, Kakashi grinned against my neck, gasping and drawing his body weight from crushing me, “Do you want to know what happens next?”

My eyes drifted open and I sent him an raised eyebrow, “Let me guess – they go at it again and ravish each other till morning?”

His eyes twinkled. With one hand, he ran his fingers lightly over my skin and chuckled, “Good try, but no. Why don’t you look for yourself?”

He grabbed the book from the ground and handed it to me. I opened it to our page and my eyes widened slightly. A soft laugh escaped my lips and I patted his hair.

“If I say yes, will you promise to ravish me till morning?”

Kakashi merely grinned and kissed me gently, “...I suppose I might just do that...”

I laughed again and kissed him back, hooking my arms around his neck, “Then yes. I'll marry you,” he pecked me again, lips forming a smile I had never seen before. I continued, “Now keep your end of the bargain, mister.”

...And oh, he did.

A/N: I edited the ending a bit for you guys :3

A Sasuke Lemon -- Sterling Silver

Character: Sasuke Uchiha

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Varunee Sukina

I had a different way of looking at the world, and the people in it. People reminded me of various objects, and because of that, I’d often find myself relating to them better. For example, Sakura reminded me of cherry blossoms, for obvious reasons. Naruto reminded me of the sun, and Kakashi reminded me of satin. But Sasuke? He reminded me of silver, because he was so valuable, and yet so overlooked in comparison to gold.

I had once told him how my minded worked differently to others, though I never actually admitted what I viewed him as. I had a feeling he’d only scoff at me and call me stupid for comparing him to a metal.

“Sasuke?” I asked one day, as we were enjoying the sunshine in training ground 7. He glanced at me, eyes half closed, and I continued, “What do you think Lee is?”

The question had been nagging me all day long, because I hadn’t gotten to give Lee any sort of name. Sasuke shrugged against me – we were currently laying down next to each other – and grunted, “A rock.”

It was normal procedure, really. I’d often go to Sasuke for help with my comparisons, and he’d usually give me the most obvious one out there. I giggled and shook my head, making him turn to stare at me.

“No, no – Lee’s not a rock. He should be...hmm...”

Before I could finish my sentence, Sasuke cut in, “What am I?”

I immediately stopped to look at him, face falling into a serious expression. Should I really tell him...? He smirked at me, leaning closer over my face. His breath wavered before me, and I shivered indulgently, “C’mon, Varunee. Am I a prince? Or a –“

“You are not a prince,” I said firmly, and Sasuke leaned back slightly in surprise. He raised a brow.

“What am I, then?” he insisted, and I blushed, mumbling out a reply in the softest voice possible.

Sasuke grinned, “What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“...Silver. Sterling silver,” I sighed, rolling my eyes. He was

“You compare me to a rock?” He got a dazed look in his eyes and I blushed even further.

“N-no! Silver’s not just any rock! It’s shiny and expensive and valuable-“

I shut up then, because Sasuke was now staring at me almost victoriously. His eyes glinted mischievously, “Valuable? Expensive...? If I didn’t know any better, Varunee, I’d say you had a little crush on me.”

Oh God. His lips were coming closer. If I let him kiss me, it would only prove his point...but if I didn’t, I’d curse myself till death took me. Because I didn’t really want to give up this perfect moment. I glared at him and took matters into my own hands, jerking my lips onto his for the shortest of moments before pulling back and blushing extensively. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that...oh God.

Sasuke stared at me in shock before a sneaky smirk crawled onto his face. He took my face in his hands and pressed our lips together in a fitful, dominating kiss that left me breathless and flushed. He grinned evilly.

I could hardly breath by the time he pulled back, but I found myself uncaring. I tugged him into another kiss that he happily returned. It got hotter by the second, and soon Sasuke was pressing himself onto my body in ways that made my heart spasm. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he busied himself with other, more illicit things with his hands. Needless to say, I was moaning loudly before he had even finished, and he was smirking triumphantly.

“Sterling silver, huh?” he grunted huskily in my ear, and I shivered in lust as he touched me. Clothes were flying, ripped and forgotten, and still I didn’t care. The only thing I could focus on was the way our hips were grinding together, and how Sasuke sounded so very desirous as he whispered to me, and how there was quickly becoming a dent in Sasuke’s pants as we hurried our pace.

His lips were everywhere, leaving a scorching trail of passion as he kissed and nibbled hotly on my skin. I groaned and bucked my hips against him. I think that was what set him off, because he let out a noise that had me convulsing in complete satisfaction. Before I knew it, Sasuke was wriggling out of his boxers and was positioning himself before me.

Just before he let himself inside, our eyes connected. Sparks flew, pupils dilated, and I nearly lost myself when I felt his touch at my opening.

“Please Sasuke...” I whined, voice shrouded in a muffled plea. That was all it took for him to ease himself into me. When he did, I completely lost it.

