Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Germany Lemon -- Red Stilettos

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Victoria Anne Davenport, represents Falkland Islands

His tongue dragged across my neck as he trapped me against the wall. Pushing me so far against it, I could feel his hard, muscular body flush against mine. I held in a gasp as he bit down on my tender skin, leaving a bit red mark in his wake. He pulled back, and stared at me.

The force of his blue eyes had me shaking, caught between the hardness of the wall and the hardness of him. I craned my head back so that I could study his strong features, and gulped.

Surprisingly, he was gentle. His hands were rough and calloused, but his actions were soft and calm. He eased my chin up with one finger, and lightly pressed his lips onto mine in the sweetest of kisses.

“Ludwig...” I breathed, voice unbalanced as the rest of me, “...I...I really want – “

His lips pressed harder against mine, systematically cutting off my words and forcing me farther up the wall. I felt the silky feeling of his tongue slip over my bottom lip, and I couldn’t even think about denying him.

“What do you want?” came his heavy accented voice, lusty and deep from the contact we were enforcing. His hands gripped my waist, and he pulled back just enough to hear what I had to say.

I stayed silent for a moment, because my brain was so muddled and unclear that I wasn’t positive he’d spoken at all. After a few seconds of silence, save for the seemingly loud beating of our hearts, I groaned and whispered, “You.”

And just like that, our lips were melded together once more, and I was being pushed ever so higher up the wall. His hands trailed down my waist, past my lips, and finally locked just below my knees. My legs were pulled out from underneath me and tangled at his sides as he pushed our chests together firmly.

“That’s good,” was all he said, and pushed our lips together once more in a passionate, desirable kiss that left us both breathless.

I put my hands to good use then, running them through Ludwig’s soft blonde hair. He was so exotic – so beautiful and otherworldly. With a small moan, he pushed his tongue into my mouth and began exploring.

My legs locked together around his waist, and I gripped the lapels of his uniform tightly as his hands began moving. Up my waist and stomach they went, until my clothed breasts were being massaged so deeply I had to pull out of the kiss to catch my breath.

“Oh...God...” I moaned, pushing my breasts against him as much as possibly. His hands were like magic, roughly scourging the tip of my nipples before going farther, pressing my breasts together and pulling them apart, on and on until I was so relaxed I felt like I was in heaven.

Somewhere in between moaning and massaging, our lips connected again, me powerless and him dominant, until finally he grunted and said, “Stand up.”

It took me a moment to realize what he wanted, but when I did, I gladly unsecured my legs from his waist and he helped me into a standing position. He grasped my hands and led me farther into the room, stopping just before his bed and turning to me. One look as all I needed; I all but jumped onto the bed in my haste.

I looked up at him, but to my surprise he didn’t follow me. Instead, Ludwig stood there, hard eyes measuring me. In a lustful voice, he ordered, “Strip.”

I shivered at the tone he used. It was as though he was giving commands to a soldier. With shaky fingers, I nodded and began unbuttoning the rest of my dress. The silky material slid off my shoulders first. I was wearing no bra, for there was already a built in one in the dress. I had to look away from the intensity of the German’s stare as my breasts came into view.

I reached behind me and finished with the buttons, finally sliding the rest of the dress from my flustered figure. I wriggled out of it as gracefully as I could, and soon I was only wearing stockings, panties, and stilettos.

I could practically see the self-restraint Ludwig was battling with. He stared at me sternly, impassively, and yet with so much desire he couldn’t deny it. His fingers twitched.

I smirked coyly and shuffled over to the edge of the bed. Once I’d reached his still form, my fingers got to work. He allowed me to undress him – to smooth out his uniform until it was gone from his built form. I slid my hand over his chest and saw to the button first, popping them slowly and making sure he was suffering at the speed.

The top of his uniform quickly fell to the floor. I swallowed thickly at the sight of his muscular chest, though it was still hidden by his black tank top. He tilted my chin up and smirked before pulling his shirt off with graceful hands, and then gestured to the rest of his clothing.

