Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Germany Baby Daddy -- Italian Culture

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Christina Vargas, represents Middle Italy

Inspiration: Feliciano and Romano~

// Prologue //

During Germany’s first week of his Italian vacation, he was taken aback by the cultural differences between Italy and him. As he was already good friends with Feliciano, Ludwig was used to many of the quirks of Italian life. However, some things he could never get used to. (Like the limited clothing females wore, or the strange desserts served locally, or the beaches which didn’t require any swim wear at all.) All in all, he had a lot of adjusting to do, and he hadn’t even met the other Italian siblings yet.

“You’ll like them so much,” Feliciano insisted, smiling giddily at the thought of his beloved family, “Romano is kind of a bastard, but he’ll grow on you, really!”

Germany wasn’t sure about that. (He had met Southern Italy once before, and immediately found him to be rather...distasteful.) He listened closely as Feliciano described his other relative.

“Cristina is Middle Italy, and she’s the prettiest girl in the entire world!” Ludwig watched Italy swoon. He felt a bit uncomfortable when Feliciano spoke of his own sister as such, but figured it was yet another aspect to his strange culture that he wasn’t used to. Italy continued, “I bet she’d love to take you around sometime!”

Ludwig nodded absently. He supposed he wouldn’t mind meeting the rest of the Vargas family. If anything, it would prove to be an interesting vacation.

// How It Happened //

The second week of Germany’s vacation, he was finally situated in his room and learning many things about Italy that he hadn’t known before. He was staying with Northern Italy and Middle Italy. (Romano refused to enter the house once he found out Germany was there.)

Upon his first meeting with Cristina, Ludwig found himself to be strangely attracted to her. Feliciano wasn’t lying when he said she was the prettiest girl around. She had the most luxurious amber hair. It was the nicest color Ludwig had the fortune to see, and would often have to restrain himself from reaching out and feeling the silky tresses.

“Ludwig, would you like to go out into the city with me today?” she wondered, and he snapped out of his thoughts as quickly as he had fallen into them.

He sent her a nod, “Yes. That would be fine, thank you.”

For some reason, she laughed at him. He found these Italians doing that quite a lot, now that he thought of it. It must have been some vague difference they picked up on.

He frowned, “Why are you laughing?” he asked, wanting to know for sure.

She giggled a bit more before shrugging, “Well,” she grabbed her purse and then his hand, dragging him from the house and leading him toward town, “You’re just funny – the way you talk, I mean.” At his confused expression, she hurried to amend herself, “It’s just different. You have this strict tone about you. Not many people around here are like that, you see.”

He nodded again, turning his head to study her. She truly was beautiful; he felt his heart hammer in his chest. Her hair glimmered in the bright sun. Without realizing it, he reached out to touch the shimmering strands.

She snapped her head to look at him, and they suddenly stopped. No words were exchanged, just a subtle kindness as they looked at each other. Finally, Ludwig pulled his hand back, brushing the curled piece of hair by her left ear accidentally. To his surprise, it caused an interesting reaction. Cristina pulled her head back and let out a whimper-like moan.

“God,” she muttered, and the lightness of her eyes took on a darker, strangely lustful appearance.

Ludwig blushed a bit at the sight, for it was so desirable that he found himself wanting to see more of her vaguely clad body. He jumped in surprise as Cristina grabbed his hand and pulled it back to her head, closing her eyes blissfully as she wrapped his fingers around the curl. Understanding, he began twisting it, and watched as she moaned once more. His pants grew tighter.

If ever there was a more pleasing moment, Ludwig did not know of it. It took all his self-control not to jump her right then and there. Cristina moaned lightly again before snapping her eyes open widely. She drank in Ludwig’s figure, from the shallow blue of his eyes to the apparent bulge of his pants, and slyly smirked. After another short pause, she was grabbing his hand and flying back up the steps toward the house, trip to the city completely forgotten.

Ludwig couldn’t complain, for there were now larger issues to be settled. He hardly knew how to go about it, and could only loosen his shirt as Cristina pushed him into a spare room. She certainly wasn’t shy about it.

The room was dark – the curtains hanging on the windows had not yet been opened, and so Ludwig guessed that this room was not normally visited. He felt a wave of relief hit him at the realization. If Italy had somehow walked in on them, that would be the epitome of embarrassment. His thoughts shut off as soon as he felt himself being pushed onto the couch in the center of the drawing room.

With a grunt of surprise, Ludwig surveyed Cristina. Her clothes were hanging off of her, her cleavage was clearly shown, and she seemed to have only one thought on her mind: getting rid of Germany’s pants. He couldn’t have been happier.

During Cristina’s antics, Ludwig had felt himself grow larger and larger. When his pants finally did come off, he was so rigid that he hardly knew what to do with himself. Cristina giggled lustfully at the sight of his stark manhood and inched forward, murmuring, “Tu sei più grande di quel che avessi immaginato, Ludwig.”

He didn’t know what she had said, but he knew it was something dirty. His groaned and rested his head on the back of the couch in response, and Cristina began wrapping her fingers around his dick.

It felt like undiluted heaven. Each time she jerked her fingers up, Ludwig grunted lustfully. He hadn’t felt such bliss in months, and even then, it hadn’t been nearly as amazing as this! There was just something about Italian women that made Ludwig’s body crazy.

Reaching her fingers around him, Cristina picked up her pace. Her lips found his tip and brought it into her mouth. He moaned deeply as her tongue wrapped around him, tasting his precum and massaging his slit.

“Gott,” he panted. His fingers reached forward to tangle in her hair, and before he knew it, he was pulling her head further onto his manhood, and she was sucking the daylights out of him. The next few seconds were complete heaven for Ludwig; jerking his hips slightly, he cummed into her mouth with a loud groan.

Cristina smirked and licked it up, gazing straight into Ludwig’s eyes as she swallowed. He nearly cummed again at the sight of it, and felt his manhood give another jerking twitch. Cristina giggled, “Come bene. Sto andando a farsi fottere lei ora, Ludwig.”

Again, he didn’t know what she said, but as she started shedding her clothes and climbing onto his lap, he had a perfectly clear idea of it. With a lustful smirk, he grasped onto her hips. It certainly seemed as though Italian girls were much more passionate than German ones.

