Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An America Lemon -- Sexy Bananas

Character: America

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Carmit Esmerelda Carriedo, Age 19, represents Los Angelos

Inspiraton: My own dislike for bananas X]

The taste of banana was plausible on my tongue. A lick here, a jab there; my lips danced over the sweet fruit in a delightful way. Shivers raced through Alfred at the sight. He stared at me, cheeks slightly pink as he watched the tip of the banana disappeared into the cave of my mouth. I slowly bit into it, unaware of the sultry way my tongue raced over the lips after consumption.

Alfred cleared his throat, and the noise made me turn to him. He looked away just as my eyes made contact with his, blushed deeply, and rubbed the back of his neck in an almost embarrassed manner.

“What’s the matter, Alfred?” I asked curiously, taking another delicate bit of the elongated fruit, “Don’t you like bananas?”

Another throat clear, “I...don’t care for them...”

I thought I’d heard him say something else, but the sound fell on deaf ears as I turned back to eating.

As soon as I looked away from him, his eyes returned to my lips and his blush became more apparent. After a few more minutes of this, I sighed. It was clearly obvious that he was staring at me. I looked up, “Really, what could possibly be so interesting about me eating a – “

My eyes suddenly latched onto a strange dent below his belt. I raised a brow, “Alfred, are you getting a boner from watching me eat a banana?” I spoke slowly and incredulously, and that made him rush to explain.

“You weren’t eating that banana!” he protested, blushing even more deeply, “You were sucking on it!”

Before he was even done speaking, a smirk was twisting its way up my red lips, “So you’d rather I suck on something else, hmm?” I asked slyly. The way he looked so hot and bothered amused me more than I could say.

His mouth flapped a bit in a speechless way, and I stood and slunk over to his sitting figure. I knelt beside him, not able to stop my smirk from growing. (He didn’t seem to be able to stop growing either.)

“Just say the words, Al,” I purred. His eyes widened as my hands rubbed his thighs, dipping ever so close to his apparent hardness before flitting away teasingly. He groaned and closed his eyes, opening his mouth as if to say something.

I nuzzled my face against him, kissing him through his clothes and feeling him tense more and more.

“ need to relax,” I whispered, and slowly undid the zipper of his trousers. His eyes were tightly shot by now.

His gasps forced a deep, delicious shiver down my body. Curling my fingers around him, I kissed his tip and reveled in his responding moan. I wanted to hear more of his moan; without another thought, I wrapped him in my mouth and put my tongue to work.

“Carmittttt!!” he ground out, teeth tightly clasped against each other in anticipation. Fingers locking easily into my hair, he jerked his hips against me, pushing his length farther into my mouth. I chuckled and secured one hand at his base, holding him a bit away so that he didn’t choke me.

“Easy, Alfred,” I murmured as I came up for air. His hair was ruffled and his face was sweaty. His eyes had a dilated, wild look to them that made me shiver in desire. Damn him for looking so freaking sexy.

Slowly, tantalizingly, I brought my lips back to his manhood, twirling and dancing across the steely soft surface. With a pop, my lips left him and traveled down the side, nipping slightly here and there...exhilarating...intimate... I nuzzled my lips against him gently, dragging my tongue over his contours until he was shaking in satisfaction and pleasure.

“Carmit!!” he gasped, and quickly I went back to his tip, pushing him deeply within my mouth and sucking as hard as I could. It wasn’t long after that when he came, spilling into my mouth the most delectable substance I’d ever tasted.

I lapped it up as though it were liquid gold, holding his thighs tightly as I did. By the time he had finished, I was so turned on I could hardly take it. Alfred stared at me from half closed eyes, a soft lazy grin smudging his face.

“Are you ready for round two?” I purred, crawling up his body and discarding as many clothes from each of us as possible. Alfred grunted and grabbed my face between his hands, coming down to kiss me deeply before I could do anything else.

“I’m in love with you,” he breathed, staring directly into my eyes carefully. I blinked, and then smiled bashfully, blushing a bit. How strange it was that even after what I’d just done to him, I blushed only at those sincere words. I leaned forward and captured his lips sweetly with mine.

“Me too,” I told him, gentle and heartfelt, and began the process all over again. I supposed this moment wasn’t a complete waste. (After all, now I knew that Alfred had a strange fetish for bananas.)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Canada Lemon -- Homemade Horoscopes

Character: Canada

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Jane Nolff, likes astrology

Inspiration: Horoscopes!

