Monday, April 18, 2011

A Germany Lemon -- Brand New Car

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Abrianna Triangale, wears glasses

Inspiration: The so-called German obsession with cars

Germany had a brand new car. It was really nice, and shiny, and it smelled good – just like a new car was supposed to smell. The thing I loved most about it, though, was how Germany would spend so much time with it.

I know it was rather contradicting, especially for me. Being his eager-to-please and slightly needy lover, his new, time consuming hobby should have annoyed me. But...damn, did he look good when he leaned over the hood, ass parading in the air like a fine prize...

Ever the mechanic, Ludwig would spend most of his time in the garage, fiddling with the inner workings of his car; seeing what things did what... And even though it was highly entertaining to watch, I was getting just a little impatient when my sexual needs were left unsatisfied and neglected. So I decided to do something about it.

“Ludwigg~” I called, smirking as I leaned against the threshold. In one hand, a whip was clutched. In the other, a can of whipped cream. However, the reaction I’d hoped to get from my lover was not what was given. Germany merely glanced up, raised a brow at me, and then grunted and looked back at the engine he was dissecting.

I frowned, and looked down at the can of whipped cream. It was Low Fat – the kind we always what was the problem? Was I somehow not desirable enough? I looked back up, stared at his ass for a minute, and began to glower.

“Ludwig, if you don’t get your ass over here right now, I’m gonna call your brother,” I threatened, narrowing my eyes. Immediately he stiffened. He knew what would happen if Prussia came over, and he knew it wasn’t good. I had a feeling it would involve his brand new car getting rather beat up from extensive driving and drinking.

He looked at me and sighed, “Abrianna, I’m really not in the mood...”

I shrugged, uncaring, and allowed the whip and the can to topple to the ground. With a swish of fabric, my shirt was thrown upon the ground. I strolled over to his figure, still leaning haphazardly over the hood, and traced my fingers down his back. He unconsciously arched into my touch.

Leaning close to his ear, I smirked and nipped the lobe, growling lowly, “I really don’t care, Ludwig,” and I forcefully grabbed him and thrust him against his car.

Our hips pushed together on their own, securing themselves just as my fingers did to his hair. I pulled his face dreadfully close, but did not kiss him. He breathed heavily against my face and I chuckled.

“Ludwig...?” I whispered, weaving my other hand in slow circles on his hip and thigh.

He grunted, sounding just a little husky as my fingernail drew ever closer to his hardening length.

I smirked, “Get in the car.”

He didn’t have time to argue. I grabbed the door handle and literally threw him inside, following not far behind. He landed on his back, shocked. His elbows were bent a bit at his failed attempt to catch his fall, and his legs unconsciously spread. I situated myself between them and towered above him, noses touching teasingly.

My lips curved upward in a triumphant smile. In this position, it was near impossible for Ludwig to gain the upper hand. We were in such a confined space that every jostle brought us closer to the edge of the seat.

“Abrianna, I really – “

My lips furiously cut him off, tongue scourging at his surprised mouth as my hands tore at his uniform, “Don’t you dare, Ludwig. It’s been two weeks. Two whole weeks!” I whined, and immediately went back to kissing him senseless.

He grunted against my eager mouth and gripped my waist, bringing my chest down to his. A moment later, he pulled away with a gasp and panted, “But my car – “

I growled at him and pushed our hips together, grinding against his erection in a way I knew mesmerized him. He held in a loud moan.

“I’m gonna fuck you, whether you like it or not,” I muttered darkly. My words must have brought a strange sensation to my lover, because he was suddenly more compromising. His rough hands locked onto my hips and he dragged them down to bump into his manhood, kissing me back with a fervor I loved and desired.

My fingers tugged at his hair, knotting into his silken locks as our tongues began dancing. Clothing soon became limited; our hands seemed to have minds of their own as they shred the silly fabrics off. I had a feeling that some buttons popped as well, but couldn’t pay any attention to them.

I moaned against my lover’s chest, feeling his strong hands guide my hips over his shaft, which was now free of his confinements. We were so close to uniting, and yet Ludwig wouldn’t quite allow himself entrance.

“Ludigg...what the hell are you waiting for...?!” I ground out, glaring down at him. He bit his lip and his fingers dug into my tender skin.

“ car...!” he complained.

My glaring became more intense. Leaning forward, I pressed my bare breasts against his skin and kissed his jaw. My slim fingers gently tore his away from my hips, expertly distracting him for just long enough. Quickly, I slid onto him and began a powerful assault on his beautiful body.

He immediately arched his back, head thrown into the seat below him as he groaned. His hands found my waist again, but this time, they forced the friction higher, moving me against him in such a way that I nearly came right then and there.