// How You Told Him //

During the forth week of Germany’s vacation, he was in deeper than he thought possible. He took in Cristina’s figure with confused eyes, wondering what could possibly have went wrong. After their intimate moment together, things had seemed fine – better than fine, even. Their relationship was like a heaven-sent gift. Even Feliciano had jumped joyously around once he’d heard the news. (As for Romano, it was a different story.)

Still, as she sat there, looking as though she wanted to be anywhere else, Ludwig felt a pang in his heart. Was she regretting their mishap? Did she even think of it as a mishap? Ludwig himself thought of it more as...a fall into utter romance. But that was silly...for it had only been a stupid one night stand, after all. He knew he shouldn’t care if she was breaking it off with him; it was only a summer fling. But even he couldn’t deny the awful feelings welling up inside of him. Did she really not want him?

But the next words proved to be both better and worse, “I’m pregnant.”

Oh. She was...pregnant...with Ludwig’s child? Then that meant that she wasn’t breaking it off with him, but rather asking him to take the next step...right? Ludwig didn’t understand – he was no good at relationships. Hell, he’d never even gotten this far! One night stands were basic, but this could very well lead to marriage...

He imagined, for a moment, what such a life might be like. He could imagine waking up beside Cristina. He could picture how beautiful she’d look, laying there. Perhaps he’d get up and take a shower, or perhaps he’d stay in bed with her. Their child might wake up throughout the deliberation, so Ludwig might instead go quell the cries before they could reach Cristina’s ears. It was a peaceful scene, and a happy one; one that Ludwig could see himself being a part of.

He smiled at her, taking her by surprise. He knew she was expecting him to stand up and yell, to grab his things and leave. But he merely took her hand and nodded, sternly at ease, “I’m happy.”

And that made everything better.

// Epilogue //

A hum left Feliciano’s lips as he stirred a pot of sauce. Laughter echoed down the hallway, coming from his sister. At the sound, he grinned, “Cristina, come here and taste the pasta sauce!”

At the request, the girl immediately poked her head into the kitchen. Her eyes gleamed in excitement and she hurried over to where her brother stood, grabbing the spoon from his hand and digging it into the sweet red sauce.

“It’s delicious!” she commended, smiling broadly. Before darting back a few steps, she kissed Feliciano’s cheek hastily and handed him back the spoon. Northern Italy smugly smiled.

“Ludwig and I are leaving soon,” she told her brother, smiling sweetly at him, “Are you sure you can handle the kids?”

Feliciano nodded, “Ve! Yes! I’m going to take them into the yard and we’ll sing songs, and eat pasta, and nap until you come back with Doitsu!”

Cristina smiled, “Good, but could you wear clothes to bed tonight? Just this once?”

From the doorway, Ludwig rolled him eyes as Feliciano whined. Before he two siblings could get into a heated conversation about the comforts of nightwear (Germany knew for a fact that they both believed in wearing limited clothing), Ludwig stepped in. He gently pulled his wife’s coat around her shoulders, systematically alerting her of his presence in the room.

Both Italians greeted him with smiling faces, heated conversation completely forgotten.

“We’d better be off,” Cristina said suddenly, pulling her arms through the coat and glancing at Feliciano, “Are you sure you’ll be fine with the kids? They can be quite a handful.”

Indeed, they were. One was enough, but all three together could prove to be absolute mayhem. Even so, Cristina knew she could trust her brother to keep things under control. He seemed to have an affinity for kids.

Feliciano nodded his confirmation and leaned in to kiss his sister’s cheek. With a final goodbye, Ludwig and his wife were out the door, on their way to dinner.

“I think he’ll be fine,” Ludwig muttered, glancing back at the house. Cristina smiled and snuggled up to his side, “Mm.”

He looked down at her, brought her closer, and kissed her solidly on the mouth. “Well,” he mumbled, drawing her ever closer, “At least I know I’ll be.” His wife only giggled.

[1] Tu sei più grande di quel che avessi immaginato, Ludwig:  You’re bigger than I’d imagined, Ludwig.

[2] Come bene. Sto andando a farsi fottere lei ora, Ludwig:  Just as well. I’m going to fuck you now, Ludwig.

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A Hidan Lemon -- In Hiding

Character: Hidan

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Anne, Age 19, masochist

Inspiration: Avoiding Pain~

The Akatsuki base was silent. There was no screams or yells from any of it’s members, and a blatant sort of seriousness saturated the air. Anna didn’t like it one bit.

She wasn’t used to this level of stillness. There was always one thing or another going on. Deidara was normally chasing Tobi or bothering Itachi, and Kakuza was usually irking Hidan with his money counting...

She flipped another page of her book, almost afraid to look away from it. She wasn’t scared of being alone in the least; she was more suspicious. There must be some sort of master plan being hatched at this very moment, otherwise people wouldn’t bother to keep the silence. Since she was sitting in the Akatsuki base, Anna had a feeling this plan was something of a devious nature.

But devious or not, Anna never truly got to find out. Thinking deeply about ways to maneuver around the mayhem that would no doubt ensue, Anna hardly heard the door open until a man had already stepped into the room.

He stared at her for a while, watching the way her eyebrows were furrowed. It was clear that she was unaware of his presence, so he decided to make something of it. With a clear of his throat, Anna was on her feet and pushing a dagger into Hidan’s neck. When she saw it was him, she scowled.

“Mm. I love it when you get all bloodthirsty,” he murmured, uncrossing his arms to caress her cheeks.

She pulled away quickly, ignoring the prejudiced thumping of her heart, “You scared me is all.”

He didn’t bother arguing – he, above anyone, knew just how masochistic Anna could get. It was one of the reasons he found her to be so intriguing...and alluring. He smirked as he watched her sit back down. Her book remained useless beside her.

“Do you know why it’s so quiet?” Anna wondered aloud, not looking at Hidan. She felt his gaze on her, and it was sending shivers up and down her spine. She could only imagine how great those shivers would be if she chanced a look toward his lean figure.

Hidan shrugged, sauntering over to her seat, “I think Pein is sending people away on missions. I hear that everyone will be going.”

Anna immediately frowned at the news. She didn’t want to leave again, for she had only just gotten back from an exceedingly tiresome mission herself! She was awoken from her thoughts by a hand reaching into her vision. Anna glanced up to find Hidan a foot from where she sat. A lazy, knowing expression was etched across his face.

