Friday, April 1, 2011

An Austria Lemon -- Thunderstorms Are Huge Turn Ons

Character: Austria

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Natalia Tay, represents Singapore, afraid of storms

Inspiration: Austria's complete and utter nobility~

Head curled up in his collar, I whimpered. His arms were snugly wrapped around me, tightening each time I squeaked or shivered. As another loud roll of thunder filled the room, he brought me ever closer.

“’s just a noise...” he whispered to me, pampered voice filling me ears and killing the frightening sound of the storm.

I made a noise and snuggled even closer to him, my fingers grasping onto his blue shirt tightly. I knew Austria was probably tired. Hell, I was exhausted. But I couldn’t sleep through a storm, no matter how small it is, and Roderick knew it.

“Y-you c-can go to b-bed, you know,” I stuttered, but my clutch on his shirt only heightened at the thought of him leaving me.

He knew how scared I was, because he was already very used to said fright. I’d been living with Austria for years now, and we were very used to each other.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he gently chided, holding my face in his hands and sighing. He leaned forward, pecked my lips lightly, and sighed, “Come on. We’ll sleep together tonight.”

Thought we were in a relationship, we rarely slept in the same bed. Intimate contact was something Roderick stayed away from. (He claimed it was improper for an unwed man and woman to fraternize.) I often wondered if Hungary and he had such a deep relationship, but then tried my hardest to stop thinking about it. Mostly because the thought of Austria with another woman made my blood boil.

Roderick lightly picked me up, securing his arm beneath my knees as he carried me through the halls toward his room. I clutched onto him for dear life as we passed one particularly large window. The rain pelted against it wildly, and I whimpered once again at the sound of branches keening against the glass.

Austria made no sound as he shut his bedroom door and laid me upon his bed. He sighed, gently pushed a strand of hair from his eyes, and turned around, “Close your eyes; I’m going to change.”

I curled up on my side and closed my eyes. When Roderick was sure my lids were tightly shut, he began undressing. The sound of fabric hitting the floor had me on edge the entire time, and I couldn’t help but peek here and there. At one point, Autria’s muscular back was bare, and I felt my fingers twitch in anticipation. How I longed to run my nails down that flawless skin!

My eyes slid closed again when he turned around. I think he knew I’d been watching, because there was no way I could lessen the smirk playing at my lips.

“Mmm...Austria, what a fine body you have...” I murmured to him, delighting in the feel of his eyes staring into my figure. I snuggled into his pillow, breathing in his wonderful scent, and continued slyly, “So sexy...I could just...” turns out I could do many things. But before I could describe any of them in detail to my lover, I was cut off by a pair of lips needier than I’d realized.

“Natalia...?” he whispered against my lips, so deliciously I could hardly breath, “It’s your turn to get dressed.”

His reminder felt a bit like a slap in the face, but I knew Roderick, and the spark dwelling in his starling eyes told me otherwise. I dipped in, just barely touching his lips with mine, and then rolled off the bed.

“I think I’d rather sleep with nothing on,” I murmured, back to him as I lifted my shirt from my shoulders. There was an apparent aching between my legs from merely sharing kisses with him. The only thing I could think about was becoming one with the man I’d so long dreamt of. A hand on my bare shoulder stopped me, and for a moment, I thought Roderick would turn away and refuse.

But slowly, he turned me around, eyes darting down my bare breasts before returning to my eyes. Without another word, our lips met again, and his arms wound around me warmly, and he did not turn away nor refuse me.

“Roderick...?” I wondered, not expecting his welcoming embrace. He opened his eyes and smiled the tiniest bit before kissing me softly again.

“It feels be this close to you...” he softly told me, turning his lips to my shoulder and neck. I inhaled sharply at the attention and clutched at his shoulders, trying vainly to draw back the fabric he’d only just put on.

“Patience,” he whispered to me, smiling through the darkness. A flash of lightening lit up our faces in a mesmerizing sheen. Roderick leaned back and pushed his nightshirt away.

His chest stood out; a sculpted Greek God against a willowy background. The lights darting in from the clothed window were faded and dull – just enough to bring out the entirety of his beautiful figure, from the sharp angles of his face to the rolling muscles of his kneeling legs, and everything in between.

I reached out slowly, touching his chest with such delicacy as though I was discovering some new mystery only just understood. With big, soft eyes, I turned to him, only to find his own purple orbs gazing enchantingly right back.

“Lay down,” he murmured, so softly I could hardly hear, and moved a bit so I could. I was breathing hard by the time I had placed my back to the mattress, for I’d never felt so vulnerable in my life. I stared up at him with insecure eyes, and he smiled back assuredly.

He stared at my neck, fingers drifting over my collarbone and down my chest; over my taut nipples and through the valley of my breasts; across the planes of my stomach and rib cage. When he reached my pants, Roderick slowly pulled the zipper away and tugged the fabric down my smooth legs, eventually bringing the entire piece from my body. As soon as it hit the floor, Austria was crawling up me, nipping here and there with his lips, until finally – finally!– he reached my mouth and secured me in a kiss filled with all his hidden emotions and desires.

I craned my back, pushing into him, and kissed him back with equal passion. Finger tangling in his perfect hair, I felt my anxiety melt away. It was him and me, and that was all; all I’d ever need.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered through the dark, and I opened my eyes to see him staring at me. He was ready; manhood stark and needy. I let out a shaky breath and responded, “I love you.”

And that was all the confirmation he needed. A moment later, he was easing himself into me as quickly as possible, and I was hissing as pain like no other ripped through me.

As soon as he was completely sheathed within me, Roderick buried his face into my shoulders and moaned, “So amazing...”

His hips bucked intrinsically into mine, and for a moment, I thought the pain would kill me. I groaned and felt tears well up in my eyes. Austria noticed and kissed the corner of my orbs apologetically, “It will go away soon. I love you.”

I took a deep breath and nodded, “Please...start moving...”

He did, and I immediately felt pleasure override the pain, “Oh, Roderick!”

Soon enough, Austria was pounding into me so rapidly the bed was creaking and I completely forgot about the thunder and lightening taking place just outside the house.

It felt so good. His hands tightly gripping my hips, Roderick tilted me up just enough to hit the one place that sparked total bliss. I arched my back and moaned loudly, wildly telling him to keep going, and not to stop, and to hit that spot again.

Finally, after abundant noises and creaking of the bed, I came. My hips jerked and snapped against my lover’s in the most wild, natural manner. My actions forced Roderick to come as well. A moment later, we were sharing the last of our hoarse moans and making our love into concrete ecstasy.

“That was...” I trailed off, not even know how to describe it. It was better than ‘great’ or ‘amazing’ or ‘out of this world’. Roderick chuckled and brought me close to his chest, pants in sync with mine as we secured the blankets around our exhausted bodies.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, kissing my cheek and sighing contentedly.

I smiled and nodded, whispering a barely coherent, “...Beautiful...” back before falling into a much deserved slumber.



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