His baby blue eyes were locked with mine, lust swirling deeply in them as we moved. I was sure my face was twisted just as his was, exhibiting all the pleasure I was feeling. I leaned down, and pressed my lips to his.

Our bodies continued working against each other for quite some time. We’d always get so close to our orgasms, and then Ludwig would slow down to a dreadful pace, until the immense passion dwindled just enough, before he would jostle our bodies in that sweet way once more. It made the coming all the more satisfying. With our moans, we shook the car and steamed up the windows. When it was finally done, I had a feeling the smell of sex would override the sterile new car scent. (And would that white stain ever come out of the seat fabric...?)

Panting, we lay together. Ludwig’s arms were tightly wrapped around me, bringing me close to his sweaty chest as he gasped for breath. His fingers ran through my hair, lightly tousling it in a gently, surreal way.

“...I like your car,” I told him, grinning a bit as we locked eyes.

He sighed, but couldn’t stop the smirk from coming onto his features, “It was nice, but I do have one complaint.”

I raised a brow, a tiny bit offended at the hint that my sexual drive wasn’t good enough. He chuckled at my expression and hoisted me up his body for another kiss.

“You should have brought that whipped cream...” he muttered against my lips.

I could only laugh. I promised we’d use it next time.

Friday, April 15, 2011

An England Baby Daddy -- Plans Gone Awry

Character: England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Sarah Williams, represents Nova Scotia

// Prologue //

“You are not going alone,” Francis said sternly. I couldn’t really take him seriously when he had that face, so I merely rolled my eyes and sighed.

Rocking back on my heels, I claimed, “Does it matter? It’s my own birthday, right?” before France could answer my rhetorical question, I continued, “So I can do whatever I want.”

He groaned and shook his head, “Non, mon soeur! You will look positively pathetic!”

I’d had quite enough of talking to Francis. Without another word, I began to leave.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, maybe I will get a date. I already have someone in mind, anyway,” I told him, wicked grin alighting my face.

He studied me suspiciously, narrowing his eyes in my direction and asking, “Who is it?”

Before the door shut on his face, I giggled and purred, “England, sweet England...”

Francis began freaking out...but was cut off as soon as doorknob smacked into his nose.

// How It Happened //

I’m sure I looked absolutely evil in France’s eyes, hanging off England’s arm. But I had to admit that we were a smart couple. With our matching green eyes and light hair, many people stared at us, and I was sure I saw some form of adoration in their gazes.

I smoothed out my dress, which was a silky forest green color, and smiled up at Arthur. There was a small blush upon his cheeks that I found to be the cutest thing.

“Thanks for coming with me, Arthur,” I told him, grinning over at Francis’ depressed figure, “It really helped me get back at France for ordering me around all the time.”

The words sprouted from my lips without any thought, and they were only half true. (Because obviously, there was another reason I wanted to go with England so badly.) Arthur stopped and raised a brow at me, but I could see hurt in his eyes, regardless of his seemingly passive expression.

“That’s why you asked me to be your date?” he asked, voice strong, but also slightly weak.

I backtracked immediately, “No! I mean...that was part of the reason, but I would’ve asked you...anyway...because I, erm...” I coughed uncomfortably and tried to stop myself from spitting out the secret I’d kept so long. My infatuation with Arthur was not something I wanted France to know about, lest I not see the object of my desire again. (I knew what Francis was capable of.)

Fortunately, Arthur acquiesce and didn’t press for the rest of my sentence. However, there was a glint in his eye as though he knew what I was going to say anyway, and that was what had me on edge. I didn’t want to admit it, but that wicked spark was rather lustful...

“So you want to get back at France, hmm?” he suddenly asked, pulling his arm around me and forcing a blush upon my face. I shivered at his breath, which tumbled down my neck as he whispered, “I know of a way to make him furious.”

I caught on immediately, perhaps because as soon as he finished speaking, his hand traveled indiscreetly to my butt and he gave me a pinch. A small yelp left my mouth, and my face flushed bright red.

He chuckled and took my arm, leading me toward a back room expertly and secretly, as though he had done this many times before. That thought alone made me pause a bit, but I couldn’t dwell on the matter for long, because as soon as Arthur’s lips touched mine I was a goner.

We were in a small bedroom, most likely for guests. The lights were very low, and gave the room a startlingly romantic pallor. I slowly looked up into Arthur’s eyes, saw the lust pooling in his orbs, and slid away from my self restraint. In the next moment, I was grabbing his neck and pulling him in for another, deeper kiss.