“Well come on, then,” he grunted, arching a brow. Anna hardly bothered for a moment’s hesitation before she grinned and took his hand. They fled the room in a hurry, Anna giggling all the way.

It was a long trip to Hidan’s room, and also one that weighed heavily upon Anna’s heart. An inner battle raged in her mind. What would happen once they reached their destination? Would they fall callously into intimate ties, just as Anna secretly wished...or would Hidan shut her out coldly? She could imagine it going either way. By the time they got to Hidan’s hallway, Anna’s heart was pounding traitorously in her chest.

The door was coming up fast – she could see the doorknob, and imagined them falling heavily into the room – “Hidan,” she stared, gulping convulsively at the mere thought, “I – “

Before she could finish, she was pushed roughly into the door, trapped between hard wood and the muscled fortress that was Hidan’s chest. He smirked down at her, as though he knew of her inner tribulations, and huskily grunted, “Pein won’t look for us here.” A moment later, the knob twisted. The way they fell into the room nearly mirrored the previous meanderings of her mind.

His lips were scorching hers not a second after the door swung shut, and she once again found herself pressed to the other side of said door. Anna could hardly keep up with him – it was so flustering, so passionate, that her mind was quickly giving way to her most inner thoughts.

She grabbed onto his silver locks to steady herself, but still was unable to do the same to her heart. It beat so erratically in her chest that she could hardly breathe. Short gasps of air filled her lungs, only to be exhaled with startling ease.

Hidan moved his lips to her ear and Anna nearly collapsed. His tongue flicked over the shell of it, darting tantalizingly back just when he felt her desirous shiver. He chuckled deeply, and it was filled with such lust that Anna couldn’t keep still anymore.

She all but threw herself from the door. Attacking his lips, Anna pushed him farther and farther toward the bed. A grin was etched upon Hidan’s features in response. He opened his mouth to say something – probably lecherous – but was cut off by Anna’s fresh set of attacks. She forcefully pushed him to the bed and smirked at him. With a brow raised seductively, Anna followed, crawling up his body and planting kisses here and there as she did.

Her fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as they tugged Hidan’s clothing off. He didn’t seem to mind, certainly; he looked quite peaceful with his arms lazily strewn beneath his head. His calculating eyes watched her movements like that of a snake, always darting from her fingers to her lips; from her eyes to her cleavage. Anna didn’t miss the attention. She found herself savoring it.

Once his shirt was finally off (he didn’t help her, the lazy bastard), Anna sent him a smirk and began untying the string that kept her own shirt up. She was not in her normal ninja clothing, since she had only recently gotten back from her last mission. Before she could fully undo the bow, Hidan suddenly flipped her over. Pressing her firmly to the mattress, he sent a leering grin toward her. “Let me,” he said, and proceeded to rip the bow undone and hasten her out of her shirt.

Anna felt only amusement at the limited hesitation that he exhibited. Her eyes laughed at him; Hidan raised a brow at her entertainment. He went to work on her pants, mumbling something about having to wear ‘blasted clothing all the time’.

Their clothes were, indeed, a setback, but luckily Hidan was quick in removing everything. Soon, the only thing covering Anna from full nudity was a skimpy pair of red panties. Hidan seemed to like the sight very much, but didn’t linger long. Those skimpy panties were soon resting in the pile of clothes along with the rest, and the silver haired ninja was wasting no time in getting down to business.

As their lips steadily worked with each other, Anna sighed. Her body was tingling with pleasure, high wired and shaking as Hidan pleasured her. His fingers had discovered much of her body already, and were not hesitant in finding more.

His tongue darted out to meld with hers, biting and sucking on her mouth as his hands played with her breasts. Their hips, too, found solace as they rolled against one another. The feel of his erected manhood was enough to send Anna into bliss.

“D’you think...Pein will find us...?” Anna wondered just as Hidan lifted her hips. He didn’t respond, but instead caught her gaze. It wasn’t that difficult to realize how little Hidan cared about Pein, even if he was their leader. Anna didn’t question him anymore as he slid into her. She merely fell into the passion that was given to her.

Hidan was pressing her hard into the mattress, but Anna could hardly complain. Moaning with pleasure, she moved her hips with his, meeting him halfway as he railed into her. He was rough, but Anna didn’t mind. In fact, she reveled in his calloused hands and hardened movements. Throwing her legs around his waist, she tilted her head back and gasped.

If she had ever experienced more pleasure, Anna didn’t remember it. This was all that mattered now; this raw passion that enveloped her very existence. How fortunate that she was here, with Hidan! More moans filled the room.

It was nearly time – she could feel herself coming to and end – Hidan clutched at her in such a way that she knew he was coming as well. With quickened paces and loud groans, they accelerated toward the edge and hurtled off of it, falling into what could only be described as pure heaven.

“Hidan!!” she screamed, ramming her hips against his and pushing him as far as he could go. He grunted in pleasure, and leaned down to catch her lips with his. Their kiss finalized the desire, and promised more of it in the future. Anna wrapped her arms around her lover’s neck and his thrusts slowed, only succeeding now in electrifying the buzzes of lingering passion.

“Damn,” Hidan grinned, breathing deeply as he pulled out of her. He collapsed beside her, throwing his arm around her waist, “I’m sure...that if Pein heard us, he’ll...keep away for a bit...”

Anna opened her mouth to respond, but a yell from the hallway overcame her voice, “LIKE HELL I WILL! YOU TWO ARE LEAVING FOR A MISSION WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!”

...A string of curses followed.


An Orochimaru Lemon -- Justifying The Means

Character: Orochimaru

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Chloe Melissa, fell into Naruto world

The dungeon was damp and dark. Everywhere she looked, Chloe could see shadowy promises that her time here would be long. She huddled close against the stone wall, closed her eyes, and tried vainly to ignore the dank coldness that crept solidly into her bones.

She wasn’t sure where she was, or how she’d gotten there, exactly, but she knew that her future was certainly not a good one. If her current situation didn’t prove that, she didn’t know what did.

Her captor was a man, but Chloe wondered if she could even call him that. He looked more like a snake than a man; a hollow shell of some long lost skin that didn’t seem to belong in this world. She convulsively swallowed at the mere thought of him, and peered around insecurely.

