Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Germany Baby Daddy -- Italian Culture

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Christina Vargas, represents Middle Italy

Inspiration: Feliciano and Romano~

// Prologue //

During Germany’s first week of his Italian vacation, he was taken aback by the cultural differences between Italy and him. As he was already good friends with Feliciano, Ludwig was used to many of the quirks of Italian life. However, some things he could never get used to. (Like the limited clothing females wore, or the strange desserts served locally, or the beaches which didn’t require any swim wear at all.) All in all, he had a lot of adjusting to do, and he hadn’t even met the other Italian siblings yet.

“You’ll like them so much,” Feliciano insisted, smiling giddily at the thought of his beloved family, “Romano is kind of a bastard, but he’ll grow on you, really!”

Germany wasn’t sure about that. (He had met Southern Italy once before, and immediately found him to be rather...distasteful.) He listened closely as Feliciano described his other relative.

“Cristina is Middle Italy, and she’s the prettiest girl in the entire world!” Ludwig watched Italy swoon. He felt a bit uncomfortable when Feliciano spoke of his own sister as such, but figured it was yet another aspect to his strange culture that he wasn’t used to. Italy continued, “I bet she’d love to take you around sometime!”

Ludwig nodded absently. He supposed he wouldn’t mind meeting the rest of the Vargas family. If anything, it would prove to be an interesting vacation.

// How It Happened //

The second week of Germany’s vacation, he was finally situated in his room and learning many things about Italy that he hadn’t known before. He was staying with Northern Italy and Middle Italy. (Romano refused to enter the house once he found out Germany was there.)

Upon his first meeting with Cristina, Ludwig found himself to be strangely attracted to her. Feliciano wasn’t lying when he said she was the prettiest girl around. She had the most luxurious amber hair. It was the nicest color Ludwig had the fortune to see, and would often have to restrain himself from reaching out and feeling the silky tresses.

“Ludwig, would you like to go out into the city with me today?” she wondered, and he snapped out of his thoughts as quickly as he had fallen into them.

He sent her a nod, “Yes. That would be fine, thank you.”

For some reason, she laughed at him. He found these Italians doing that quite a lot, now that he thought of it. It must have been some vague difference they picked up on.

He frowned, “Why are you laughing?” he asked, wanting to know for sure.

She giggled a bit more before shrugging, “Well,” she grabbed her purse and then his hand, dragging him from the house and leading him toward town, “You’re just funny – the way you talk, I mean.” At his confused expression, she hurried to amend herself, “It’s just different. You have this strict tone about you. Not many people around here are like that, you see.”

He nodded again, turning his head to study her. She truly was beautiful; he felt his heart hammer in his chest. Her hair glimmered in the bright sun. Without realizing it, he reached out to touch the shimmering strands.

She snapped her head to look at him, and they suddenly stopped. No words were exchanged, just a subtle kindness as they looked at each other. Finally, Ludwig pulled his hand back, brushing the curled piece of hair by her left ear accidentally. To his surprise, it caused an interesting reaction. Cristina pulled her head back and let out a whimper-like moan.

“God,” she muttered, and the lightness of her eyes took on a darker, strangely lustful appearance.

Ludwig blushed a bit at the sight, for it was so desirable that he found himself wanting to see more of her vaguely clad body. He jumped in surprise as Cristina grabbed his hand and pulled it back to her head, closing her eyes blissfully as she wrapped his fingers around the curl. Understanding, he began twisting it, and watched as she moaned once more. His pants grew tighter.

If ever there was a more pleasing moment, Ludwig did not know of it. It took all his self-control not to jump her right then and there. Cristina moaned lightly again before snapping her eyes open widely. She drank in Ludwig’s figure, from the shallow blue of his eyes to the apparent bulge of his pants, and slyly smirked. After another short pause, she was grabbing his hand and flying back up the steps toward the house, trip to the city completely forgotten.

Ludwig couldn’t complain, for there were now larger issues to be settled. He hardly knew how to go about it, and could only loosen his shirt as Cristina pushed him into a spare room. She certainly wasn’t shy about it.

The room was dark – the curtains hanging on the windows had not yet been opened, and so Ludwig guessed that this room was not normally visited. He felt a wave of relief hit him at the realization. If Italy had somehow walked in on them, that would be the epitome of embarrassment. His thoughts shut off as soon as he felt himself being pushed onto the couch in the center of the drawing room.

With a grunt of surprise, Ludwig surveyed Cristina. Her clothes were hanging off of her, her cleavage was clearly shown, and she seemed to have only one thought on her mind: getting rid of Germany’s pants. He couldn’t have been happier.

During Cristina’s antics, Ludwig had felt himself grow larger and larger. When his pants finally did come off, he was so rigid that he hardly knew what to do with himself. Cristina giggled lustfully at the sight of his stark manhood and inched forward, murmuring, “Tu sei più grande di quel che avessi immaginato, Ludwig.”

He didn’t know what she had said, but he knew it was something dirty. His groaned and rested his head on the back of the couch in response, and Cristina began wrapping her fingers around his dick.

It felt like undiluted heaven. Each time she jerked her fingers up, Ludwig grunted lustfully. He hadn’t felt such bliss in months, and even then, it hadn’t been nearly as amazing as this! There was just something about Italian women that made Ludwig’s body crazy.

