Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Park Stroll

Character: Kakashi Hatake

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Aeon Miller, likes Mandarin oranges

Inspiration: I just feel like Kakashi would do something like this, spurred by his book, of course~

There was something soothing about Konoha, even when it was bathed in a cloak of darkness. The full moon was high in the sky, beating down upon me as I shifted on the park bench. It was cold, certainly – colder than I liked to admit. The small blanket I had brought with me offered little warmth. It hung uselessly around my shoulders.

The dark meant a slew of horrible memories and fears better left forgotten. It was why I was here, sitting in the middle of the Konoha park during the night, rather than in my own comfortable bed. I got skittish every night, and every night I searched for the same solace. Kakashi was always willing to accept my into his arms. He left his door unlocked and sometimes even stayed up with me. One night when I sought Kakashi’s comfort, he was away on a mission. But that still had not stopped him from leaving me a mug of tea on the table by the door.

Unfortunately on this particularly cold night, Kakashi was not with me. I hadn’t bothered to go to his house at all, for the fight we were currently in forbad it. It wasn’t much of a fight – more like a disagreement concerning that little dirty book Kakashi always read.

Anyway, I was feeling quite chilly and the blanket was not helping me in the least. I sat there for a while, and was only just starting to nod off when a voice cut through the air and I gave a small jump in shock.

“I thought I might find you here,” Kakashi said, strolling up to the bench and plopping himself beside me. I sighed, but did not respond. I thought Kakashi was mad at me, for goodness sake! My companion measured my expression and then shuffled closer, pulling out a small book that I knew too well. I began glaring.

“I just wanted to show you that the book’s really not bad,” Kakashi insisted, and opened to the page he no doubt left off on. Needless to say, I had no desire to fight him. I merely studied the illicit image before me and raised my eyes to Kakashi’s.

“Disgusting,” I told him, and looked away from both him and the book before he could get any ideas.

But, as it seemed, I had more things to worry about. Kakashi grinned beneath his mask and shrugged, “I thought you’d say that. Which was why I devised a plan to show you how nice the positions actually feel.”

A blush instantly formed upon my soft cheeks. I turned my incredulous eyes toward his, and knew it was going to be a long night. For I had seen that look in Kakashi’s eyes before, and I knew it was not good.

“For instance...” he murmured, and I realized just how close he was. His lips were hardly an inch from my own, and I found myself unwillingly leaning towards him, “...I find this particular page to be the very best...”

He watched as my eyes flickered down to see the picture. It startled me at first, for it was so familiar to the position we were currently in. The couple in the book were sitting together on a bench. The girl was laying beneath the man while they kissed...and did some other...more unmentionable things to each other. I turned my eyes slowly back to Kakashi’s, only to find his own gaze trained on my lips.

Before I knew it, I was being kissed with an exuberance that surprised me. My back hit the bench and Kakashi crawled over me, as though he wanted nothing except to act out the book. But I didn’t care if that was all he wanted – for I knew that I would not be able to separate myself from him right now. Not when he was running his hands up and down my body in the most surreptitious of ways; not when our lips were moving faster and faster and our tongues were dancing in sync. I pulled him close, and he readily acquiesced.

“What does the couple do...on the next page...?” I huskily asked, knowing full well and yet wanting to hear him say it. He smirked in my ear, catching on, and began grinding his hips into mine. I nearly gasped at the sudden contact.

“Let me show you,” Kakashi breathed, and his hands began loosening my clothing. I was fully dressed – we both were – so it was harder than I wished to wiggle from the fabric restraints. Kakashi finally resorted to using a kunai and cutting through my shirt. I would have scolded him, had his lips not suddenly discovered the sweet spot below my collar bone. I keened and ran my fingers through his hair, tugging his forehead protector off in the process.

It seemed forever before the rest of our clothes came off. By that time, I couldn’t think about where we were, or why we were doing it. All that passed through my head was how happy I was to be here at all. I was even happier when Kakashi finally began rocking into me.

Back arching, I moaned loudly and bucked my hips into his, shoving his hard length deeper into me. He groaned against my neck and sunk his lips into my shoulders, kissing me and licking me and drawing me into an abyss of never ending passion. My eyes closed; my fingers clutched at him; my legs wrapped around his waist. With heaving pants, we met each other in our thrusts, matching in our speeds.

Kakashi’s rock hard chest was pushing against mine in the most airy, yet unrestrained movements. With hurried pushes, our orgasms began shooting through us. It was purely blissful, the next few moments. A few seconds after, Kakashi was collapsing onto me and it was over.

After a few minutes, Kakashi grinned against my neck, gasping and drawing his body weight from crushing me, “Do you want to know what happens next?”

My eyes drifted open and I sent him an raised eyebrow, “Let me guess – they go at it again and ravish each other till morning?”

His eyes twinkled. With one hand, he ran his fingers lightly over my skin and chuckled, “Good try, but no. Why don’t you look for yourself?”

He grabbed the book from the ground and handed it to me. I opened it to our page and my eyes widened slightly. A soft laugh escaped my lips and I patted his hair.

“If I say yes, will you promise to ravish me till morning?”

Kakashi merely grinned and kissed me gently, “...I suppose I might just do that...”

I laughed again and kissed him back, hooking my arms around his neck, “Then yes. I'll marry you,” he pecked me again, lips forming a smile I had never seen before. I continued, “Now keep your end of the bargain, mister.”

...And oh, he did.

A/N: I edited the ending a bit for you guys :3


  1. I luved it!! Really hot!! Thou I expected it to be that he asked her to marry him! :<

    Still really good thou!!!

  2. Definatly something Kakashi would do.
    Anyways great lemon!!! =)

  3. These are really good! This is my favorite one for kakashi though. Also I have a request, could you make a zabuza one?

  4. I expected him to as her to marry her as well! Loved it!