Sunday, March 6, 2011

An England Lemon -- The Christening Of The Counter

Character: England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Océanie Bonnefoy, represents London

Inspiration: ...A counter, I suppose ^^

I probably should have paid more attention to the fact that England wasn’t in bed when I woke up. But really, after last nights actions, I could hardly move, let alone worry about my boyfriend. After laying in bed for half an hour and still not hearing him, I sighed and threw my legs over the side of the bed, gathering up the sheets and wrapping them around my toned form.

I wasn’t really surprised that Arthur wasn’t there to wake up with me, for he wasn’t a very conventional kind of guy. Another sigh left my lips as I got up and stretched out my sore muscles. Damn...I really couldn’t move that well. I all but stumbled out of the bedroom door.

It didn’t take me very long to find him. (The scent of burning toast was enough to give me his exact location.) I wondered if I really wanted to know what he was trying to cook, and decided it might be for the best. After all, without me there, he might burn down his kitchen. So I leaned against the threshold to make sure it wasn’t already burnt down.

Evidently, it was not. However, I did notice at least eight pieces of toast completely burnt and thrown haphazardly on a plate beside the toaster. There was another piece of bread in said toaster, which was also burnt, but Arthur didn’t seem to notice it. I watched curiously as he cursed in the midst of peeling what looked like potatoes.

“Bloody hell,” he complained, and turned around to no doubt get something to wipe up the blood.

But when he saw me standing there, he stopped and sighed, “Oh...London. I didn’t know you were...I mean, I was making breakfast for you – “

I didn’t listen to the rest of his prattle, and instead walked over to him and grabbed his hand to study the cut adorning his thumb. I glowered at it, and went to grab a tissue to cover it. After pressing it against his cut, I looked up into his eyes and smiled softly.

“I’ll get a band-aid,” I told him, before disappearing into a nearby bathroom. I emerged a few minutes later with said band-aid and pushed Arthur into a kitchen chair, “You should really be more careful, Arthur,” I murmured, softly wrapping fixing his wound and kissing it.

“I...I’m sorry,” he sighed, running a hand through my hair, “I wanted to surprise you and all I seem to do is bring more trouble into your life.”

I caught his hand and kissed his palm, before looking up at him, “I love you. I don’t care if you suck at cooking,” he rolled his eyes at that, but couldn’t deny the blush that was rounding his cheeks, “...Or if you’re so busy worrying that you don’t even notice how I’m hardly...wearing...anything...”

I kissed his hand during each silence, and smirked up at him. He was finally becoming aware of the situation. I was, indeed, only wearing a sheet, and it was draping off my figure in such a revealing manner that his blush was becoming more evident with each passing second.

He cleared his throat, but could not hide the lust clearly swirling in his green orbs. I laughed and got up, grabbing his hands to pull him up as well. After a few moments, I began shrugging out of my sheet, and it dropped to the floor with a soft swish of fabric.

“I’m kinda hungry for something else, anyway,” I murmured, and before I knew what was happening, Arthur was lifting me up and practically throwing me upon the kitchen counter. He crawled up after me and stared at me lustfully.

“Damn it, Océanie,” he panted, looking over my naked form and growling, “You make me act like such a pirate.”

I smirked up at him, reaching to undo the button up shirt he was wearing, “Good; you’re so sexy when you act like that. It makes me hot.”

My words provoked him. His shirt was forced off and he narrowed his eyes at me, “Are you going to help me out of these pants or not?”

Damn, I loved it when he acted all dominant. I quickly undid the button of his pants, and twisted the zipper down over the bulge that was already forming. Arthur pulled them off, along with his boxers, and I felt myself get wetter at the mere sight of his glorious manhood.

He read my expression easily and smirked, leaning down to nip at my tender skin, “Excited?”

I groaned as his hands began feeling up my torso, stopping to push my breasts around a bit, “You know I am.”

He chuckled huskily and attacked my neck with his lips, dragging his tongue over my collarbone and leaving red bite marks scattered about my skin. His hands also busily massaged me, paying close attention to my inner thighs. Finally, after what felt like years of teasing, his digits found my sweet folds and pressed against them just as his lips engaged mine in a heated kiss.

“Arthur...” I moaned, arching my back and pushing my breasts against his chest at the pleasure he was giving me. My fingers tangled in his blonde hair and pulled him closer into our kiss. Before long, our tongues were battling for dominance. Arthur pushed his tongue into my mouth, rememorizing the wet cavern at the same time as he withdrew his fingers.

I whined at the loss of warmth, but Arthur merely chuckled and whispered, “Patience.”

But I didn’t want to be patient, and he knew it all too well. Before I could complain, Arthur was rubbing his hardened cock against my entrance and I was practically begging for him to sheath himself within me.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked, eyes glinting passionately as he eased an inch of him into my folds. I whimpered, uselessly clawing at his back, and nodded despairingly.

“...Say please,” he ordered, staring into my eyes so lustfully I thought I’d come right then and there.

I gasped out a sharp, “Please fuck me, Arthur!” and without wasting anymore time he did, slipping into my tight opening so quickly I could hardly breathe.

I moaned loudly then, because it felt so damn good. My boyfriend began a steady but hard pace, taking firm hold of my thighs and thrusting in as deeply as possibly. It was amazing – each time, Arthur withdrew himself nearly completely, only to ram back into me with so much force I thought the counter was going to break apart.

Our eyes stayed locked throughout most of the sinful act, closing only during the intense waves of pure bliss that was brought upon us every few minutes. Before I knew it, I felt Arthur twitch inside me, and the groan that was bubbling from his lips was proof that he was coming. With one more thrust, I felt myself come to an end as well. The next few moments were filled with scrambled arching and moaning and kissing that felt so good I came not once, but twice. Finally, we dwindled down from the heat of our climax and Arthur collapsed upon me, pressing his lips tiredly against mine and murmuring, “...I wonder if America ever gets this much pleasure...”

I giggled and ran my fingers through my boyfriend’s hair. My lips found his in a sweet, committing kiss, and I whispered back, “Somehow, I doubt he cares about anyone save himself.”

England made a satisfied noise against the kiss, and breathed, “I suppose that’s true – he is pretty selfish, isn’t he?”

Arthur wrapped his arms around me firmly, and we lay quiet for a few moments before he suddenly kissed me hard under my jaw, “So...ready for round two?”

With a delighted squeal, I laughed and kissed him back, loving the feel of his hands once again roaming my bare body. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to walk for days after this.



  1. I'd love it if you could write me a Greece/Heracles lemon or baby daddy story please and thank you

  2. I agree with Ianu! Greece/Heracles please~~ more Russia/Ivan as well~!

  3. Sexyy~
    And yesh!
    A Greece/Heracles lemon.
    I haven't seen any for him.