An evil laugh filled the room, along with the sounds of scissors flying through pieces of paper. There was an ominous feeling to the room – probably because when Jane planned something, it was usually pretty meticulous. Canadastood by the doorway and cleared his throat softly, making Jane inhale sharply and swivel around in shock.

“Oh! Matthew, I didn’t see you there,” she said brightly, putting the scissors down and grinning.

“Erm...what are you doing, Jane?” came his curious, slightly flustered voice. He wasn’t sure he really wanted to know...

“Nothing~ I was just cutting up these horoscopes I found in the newspaper!” she exclaimed, lifting a few small pieces of paper up as to prove her actions. A grin fixed itself to her lips, “Want to know you’re fortune, Matt?”

A few minutes later, Matthew was sitting on the edge of her bed, hands clasped neatly in his lap as he listened to her shuffle through the various horoscopes.

“ were born in July, right?” she asked, and upon his nod, Jane continued, “Ok, that means you’re Cancer.”

Matthew’s eyes flew open in surprise, “I have cancer?!”

A soft giggle made his pause in his worriment.

“No, no, silly,” Jane amended, smiling as she moved closer to him, “That’s what your horoscope is called. Here, this is what is says: ‘Tonight will be filled with pleasure.’ Ohh,” she purred, and suddenly Canadawas aware of just how close she was, “That sounds fun.”

Matthew cleared his throat and swallowed loudly as her hand ran up his leg. Jane whispered, “Of course, in order to make your horoscope come true, you’ll need someone to push it in the right”

And before Matthew could respond, Jane’s hand had reached his vital area and he had to bit his lip to keep in his moan. She smirked and leaned closer, brushing her lips over his neck and tightening her grasp on his manhood.

Soon, the bulge in his pants began getting harder and harder, and Matthew’s hips were thrusting into Jane’s hand on their own. Small whimpers were coming from his lips.

A little push had Matthew on his back. Jane hovered over him and removed her hand, replacing it with her hips. Canada could hardly breath as she began rolling their hips together; she took away the rest of his breath with a deep kiss.

Her fingers quickly began tearing through clothes, and before Matthew could even open his eyes, his button up shirt was being pulled from his warm body and tossed carelessly upon the floor without another thought. Before he could protest (as if he wanted to) the button of his pants easily came free, and the zipper was pulled down so fast he could hardly blink.

Jane pulled his jeans down to his knees before running her smooth hands up his legs, pinching here and there on her way up. His face was blushing heatedly by the time she had gotten to his boxers. With a sly smirk, she ran her hands over the dent and he threw his head back at the feeling.

“Erg...Jane...” he gasped as she began massaging him through his boxers.

She laughed a bit and removed her hands, only giving him a taste of pleasure before turning her hands to her own body and slipping out of the confinements of her shirt.

“Just relax, Matthew,” she whispered, unclipping her bra and sliding it off her arms. He wriggled beneath her at the sight of her freed breasts. Slowly, Jane grabbed his hand and pulled it to her chest, enclosing his fingers around her for him, “You can touch me, you know.”

He bit his lip and gave her a soft squeeze. The feeling made Jane smile constantly and make a pleased noise. She left Matthew’s hand upon her breast and moved her own fingers to her pants. They came off easily and hit the floor along with the other clothes.

Matthew’s lips were calling to Jane, and so she crawled up his body to press her lips against his in a passionate kiss. Matthew grunted into it and tangled his fingers in her hair, bringing her closer. She obliged, and pressed their lower bodies together at the same time.

He was so hard, Jane couldn’t think of anything else. A few kisses later, his boxers were flying off and his manhood was free. Canada’s face was so red it seemed to be steaming, and it only got redder when Jane’s eyes latched upon his vital areas in shock. He was certainly bigger than she’d thought.

“Jesus, Matt...” she mumbled reaching down to touch him. He gasped and arched his back as her fingers circled him, pumping him through the thin gap between her thumb and forefinger, “You’re fucking hot...”

A gurgled noise escaped his lips as Jane added pressure. He came quickly, spilling his seed into her hand. His face was still red, and Jane could tell he was embarrassed. She smiled gently at him, slowly stroking him still and kissed him softly on the lips. He was still hard beneath her, and in an instant Jane positioned herself over him, pointing his manhood into her entrance.

