Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Canada Lemon -- Homemade Horoscopes

Character: Canada

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Jane Nolff, likes astrology

Inspiration: Horoscopes!

An evil laugh filled the room, along with the sounds of scissors flying through pieces of paper. There was an ominous feeling to the room – probably because when Jane planned something, it was usually pretty meticulous. Canadastood by the doorway and cleared his throat softly, making Jane inhale sharply and swivel around in shock.

“Oh! Matthew, I didn’t see you there,” she said brightly, putting the scissors down and grinning.

“Erm...what are you doing, Jane?” came his curious, slightly flustered voice. He wasn’t sure he really wanted to know...

“Nothing~ I was just cutting up these horoscopes I found in the newspaper!” she exclaimed, lifting a few small pieces of paper up as to prove her actions. A grin fixed itself to her lips, “Want to know you’re fortune, Matt?”

A few minutes later, Matthew was sitting on the edge of her bed, hands clasped neatly in his lap as he listened to her shuffle through the various horoscopes.

“ were born in July, right?” she asked, and upon his nod, Jane continued, “Ok, that means you’re Cancer.”

Matthew’s eyes flew open in surprise, “I have cancer?!”

A soft giggle made his pause in his worriment.

“No, no, silly,” Jane amended, smiling as she moved closer to him, “That’s what your horoscope is called. Here, this is what is says: ‘Tonight will be filled with pleasure.’ Ohh,” she purred, and suddenly Canadawas aware of just how close she was, “That sounds fun.”

Matthew cleared his throat and swallowed loudly as her hand ran up his leg. Jane whispered, “Of course, in order to make your horoscope come true, you’ll need someone to push it in the right”

And before Matthew could respond, Jane’s hand had reached his vital area and he had to bit his lip to keep in his moan. She smirked and leaned closer, brushing her lips over his neck and tightening her grasp on his manhood.

Soon, the bulge in his pants began getting harder and harder, and Matthew’s hips were thrusting into Jane’s hand on their own. Small whimpers were coming from his lips.

A little push had Matthew on his back. Jane hovered over him and removed her hand, replacing it with her hips. Canada could hardly breath as she began rolling their hips together; she took away the rest of his breath with a deep kiss.

Her fingers quickly began tearing through clothes, and before Matthew could even open his eyes, his button up shirt was being pulled from his warm body and tossed carelessly upon the floor without another thought. Before he could protest (as if he wanted to) the button of his pants easily came free, and the zipper was pulled down so fast he could hardly blink.

Jane pulled his jeans down to his knees before running her smooth hands up his legs, pinching here and there on her way up. His face was blushing heatedly by the time she had gotten to his boxers. With a sly smirk, she ran her hands over the dent and he threw his head back at the feeling.

“Erg...Jane...” he gasped as she began massaging him through his boxers.

She laughed a bit and removed her hands, only giving him a taste of pleasure before turning her hands to her own body and slipping out of the confinements of her shirt.

“Just relax, Matthew,” she whispered, unclipping her bra and sliding it off her arms. He wriggled beneath her at the sight of her freed breasts. Slowly, Jane grabbed his hand and pulled it to her chest, enclosing his fingers around her for him, “You can touch me, you know.”

He bit his lip and gave her a soft squeeze. The feeling made Jane smile constantly and make a pleased noise. She left Matthew’s hand upon her breast and moved her own fingers to her pants. They came off easily and hit the floor along with the other clothes.

Matthew’s lips were calling to Jane, and so she crawled up his body to press her lips against his in a passionate kiss. Matthew grunted into it and tangled his fingers in her hair, bringing her closer. She obliged, and pressed their lower bodies together at the same time.

He was so hard, Jane couldn’t think of anything else. A few kisses later, his boxers were flying off and his manhood was free. Canada’s face was so red it seemed to be steaming, and it only got redder when Jane’s eyes latched upon his vital areas in shock. He was certainly bigger than she’d thought.

“Jesus, Matt...” she mumbled reaching down to touch him. He gasped and arched his back as her fingers circled him, pumping him through the thin gap between her thumb and forefinger, “You’re fucking hot...”

A gurgled noise escaped his lips as Jane added pressure. He came quickly, spilling his seed into her hand. His face was still red, and Jane could tell he was embarrassed. She smiled gently at him, slowly stroking him still and kissed him softly on the lips. He was still hard beneath her, and in an instant Jane positioned herself over him, pointing his manhood into her entrance.

There was an equal inhalation of breath as Jane descended upon him. It felt so good that they didn’t take very long to cum. Kissing furiously, Matthew grabbed Jane’s hips and pulled her flush against him, driving as deeply as he could. Their hips were working so quickly there was hardly any time to do anything else.

Breasts pounding against Matthew’s chest, Jane let out a strangled moan and pushed faster than ever, feeling that familiar coil tighten in her stomach.

“JANE!” he yelled, louder than she’d ever heard him, and with one last pound, let himself go inside her. His face was screwed up so beautifully that Jane came just as hard. Their bodies jerked against each other before everything was silent, save for the heavy panting of each lover.

Finally, Jane pulled herself away, and collapsed upon the bed beside Matthew. She laid her head on his shoulders and kissed his neck lightly, smiling up at him.

It was silent for a long time, before Matthew finally asked, “Jane...what did...your horoscope say...?”

A small blush appeared on her face. Jane laughed softly, “It said ‘You will bring pleasure to someone special.’”

...She didn’t bother telling him that those horoscope’s had been hand-written by her.



  1. Ahahaha
    Canada sounds so adorable
    you stayed in his character so well
    i love it

  2. homemade horoscopes! I almost forgot the title! LOL

  3. If it's okay for me to ask, could you make a china X reader X Japan?

  4. Shouldn't he be part French also so it would make sense that he would be extremely hot

  5. Awww We're both Cancers ��