“Mmmhphh,” he grunted, as I pushed him onto the bed. Crawling up to him was no difficult feat, for I’d imagined it enough in my dreams. I went along with those stray dreams, pressing down the buttons of his shirt as I did in my mind. As soon as they were all free, I all but ripped it from his body in anticipation.

“Impatient, aren’t we?” Arthur asked with a chuckle. I merely grinned, eyes turning predatory, and he blushed a bit at the sight. With a small, delicate shrug, I told him, “I figure if we’re doing this to get France angry, we might as well do it right.”

Something flashed in his eyes, but I couldn’t read it. I don’t think I was meant to, because a moment later I was flat on my back, and England was hovering over me with a dangerous smirk.

“Hmmm...” he trailed his hand over the soft skin of my shoulder, lightly caressing the straps of my dress, “I suppose you’re right,” and with that, he lowered his lips onto mine in another mind blowing kiss.

I was so taken by his force that I hardly noticed the rest of his hands dealing with our clothing. Before I knew it, cold air was hitting my heated body, and I found my dress being torn off. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down for another kiss, putting my own hands to work on his pants.

Our clothes fell away rather quickly, until finally, our nude bodies rubbed together in blissful friction. I moaned into his lips and tugged at his hips, feeling more aroused than ever.

With another husky chuckle, Arthur moved his weight onto his arms as he towered over me. He leaned in, pressed his lips lightly to mine, and at the same time eased himself into me. My only response was a hiss of pleasure and an arch of my back.

Locking my arms around his neck, I moved with him, rocking back and forth intrinsically as we drew nearer and nearer to our finish.

“Ahh! Arthur...I think...! I think I’m gonna cum!” I moaned, voice carrying throughout the room as England increased his speed above me.

He moaned wildly in my ear and rushed to catch up. The next few minutes were spent on the edge of heaven; rising, rising, rising...and then slowly flying back into reality as Arthur pulled out from me and collapsed.

“Haa....damn...” he muttered into the skin of my neck, and drew me as close as possible to his slick body, “I’m so in love with you.”

His words surprised me, but elated me at the same time. I laughed happily and nodded, “So am I under the impression that we didn’t fuck because of France?”

He hummed in my ear, and I kissed his jaw, “...Good. Because I’m in love with you, too, Arthur.”

And as he pressed our lips together more heatedly, my heart soared.

// How You Found Out //

Pregnancy test in my hands, I stared listlessly at the far wall. My face remained completely neutral, and so did the rest of me. I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to feel. Surely not happy, because it was a mistake...right? It was a quick roll in the hay – it didn’t even matter that our love was confessed by the end of the evening, because it all meant the same thing. We went in it for the physical pleasure, and that was all that was supposed to be achieved...right?

So if I didn’t feel happy, then ultimately the only other emotion to feel was sadness...which didn’t make a whole lot of sense, either. All in all, I had absolutely no idea where to turn, so I called the man who put me in this situation in the first place. If anyone knew what to do, it’d be Arthur Kirkland, the epitome of calm and collected.

Now I just had to figure out what to say...

// How You Told Him //

“Mon Dieu!” Francis exclaimed, pushing a frazzled, and slightly angry looking Arthur into the room, “Stop complaining, you silly cochon! This is important!”

I twisted my fingers together, and cleared my throat. The argument that Arthur was undoubtedly about to dispute died on his tongue; he turned toward me, and all his anger turned to confusion.

“Sarah? What are you going here?” he asked, walking over to me.

I patted the couch beside me and he sat, measuring my calm expression. With a wave of my hand I told France to go. The self absorbed nation made a noise and closed the door on us, “Try not to make a fit, Angle-terre. I knew the news is rather...frightening...” he scowled a bit, clearly displeased, and I giggled.

As soon as France was gone, England turned to me, “Sarah...?”

I took his hand gently and stroked my thumb over his smooth, pale skin, “France isn’t very pleased with us.”

Immediately, Arthur’s face paled, “Does he know what we did...?”

I nodded silently, and watched as Arthur flew from the couch in a flurry of anxiety. He turned to me, “Did you tell him?!”

I looked away, “...I had to.”

He sighed, “Why?”

I turned to stare at him, a hint of a smirk dawdling in my eyes, and he stiffened at the odd expression upon my face. With a grab, I pulled my lover back onto the couch and laughed a bit, “Because, silly; something else happened during that night. I figured Francis would find out sooner or later anyway. When my belly gets bigger it’ll be hard to keep a secret.”

He sharply looked at me, eyes narrowed a bit, and wondered, “You’re not pregnant, are you?”

Again, I shrugged, smirking, “And if I am? Are you going to leave me?”