There was an equal inhalation of breath as Jane descended upon him. It felt so good that they didn’t take very long to cum. Kissing furiously, Matthew grabbed Jane’s hips and pulled her flush against him, driving as deeply as he could. Their hips were working so quickly there was hardly any time to do anything else.

Breasts pounding against Matthew’s chest, Jane let out a strangled moan and pushed faster than ever, feeling that familiar coil tighten in her stomach.

“JANE!” he yelled, louder than she’d ever heard him, and with one last pound, let himself go inside her. His face was screwed up so beautifully that Jane came just as hard. Their bodies jerked against each other before everything was silent, save for the heavy panting of each lover.

Finally, Jane pulled herself away, and collapsed upon the bed beside Matthew. She laid her head on his shoulders and kissed his neck lightly, smiling up at him.

It was silent for a long time, before Matthew finally asked, “Jane...what did...your horoscope say...?”

A small blush appeared on her face. Jane laughed softly, “It said ‘You will bring pleasure to someone special.’”

...She didn’t bother telling him that those horoscope’s had been hand-written by her.


Monday, March 21, 2011

A France Lemon -- City Of Love

Character: France

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Amara Beilschmidt, represents Rugen district of Germany

Inspiration: Paris~

I didn’t really feel like getting out of bed. The thought of staying warm and sleepy was very appealing to me. I only wished the man beside me felt the same way, though I really couldn’t complain. (His kisses were better than sleep any day.)

“Francis, stop...” I murmured halfheartedly, trying to roll out of his grasp. But he was too strong (and I didn’t have enough willpower) and he only brought me closer to him in response.

Lips nibbling delicately at my neck, I was in heaven, and the thought of sleep was slowly becoming dimmer and dimmer. France made a pleased noise against my neck and sighed, a soft smile overcoming his features, “So beautiful~”

I felt myself giggling, and then suddenly I was on my back and Francis was getting rougher and more dominant, and I still couldn’t complain.

His hands were all over me, and my body was reacting in an utmost intrinsic way. Mewing and scratching and arching and whining. Francis adored it.

“You know...” he grunted, pulling from his lingering kiss to stare into my eyes, “I wouldn’t mind having you as my permanent lover.”

I couldn’t smile, because my face was far too gone with pleasure to allow such things. So I responded to his words by pushing my breasts farther into his hands and moaning when he kissed me again.

France liked to tease me, and I liked it when he did. Except sometimes, I was so immersed in lust I had to complain.

“Francis...please...” my weak voice began, but was drowned out by another moan as France’s lips found my breasts.

His hands flitted over my back, squeezing my waist and hips before trailing around my thighs. He always missed the most important area, however; the part of me that needed his touch the most.

Hair splayed out on the pillow beneath me, I could hardly pay any attention to the room that spiraled about our heads. All I knew was that I was laying on red silk sheets and there was a half empty bottle of wine on the bedside table. And also, of course, my lover towering above me, kissing and groping and pleasing.

“Please?” he murmured against my breast, and moved slightly away to look up at me with a sly grin, “I’m afraid you’ll have to elaborate on that. I don’t know what you mean.”

Another thing about France was his undying obsession to make me beg. He did every single night we were together, and it was never the other way around. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to stop the moan that bubbled in my throat.

Needless to say, I could not, and it sprung from my lips in a loud, callous way that made France shiver. He trailed his lips back up to mine and sunk into another kiss. Once he’d pulled away, I was breathless and flustered. He only grinned at my powerless demeanor.

I tangled my fingers into his hair, pulling his lips back to mine, “Fuck me. Please fuck me, Francis.”

He made a pleased sound against my lips and breathed, “Who am I to turn down a beautiful woman?” and with that, his grip on my waist became ever tighter and he rubbed against my opening.

I gasped at the sweet feeling, for he was harder than I’d anticipated. He loved when I begged, but it usually took a bit more effort for him to be this excited. I pressed against him and whispered, “Oh God...” just before he slid into me.

He filled me up so completely my body jerked wildly beneath his. He chuckled and drew himself out slowly, tantalizingly, before ramming back into me. And so it started.

The bed was rocking, banging into the wall. The room seemed to get dimmer and dimmer, until the only thing I could see was the blissful twist of Francis’s face, and the glimmer of his lusting eyes. The wine was long forgotten; it sat upon the table looking out of place beside the two lovers.

My fingers twitched, and I clutched at the sheets languidly as France continued to shift in and out of me at a rapid pace. It was phenomenal, and amazing, and pure.