Reaching her fingers around him, Cristina picked up her pace. Her lips found his tip and brought it into her mouth. He moaned deeply as her tongue wrapped around him, tasting his precum and massaging his slit.

“Gott,” he panted. His fingers reached forward to tangle in her hair, and before he knew it, he was pulling her head further onto his manhood, and she was sucking the daylights out of him. The next few seconds were complete heaven for Ludwig; jerking his hips slightly, he cummed into her mouth with a loud groan.

Cristina smirked and licked it up, gazing straight into Ludwig’s eyes as she swallowed. He nearly cummed again at the sight of it, and felt his manhood give another jerking twitch. Cristina giggled, “Come bene. Sto andando a farsi fottere lei ora, Ludwig.”

Again, he didn’t know what she said, but as she started shedding her clothes and climbing onto his lap, he had a perfectly clear idea of it. With a lustful smirk, he grasped onto her hips. It certainly seemed as though Italian girls were much more passionate than German ones.

// How You Told Him //

During the forth week of Germany’s vacation, he was in deeper than he thought possible. He took in Cristina’s figure with confused eyes, wondering what could possibly have went wrong. After their intimate moment together, things had seemed fine – better than fine, even. Their relationship was like a heaven-sent gift. Even Feliciano had jumped joyously around once he’d heard the news. (As for Romano, it was a different story.)

Still, as she sat there, looking as though she wanted to be anywhere else, Ludwig felt a pang in his heart. Was she regretting their mishap? Did she even think of it as a mishap? Ludwig himself thought of it more as...a fall into utter romance. But that was silly...for it had only been a stupid one night stand, after all. He knew he shouldn’t care if she was breaking it off with him; it was only a summer fling. But even he couldn’t deny the awful feelings welling up inside of him. Did she really not want him?

But the next words proved to be both better and worse, “I’m pregnant.”

Oh. She was...pregnant...with Ludwig’s child? Then that meant that she wasn’t breaking it off with him, but rather asking him to take the next step...right? Ludwig didn’t understand – he was no good at relationships. Hell, he’d never even gotten this far! One night stands were basic, but this could very well lead to marriage...

He imagined, for a moment, what such a life might be like. He could imagine waking up beside Cristina. He could picture how beautiful she’d look, laying there. Perhaps he’d get up and take a shower, or perhaps he’d stay in bed with her. Their child might wake up throughout the deliberation, so Ludwig might instead go quell the cries before they could reach Cristina’s ears. It was a peaceful scene, and a happy one; one that Ludwig could see himself being a part of.

He smiled at her, taking her by surprise. He knew she was expecting him to stand up and yell, to grab his things and leave. But he merely took her hand and nodded, sternly at ease, “I’m happy.”

And that made everything better.

// Epilogue //

A hum left Feliciano’s lips as he stirred a pot of sauce. Laughter echoed down the hallway, coming from his sister. At the sound, he grinned, “Cristina, come here and taste the pasta sauce!”

At the request, the girl immediately poked her head into the kitchen. Her eyes gleamed in excitement and she hurried over to where her brother stood, grabbing the spoon from his hand and digging it into the sweet red sauce.

“It’s delicious!” she commended, smiling broadly. Before darting back a few steps, she kissed Feliciano’s cheek hastily and handed him back the spoon. Northern Italy smugly smiled.

“Ludwig and I are leaving soon,” she told her brother, smiling sweetly at him, “Are you sure you can handle the kids?”

Feliciano nodded, “Ve! Yes! I’m going to take them into the yard and we’ll sing songs, and eat pasta, and nap until you come back with Doitsu!”

Cristina smiled, “Good, but could you wear clothes to bed tonight? Just this once?”

From the doorway, Ludwig rolled him eyes as Feliciano whined. Before he two siblings could get into a heated conversation about the comforts of nightwear (Germany knew for a fact that they both believed in wearing limited clothing), Ludwig stepped in. He gently pulled his wife’s coat around her shoulders, systematically alerting her of his presence in the room.

Both Italians greeted him with smiling faces, heated conversation completely forgotten.

“We’d better be off,” Cristina said suddenly, pulling her arms through the coat and glancing at Feliciano, “Are you sure you’ll be fine with the kids? They can be quite a handful.”

Indeed, they were. One was enough, but all three together could prove to be absolute mayhem. Even so, Cristina knew she could trust her brother to keep things under control. He seemed to have an affinity for kids.

Feliciano nodded his confirmation and leaned in to kiss his sister’s cheek. With a final goodbye, Ludwig and his wife were out the door, on their way to dinner.

“I think he’ll be fine,” Ludwig muttered, glancing back at the house. Cristina smiled and snuggled up to his side, “Mm.”

He looked down at her, brought her closer, and kissed her solidly on the mouth. “Well,” he mumbled, drawing her ever closer, “At least I know I’ll be.” His wife only giggled.

[1] Tu sei più grande di quel che avessi immaginato, Ludwig:  You’re bigger than I’d imagined, Ludwig.

[2] Come bene. Sto andando a farsi fottere lei ora, Ludwig:  Just as well. I’m going to fuck you now, Ludwig.


  1. the second translation means "As well. I'm going to fuck her now, Ludwig."

  2. Ciao~ Lovely story.
    It's funny because my name is Cristina, also, I'm from the middle part of Italy