Secretly, it had been a topic I’d keep going back to during the last couple of days. The thought of undertaking this pregnancy alone was quite frightening. It was all I could do to keep my collected expression upon my face, and not let anything else shine through.

I didn’t think it worked very well, because Arthur’s lips were slowly curving into a grin, and in response, mine were as well.

“That’s great!” he whispered, taking both my hands and holding them to his heart, “I can’t believe...I’m going to be a father...!”

I smiled broadly and nodded, “You’ll be a good father. Because you’re a good man, Arthur, and I love you,” I murmured, hugging him closely. He buried his face into my shoulder and chuckled to me.

“I love you, too,” he whispered, and kissed my cheek.

// Epilogue //

“James, eat your soup,” Arthur whispered at him, eyeing the half finished dinner before his son. I giggled a bit and patted James’ head.

“Take a few more bites and then you can get down,” I told him, ignoring the betrayed look my husband sent me.

James was six years old, and quite the delinquent. He was always looking for ways to get around things. His attitude reminded me a bit of Arthur’s during his punk rock era. I giggled more at the thought.

“What are you laughing at?” Arthur grumbled, stirring his own soup.

I shrugged, “He’s so much like you,” I told him, smiling.”

Arthur shrugged, smiling a bit back. His hand touched my stomach, which was getting bigger by the day, “Let’s hope these two have your personality.”

I grinned and leaned over to kiss his cheek, systematically ignoring the disgusted noise Francis made at the other end of the table. I had a feeling Arthur flicked him off, but before I could pull back to see, my husband turned my chin to kiss me more solidly on the mouth.

“Not at ze dinner table!” France exclaimed, standing up, “Honestly, Angle-terre, you have zero tact! I’m going to go find little James and teach him what true love is~!”

...Arthur nearly snapped the spoon he was holding right in half. I held in a smile and shook my head, “Don’t worry, Arthur. Since James is so much like you, France will probably come back with a bruised nose.”

That calmed him down. With a light chuckle, he nodded, “Yes, well, I suppose you’re right. Perhaps our newest children should have my attitude.”

...I didn’t say anything. Clearing my throat, I tried to ignore the next betrayed look Arthur shot at me.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Switzerland Lemon -- Breakfast On The Patio

Character: Switzerland

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Alyssa Fentey, represents the Bahamas

Inspiration: Vash's sexiness surpasses inspiration...lD

Vash was not in bed when I woke up. In annoyance, I rolled over, only to find the spot beside me cold and empty. The Swiss was no where to be found.

Several thoughts invaded my mind. I knew Liechtenstein was visiting Hungary’s house, so she wouldn’t be with Vash. Unfortunately, I could think of no other reasons for his absence, so I decided to get up and find him myself.

I yawned and lazily tied my blue silk bathrobe around my figure. I patted down my hair as I strode from the room, and wiped the sleep from my eyes as I neared the end of the hallway.

My lover’s house was rather large; there were so many rooms in it that it was very easy to get lost. I had only just gotten used to it, and so I was still unsure of which path was the quickest to the kitchen. Guessing blindly, I took a left.

I passed many portraits of various men of Swiss descent, and a few of Vash himself, handsome and serious upon the wall. My face was alight in a cheeky grin by the time Ihad found the tiled floor of the kitchen. Surprisingly, however, he was not there.

I frowned, glanced around a few times, and made a noise. He couldn’t have gone far, for he never left his house unless he absolutely needed to. Guessing blindly again, I peered outside the glass doors...and found him sitting on the patio, tea in hand and gazing out at the lush scenery.

There was a tray before him, but it was untouched, and had a silver cover to keep whatever was inside warm. I smiled a bit at the picturesque image, and stepped out onto the stone patio.

Vash evidently did not realize I was there until I slid into the seat beside him. He coughed a bit in surprise, and put the teacup on the tray, “Alyssa...what are you – “

“Imagine what come over me when I woke up this morning,” I grinned a bit at him, watching his cheeks blush, “Only to find my lover gone, and the bed absolutely frigid.”

He cleared his throat, looking away as the blush on his cheeks got worse. I could only guess that he was remembering last nights antics in the bedroom. At the thought, I giggled.

Vash said nothing in return – probably because he was speechless at the memories. He leaned back, and proceeded to ignore the fact that I was sitting right next to him. His efforts had me struggling to hid a laugh.

“Is something funny?” he asked, annoyance clear in his accented voice.

I turned to look at him, smirking, “No. You’re just so adorable when you’re embarrassed.”