It felt so good, having him so close. My face composed itself in a blissful expression that mirrored Sasuke’s. He sighed in relief against my skin and slowly brought our lips together in a folding caress.

Before long, just having him inside was not enough. He seemed to realize it as well, and began pulling out, only to thrust back in much harder and faster. I keened against him, arching my back and locking my fingers into his hair as we rocked. It was a sensual dance that didn’t last long. Rising higher and higher on the whispers of intimacy was pleasurable, but falling back into a reality that surpassed even the greatest dreams was even better.

“SASUKE,” I screamed, and he roughly bit down onto my shoulder to muffle an even louder yell. It was a fast decent, and one that both of us reveled in.

With one last grind, I was filled with a warmth like no other, and Sasuke was falling onto me. I wrapped my arms gently around his waist, pulling him close to me and snuggling against his bare chest. He enveloped his arms protectively around me, as well, and before I knew it, we were once again encased in a kiss that overruled all previous passion.

“You know,” Sasuke whispered, lovingly opening his eyes to gaze at me. He was grinning, “I think I know what Rock Lee is.”

At this point, I couldn’t care less about what to name Rock Lee. Sasuke kissed my nose sweetly and finished in an even softer voice, “A nuisance.”

His words made me giggle. I reached up to kiss him again.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Zetsu Lemon -- How To Annoy Sharks

Character: Zetsu

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Kaida Satoshi, Age 21

A gasp filled the room, followed by a series of jolts that could only come from one thing. The bed was hitting the wall hard and we weren’t even doing anything terribly illicit yet. Zetsu cackled evilly as he gripped me, throwing the pair of us into great convulsions that nearly sent the bed through the wall, rather than against it.

He just loved torturing the other members of the Akatsuki...especially, it seemed, Kisame, for his room was the one we were currently disturbing at this late hour. As if reading our thoughts, the shark man sent a sequence of loud knocks against the wall, and in a loud voice he complained that if we didn’t shut the fuck up, he was going to mutilate our poor, not so innocent souls. Of course, the last words weren’t actually genuine – Kisame made sure to use a different pair of curses that described just how pissed off he felt. Needless to say, it only increased the evil joy Zetsu and I were sharing.

His lips tugged on my ear, tongue slipping over it tenderly before he harshly bit down upon it. My body shook beneath his at the sudden display of pain. I pulled his lips back to mine and began kissing the daylights out of him. He only returned it just as exuberantly.

His hips grinded into mine as well – in fact, most of his body was grinding into me – and I didn’t bother holding back a loud moan as his erection pushed against my own clothed self. Our hips began a dance just as our tongues did, and soon, every part of our bodies were aching for a touch...or in Zetsu’s case, a lick. I felt strangely excited when his lips left mine to trail down my neck, licking and kissing and biting over my collarbone. I lost myself when he got to other, more sensitive areas, and didn’t even have to force out an annoyingly loud moan, for it happened anyway.

My fingers tangled in his cloths, dragging them from his body. I wasn’t aware that I was actually ripping them off until he voiced my actions, “Be careful – I like that shirt.”

I raised a brow at him and he kissed me again, dispelling any and all words that might have erupted from my throat in response. I pushed against him, and he made quick work of my own clothes. Or...well, what remained of them. I was already partly naked before this had even started, after all.

When only my panties were shielding me from his eyes, he growled lowly and attacked my hips with his tongue, etching over the contours of my waist and belly button, before delving into my panties and kissing me just above my waiting womanhood. I let out a pained groan, because he wasn’t touching me where I deathly wanted him to touch. He only let out a dark chuckle and scurried back up to my lips.

I was nearly shaking in excitement by the time Zetsu pushed into me. I made sure to let out another overly loud moan just to spite Kisame. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I moved with him as he pumped harshly in and out of me.

“God...Zetsuuu!” I yelled, curling my hands around his neck so that I was holding onto something. He was certainly giving me a run for my money, and it left me speechless. He moved his hands to my sides, and jostled into me with a new vigor.

“You’re a bitch, you know that?” his black side spat, and it was thick with lust. I glared at him through my own passion and smacked his cheek angrily.

“...Sorry...” his white side groaned, closing his eyes in pained bliss, “I love you...”

I gripped him tightly and pounded against his hips some more, hardly able to keep myself from coming. I mumbled out those three words that Zetsu’s white half seemed to enjoy saying to me, and my eyes drifted closed as well.

“I’m coming...! Zetsu-!”

He let out a wild snarl and hurried to catch up to me, holding my hips so tightly that I would surely have bruises in the morning. He let himself loose, in more ways than one, and began yelling. With one last push against me, he spilt himself inside of me and I struggled with my own final orgasm.

It didn’t take long for him to collapse upon my worn out body. Snuggled toward me, Zetsu kissed my cheek and grinned.

“You think Kisame enjoyed the show?” he asked me, none too softly, and before I even got the chance to answer, there was another annoyed knock on the wall.


...I decided that he probably meant it. 

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