He’d show up in her cell at least once a day, but surprisingly, he wouldn’t do anything. He’d merely lean against the wall and watch her, face covered by long tresses of silky black hair. She’d hardly be able to make out the outline of his eyes; a glimmer was all she was graced with. After realizing that he wouldn’t allow her to see the entirety of his face, she stopped trying to sneak a peek. Nothing seemed to get by him.

Chloe had no idea why he kept her here. She knew for a fact that she was nothing special. Out of the ordinary, perhaps, since most people seemed to know how to fight and use strange spells, but nothing overly special. She was just Chloe, and nothing more.

She had sunk so deeply into her meanderings that she hardly heard the door of her cell open. When the sound of clothed footsteps met her ears, she jerked her head up to study the man. He was dressed in his usual attire: a long cream colored yukata with a purple sash. His black armwarmers seemed to recede into the darkness of the hewn wall.

“Are you hungry?” he asked amicably, but Chloe could detect a sinister undertone that made her skin crawl. She gulped again, and forced herself to shake her head.

She wasn’t sure why this was so different than normal. He’d often enter her cell and ask her some such thing. ‘Are you warm enough?’ or ‘Are you in good health?’. She had no idea why he wanted to know, but could only decide that he wanted her alive long enough to torture her. If there was one thing she learned in her physiology class back home, it was that enemies would often trick you with thoughts of friendship. But Chloe knew better; she knew that he was after something greater...something that only she had. Which, of course, made no sense to her at all. She had no power, like that of her friend Sasuke. She had nothing a ninja had. She was just Chloe; nothing more and nothing less.

“Well,” he shrugged, taking his usual leaning position on the far wall. His voice was coated in a hidden malice, just hardly covered up but the seemingly kind tones. “I believe I’ve waited long enough.”

Chloe could hardly understand what he meant by that, but she was sure it wasn’t good. Nothing good came from a situation such a this, after all. She pressed herself more firmly to the wall, wishing desperately to be anyplace else. She shut her eyes tightly as he approached her.

She was sure he was going to hit her, but no hit came. When she peered out of her narrowed eyes, he was only standing there, studying her features once more. His eyes dipped lower on her body, latching to her cleavage before sliding down. Chloe immediately reacted, “You pervert!”

To her utmost horror, the man smiled. It wasn’t how a smile was supposed to be. It wasn’t happy or joyful, but rather held a frightening glower that made Chloe shiver in disgust.

“Yes, well,” he grinned evilly, “We all have our sins.” Her horror only escalated as she watched his tug his clothes off.

He seemed to be moving in slow motion. With each pull of his sash, Chloe backed away ever more, until the whole of her back was pressed diligently to the wall. It didn’t matter, though; she already knew that she would not be able to escape.

“Well...?” he asked, raising a brow as he gazed at her. There was an urgency to his voice now; a stark reminder of what was to come. His features morphed into a smirk, “I hardly think it’s fair that you stay fully clothed.”

The gentle reminder was not gentle at all, but hard and malicious and evil. It sent Chloe spiraling into an endless pitch. She raised her head and watched as his cream colored tunic fell to the ground. She also watched as his eyes narrowed at the lack of response saturating the cell.

“I...I...” Chloe wanted to say something to make him stop, but just as she came up with the perfect words, she was dragged from the wall and was brought face to face with him.

His smirk was horrifying, and she was almost grateful when he turned her around to face the wall. At least in this position she wouldn’t have to look at him. Of course, it would probably hurt all the more...tears gathered at the edges of her vision.

“Please don’t – “ there was no use struggling now, because she knew how much more powerful he was in comparison to her. He seemed to know it as well, and wasted no time in doing whatever he pleased. Her clothes fell to the ground a moment later, ripped by a knife that also fell to the stone floor.

Her hips were lifted up and his manhood was thrust into her. It was all happening so fast that Chloe could hardly breathe. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to dispel the pleasure that the man was giving her. If only he had given her more of a choice! But even as she hated it, the secrecy and raw passion he was filling her with was forbiddenly desirable.

Mews and gasps left her lips, which were pressed hard to the cold stone. Her eyes rolled back; her fingers clawed at the separations between each hewn rock. Her body acted without thinking and rolled back to meet his heavy thrusts.

He seemed delighted that she was finally acknowledging her situation. With a deep, lustful groan he quickened his pace, wanting to hear more of her pleas. Chloe could hardly resist.

It was going against everything she believed in, but it was so amazing! His steely grip burned into her bare waist, trailing fire throughout the entirety of her body. Never before had she experienced such delight, and could only retaliate it in her clouded state of mind.

She felt herself coming long before she wished, but she couldn’t stop the coiling feeling as it scorched through her naval. As though he knew of her predicament, the man behind her picked up his pace, so that his hips were moving so fast one could hardly see them. The slapping sound of skin heightened along with the moans, until finally they were reaching their peaks and dropping right over the edge.

Chloe didn’t know if blissful was a good word to describe what she was feeling, but if certainly felt good. No word could really make sense of the twisted desires running through each body, but Chloe didn’t feel awful. Wicked, perhaps, but not terribly awful.

When the passions loosened, so did the man’s hands. They slid from Chloe waist lightly, tracing down her thigh before completely letting go. A soft whimper left her lips as he dragged himself out of her. Chloe turned her head to watch him gather up his clothes. She didn’t really want to turn around, so she stayed face to face with the wall, arms lifting to cover her breasts.

“What’s your name?” she blurted out just as he reached the cell door. She gazed at him darkly, trying vainly to force an angry expression onto her face.

The man grinned and pushed a few strands of hair from his face. She was caught off guard by his golden eyes. “Orochimaru,” was all he said, before turning and closing the cell door. Chloe listened with baited breath as his footsteps receded.

He had a feeling he’d be back by nightfall.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Germany Baby Daddy -- The Schoolhouse

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Haru, shy and sweet

Inspiration: Teaching in Germany

// Prologue //

It was a hot day, not quite as hot as summer, but not quite as cool as spring. There were flowers just beginning to form, and blue skies without any clouds. At least, that was how it had been for the past few days. Haru was, as of right now, starting to think that she had the worst of luck. She stared out the window with a glowering expression, cursing the sudden downpour of rain as it pelted the ground. Of course it had to start raining just as she’d been getting ready to leave her work. And why, oh why, hadn’t she decided to drive her car to the school? She had been so sure that it would stay sunny...