He stiffened and I giggled some more. Lightly stroking his hand, I murmured, “You know, Vash, you don’t need to be uncomfortable about what we did. It’s only natural for a man and a woman to pleas–“

His hand was torn from my grasp and was thrown against my lips in a vain attempt to shut me up. His face, so red now, was turned stubbornly away in order to save his last scraps of dignity.

What Vash was not waiting for was the arrival of my tongue on his hand. Slinking casually over his fingers, I watched in amusement as my lover became more and more tense. To my surprise, however, he did nothing to remove his hand. I smirked and allowed my fingers to crawl up his wrist.

Turning it over slightly, I pressed my lips against the vein and felt a shiver wrack through his body.

I glanced up at him, “Vash...I think I want a recall of last night. My memories are a bit...hazy...”

Apparently, that was all I needed to say, for he felt exactly the same. The one thing I learned about Vash was his much needed sense of control and superiority. It was easy to make him feel comfortable when he was the one calling the shots, so it was quite easy to get what I wanted without being too dominant.

He brought our faces close for a kiss, passionate and aggressive as our tongues worked against each other. Fingers clasping onto my shoulders, Vash pulled me into his lap. I slid right upon his manhood, which was just beginning it’s uprising, and began grinding on it. The feel of him getting harder and harder was enchanting.

His uniform was quickly becoming looser and looser. With skillful fingers, I tugged at his collar and popped the first few buttons. My fingers slunk into his shirt, dipping down and getting rid of the other buttons as well as I did. With hasty, needy lips, I kissed his bare chest.

A small moan escaped his lips, and his face turned bright red. His arms slid from their place at my waist, to a more useful place at my breasts, and through the thin fabric of my bathrobe he began massaging me. I moaned, kissing him deeply, and pushed against his Godlike hands.

Our endeavors were quickly getting hot. The danger of someone randomly walking outside was tangible in both our minds, but that danger was what fueled our passionate desires in the first place. Unconventional, we continued with a slow removal of clothing, savoring in each touch, kiss, and stroke every new movement created.

“Vash...” I whispered, loving how his name sounded from my lips. He did too, apparently, because his actions immediately got faster. He grabbed my hips, and pressed me down against his hardened length.

I keened at the feel of it, poking so diligently through his pants. I especially loved how I was the one to make him this way; to make him want me so badly. I nibbled on his jaw just as the last of our clothes disappeared and we were left utterly naked on the bench.

Though overcome by lust, Vash still somehow found a way to distract himself. Voice even more accentuated, he ground out, “Liechtenstein might walk in on us.”

I shushed him with a swift grind of our hips and a drawn our kiss. As though he hadn’t said anything, Vash grabbed my hips tightly and I whispered, “I want you now, Vash.”

Raising above him, we shared a moment of connection as our green eyes met. In the next instant, I was being pounded down on him, sheathing him within me with so much fervor, I could barely breath.

He did most of the work, grip tight on my waist as he bounced me on his lap. I wound my arms around him and moved as well, until we had gotten a steady rhythm going. Vash threw his head back, and moaned loudly.

It took the opportunity to litter his neck with kisses. I dragged my tongue along his jaw, down to his Adam’s apple, and back up again. Jerking against him faster than ever, we were both shaky in undisclosed passion by the time our orgasms caught up to us.

“Alyssaaa~!” he groaned, head still thrown back as he writhed in pleasure. He was gripping me so tightly that I knew there would be bruises tomorrow. But I couldn’t even give it another thought as I came as well. In a matter of moments, so short and yet so drawn out, we were slowly lowered from the high level of ecstacy to reality.

“Vash,” I moaned lustfully, drawing him in for one last kiss as we departed from our orgasmic rushes. Soon, all movement had ended save for that of our lips, molding together like puzzle pieces as our tongues battled.

It was a while before either of us could find the strength to move, but eventually I ended up beside him once more, clad loosely in my bathrobe as he threw his boxers back on. To my utmost pleasure, that was all he clothed himself in, and I snuggled up to his bare chest in satisfaction.

“I...ah, made you breakfast,” he muttered, blushing a bit as the latest memories rushed into his mind. I grinned and he finished, “Though I suppose it’d probably cold by now.”

I shrugged carelessly and kissed his shoulder, “That’s ok. I had something even better for breakfast~”

He blushed even more.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Germany Lemon -- Red Stilettos

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Victoria Anne Davenport, represents Falkland Islands

His tongue dragged across my neck as he trapped me against the wall. Pushing me so far against it, I could feel his hard, muscular body flush against mine. I held in a gasp as he bit down on my tender skin, leaving a bit red mark in his wake. He pulled back, and stared at me.

The force of his blue eyes had me shaking, caught between the hardness of the wall and the hardness of him. I craned my head back so that I could study his strong features, and gulped.

