Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Prussia Lemon -- Five Minutes

Character: Prussia

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Nikki Riley, Age 17

Inspiration: Baking, Prussia’s awesomeness~

A soft hum escaped my lips, and the gentle melody became constant throughout my stirring and mixing. I reached for the baking soda and carefully measured out a teaspoon before letting the contents drop into the large bowl. After adding a few other ingredients, I took the wooden spoon and stirred again.

“Gil will love it~!” I cooed softly to myself, pleased with my actions as I began to spread a cookie sheet with shortening. After that, I grabbed two small metal spoons and began to clump pieces of cookie dough together on the baking sheet.

Before I had finished, the timer went off on the oven, and I turned to it with an oven mitt. A moment later, the sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies wavered across the kitchen. I inhaled the amazing scent, smiled, and proceeded to go back to making the rest of the cookies. Just after I popped the new bath into the oven and set the timer to ten minutes, two arms wrapped around my waist and warm breath hit the back of my neck.

I giggled and turned around to face Gilbert. A lazy smile drifted onto his lips as he leaned in to kiss me softly, “Baking cookies at 9 in the morning? You crazy woman.”

I smiled at him and shrugged, closing the space between us to kiss him again, “What can I say? Something’s gotta give when I have you for a boyfriend.”

He made a pleased noise against my lips and whispered, “I’d say I resent that, but I suppose it holds some factuality. Only someone as awesome as me could have a girl who wakes up just to bake cookies.”

A few more giggles ensued, and before his kisses could force the topic anywhere else, I pulled away a bit reluctantly, “Gil, the cookies will be out in...five minutes,” I informed, glancing at the timer on the oven.

He groaned, and I knew why. After last night, I knew he had only one thing on his mind, and that was finishing where we left off. I smiled a bit and kissed his nose, “Don’t worry; five minutes isn’t that long.”

But apparently, five minutes was longer than I thought it’d be. After only a minute, it was utter torture. Gilbert wouldn’t take him hands off me. He touched me as much as possible. A little squeeze here; a peck there...before I knew what was happening, I was grabbing his bare shoulders, and forcing my lips onto his in a deep kiss.

He chuckled against my eager lips and murmured, “Nikki, darling, we still have...three minutes...”

I pouted and sighed, “You’re not making this easy for me, are you?”

He smirked and kissed my lips so quickly I could hardly take it, “It goes against my awesome standards to just leave it alone. Besides,” he added with a wider smirk, “Three minutes isn’t that long.”

It was my turn to groan. I drifted off to wait by the oven, mitt in hand and ready to take them out as soon as possible. Gilbert followed me, standing behind me as close as possible and grabbing onto my hips. His breath was heavy upon my neck, and I suddenly wasn’t sure we’d last. I honestly began thinking that maybe we should just abandon the cookies and let them burn. But it was only two minutes...right?

...Right. And Gilbert certainly liked to tease. I moaned as he ground his hips into mine, and shivered relentlessly at the feel of his erecting manhood against my butt.

“Gil...wait...” I tried to tell him, but couldn’t really breath anymore. Gilbert was now groping every part of my body he could, and I felt myself grow more and more impatient.

“One more minute...” Gilbert told me, and I shivered again at the huskiness of his voice, “And then I can bring you back to bed...and have my way with you...” he trailed off, whispering more things he’d like to do with me. I could hardly take it.

It wasn’t long for me to begin grinding my hips back into his, and he grunted appreciatively in my ear just as the timer went off.

I heaved a great sigh of relief and moved back, opening the oven and taking the cookie sheet out. I think the cookies could have stayed in a bit longer, but I honestly couldn’t care about them anymore. With one more glance at said cookies, I turned to Gilbert and whispered, “I’m all yours, babe.”

And he wasted no time in responding; I was over his shoulder in seconds flat and we were climbing the stairs so fast I began to realize just how serious this was. I was gonna be so sore...

We tumbled onto the bed so quickly I wondered how we’d gotten here so fast. I couldn’t think for very long, however, because soon Gilbert was kissing me, harder than ever, and I immediately sank into the comfort of his arms.

“Mmm...Nik...” he nipped at my ear, earning a pleased moan from me, and began biting down my neck, leaving little red marks in his wake.

His hips were once again pleasing me through the tightening fabric of our pants. His erection was highly discernable through said pants, and I dragged my hands away from his hair so I could undo them.

Gilbert wriggled out of the confinements and tossed his pajama pants over the edge of the bed, along with his boxers. I could hardly breathe when I saw his towering manhood, and suddenly memories of last night flashed before my eyes in sweet passion.

“Take that off,” he grunted, referring to the flimsy bathrobe I was currently wearing. I did so, pulling it from my bare body hurriedly. As soon as it was off, my lover pressed our naked bodies together and I shivered at the feel. His hands were running all over me; his lips kissing my lips, neck, collar...

“Gilbert! P-please...!” I whined, jerking against his body when I felt his dick press against my thigh. It was all too much!

“So impatient...” he breathed, but didn’t hold off any longer.

In a instant of pure bliss he was inside me, filling me up in a way only he could do. I craned my head back and let out a breathy moan as he began moving within me.

Minutes...hours...I didn’t know how long it was. All I knew was that Gilbert and I were one, right here on my bed, and that was all that mattered.

Finally the moment came; in a tangled mess of sweaty limbs, heavy pants, and loud moans, my name was drawled from Gilbert’s lips and he let himself go.

“Gilbert!” I yelled, clutching onto his for dear life. Our orgasms ripped through us and we all but collapsed from excursion. It was a few minutes before either of us dared to move.

“Damn...” Gilbert finally mumbled, burying his head in my neck, “You’re fucking...awesome...”

I smiled lightly and ran my fingers through his hair, “So are you,” I answered, but needn’t have. Gilbert was already fast asleep in my arms.

Extended Ending

An hour later, when I stepped into the kitchen with my bathrobe once again covering my nakedness, I tested one of the cookies and scowled. Leave it to Gilbert to make me ruin a perfectly good batch of desserts.



  1. awesome... *nosebleed*
    ^_< this is... EPIC !

    PRUSSIA: dont tellz me another lemon
    ME:hehehe yeah
    PRUSSIA:zike i know im awzome and all but the world is going to run out of tissue because of you

  3. Prussia:looks like im having fun tonight
    Prussia:*tosses me over his shoulder*
    Me:*blush*where are you taking me
    Prussia:*smirks*ze awsome me is taking you to your room
    Me:*blushes a thousand shades of red*

  4. Can you make a Prussia baby dady lemon.