The empty classroom that had once been filled with students seemed to scream out at her in its undying silence. She glanced around, sighed, and walked back to her desk.

Haru had previously had her entire day planned out, but since it all had to do with a sunny afternoon, she knew her plans would have no solid ground now. She took her time stacking up the papers that needed correcting, and was so busy that she didn’t hear the door opening.

“...Haru?” a thick German accent wondered aloud, and it caused the poor woman to jump in surprise.

She turned to see her lover leaning casually against the threshold. Her shocked expression slowly morphed into a pleased one as she admired his appearance. He, at least, could pull off the messily wet look, even though he’d often try to stay as strict and clean as possible. Indeed, Ludwig looked rather annoyed that his hair – once so neatly brushed back – had taken sanctuary on his forehead. He unconsciously showed his discomfort as his hand kept trying to pull the strands back.

“Oh, Ludwig. You startled me,” Haru told him, feeling her shyness slowly returning. Even though they had been dating for a long time now, they were both an awkward couple. Ludwig turned to stare out the window.

“It’s raining very hard outside. Should we stay here?” he asked, and came into the room a little more.

Haru shrugged. She clipped the papers together and then slid them carefully into her leather suitcase. Even once the papers were gone, however, her desk was still very messy and haphazardly organized, “Yes, I suppose. But it’ll be boring,” she immediately started thinking about the many papers that needed work, and started to slid them back out again.

But to her surprise, Ludwig stopped her, gripping her wrist firmly. When Haru looked up to meet his gaze, she was taken aback at the steadfast determination behind his glowing blue orbs.

“I can think of a way to make it more interesting,” he murmured, and immediately Haru blushed. She had caught on right away – it was hard not to, when Ludwig looked at her that way. Still, it was rather shocking; such intimate behavior had only happened once or twice in the past, and every time it was in the bedroom. Haru knew that Ludwig could be very perverted (she had experienced the contents of his closet, you see) but she had no idea he was up to doing it in public places! She swallowed convulsively.

“I...Ludwig, I’m not sure...I mean...” Haru blushed even harder, “T-there’s still pe-people around the building!”

But this seemed to make Ludwig lust after her even more. He smirked a bit, drew his eyes to her lips, and shrugged. With a tilt of her chin, she was staring into his eyes and their mouths were suddenly very close. Haru could only close her eyes swiftly as his lips descended upon hers.

// How It Happened //

“Hmm...Ludwig,” Haru murmured, bringing him ever closer. Her desk got messier and messier as they kissed; Ludwig lifted her up to sit her upon the hard surface, and his hands began to get busy. His fingers ran up and down her body, eliciting shivers and mewing moans from her lips. Her own hands were tangling themselves into his hair, tugging at the wetted strands and trying to kiss him just as fervently as he was kissing her.

Both their faces were red with pleasure by the time clothes began getting looser. Haru’s shirt buttons were suddenly undone, exposing the roundness of her breasts to her lover’s hungry eyes. Ludwig immediately went in, capturing one hardened nipple with his lips and sucking harshly. That was what Haru needed! That pleasant cruelty that was Ludwig’s trademark style! She was his now – with another loud moan, she succumbed to him, throwing her legs around his waist and pushing their hips together.

He was hard, and it was making Haru wetter than ever. Ludwig moaned against her breast and grabbed her waist, thrusting against her through the confinements of his trousers. More moans ensued at the contact.

“Gott,” Ludwig cursed as he pulled away. He looked flustered and needy. Haru brought his head back up to kiss him as her hands began undoing his tie. A few more curses later, their clothes were in a pile by the desk, their skin was hot, and the desk was suddenly a likely prospect to lay upon. Haru wasted no time in pushing off the contents of said desk and doing just that. Her lover nearly died at the sight.

He groaned, hurriedly straddling her atop the desk, and lifted her legs up. No words were exchanged – the connection they shared was both mental and physical. Ludwig let out a relieved grunt before slamming into her.

It was tight, and oh so desirable. He could only groan at every thrust; his hips moved on their own and brought out his most basic and animalistic nature. Hips bucking wantonly, Haru threw her arms around his neck and brought him down for a kiss. Their tongues battled just as their hips did, until finally each were at their end.

Release was close; it was tangible in the air. As their hormones wildly controlled their bodies, the end came nearer and nearer, until the edge finally appeared and they both went hurtling off of it.

“HARU!” he yelled, bucking his hips with such intensity that Haru came hopelessly again and again.

“Ahh!” she gasped out, catching Ludwig into a lovingly surprised embrace as he collapsed into her arms. Their heavy breathing was all they could hear aside from the erratic beatings of each their hearts.

// How You Told Him //

Germany could certainly be frightening when he wanted to...and even when he didn’t. His face would always get stern, and his eyes would get a determined sheen to them. Haru could only watch, feeling unnerved and a bit afraid, as Ludwig paced the living room with his hands behind his back. He seemed to be trying to think up some difficult mathematic problem. She desperately wanted to go smooth out his furrowed brow, but for the safety of her nerves, she stayed quite still.

“Ludwig...?” she asked softly, leaning forward curiously, “What’s wrong?”

From the moment he had barged into their shared apartment, he had not divulged the information, and it was driving Haru crazy. She shifted in her seat, wondering if he knew about her pregnancy, and if that was the reason he seemed so off.

He snapped his gaze to her, and immediately, his eyes softened. With a light shrug, he stepped closer and sat on the couch beside her, “I’m worried about you,” he confessed with a blush, and looked away, “You haven’t been eating very well.”

Oh. So he had recognized a difference in her behavior...but he had no idea what the cause was. Haru blushed a bit and swallowed. She reached out to take his hands, and he turned to gaze at her wonderingly.

“Will you tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, brushing a strand of hair from her face as she clutched at his free hand.

She nodded, swallowing a lump in her throat. She had been thinking of this moment for days now, but even after hours or planning, she had no idea how to let her little secret out. She swallowed again, shifting her eyes anywhere but his face, and heard him sigh.

Gently he touched her, bringing her chin up so that their eyes could meet. Immediately, a blush formed upon Haru’s cheeks.

“Alright, alright...” she took a deep breath, trying vainly to calm the mismatched thrumming of her heart, “I’m pregnant.”