Surprisingly, he was gentle. His hands were rough and calloused, but his actions were soft and calm. He eased my chin up with one finger, and lightly pressed his lips onto mine in the sweetest of kisses.

“Ludwig...” I breathed, voice unbalanced as the rest of me, “...I...I really want – “

His lips pressed harder against mine, systematically cutting off my words and forcing me farther up the wall. I felt the silky feeling of his tongue slip over my bottom lip, and I couldn’t even think about denying him.

“What do you want?” came his heavy accented voice, lusty and deep from the contact we were enforcing. His hands gripped my waist, and he pulled back just enough to hear what I had to say.

I stayed silent for a moment, because my brain was so muddled and unclear that I wasn’t positive he’d spoken at all. After a few seconds of silence, save for the seemingly loud beating of our hearts, I groaned and whispered, “You.”

And just like that, our lips were melded together once more, and I was being pushed ever so higher up the wall. His hands trailed down my waist, past my lips, and finally locked just below my knees. My legs were pulled out from underneath me and tangled at his sides as he pushed our chests together firmly.

“That’s good,” was all he said, and pushed our lips together once more in a passionate, desirable kiss that left us both breathless.

I put my hands to good use then, running them through Ludwig’s soft blonde hair. He was so exotic – so beautiful and otherworldly. With a small moan, he pushed his tongue into my mouth and began exploring.

My legs locked together around his waist, and I gripped the lapels of his uniform tightly as his hands began moving. Up my waist and stomach they went, until my clothed breasts were being massaged so deeply I had to pull out of the kiss to catch my breath.

“Oh...God...” I moaned, pushing my breasts against him as much as possibly. His hands were like magic, roughly scourging the tip of my nipples before going farther, pressing my breasts together and pulling them apart, on and on until I was so relaxed I felt like I was in heaven.

Somewhere in between moaning and massaging, our lips connected again, me powerless and him dominant, until finally he grunted and said, “Stand up.”

It took me a moment to realize what he wanted, but when I did, I gladly unsecured my legs from his waist and he helped me into a standing position. He grasped my hands and led me farther into the room, stopping just before his bed and turning to me. One look as all I needed; I all but jumped onto the bed in my haste.

I looked up at him, but to my surprise he didn’t follow me. Instead, Ludwig stood there, hard eyes measuring me. In a lustful voice, he ordered, “Strip.”

I shivered at the tone he used. It was as though he was giving commands to a soldier. With shaky fingers, I nodded and began unbuttoning the rest of my dress. The silky material slid off my shoulders first. I was wearing no bra, for there was already a built in one in the dress. I had to look away from the intensity of the German’s stare as my breasts came into view.

I reached behind me and finished with the buttons, finally sliding the rest of the dress from my flustered figure. I wriggled out of it as gracefully as I could, and soon I was only wearing stockings, panties, and stilettos.

I could practically see the self-restraint Ludwig was battling with. He stared at me sternly, impassively, and yet with so much desire he couldn’t deny it. His fingers twitched.

I smirked coyly and shuffled over to the edge of the bed. Once I’d reached his still form, my fingers got to work. He allowed me to undress him – to smooth out his uniform until it was gone from his built form. I slid my hand over his chest and saw to the button first, popping them slowly and making sure he was suffering at the speed.

The top of his uniform quickly fell to the floor. I swallowed thickly at the sight of his muscular chest, though it was still hidden by his black tank top. He tilted my chin up and smirked before pulling his shirt off with graceful hands, and then gestured to the rest of his clothing.

I ran my hands down his chest – he shivered and resisted the moan on his lips – and tantalizingly loosened his pants with slow, exacting fingers. I could already tell he was hard, because the dent in his pants was not one that could be forgotten. I unzipped his pants and pulled them away.

His boxers didn’t hid his erection very well; it sprung up wildly and caused blushes on both our parts. My hands drifted over his hipbones and I kissed the rim of his last remaining piece of clothing.

“...Victoria...” he murmured, staring at my pleadingly. I’d never thought I’d see such emotion in his eyes, and it was a big turn on for me. Without another thought, I tugged his boxers off and immediately began pleasuring him.

He was larger than I’d thought he’d – so big, in fact, that I could hardly fit the tip of him into my mouth. I addressed the other parts of his manhood with my hands, twisting them around his shaft as my tongue massaged the front.

He let out a deep, drawn out moan and grabbed onto my hair, pulling me as far against him as he could and pumping in and out wildly. I moaned against his erection and he gripped me tighter.

Before I knew what was happening, he came into my mouth. I inhaled his cum and swallowed the sweet liquid as it made it’s way down my throat. Oh God...he tasted good...