“Amara...” he groaned, tilting my hips upward and hitting an area that sent shivers rolling down my body. I moaned loudly and brought him close into a passionate kiss.

We shared our breaths. So close we were that all we could do now was stare into each other’s eyes and wait for the extreme pleasure to come.

It came rather quickly, forcing our bodies to react together as though in a dance. Gripping onto each other, we rode out our orgasms until we were liberated from the amazing feelings jolting about us.

When it was all over, the only thing that could be heard was heavy panting. France had pulled out of me and collapsed beside me on the bed, and I was snuggling into the crook of his neck. He pulled me close and whispered, almost non coherently, “J’adore toi, amara.”

I smiled softly and kissed his chest, “Mmm...I love you too, Francis.”


Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Prussia Lemon -- Five Minutes

Character: Prussia

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Nikki Riley, Age 17

Inspiration: Baking, Prussia’s awesomeness~

A soft hum escaped my lips, and the gentle melody became constant throughout my stirring and mixing. I reached for the baking soda and carefully measured out a teaspoon before letting the contents drop into the large bowl. After adding a few other ingredients, I took the wooden spoon and stirred again.

“Gil will love it~!” I cooed softly to myself, pleased with my actions as I began to spread a cookie sheet with shortening. After that, I grabbed two small metal spoons and began to clump pieces of cookie dough together on the baking sheet.

Before I had finished, the timer went off on the oven, and I turned to it with an oven mitt. A moment later, the sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies wavered across the kitchen. I inhaled the amazing scent, smiled, and proceeded to go back to making the rest of the cookies. Just after I popped the new bath into the oven and set the timer to ten minutes, two arms wrapped around my waist and warm breath hit the back of my neck.

I giggled and turned around to face Gilbert. A lazy smile drifted onto his lips as he leaned in to kiss me softly, “Baking cookies at 9 in the morning? You crazy woman.”

I smiled at him and shrugged, closing the space between us to kiss him again, “What can I say? Something’s gotta give when I have you for a boyfriend.”

He made a pleased noise against my lips and whispered, “I’d say I resent that, but I suppose it holds some factuality. Only someone as awesome as me could have a girl who wakes up just to bake cookies.”

A few more giggles ensued, and before his kisses could force the topic anywhere else, I pulled away a bit reluctantly, “Gil, the cookies will be out in...five minutes,” I informed, glancing at the timer on the oven.

He groaned, and I knew why. After last night, I knew he had only one thing on his mind, and that was finishing where we left off. I smiled a bit and kissed his nose, “Don’t worry; five minutes isn’t that long.”

But apparently, five minutes was longer than I thought it’d be. After only a minute, it was utter torture. Gilbert wouldn’t take him hands off me. He touched me as much as possible. A little squeeze here; a peck there...before I knew what was happening, I was grabbing his bare shoulders, and forcing my lips onto his in a deep kiss.

He chuckled against my eager lips and murmured, “Nikki, darling, we still have...three minutes...”

I pouted and sighed, “You’re not making this easy for me, are you?”

He smirked and kissed my lips so quickly I could hardly take it, “It goes against my awesome standards to just leave it alone. Besides,” he added with a wider smirk, “Three minutes isn’t that long.”

It was my turn to groan. I drifted off to wait by the oven, mitt in hand and ready to take them out as soon as possible. Gilbert followed me, standing behind me as close as possible and grabbing onto my hips. His breath was heavy upon my neck, and I suddenly wasn’t sure we’d last. I honestly began thinking that maybe we should just abandon the cookies and let them burn. But it was only two minutes...right?

...Right. And Gilbert certainly liked to tease. I moaned as he ground his hips into mine, and shivered relentlessly at the feel of his erecting manhood against my butt.

“Gil...wait...” I tried to tell him, but couldn’t really breath anymore. Gilbert was now groping every part of my body he could, and I felt myself grow more and more impatient.

“One more minute...” Gilbert told me, and I shivered again at the huskiness of his voice, “And then I can bring you back to bed...and have my way with you...” he trailed off, whispering more things he’d like to do with me. I could hardly take it.

It wasn’t long for me to begin grinding my hips back into his, and he grunted appreciatively in my ear just as the timer went off.

I heaved a great sigh of relief and moved back, opening the oven and taking the cookie sheet out. I think the cookies could have stayed in a bit longer, but I honestly couldn’t care about them anymore. With one more glance at said cookies, I turned to Gilbert and whispered, “I’m all yours, babe.”

