Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Switzerland Lemon -- Breakfast On The Patio

Character: Switzerland

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Alyssa Fentey, represents the Bahamas

Inspiration: Vash's sexiness surpasses inspiration...lD

Vash was not in bed when I woke up. In annoyance, I rolled over, only to find the spot beside me cold and empty. The Swiss was no where to be found.

Several thoughts invaded my mind. I knew Liechtenstein was visiting Hungary’s house, so she wouldn’t be with Vash. Unfortunately, I could think of no other reasons for his absence, so I decided to get up and find him myself.

I yawned and lazily tied my blue silk bathrobe around my figure. I patted down my hair as I strode from the room, and wiped the sleep from my eyes as I neared the end of the hallway.

My lover’s house was rather large; there were so many rooms in it that it was very easy to get lost. I had only just gotten used to it, and so I was still unsure of which path was the quickest to the kitchen. Guessing blindly, I took a left.

I passed many portraits of various men of Swiss descent, and a few of Vash himself, handsome and serious upon the wall. My face was alight in a cheeky grin by the time Ihad found the tiled floor of the kitchen. Surprisingly, however, he was not there.

I frowned, glanced around a few times, and made a noise. He couldn’t have gone far, for he never left his house unless he absolutely needed to. Guessing blindly again, I peered outside the glass doors...and found him sitting on the patio, tea in hand and gazing out at the lush scenery.

There was a tray before him, but it was untouched, and had a silver cover to keep whatever was inside warm. I smiled a bit at the picturesque image, and stepped out onto the stone patio.

Vash evidently did not realize I was there until I slid into the seat beside him. He coughed a bit in surprise, and put the teacup on the tray, “Alyssa...what are you – “

“Imagine what come over me when I woke up this morning,” I grinned a bit at him, watching his cheeks blush, “Only to find my lover gone, and the bed absolutely frigid.”

He cleared his throat, looking away as the blush on his cheeks got worse. I could only guess that he was remembering last nights antics in the bedroom. At the thought, I giggled.

Vash said nothing in return – probably because he was speechless at the memories. He leaned back, and proceeded to ignore the fact that I was sitting right next to him. His efforts had me struggling to hid a laugh.

“Is something funny?” he asked, annoyance clear in his accented voice.

I turned to look at him, smirking, “No. You’re just so adorable when you’re embarrassed.”

He stiffened and I giggled some more. Lightly stroking his hand, I murmured, “You know, Vash, you don’t need to be uncomfortable about what we did. It’s only natural for a man and a woman to pleas–“

His hand was torn from my grasp and was thrown against my lips in a vain attempt to shut me up. His face, so red now, was turned stubbornly away in order to save his last scraps of dignity.

What Vash was not waiting for was the arrival of my tongue on his hand. Slinking casually over his fingers, I watched in amusement as my lover became more and more tense. To my surprise, however, he did nothing to remove his hand. I smirked and allowed my fingers to crawl up his wrist.

Turning it over slightly, I pressed my lips against the vein and felt a shiver wrack through his body.

I glanced up at him, “Vash...I think I want a recall of last night. My memories are a bit...hazy...”

Apparently, that was all I needed to say, for he felt exactly the same. The one thing I learned about Vash was his much needed sense of control and superiority. It was easy to make him feel comfortable when he was the one calling the shots, so it was quite easy to get what I wanted without being too dominant.

He brought our faces close for a kiss, passionate and aggressive as our tongues worked against each other. Fingers clasping onto my shoulders, Vash pulled me into his lap. I slid right upon his manhood, which was just beginning it’s uprising, and began grinding on it. The feel of him getting harder and harder was enchanting.

His uniform was quickly becoming looser and looser. With skillful fingers, I tugged at his collar and popped the first few buttons. My fingers slunk into his shirt, dipping down and getting rid of the other buttons as well as I did. With hasty, needy lips, I kissed his bare chest.

A small moan escaped his lips, and his face turned bright red. His arms slid from their place at my waist, to a more useful place at my breasts, and through the thin fabric of my bathrobe he began massaging me. I moaned, kissing him deeply, and pushed against his Godlike hands.

Our endeavors were quickly getting hot. The danger of someone randomly walking outside was tangible in both our minds, but that danger was what fueled our passionate desires in the first place. Unconventional, we continued with a slow removal of clothing, savoring in each touch, kiss, and stroke every new movement created.

“Vash...” I whispered, loving how his name sounded from my lips. He did too, apparently, because his actions immediately got faster. He grabbed my hips, and pressed me down against his hardened length.

I keened at the feel of it, poking so diligently through his pants. I especially loved how I was the one to make him this way; to make him want me so badly. I nibbled on his jaw just as the last of our clothes disappeared and we were left utterly naked on the bench.

Though overcome by lust, Vash still somehow found a way to distract himself. Voice even more accentuated, he ground out, “Liechtenstein might walk in on us.”

I shushed him with a swift grind of our hips and a drawn our kiss. As though he hadn’t said anything, Vash grabbed my hips tightly and I whispered, “I want you now, Vash.”

Raising above him, we shared a moment of connection as our green eyes met. In the next instant, I was being pounded down on him, sheathing him within me with so much fervor, I could barely breath.

He did most of the work, grip tight on my waist as he bounced me on his lap. I wound my arms around him and moved as well, until we had gotten a steady rhythm going. Vash threw his head back, and moaned loudly.

It took the opportunity to litter his neck with kisses. I dragged my tongue along his jaw, down to his Adam’s apple, and back up again. Jerking against him faster than ever, we were both shaky in undisclosed passion by the time our orgasms caught up to us.

“Alyssaaa~!” he groaned, head still thrown back as he writhed in pleasure. He was gripping me so tightly that I knew there would be bruises tomorrow. But I couldn’t even give it another thought as I came as well. In a matter of moments, so short and yet so drawn out, we were slowly lowered from the high level of ecstacy to reality.

“Vash,” I moaned lustfully, drawing him in for one last kiss as we departed from our orgasmic rushes. Soon, all movement had ended save for that of our lips, molding together like puzzle pieces as our tongues battled.

It was a while before either of us could find the strength to move, but eventually I ended up beside him once more, clad loosely in my bathrobe as he threw his boxers back on. To my utmost pleasure, that was all he clothed himself in, and I snuggled up to his bare chest in satisfaction.

“I...ah, made you breakfast,” he muttered, blushing a bit as the latest memories rushed into his mind. I grinned and he finished, “Though I suppose it’d probably cold by now.”

I shrugged carelessly and kissed his shoulder, “That’s ok. I had something even better for breakfast~”

He blushed even more.


  1. So hot!!! Vash is so...brash and strong

  2. Great story. It was filled with lots of romance

  3. I acually liked this because my nae is Alyssa so I enjoyed it even more than I normally do :)