By the time I had cleaned him up and licked him one last time, Ludwig was staring so lustfully at me I felt my legs shaking with the mere pleasure of his eyes. I shifted away from his erection – because it was still an erection, believe it or not – and smirked up at him with sly, cunning eyes.

That seemed to do it; suddenly, I was grabbed and torn from the bed. I gasped in shock when I found myself kneeling at the side of the bed, face pressed against the mattress and feeling very vulnerable with my bum in the air.

My stockings were harshly torn away, down to my knees. They were left like that, probably because it would have taken too long to completely dispose of them. My panties came next – the wet material was also forced down to my knees. The cold air that hit my precious area had me gasping.

“Ludwig...?” I asked, shaky and wondering. His hands were had my waist, pulling my legs onto the bed. I was forced into a higher position, and I knew exactly why. A moment later, his hardened shaft was sliding into me from behind.

I arched my back at the wonderful feeling, hands clutching tightly to the blankets on the bed, and pushed against him as much as I could. Ludwig was grunting in satisfaction by the time he’d buried himself deep within me, and no sooner was moving in and out at an immensely fast pace.

“Luuddwiggg!” I screamed, face twisted in blissful pleasure. More moans filled the room as he continued, ramming into me relentlessly.

By the time he was finished, I was panting so hard I thought I might start hyperventilating. My body was going wild – jerking and pushing against him as I sped toward my end. It didn’t take long, for we were already feeling so ready that our orgasms ripped through us without thought.

After what seemed like ages, he pulled out, still breathing heavily. I moaned and tiredly fell forward, burying my face in the blanket as I snuck a peek at the man before me. He looked heavenly; his blonde hair, once so neatly brushed back, was now falling into his eyes. His body was shining in sweat and his chest was moving rapidly as he tried to catch his breath.

Our eyes locked together then, in a moment of intensity. Then, Ludwig moved his eyes to the rest of me, laying exhausted and delicious on his bed and covered in sweat as well. He gazed at my breasts, heaving up and down, and at the bundled tights and panties still not completely off of me. And those red stilettos...still latched upon my feet in such a delightful way...

“Get on your back,” he ground out, manhood twitching.

I shivered and smirked, complying, and it started all over again.

Friday, April 1, 2011

An Austria Lemon -- Thunderstorms Are Huge Turn Ons

Character: Austria

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Natalia Tay, represents Singapore, afraid of storms

Inspiration: Austria's complete and utter nobility~

Head curled up in his collar, I whimpered. His arms were snugly wrapped around me, tightening each time I squeaked or shivered. As another loud roll of thunder filled the room, he brought me ever closer.

“’s just a noise...” he whispered to me, pampered voice filling me ears and killing the frightening sound of the storm.

I made a noise and snuggled even closer to him, my fingers grasping onto his blue shirt tightly. I knew Austria was probably tired. Hell, I was exhausted. But I couldn’t sleep through a storm, no matter how small it is, and Roderick knew it.

“Y-you c-can go to b-bed, you know,” I stuttered, but my clutch on his shirt only heightened at the thought of him leaving me.

He knew how scared I was, because he was already very used to said fright. I’d been living with Austria for years now, and we were very used to each other.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he gently chided, holding my face in his hands and sighing. He leaned forward, pecked my lips lightly, and sighed, “Come on. We’ll sleep together tonight.”

Thought we were in a relationship, we rarely slept in the same bed. Intimate contact was something Roderick stayed away from. (He claimed it was improper for an unwed man and woman to fraternize.) I often wondered if Hungary and he had such a deep relationship, but then tried my hardest to stop thinking about it. Mostly because the thought of Austria with another woman made my blood boil.

Roderick lightly picked me up, securing his arm beneath my knees as he carried me through the halls toward his room. I clutched onto him for dear life as we passed one particularly large window. The rain pelted against it wildly, and I whimpered once again at the sound of branches keening against the glass.

Austria made no sound as he shut his bedroom door and laid me upon his bed. He sighed, gently pushed a strand of hair from his eyes, and turned around, “Close your eyes; I’m going to change.”

I curled up on my side and closed my eyes. When Roderick was sure my lids were tightly shut, he began undressing. The sound of fabric hitting the floor had me on edge the entire time, and I couldn’t help but peek here and there. At one point, Autria’s muscular back was bare, and I felt my fingers twitch in anticipation. How I longed to run my nails down that flawless skin!

My eyes slid closed again when he turned around. I think he knew I’d been watching, because there was no way I could lessen the smirk playing at my lips.