And he wasted no time in responding; I was over his shoulder in seconds flat and we were climbing the stairs so fast I began to realize just how serious this was. I was gonna be so sore...

We tumbled onto the bed so quickly I wondered how we’d gotten here so fast. I couldn’t think for very long, however, because soon Gilbert was kissing me, harder than ever, and I immediately sank into the comfort of his arms.

“Mmm...Nik...” he nipped at my ear, earning a pleased moan from me, and began biting down my neck, leaving little red marks in his wake.

His hips were once again pleasing me through the tightening fabric of our pants. His erection was highly discernable through said pants, and I dragged my hands away from his hair so I could undo them.

Gilbert wriggled out of the confinements and tossed his pajama pants over the edge of the bed, along with his boxers. I could hardly breathe when I saw his towering manhood, and suddenly memories of last night flashed before my eyes in sweet passion.

“Take that off,” he grunted, referring to the flimsy bathrobe I was currently wearing. I did so, pulling it from my bare body hurriedly. As soon as it was off, my lover pressed our naked bodies together and I shivered at the feel. His hands were running all over me; his lips kissing my lips, neck, collar...

“Gilbert! P-please...!” I whined, jerking against his body when I felt his dick press against my thigh. It was all too much!

“So impatient...” he breathed, but didn’t hold off any longer.

In a instant of pure bliss he was inside me, filling me up in a way only he could do. I craned my head back and let out a breathy moan as he began moving within me.

Minutes...hours...I didn’t know how long it was. All I knew was that Gilbert and I were one, right here on my bed, and that was all that mattered.

Finally the moment came; in a tangled mess of sweaty limbs, heavy pants, and loud moans, my name was drawled from Gilbert’s lips and he let himself go.

“Gilbert!” I yelled, clutching onto his for dear life. Our orgasms ripped through us and we all but collapsed from excursion. It was a few minutes before either of us dared to move.

“Damn...” Gilbert finally mumbled, burying his head in my neck, “You’re fucking...awesome...”

I smiled lightly and ran my fingers through his hair, “So are you,” I answered, but needn’t have. Gilbert was already fast asleep in my arms.

Extended Ending

An hour later, when I stepped into the kitchen with my bathrobe once again covering my nakedness, I tested one of the cookies and scowled. Leave it to Gilbert to make me ruin a perfectly good batch of desserts.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

An England Lemon -- The Christening Of The Counter

Character: England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Océanie Bonnefoy, represents London

Inspiration: ...A counter, I suppose ^^

I probably should have paid more attention to the fact that England wasn’t in bed when I woke up. But really, after last nights actions, I could hardly move, let alone worry about my boyfriend. After laying in bed for half an hour and still not hearing him, I sighed and threw my legs over the side of the bed, gathering up the sheets and wrapping them around my toned form.

I wasn’t really surprised that Arthur wasn’t there to wake up with me, for he wasn’t a very conventional kind of guy. Another sigh left my lips as I got up and stretched out my sore muscles. Damn...I really couldn’t move that well. I all but stumbled out of the bedroom door.

It didn’t take me very long to find him. (The scent of burning toast was enough to give me his exact location.) I wondered if I really wanted to know what he was trying to cook, and decided it might be for the best. After all, without me there, he might burn down his kitchen. So I leaned against the threshold to make sure it wasn’t already burnt down.

Evidently, it was not. However, I did notice at least eight pieces of toast completely burnt and thrown haphazardly on a plate beside the toaster. There was another piece of bread in said toaster, which was also burnt, but Arthur didn’t seem to notice it. I watched curiously as he cursed in the midst of peeling what looked like potatoes.

“Bloody hell,” he complained, and turned around to no doubt get something to wipe up the blood.

But when he saw me standing there, he stopped and sighed, “Oh...London. I didn’t know you were...I mean, I was making breakfast for you – “

I didn’t listen to the rest of his prattle, and instead walked over to him and grabbed his hand to study the cut adorning his thumb. I glowered at it, and went to grab a tissue to cover it. After pressing it against his cut, I looked up into his eyes and smiled softly.

“I’ll get a band-aid,” I told him, before disappearing into a nearby bathroom. I emerged a few minutes later with said band-aid and pushed Arthur into a kitchen chair, “You should really be more careful, Arthur,” I murmured, softly wrapping fixing his wound and kissing it.

“I...I’m sorry,” he sighed, running a hand through my hair, “I wanted to surprise you and all I seem to do is bring more trouble into your life.”