Ludwig stared coughing. Eyes slipping closed in slight humiliation, Haru bit her lip, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I should have been more careful – “

Her blabbering kept up for quite a while. After a few minutes of it, a finger was pressed to her lips, easily cutting her off. She opened her eyes to see her lover staring softly down at her, cheeks flushed the slightest bit in concentration. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

“Say that again,” came his fervently accented voice.

Haru nearly lost it at that. A huge smile wound up her lips, and she stared into his eyes with relief, “I’m pregnant – “

She was once again cut off, this time by needy lips that descended quickly upon hers. Tilting her head back happily, Haru laughed into their kiss. Ludwig pulled back slightly to grin at her, “I’m glad.”

There was a steadfast devotion in the way he gazed upon her, so ready to do whatever she wished. Placing one hand gingerly on her stomach, the German smiled. A whispered confession soon followed.

“Ich leibe dich.”

// Epilogue //

Laugher rang through the yard. It was boisterous and comical, much like the fleeting weather patterns above their heads. Somehow, it always seemed to be rainy whenever the family of four stepped out of their home.

“Don’t worry,” a man said to his wife, holding up an umbrella and wrestling it open, “There’s plenty of room under here.”

It was, indeed, a large haven, with room to spare. A smile was sent towards the man as a woman went to stand beside him. With the umbrella finally loose, it hovered over their heads safely. Both parents looked back to wonder where their children had gone.

“Heinrich!” the woman called, holding her hands to her mouth to accent her words, “Anna?”

When no answer came, she shrugged and sent a sheepish look to her husband, “I’ll go get them.”

He nodded, a soft look caressing his eyes as he took in his wife. “If you must,” he said, and watched her disappear into the porch.

When the twins were finally found, they were rushed out of the house impatiently. Normally, Haru wouldn’t mind if they were a little late, but on this occasion they wanted to beat the rain. In this part of the country, such a thing was near impossible.

When the three stepped out to meet back up with Ludwig, it was just starting to drizzle. They walked towards each other and jolted beneath the dry umbrella just in time. A moment later and they would have gotten pelted with the sudden overflow of rainwater. Haru let out a sigh of relief as she studied the harshness of each droplet.

An arm was quick to wrap around her shivering shoulders, and she immediately found warmth against her husband’s side. He smiled down at her and then turned to address his children, “Do you have everything? We won’t be back until late tonight.”

Nodding their small heads, the two seven year olds chorused, “Yes, father.”

It was obvious that they wanted to abandon the umbrella. They shifted on their feet and gazed longingly at the building puddles. Haru sent her husband a look, and he sternly shook his head, knowingly exactly what she wanted.

“Oh, come on, Ludwig,” she murmured, leaning in to his ear so that the children didn’t overhear, “I have an extra change of clothes and everything!” She patted the bag at the side, justifying her words. “Besides, we’d have the umbrella all to ourselves...” she trailed off questionably, smirking widely at the darkened look in Ludwig’s blazing eyes. One look at him was all it took for him to cave.

“Alright, alright,” he sighed, “Don’t go very far, children. And Heinrich, look after Anna.” Before he had even finished speaking, the two kids gave a victorious yell and off they went, courageously running into every puddle they could find.

Haru giggled at the manic sight. The two watched them for a short moment before Ludwig turned to his wife. The look on his face told her exactly what he wanted. Giggling some more, Haru all but threw her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. He gladly responded, hardly paying any attention to the umbrella as he tipped her in his arms.

Mindlessly grinning, Ludwig pulled away, only to be brought back with even more force by his impatient wife.

“Mmm. You’re making me regret leaving the house,” he told her, tightening his hold around her waist. He was rewarded with a swift kiss on his cheek. Haru pulled back from the kiss, but kept her arms firmly around him.

“We have tonight. And the next night,” she reminded him, pressing her lips against his again, “And the next, and the next...”

And indeed they did; neither felt regret as they headed off to follow their excited children.

An L Lawliet Lemon -- Eternity And Longer

Character: L Lawliet

Fandom: Death Note

OC: Ariana Bell, Age 20

Inspiration: Even a genius needs some time alone, ne?

The sounds of morning drifted in through the open window of Ariana Bell’s room. Despite it being a bright an sunny day, an overcast feeling hung heavily in the room. The emotion was accented by a calm, peaceful spell. Ariana kept her eyes closed, not wanting to break the solitude.

Indeed, said solitude was not broken until sometime later, when the sun had grown brighter in the sky. The soft shuffling of the sheets was heart against the silence, quickly followed by a drawn out yawn and a cat-like stretch. This time, Ariana’s eyes did slide open. They connected with matching dark orbs, which studied her in a lazy, subservient manner. The man laying beside her smiled fleetingly, and Ariana also smiled at the mere sight of it. In a breezy whisper, she inquired his feelings.

“Hmm...tired,” the man responded, messy black hair splaying out beneath him, “You wore me out.”

He was rewarded with a playful slap to his bare shoulder, “Lawliet!”

An indignant snort later, and Ariana was entangled in the suddenly determined grip of her lover. Chortles of laughter ensued.

“You gave me a run for my money,” Ariana promised, looking serious and yet playful. It must have been a cordial statement, for L didn’t bother to argue. He merely grinned wolfishly down at her and brushed his nose over her cheek.

It was a silent request, and Ariana didn’t ignore it. A moment later, she slid her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his.

The desire to replay last night’s ministrations was clearly tangible between the two. As the kiss got deeper, so did the vivid passions scourging through their veins. Before he could sink any lower into the warmth, however, L pulled back.

He sent her a sheepish look and went to get up, but was stopped the a brush of her hands against his chest. When he looked back down, he was overcome by the need to remain, wrapped up with his lovely woman for eternity and longer.

“Oh, damn it all,” he muttered, and leaned back in to stay.

Their kiss was getting hotter by the second, but neither complained. Throwing her legs around his waist, Ariana pushed their lower bodies together. The contact forced a deep, guttural sound to leave L’s throat. The blissful moment had Ariana pulling away from the kiss to lean back on the pillow. Her back arched desirously.

The sheet was getting rather loose. It slid down L’s hips slowly, exposing his skin to her awaiting eyes. Hungrily, she kissed his neck, biting and sucking on the captured skin before moving to other, untouched areas. When Ariana had reached his collarbone, L threw his head back and moaned.

It was a soft spot for him, and when Ariana touched him there, he couldn’t stop himself. Grabbing her hips, he buried his awakening shaft in her thighs, just grazing her entrance. She groaned and began grinding her hips against him.

