Monday, April 18, 2011

A Germany Lemon -- Brand New Car

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Abrianna Triangale, wears glasses

Inspiration: The so-called German obsession with cars

Germany had a brand new car. It was really nice, and shiny, and it smelled good – just like a new car was supposed to smell. The thing I loved most about it, though, was how Germany would spend so much time with it.

I know it was rather contradicting, especially for me. Being his eager-to-please and slightly needy lover, his new, time consuming hobby should have annoyed me. But...damn, did he look good when he leaned over the hood, ass parading in the air like a fine prize...

Ever the mechanic, Ludwig would spend most of his time in the garage, fiddling with the inner workings of his car; seeing what things did what... And even though it was highly entertaining to watch, I was getting just a little impatient when my sexual needs were left unsatisfied and neglected. So I decided to do something about it.

“Ludwigg~” I called, smirking as I leaned against the threshold. In one hand, a whip was clutched. In the other, a can of whipped cream. However, the reaction I’d hoped to get from my lover was not what was given. Germany merely glanced up, raised a brow at me, and then grunted and looked back at the engine he was dissecting.

I frowned, and looked down at the can of whipped cream. It was Low Fat – the kind we always what was the problem? Was I somehow not desirable enough? I looked back up, stared at his ass for a minute, and began to glower.

“Ludwig, if you don’t get your ass over here right now, I’m gonna call your brother,” I threatened, narrowing my eyes. Immediately he stiffened. He knew what would happen if Prussia came over, and he knew it wasn’t good. I had a feeling it would involve his brand new car getting rather beat up from extensive driving and drinking.

He looked at me and sighed, “Abrianna, I’m really not in the mood...”

I shrugged, uncaring, and allowed the whip and the can to topple to the ground. With a swish of fabric, my shirt was thrown upon the ground. I strolled over to his figure, still leaning haphazardly over the hood, and traced my fingers down his back. He unconsciously arched into my touch.

Leaning close to his ear, I smirked and nipped the lobe, growling lowly, “I really don’t care, Ludwig,” and I forcefully grabbed him and thrust him against his car.

Our hips pushed together on their own, securing themselves just as my fingers did to his hair. I pulled his face dreadfully close, but did not kiss him. He breathed heavily against my face and I chuckled.

“Ludwig...?” I whispered, weaving my other hand in slow circles on his hip and thigh.

He grunted, sounding just a little husky as my fingernail drew ever closer to his hardening length.

I smirked, “Get in the car.”

He didn’t have time to argue. I grabbed the door handle and literally threw him inside, following not far behind. He landed on his back, shocked. His elbows were bent a bit at his failed attempt to catch his fall, and his legs unconsciously spread. I situated myself between them and towered above him, noses touching teasingly.

My lips curved upward in a triumphant smile. In this position, it was near impossible for Ludwig to gain the upper hand. We were in such a confined space that every jostle brought us closer to the edge of the seat.

“Abrianna, I really – “

My lips furiously cut him off, tongue scourging at his surprised mouth as my hands tore at his uniform, “Don’t you dare, Ludwig. It’s been two weeks. Two whole weeks!” I whined, and immediately went back to kissing him senseless.

He grunted against my eager mouth and gripped my waist, bringing my chest down to his. A moment later, he pulled away with a gasp and panted, “But my car – “

I growled at him and pushed our hips together, grinding against his erection in a way I knew mesmerized him. He held in a loud moan.

“I’m gonna fuck you, whether you like it or not,” I muttered darkly. My words must have brought a strange sensation to my lover, because he was suddenly more compromising. His rough hands locked onto my hips and he dragged them down to bump into his manhood, kissing me back with a fervor I loved and desired.

My fingers tugged at his hair, knotting into his silken locks as our tongues began dancing. Clothing soon became limited; our hands seemed to have minds of their own as they shred the silly fabrics off. I had a feeling that some buttons popped as well, but couldn’t pay any attention to them.

I moaned against my lover’s chest, feeling his strong hands guide my hips over his shaft, which was now free of his confinements. We were so close to uniting, and yet Ludwig wouldn’t quite allow himself entrance.

“Ludigg...what the hell are you waiting for...?!” I ground out, glaring down at him. He bit his lip and his fingers dug into my tender skin.

“ car...!” he complained.

My glaring became more intense. Leaning forward, I pressed my bare breasts against his skin and kissed his jaw. My slim fingers gently tore his away from my hips, expertly distracting him for just long enough. Quickly, I slid onto him and began a powerful assault on his beautiful body.

He immediately arched his back, head thrown into the seat below him as he groaned. His hands found my waist again, but this time, they forced the friction higher, moving me against him in such a way that I nearly came right then and there.

His baby blue eyes were locked with mine, lust swirling deeply in them as we moved. I was sure my face was twisted just as his was, exhibiting all the pleasure I was feeling. I leaned down, and pressed my lips to his.

Our bodies continued working against each other for quite some time. We’d always get so close to our orgasms, and then Ludwig would slow down to a dreadful pace, until the immense passion dwindled just enough, before he would jostle our bodies in that sweet way once more. It made the coming all the more satisfying. With our moans, we shook the car and steamed up the windows. When it was finally done, I had a feeling the smell of sex would override the sterile new car scent. (And would that white stain ever come out of the seat fabric...?)

Panting, we lay together. Ludwig’s arms were tightly wrapped around me, bringing me close to his sweaty chest as he gasped for breath. His fingers ran through my hair, lightly tousling it in a gently, surreal way.

“...I like your car,” I told him, grinning a bit as we locked eyes.

He sighed, but couldn’t stop the smirk from coming onto his features, “It was nice, but I do have one complaint.”

I raised a brow, a tiny bit offended at the hint that my sexual drive wasn’t good enough. He chuckled at my expression and hoisted me up his body for another kiss.

“You should have brought that whipped cream...” he muttered against my lips.

I could only laugh. I promised we’d use it next time.


  1. omg your an amazing writer do you think you could make me a suigetsu lemon !!! pretty please!!! XD

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  3. This was awesome! Very in character for Germany!

  4. Love it but the thing that freaked me out is that my name is abrianna......