I caught his hand and kissed his palm, before looking up at him, “I love you. I don’t care if you suck at cooking,” he rolled his eyes at that, but couldn’t deny the blush that was rounding his cheeks, “...Or if you’re so busy worrying that you don’t even notice how I’m hardly...wearing...anything...”

I kissed his hand during each silence, and smirked up at him. He was finally becoming aware of the situation. I was, indeed, only wearing a sheet, and it was draping off my figure in such a revealing manner that his blush was becoming more evident with each passing second.

He cleared his throat, but could not hide the lust clearly swirling in his green orbs. I laughed and got up, grabbing his hands to pull him up as well. After a few moments, I began shrugging out of my sheet, and it dropped to the floor with a soft swish of fabric.

“I’m kinda hungry for something else, anyway,” I murmured, and before I knew what was happening, Arthur was lifting me up and practically throwing me upon the kitchen counter. He crawled up after me and stared at me lustfully.

“Damn it, Océanie,” he panted, looking over my naked form and growling, “You make me act like such a pirate.”

I smirked up at him, reaching to undo the button up shirt he was wearing, “Good; you’re so sexy when you act like that. It makes me hot.”

My words provoked him. His shirt was forced off and he narrowed his eyes at me, “Are you going to help me out of these pants or not?”

Damn, I loved it when he acted all dominant. I quickly undid the button of his pants, and twisted the zipper down over the bulge that was already forming. Arthur pulled them off, along with his boxers, and I felt myself get wetter at the mere sight of his glorious manhood.

He read my expression easily and smirked, leaning down to nip at my tender skin, “Excited?”

I groaned as his hands began feeling up my torso, stopping to push my breasts around a bit, “You know I am.”

He chuckled huskily and attacked my neck with his lips, dragging his tongue over my collarbone and leaving red bite marks scattered about my skin. His hands also busily massaged me, paying close attention to my inner thighs. Finally, after what felt like years of teasing, his digits found my sweet folds and pressed against them just as his lips engaged mine in a heated kiss.

“Arthur...” I moaned, arching my back and pushing my breasts against his chest at the pleasure he was giving me. My fingers tangled in his blonde hair and pulled him closer into our kiss. Before long, our tongues were battling for dominance. Arthur pushed his tongue into my mouth, rememorizing the wet cavern at the same time as he withdrew his fingers.

I whined at the loss of warmth, but Arthur merely chuckled and whispered, “Patience.”

But I didn’t want to be patient, and he knew it all too well. Before I could complain, Arthur was rubbing his hardened cock against my entrance and I was practically begging for him to sheath himself within me.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked, eyes glinting passionately as he eased an inch of him into my folds. I whimpered, uselessly clawing at his back, and nodded despairingly.

“...Say please,” he ordered, staring into my eyes so lustfully I thought I’d come right then and there.

I gasped out a sharp, “Please fuck me, Arthur!” and without wasting anymore time he did, slipping into my tight opening so quickly I could hardly breathe.

I moaned loudly then, because it felt so damn good. My boyfriend began a steady but hard pace, taking firm hold of my thighs and thrusting in as deeply as possibly. It was amazing – each time, Arthur withdrew himself nearly completely, only to ram back into me with so much force I thought the counter was going to break apart.

Our eyes stayed locked throughout most of the sinful act, closing only during the intense waves of pure bliss that was brought upon us every few minutes. Before I knew it, I felt Arthur twitch inside me, and the groan that was bubbling from his lips was proof that he was coming. With one more thrust, I felt myself come to an end as well. The next few moments were filled with scrambled arching and moaning and kissing that felt so good I came not once, but twice. Finally, we dwindled down from the heat of our climax and Arthur collapsed upon me, pressing his lips tiredly against mine and murmuring, “...I wonder if America ever gets this much pleasure...”

I giggled and ran my fingers through my boyfriend’s hair. My lips found his in a sweet, committing kiss, and I whispered back, “Somehow, I doubt he cares about anyone save himself.”

England made a satisfied noise against the kiss, and breathed, “I suppose that’s true – he is pretty selfish, isn’t he?”

Arthur wrapped his arms around me firmly, and we lay quiet for a few moments before he suddenly kissed me hard under my jaw, “So...ready for round two?”

With a delighted squeal, I laughed and kissed him back, loving the feel of his hands once again roaming my bare body. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to walk for days after this.