Each moment was heaven for them, but when they were finally reunited, they reached a step above said bliss. Moaning and wriggling at the slow torment, their pace got faster and faster until the bed was creaking and the mattress worn.

“Nnn, L, go faster...!” she choked, pushing her breasts against his chest as he forcefully thrust her against the bed. He responded with a more powerful serious of slams. By the time he had begun to feel tired, he was nearly there.

Ariana was also nearly there, and to show her angst, her moans were steadily increasing. She gripped L tightly, digging her nails into his shoulders as she held on for dear life. They were quickly reaching the edge – they were so close, they were teetering – and finally, with one last pound from L, they both hurtled down to unspeakable depths. Both were gasping by the time their orgasms were finished.

“God, L, you really give me a run for my money,” Ariana told him, breathy and soft as they descended from their heightened passions. L tucked her snugly into his arms, holding her against his chest as they rushed to catch their breaths.

“Mm,” he agreed, smiling a bit as he nuzzled his face into her hair. He dropped a kiss upon her head a moment later.

He didn’t try to leave this time. Though L was sure people were wondering where he was, he refused to abandon the warmth he was immersed in. Snuggling closely to his lover, he sighed and closed his eyes, a happy grin etched across his face.

As long as he had her, he decided he didn’t need eternity and longer. Every single minutes was exactly that, anyway.


A Scotland Lemon -- The Hunger

Character: Scotland

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Daniela, Represents Singapore

Inspiration: High Heels

Daniela stared at her reflection. She had to admit that she went all out tonight. Her dress was so short that it rode up past her mid-thigh and just hardly covered her lacy black panties. Luckily, the bust of the dress covered much more, giving her a balanced feeling that rounded her figure nicely. Her hair was piled up atop her head and pulled into messy perfection; her eyes were dabbed with the slightest bit of shadow; and her neck was adorned with a diamond droplet that hung just above her covered cleavage. But her favorite part of her outfit was, by far, the shoes.

She had a feeling that Scotland would love them just as much. The bumped her up four extra inches and accentuated her already gorgeous legs. She usually paid quite a bit of attention to said legs, and so tonight they were shaved to utter smoothness and ready to strut around. These heels, Daniela suspected, would help her accomplish that.

On her way out of her room, Daniela grabbed her purse: a small little black bag that matched her dress perfectly. She took one last look around and shrugged. Her room was quite a mess, but she’d clean it up later. (As in tomorrow afternoon once her expected hangover was gone.) She was out the door not a second more.

Scotland was waiting for her by the front door. They’d been living together for about half a year now, and this was the standard procedure during a night out. She balanced herself carefully as she walked down the stairs, moving as gracefully as a wild cat in a tangled underbrush. Scotland turned his green gaze to her and stared.

Daniela felt naked. The way his eyes were roving her body made her feel as though he could see her – not just her dress, and her shoes, and her hair, but everything else, as well. A lustful grin wound up his lips just as his eyes finally met hers, and she had to suppress the deep shiver that ran the course of her body.

She couldn’t tell if he was trying to look like a sex God or not, but he was surely pulling it off. With his hands stuffed into the pockets of his low riding jeans, and his hair deliciously tousled as though he’d just jumped out of bed, – or, Daniela mused, wildly ravished her like he sometimes did – he looked just as desirable as she did to him. His smirk widened at her directed attention.

“You’re no’ wearin’ tha’,” he told her, suddenly appearing all too casual as he leaned against the wall. Though he seemed to be resisting the obvious train of his thoughts, Daniela knew better. Those burning green eyes spoke volumes.

“Why not?” she asked, voice light and playful because she already knew his answer. Her mouth tilted upward as she gazed at him. A hand on her hip; a leg jutting out; his eyes fastened themselves on the excess of smooth, creamy skin before tearing back up to her amused eyes.

He growled delightfully, and it sent shivers of unreserved lust up and down her spine. He pushed off from the wall and began walking to her with a prowess that belonged to a panther. “If ya don’ take it off,” he smirked, coming up to her body and pressing her into the stair railing, “I’ll ‘ave no choice but ta take it off for ya.”

Her body was screaming at her now. It wasn’t fair that he was taking advantage of this flustering moment. He knew she couldn’t think when he did this...but damn, she really couldn’t complain. His fingers were burning trails of fire through her dress, clutching at the small of her waist in such a lustful fashion that she could hardly breathe. Now, this wasn’t so bad, she told herself. So what if they missed the party? There would be plenty of others...and her arousal was something that simply couldn’t be ignored now. Neither, she decided, was Ian’s.

“Damn you,” was all she muttered before sinking hopelessly to the stairs. As he followed, Scotland muttered something that sounded similarly like ‘been there already’. But Daniela couldn’t stop to wonder at him because his lips were already crashing onto hers. She blanked.

There was something sensual about ravishing a Scotsman on a stairwell. Perhaps it had nothing to do with the man in question and more to do with the front door so close. (If anyone were to open it, they’d have quite a view.) This was dangerous, Daniela concluded, and the realization stemmed more than one pleading moans.

Still, the thought of moving it upstairs to more closed quarters felt bad. She was pretty comfortable right here, after all...and Ian didn’t seem to want to do any moving of that sort any time soon.

He growled lowly and pulled back to stare at her. His eyes were wild and intense, and all pretense of playfulness was gone: purely danger. “Stop thinkin’.” His command had her on edge, wondering; gasping; musing. But there was no way to continue her train of thoughts, because his electric eyes were coming closer, smoothly closing the space in one talented motion. His lips were back on hers not a moment too late, and her body was pressed into the steps as she focused solely on him.

It wasn’t a very difficult thing to do. Scotland wasn’t exactly an attention seeker in the way China or America was, but when his sex life was involved...well, the man knew what he was doing. Daniela was loving it.

Her fingers ran through his hair, catching the burning fire. Everything was heated between them, from their hot kiss to their grinding hips, and that fire was so unquenchable that neither could find relief that was not coated in the warmth.

“I-I-Ia-n....” she sounded strangled and in want of something else: something more than what she was receiving. Her eyes flitted open, only to get swept up in the caress of green. That one look sent trembles rocking through her, sending adrenaline to the tips of her fingers.