I ran my hands down his chest – he shivered and resisted the moan on his lips – and tantalizingly loosened his pants with slow, exacting fingers. I could already tell he was hard, because the dent in his pants was not one that could be forgotten. I unzipped his pants and pulled them away.

His boxers didn’t hid his erection very well; it sprung up wildly and caused blushes on both our parts. My hands drifted over his hipbones and I kissed the rim of his last remaining piece of clothing.

“...Victoria...” he murmured, staring at my pleadingly. I’d never thought I’d see such emotion in his eyes, and it was a big turn on for me. Without another thought, I tugged his boxers off and immediately began pleasuring him.

He was larger than I’d thought he’d – so big, in fact, that I could hardly fit the tip of him into my mouth. I addressed the other parts of his manhood with my hands, twisting them around his shaft as my tongue massaged the front.

He let out a deep, drawn out moan and grabbed onto my hair, pulling me as far against him as he could and pumping in and out wildly. I moaned against his erection and he gripped me tighter.

Before I knew what was happening, he came into my mouth. I inhaled his cum and swallowed the sweet liquid as it made it’s way down my throat. Oh God...he tasted good...

By the time I had cleaned him up and licked him one last time, Ludwig was staring so lustfully at me I felt my legs shaking with the mere pleasure of his eyes. I shifted away from his erection – because it was still an erection, believe it or not – and smirked up at him with sly, cunning eyes.

That seemed to do it; suddenly, I was grabbed and torn from the bed. I gasped in shock when I found myself kneeling at the side of the bed, face pressed against the mattress and feeling very vulnerable with my bum in the air.

My stockings were harshly torn away, down to my knees. They were left like that, probably because it would have taken too long to completely dispose of them. My panties came next – the wet material was also forced down to my knees. The cold air that hit my precious area had me gasping.

“Ludwig...?” I asked, shaky and wondering. His hands were had my waist, pulling my legs onto the bed. I was forced into a higher position, and I knew exactly why. A moment later, his hardened shaft was sliding into me from behind.

I arched my back at the wonderful feeling, hands clutching tightly to the blankets on the bed, and pushed against him as much as I could. Ludwig was grunting in satisfaction by the time he’d buried himself deep within me, and no sooner was moving in and out at an immensely fast pace.

“Luuddwiggg!” I screamed, face twisted in blissful pleasure. More moans filled the room as he continued, ramming into me relentlessly.

By the time he was finished, I was panting so hard I thought I might start hyperventilating. My body was going wild – jerking and pushing against him as I sped toward my end. It didn’t take long, for we were already feeling so ready that our orgasms ripped through us without thought.

After what seemed like ages, he pulled out, still breathing heavily. I moaned and tiredly fell forward, burying my face in the blanket as I snuck a peek at the man before me. He looked heavenly; his blonde hair, once so neatly brushed back, was now falling into his eyes. His body was shining in sweat and his chest was moving rapidly as he tried to catch his breath.

Our eyes locked together then, in a moment of intensity. Then, Ludwig moved his eyes to the rest of me, laying exhausted and delicious on his bed and covered in sweat as well. He gazed at my breasts, heaving up and down, and at the bundled tights and panties still not completely off of me. And those red stilettos...still latched upon my feet in such a delightful way...

“Get on your back,” he ground out, manhood twitching.

I shivered and smirked, complying, and it started all over again.


  1. I like this one... 0////0
    You're a really good writer. I would definately love to see some more of Japan, if you don't mind and you aren't too busy.

    Feel free to email me at:

  2. This felt a lot more realistic then it should of, because my name is Victoria X3

  3. Wow, i love how the title integrates with the story. check out my first lemon?? thank you for posting a masterpiece!!

  4. That was SIZZLING HOT!

  5. You are going to be the death of me. Seriously. A person can only lose so much blood from nosebleeds XD
    Once again you have written one of the best lemons ever! (all the ones I consider the best come from your blog, because there is truly no one who can compare to you)