Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Zetsu Lemon -- How To Annoy Sharks

Character: Zetsu

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Kaida Satoshi, Age 21

A gasp filled the room, followed by a series of jolts that could only come from one thing. The bed was hitting the wall hard and we weren’t even doing anything terribly illicit yet. Zetsu cackled evilly as he gripped me, throwing the pair of us into great convulsions that nearly sent the bed through the wall, rather than against it.

He just loved torturing the other members of the Akatsuki...especially, it seemed, Kisame, for his room was the one we were currently disturbing at this late hour. As if reading our thoughts, the shark man sent a sequence of loud knocks against the wall, and in a loud voice he complained that if we didn’t shut the fuck up, he was going to mutilate our poor, not so innocent souls. Of course, the last words weren’t actually genuine – Kisame made sure to use a different pair of curses that described just how pissed off he felt. Needless to say, it only increased the evil joy Zetsu and I were sharing.

His lips tugged on my ear, tongue slipping over it tenderly before he harshly bit down upon it. My body shook beneath his at the sudden display of pain. I pulled his lips back to mine and began kissing the daylights out of him. He only returned it just as exuberantly.

His hips grinded into mine as well – in fact, most of his body was grinding into me – and I didn’t bother holding back a loud moan as his erection pushed against my own clothed self. Our hips began a dance just as our tongues did, and soon, every part of our bodies were aching for a touch...or in Zetsu’s case, a lick. I felt strangely excited when his lips left mine to trail down my neck, licking and kissing and biting over my collarbone. I lost myself when he got to other, more sensitive areas, and didn’t even have to force out an annoyingly loud moan, for it happened anyway.

My fingers tangled in his cloths, dragging them from his body. I wasn’t aware that I was actually ripping them off until he voiced my actions, “Be careful – I like that shirt.”

I raised a brow at him and he kissed me again, dispelling any and all words that might have erupted from my throat in response. I pushed against him, and he made quick work of my own clothes. Or...well, what remained of them. I was already partly naked before this had even started, after all.

When only my panties were shielding me from his eyes, he growled lowly and attacked my hips with his tongue, etching over the contours of my waist and belly button, before delving into my panties and kissing me just above my waiting womanhood. I let out a pained groan, because he wasn’t touching me where I deathly wanted him to touch. He only let out a dark chuckle and scurried back up to my lips.

I was nearly shaking in excitement by the time Zetsu pushed into me. I made sure to let out another overly loud moan just to spite Kisame. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I moved with him as he pumped harshly in and out of me.

“God...Zetsuuu!” I yelled, curling my hands around his neck so that I was holding onto something. He was certainly giving me a run for my money, and it left me speechless. He moved his hands to my sides, and jostled into me with a new vigor.

“You’re a bitch, you know that?” his black side spat, and it was thick with lust. I glared at him through my own passion and smacked his cheek angrily.

“...Sorry...” his white side groaned, closing his eyes in pained bliss, “I love you...”

I gripped him tightly and pounded against his hips some more, hardly able to keep myself from coming. I mumbled out those three words that Zetsu’s white half seemed to enjoy saying to me, and my eyes drifted closed as well.

“I’m coming...! Zetsu-!”

He let out a wild snarl and hurried to catch up to me, holding my hips so tightly that I would surely have bruises in the morning. He let himself loose, in more ways than one, and began yelling. With one last push against me, he spilt himself inside of me and I struggled with my own final orgasm.

It didn’t take long for him to collapse upon my worn out body. Snuggled toward me, Zetsu kissed my cheek and grinned.

“You think Kisame enjoyed the show?” he asked me, none too softly, and before I even got the chance to answer, there was another annoyed knock on the wall.


...I decided that he probably meant it. 

A/N: Lolol I'm surprised so many people like this one XD  Thanks for the amazing comments!  They're what's keeping this lemon on the site~


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