She leaned her head back as he moved in, nipping at the tender skin of her neck as his hands began to get busy. His touch was nothing short of mind blowing. His eyes were nothing short of hypnotic. Every squeeze of his hands had her buzzing with hardly concealed anticipation; each sharp, amused flash of his eyes had her breathing jagged, unkempt breaths. It was a roller coaster of passion, winding through emotions like the twists of metal rail; uncovering provoked desires with every jerk and snag and dive.

Their hips were bucking together, and Daniela was quickly tiring of their fabric constraints. She was so turned on, that the fact they were still completely dressed had before been pushed to the back of her mind. Now, it was resurfacing and leaving her with one mindless mantra. She repeated it over and over as her fingers reached for his trousers. Seeming to know what she wanted, Scotland pulled back and gave her more room. Her hand brushed over the insanely large dent and his breath hitched. Ohh she was going to have fun with him tonight. The look he was sending her assured her of that.

For an instant, Daniela considered toying with him a little longer. If she got such a sensual reaction by just brushing over him, she wondered what would happen if she was more direct. But then she realized how much of a problem she was sporting, and decided that the ache between her legs needed to be satiated as soon as possible. She smirked up at him and proceeded to undo his jeans.

They certainly were tight around his waist. He helped struggle out of them and threw them haphazardly behind him. His boxers, though Daniela dearly wanted to assess them next, were left alone as Ian began ripping the buttons from his dress shirt. He was rough, in that dominant, I’m-gonna-make-you-scream sort of way, which was good for Daniela. She quite enjoyed when he was in control: it was sexy as hell and guaranteed a fiery release. A few of the buttons clattered uselessly down the steps.

“Woman, don’ jus’ sit there. Get tha dress off.” His words were enunciated by a sharp glower of his clover eyes, and Daniela snapped out of her appreciative daze to get to work.

Her dress wasn’t all that difficult to drag away. Ian slid his warm hands up her thighs and began to help her out, but before the dress was completely gone, his attention swiftly altered.

His fingers hooked into the slim lacy bands that held her panties up, and the look he next sent her had her quaking in need. The dress was gone, and as there was no need of a bra, her breasts lay exposed before Ian’s hungry eyes. Blood rushed to the surface of her cheeks.

He chuckled deeply at her expression, and proceeded to slid the black lace away. Daniela swore she heard a lustful groan in the back of his throat, but she before she could find out for sure, his tongue was rubbing her wetness and all conscious thought flew from her head.

It felt so good that Daniela thought she might come right then and there. Scotland’s mouth was clever and teasing, and he conveyed exactly that as he nipped and thrust it against her. “Mmmm! Ah-I-an-!” she felt completely insane. Her back was arching off the stairs and her eyes were dilated to a point of blindness. She wondered how on earth he could make her feel high with just one little organ. Coherency rushed back for a split second as Ian pulled away to wrestle out of his boxers.

The danger had escalated since they first started. Suddenly, worries flew into Daniela’s mind. What would happen if someone started wondering where they were? What if they went looking for them? What if they saw them here on the stairwell? She turned her gaze to her lover, who was staring at her as though he knew exactly what she was thinking.

Surprisingly, he didn’t say one word. He just continued to stare at her, watching her eyes drift down slowly, across his stark and muscular chest, past his flat naval and hipbones, until they locked onto the thick erection he was suffering with. That was when everything came back to her, and the pounding between her legs reminded her that she needed this, right here and right now, and that it didn’t matter if someone opened that damned door because she was going to fuck him no matter what. Ian smirked at the change in her dark eyes and scuffled forward.

It seemed to take forever. When he was finally positioned above her, her mind went blank. She anticipated him, and was not left in want. A moment later, he pushed into her, and her body buzzed with happiness at the feeling of their united beings.

Their eyes connected, green and brown, and as he towered over her, Daniela felt a safety that had seemed foreign to her not minutes before. His rough, calloused hands latched to a step above her head as he rolled his hips powerfully. It was a feeling that was completely dominating; she felt as though she utterly belonged to him, and that emotion only stirred the intense trembles of her body. Sliding her hands up his bare chest, she latched them behind his head and sunk into the sweet, incensing romance.

A step dug into her back, but she hardly paid any attention to it. She had eyes only for him, her body was reacting only to him. Her back arched as he dug deeply into her, and a heavy pant escaped from her parted lips. He was turning her into an animal.

Scotland would have smirked at that tiny little noise, had his own throat not convulsed in a low groan. It couldn’t be helped: she always brought this out of him. He couldn’t even think of stopping now, for he was so close to that insanely perfect release that the mere thought was sour and yielding. Only one thing tamed his feral mind, and that was to hear more of those breathy little sighs that crept from his lover’s throat. With another deep thrust, he leaned down to nip at her neck. Like magic, she whimpered at the tease.

He growled at her, ripping his head back to lock eyes with her. Low and rough, his words flew from his lips, “Say it.” He watched her shiver and knew she was coming to a close. His hips began to incessantly pound into hers, and her breathy pants escalated into louder moans. “Say my name.”

One hand raced down to grasp at her hips, burning fire against her side as he pulled her against him. With the added force, he was pushed ever deeper into her, hitting areas that before were left untouched. The impact was getting too much for her, and so with a long drawling moan, she arched her back and let out a soft plead, “I-Ian....!”

His answering snarl nearly made her come. His hips only seemed to increase their intense pounds. Leaning over her, he panted against her neck, “Again.”

This time, Daniela truly did reach the edge. She was quickly rising – she was being thrown up to cloud nine right along with him. His name found refuge on her lips again and again, as though it was a mantra that she was artfully clutching. A few ramming thrusts later, and Ian’s hips began a sporadic, lazy round that brought them safely back to earth. They were left panting wildly on the stairwell, sweaty bodies intermingled as they raced to catch their breath.

“Iain...” she whispered, hardly audible. His arms were above her again, and it felt like he was keeping her in the cage of his arms. Her fingers danced along the contours of his chest. She watched as he briefly closed his eyes. The silence rang like a well deserved prize, dangling just out of reach from their spent bodies.

It took a while for them to find the strength to get up, but when they did, it was only to make their way up the stairs. There was a big bed awaiting them, after all. Danger dissipated as the bedroom door swung shut. Now, the only risk was someone barging in and discovering the lost articles of clothing scattered about the foyer. Daniela figured they could handle that, at least.