Monday, February 28, 2011

A Shikamaru Nara Lemon -- Private Meanderings

Character: Shikamaru Nara

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Miyu, who is not a ninja

I had a feeling that Shikamaru had planned this all out. I wouldn’t put it past a genius like him, after all. But it was really hard to deny him when his hands were gripping my body in such a way. I keened softly as he began grinding his hips into my backside.

“Y-You know...” I whispered, clutching the wall desperately, “You have guests outside, Shikamaru...”

He hummed against the back of my neck, but didn’t seem to care for my words, though they were very true. We were in Shikamaru’s house – in his bathroom, to be precise – and we were not alone. Naruto had invited a group of people over to celebrate some little thing no one really cared about. I knew most of the people came for the drinks.

I came for an entirely different reason...but at least I was getting it fulfilled by my lovely boyfriend. And Shikamaru didn’t seem to mind helping me fulfill it.

“You know...” he grinned, and spun me around suddenly to kiss my neck, “I don’t think they’ll be able to hear us...”

I blushed and felt myself get giddier and giddier with each passing moment. I thought I’d loose it when Shikamaru began toying with my breasts through my shirt.

Before I knew it, said shirt and bra was being torn from my body and replaced by hot lips. I went over the edge then, because I knew I wouldn’t be leaving this bathroom for a long while – I might as well have fun with the time that I had. Tangling my fingers into my boyfriend’s hair, I pulled him closer and reveled in the feeling of his fingers tugging my pants off.

It wasn’t long before I felt those fingers begin to fondle other areas of my body, and well...I sort of went ballistic. Let’s just say that his clothes didn’t seem to want to stay on his body...

He smirked at me and slid into me before I could protest – not that I planned to anyway. It wasn’t long before a steady pace was formed, and my eyes began drifting closed at the unbearably blissful pleasure radiating from our erratic bodies.

“Moan for me, damn it!” Shikamaru growled, and thrust me harder against the bathroom wall. I whimpered, feeling ever so delighted at the feeling of his hard cock within me. I pushed against him, hips snapping into his wildly as his fingers played with everything his manhood wasn’t addressing.

“Shika...!” I ground out, throwing my head back and hitting the wall in my haste. A dull pound filled my head, but I could not give it another thought as Shikamaru whipped his lips to mine and kissed me. I lost myself in his kiss, for it was romantic and passionate and wild all at once. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I deepened the kiss.

“Oh God...” Shikamaru breathed, sounding pained and blissful at the same time. He opened his eyes and I could just barely take in the fact that he was staring at me before he was kissing me again with even more fervor.

His hands stroked my thighs, guiding them around his waist as our hips pumped together.

I could feel myself quickly coming to an end, and raced faster toward the finish line. Sweat was accumulating all over our bodies, but it was only making Shikamaru seem hotter and sexier than ever. I leaned in to nibble at his neck, and his body immediately went haywire.

“Damn it...Miyu...” he choked, gripping my hips and thrusting deeply inside me.

We both shared muffled groans and the feeling began ascending into reality. I bucked against him senselessly and let out a particularly loud moan as I felt myself go, “Shika...maru...! I’m – “

He evidently didn’t care that I was coming, because it seemed as though he was as well. He reached up and grabbed my chin, bringing out lips into a kiss that left me both excited and satiated. With one last thrust, Shikamaru was releasing himself into me. His seed filled me up so pleasantly that I could hardly breath.

It took a while for us to descend back into the real world. Before we could pull away from each other and locate our clothes, and loud knock sounded at the door.

Shikamaru gulped and stared at me, shock and fear caressing his features.

“Hey! Shikamaru? Are you in there?” Naruto called, loud and obnoxious but thankfully oblivious, “I can’t seem to find Miyu...hurry up so we can go look for her.”

With that, the blonde haired ninja left. I didn’t dare breath until I knew Naruto was long gone. When his footsteps indeed faded, I sighed and rested my head against Shikamaru’s shoulder. He chuckled, and pulled out of me to reach down for his boxers.

“Come on, Miyu,” he purred, and I stared at him in slight surprise. He grinned and threw my clothes at me, “The faster we go out, the faster this party will end.”

I caught on and sent him a sultry smirk, walking up to him and leaning in to brush my lips against his jaw, “And...the faster we can fuck – “

Shikamaru cut my next words off with a hard kiss. I laughed against his lips and sure enough, when I next looked, his face was red. He only shook his head at me.



  1. Shika must've had a lot sleep. He was not holding back. ;)

  2. that was awesome, BTW can u make a kiba lemon?

  3. That was not bad ive read this one a couple of times and its still really good. Boy that naruto sure has timing dosent he? Anyway good job

  4. OMG! Love love love love love it!!!!!!!!! <3

  5. Fuck pun intended lol