Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An America Lemon -- Sexy Bananas

Character: America

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Carmit Esmerelda Carriedo, Age 19, represents Los Angelos

Inspiraton: My own dislike for bananas X]

The taste of banana was plausible on my tongue. A lick here, a jab there; my lips danced over the sweet fruit in a delightful way. Shivers raced through Alfred at the sight. He stared at me, cheeks slightly pink as he watched the tip of the banana disappeared into the cave of my mouth. I slowly bit into it, unaware of the sultry way my tongue raced over the lips after consumption.

Alfred cleared his throat, and the noise made me turn to him. He looked away just as my eyes made contact with his, blushed deeply, and rubbed the back of his neck in an almost embarrassed manner.

“What’s the matter, Alfred?” I asked curiously, taking another delicate bit of the elongated fruit, “Don’t you like bananas?”

Another throat clear, “I...don’t care for them...”

I thought I’d heard him say something else, but the sound fell on deaf ears as I turned back to eating.

As soon as I looked away from him, his eyes returned to my lips and his blush became more apparent. After a few more minutes of this, I sighed. It was clearly obvious that he was staring at me. I looked up, “Really, what could possibly be so interesting about me eating a – “

My eyes suddenly latched onto a strange dent below his belt. I raised a brow, “Alfred, are you getting a boner from watching me eat a banana?” I spoke slowly and incredulously, and that made him rush to explain.

“You weren’t eating that banana!” he protested, blushing even more deeply, “You were sucking on it!”

Before he was even done speaking, a smirk was twisting its way up my red lips, “So you’d rather I suck on something else, hmm?” I asked slyly. The way he looked so hot and bothered amused me more than I could say.

His mouth flapped a bit in a speechless way, and I stood and slunk over to his sitting figure. I knelt beside him, not able to stop my smirk from growing. (He didn’t seem to be able to stop growing either.)

“Just say the words, Al,” I purred. His eyes widened as my hands rubbed his thighs, dipping ever so close to his apparent hardness before flitting away teasingly. He groaned and closed his eyes, opening his mouth as if to say something.

I nuzzled my face against him, kissing him through his clothes and feeling him tense more and more.

“ need to relax,” I whispered, and slowly undid the zipper of his trousers. His eyes were tightly shot by now.

His gasps forced a deep, delicious shiver down my body. Curling my fingers around him, I kissed his tip and reveled in his responding moan. I wanted to hear more of his moan; without another thought, I wrapped him in my mouth and put my tongue to work.

“Carmittttt!!” he ground out, teeth tightly clasped against each other in anticipation. Fingers locking easily into my hair, he jerked his hips against me, pushing his length farther into my mouth. I chuckled and secured one hand at his base, holding him a bit away so that he didn’t choke me.

“Easy, Alfred,” I murmured as I came up for air. His hair was ruffled and his face was sweaty. His eyes had a dilated, wild look to them that made me shiver in desire. Damn him for looking so freaking sexy.

Slowly, tantalizingly, I brought my lips back to his manhood, twirling and dancing across the steely soft surface. With a pop, my lips left him and traveled down the side, nipping slightly here and there...exhilarating...intimate... I nuzzled my lips against him gently, dragging my tongue over his contours until he was shaking in satisfaction and pleasure.

“Carmit!!” he gasped, and quickly I went back to his tip, pushing him deeply within my mouth and sucking as hard as I could. It wasn’t long after that when he came, spilling into my mouth the most delectable substance I’d ever tasted.

I lapped it up as though it were liquid gold, holding his thighs tightly as I did. By the time he had finished, I was so turned on I could hardly take it. Alfred stared at me from half closed eyes, a soft lazy grin smudging his face.

“Are you ready for round two?” I purred, crawling up his body and discarding as many clothes from each of us as possible. Alfred grunted and grabbed my face between his hands, coming down to kiss me deeply before I could do anything else.

“I’m in love with you,” he breathed, staring directly into my eyes carefully. I blinked, and then smiled bashfully, blushing a bit. How strange it was that even after what I’d just done to him, I blushed only at those sincere words. I leaned forward and captured his lips sweetly with mine.

“Me too,” I told him, gentle and heartfelt, and began the process all over again. I supposed this moment wasn’t a complete waste. (After all, now I knew that Alfred had a strange fetish for bananas.)


  1. All I can really say

  2. Never gonna look at bananas the same way again xD

    1. I never Will look at me the same way either(bananas my nick-name)

  3. Yes! that was so hot

  4. I really know that I must not read those things but....I can't stop!! xD

    1. I know I shouldn't write them either and look where it's gotten me lol ;)

  5. Never seeing bananas the same..

  6. Now I know how to win over sempai

  7. You don't lick bananas..otherwise this is Awesome!

    1. Psshhh maybe YOU don't lick but thanks ;)