“Mmm...Austria, what a fine body you have...” I murmured to him, delighting in the feel of his eyes staring into my figure. I snuggled into his pillow, breathing in his wonderful scent, and continued slyly, “So sexy...I could just...” turns out I could do many things. But before I could describe any of them in detail to my lover, I was cut off by a pair of lips needier than I’d realized.

“Natalia...?” he whispered against my lips, so deliciously I could hardly breath, “It’s your turn to get dressed.”

His reminder felt a bit like a slap in the face, but I knew Roderick, and the spark dwelling in his starling eyes told me otherwise. I dipped in, just barely touching his lips with mine, and then rolled off the bed.

“I think I’d rather sleep with nothing on,” I murmured, back to him as I lifted my shirt from my shoulders. There was an apparent aching between my legs from merely sharing kisses with him. The only thing I could think about was becoming one with the man I’d so long dreamt of. A hand on my bare shoulder stopped me, and for a moment, I thought Roderick would turn away and refuse.

But slowly, he turned me around, eyes darting down my bare breasts before returning to my eyes. Without another word, our lips met again, and his arms wound around me warmly, and he did not turn away nor refuse me.

“Roderick...?” I wondered, not expecting his welcoming embrace. He opened his eyes and smiled the tiniest bit before kissing me softly again.

“It feels be this close to you...” he softly told me, turning his lips to my shoulder and neck. I inhaled sharply at the attention and clutched at his shoulders, trying vainly to draw back the fabric he’d only just put on.

“Patience,” he whispered to me, smiling through the darkness. A flash of lightening lit up our faces in a mesmerizing sheen. Roderick leaned back and pushed his nightshirt away.

His chest stood out; a sculpted Greek God against a willowy background. The lights darting in from the clothed window were faded and dull – just enough to bring out the entirety of his beautiful figure, from the sharp angles of his face to the rolling muscles of his kneeling legs, and everything in between.

I reached out slowly, touching his chest with such delicacy as though I was discovering some new mystery only just understood. With big, soft eyes, I turned to him, only to find his own purple orbs gazing enchantingly right back.

“Lay down,” he murmured, so softly I could hardly hear, and moved a bit so I could. I was breathing hard by the time I had placed my back to the mattress, for I’d never felt so vulnerable in my life. I stared up at him with insecure eyes, and he smiled back assuredly.

He stared at my neck, fingers drifting over my collarbone and down my chest; over my taut nipples and through the valley of my breasts; across the planes of my stomach and rib cage. When he reached my pants, Roderick slowly pulled the zipper away and tugged the fabric down my smooth legs, eventually bringing the entire piece from my body. As soon as it hit the floor, Austria was crawling up me, nipping here and there with his lips, until finally – finally!– he reached my mouth and secured me in a kiss filled with all his hidden emotions and desires.

I craned my back, pushing into him, and kissed him back with equal passion. Finger tangling in his perfect hair, I felt my anxiety melt away. It was him and me, and that was all; all I’d ever need.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered through the dark, and I opened my eyes to see him staring at me. He was ready; manhood stark and needy. I let out a shaky breath and responded, “I love you.”

And that was all the confirmation he needed. A moment later, he was easing himself into me as quickly as possible, and I was hissing as pain like no other ripped through me.

As soon as he was completely sheathed within me, Roderick buried his face into my shoulders and moaned, “So amazing...”

His hips bucked intrinsically into mine, and for a moment, I thought the pain would kill me. I groaned and felt tears well up in my eyes. Austria noticed and kissed the corner of my orbs apologetically, “It will go away soon. I love you.”

I took a deep breath and nodded, “Please...start moving...”

He did, and I immediately felt pleasure override the pain, “Oh, Roderick!”

Soon enough, Austria was pounding into me so rapidly the bed was creaking and I completely forgot about the thunder and lightening taking place just outside the house.

It felt so good. His hands tightly gripping my hips, Roderick tilted me up just enough to hit the one place that sparked total bliss. I arched my back and moaned loudly, wildly telling him to keep going, and not to stop, and to hit that spot again.

Finally, after abundant noises and creaking of the bed, I came. My hips jerked and snapped against my lover’s in the most wild, natural manner. My actions forced Roderick to come as well. A moment later, we were sharing the last of our hoarse moans and making our love into concrete ecstasy.

“That was...” I trailed off, not even know how to describe it. It was better than ‘great’ or ‘amazing’ or ‘out of this world’. Roderick chuckled and brought me close to his chest, pants in sync with mine as we secured the blankets around our exhausted bodies.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, kissing my cheek and sighing contentedly.

I smiled and nodded, whispering a barely coherent, “...Beautiful...” back before falling into a much deserved slumber.