Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Harry Potter Lemon -- The Alcove

Character: Harry Potter

Fandom: Harry Potter X]

OC: Silly goose didn’t give me a name D=

Inspiration: Really tight spaces @.@

It wasn’t my fault, really. I mean, I wasn’t the one hiding precariously in a tiny alcove by the Transfiguration room. My boyfriend had been the one who just left his detention (with Professor Snape, I might add) and I was on my way to dinner. You know, to eat.

But apparently, when Harry caught me quite suddenly by the wrist and pulled me backward, his mind was very much on something else. Which was slightly unfortunate for me, since I was so hungry. Like I said; slightly.

Harry seemed hungry too, I supposed, but in a completely different way. So you can’t really blame me if I decided to satiate my own hunger. Harry certainly wasn’t displeased.

He smiled against my neck, hands shooting up and down my sides with uncontrollable force, and I had to remind myself that we were in a narrow space with hardly any light. Not that we really needed light – Harry’s lips were finding mine with ease. His hands were similarly finding me. I moaned into the heated kiss.

“Harry,” I croaked, trying to see him through the thick darkness. I could just catch his eyes with a limited, transcended slat of light, and the look in them made me hot, “You know...that we’re very close to Professor McGonagal’s classroom...don’t you...?”

I had to clear my throat when Harry’s lips bite down on my collar bone. His hands began slipping beneath my shirt.

“And...if we get caught...?” I had no choice but to shut up, because at that moment, Harry’s lips were on mine again, and he was kissing me with a passion that could not – and would not – be sated unless I responded,

“Celestia, I’m the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain,” he reminded me, voice husky and yet as arrogant as ever, “I’ll get us out of trouble,” he pulled away, eyes twinkling as he took in my expression. I’m sure it was filled with need and desire...

“Just...don’t...scream...” he breathed, coming closer with every word, until I was pushed against the wall and begin kissed with even more exuberance than before.

I felt as though I might collapse, had Harry’s arms not wound around me and held me up. His hands slipped in the back of my shirt and he undid my bra. A moment later, he was breaking away from our kiss to pull my shirt from my head. I disposed of my bra myself. I pulled his head back to mine with a force to be reckoned with.

Lips moving fiercely, our bodies began tangling together. Harry’s knee was suddenly driving itself between my legs. I moaned and allowed my hands free reign. Freedom was tangible in the air when I undid Harry’s pants. He got rid of his shirt as I tugged his boxers away. In the dark, I couldn’t exactly see him, but I felt my way around his thighs until I reached his manhood. Pleasuring him was excruciatingly fun; his own back was against the wall by the time I was done with him.

It seemed forever before my panties were finally torn away and Harry was pushing himself inside me. It was a difficult position, but definitely one I realized I loved. The sense of taboo was obvious, for if anyone was to catch us now, we’d both be expelled. It was a risk I was willing to take, because I knew I’d go mad if Harry didn’t continue to ravish me right now.

My hips bucked against him, driving him in farther. Our faces were screwed up in satisfaction; our arms wrapped around each other tightly. I curled my legs around his waist and drew him closer.

And then suddenly, everything stopped. Harry’s face grew serious and he paused mid-thrust. He broke our kiss and breathed heavily on my face. I stared in confusion, but he only extracted a hand from my back and brought a finger to his lips.

We turned our heads to the entrance of the alcove and I felt my heart nearly give out. Whoever was walking down the hallway was going terribly slowly. I wondered vaguely if it was McGonagal, or a prefect, or another professor, but then I remembered how Harry’s erected manhood was still breaching me. I glanced down and my breathing hitched at the sight. glorious. How beautiful and wily and intrinsic. Harry followed my gaze and swallowed hard, subconsciously wriggling in discomfort. The movement only made both our bodies crave the other. I shot my boyfriend a look of pure need and Harry, not even waiting for the person to complete disappear, grabbed my hips and roughly pounded into me.

I half sighed and half screamed in the ultimate heat of the moment. My fingernails dug into Harry’s shoulders and he buried his face into the conjuncture of my neck. Hips bucking, I focused on the supreme pleasure radiating from our connected bodies.

It wasn’t long after that I came to and end. Just as we let ourselves go, Harry kissed me hard. Our muffled yells hopefully didn’t get very far, for neither of us wanted the person from before to come back. Harry ran his body as close to mine as possible, pushing against my breasts and clinging to my sides. In the next moments, all we could think about was the blissful emotions going through our minds.

It was a while before either of us moved. I supposed the person never came back, or if they did, they were too afraid to interrupt us. I know I’d be, if I walked into two people in such a position.

Harry leaned back, extracted himself from me, and gave me a relieved grin, “Thanks for that.”

I only giggled as I scrambled to get into my clothes, “Anything for you,” I told him cheekily.

Before I could pull my shirt over my head, I was bombarded with another kiss. It seemed we were attracted to the wall just as much as each other, for we just kept ending up alongside it.

Needless to say, neither Harry nor I left that alcove for a while. Both of us missed dinner.



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