Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Germany Baby Daddy -- The Schoolhouse

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Haru, shy and sweet

Inspiration: Teaching in Germany

// Prologue //

It was a hot day, not quite as hot as summer, but not quite as cool as spring. There were flowers just beginning to form, and blue skies without any clouds. At least, that was how it had been for the past few days. Haru was, as of right now, starting to think that she had the worst of luck. She stared out the window with a glowering expression, cursing the sudden downpour of rain as it pelted the ground. Of course it had to start raining just as she’d been getting ready to leave her work. And why, oh why, hadn’t she decided to drive her car to the school? She had been so sure that it would stay sunny...

The empty classroom that had once been filled with students seemed to scream out at her in its undying silence. She glanced around, sighed, and walked back to her desk.

Haru had previously had her entire day planned out, but since it all had to do with a sunny afternoon, she knew her plans would have no solid ground now. She took her time stacking up the papers that needed correcting, and was so busy that she didn’t hear the door opening.

“...Haru?” a thick German accent wondered aloud, and it caused the poor woman to jump in surprise.

She turned to see her lover leaning casually against the threshold. Her shocked expression slowly morphed into a pleased one as she admired his appearance. He, at least, could pull off the messily wet look, even though he’d often try to stay as strict and clean as possible. Indeed, Ludwig looked rather annoyed that his hair – once so neatly brushed back – had taken sanctuary on his forehead. He unconsciously showed his discomfort as his hand kept trying to pull the strands back.

“Oh, Ludwig. You startled me,” Haru told him, feeling her shyness slowly returning. Even though they had been dating for a long time now, they were both an awkward couple. Ludwig turned to stare out the window.

“It’s raining very hard outside. Should we stay here?” he asked, and came into the room a little more.

Haru shrugged. She clipped the papers together and then slid them carefully into her leather suitcase. Even once the papers were gone, however, her desk was still very messy and haphazardly organized, “Yes, I suppose. But it’ll be boring,” she immediately started thinking about the many papers that needed work, and started to slid them back out again.

But to her surprise, Ludwig stopped her, gripping her wrist firmly. When Haru looked up to meet his gaze, she was taken aback at the steadfast determination behind his glowing blue orbs.

“I can think of a way to make it more interesting,” he murmured, and immediately Haru blushed. She had caught on right away – it was hard not to, when Ludwig looked at her that way. Still, it was rather shocking; such intimate behavior had only happened once or twice in the past, and every time it was in the bedroom. Haru knew that Ludwig could be very perverted (she had experienced the contents of his closet, you see) but she had no idea he was up to doing it in public places! She swallowed convulsively.

“I...Ludwig, I’m not sure...I mean...” Haru blushed even harder, “T-there’s still pe-people around the building!”

But this seemed to make Ludwig lust after her even more. He smirked a bit, drew his eyes to her lips, and shrugged. With a tilt of her chin, she was staring into his eyes and their mouths were suddenly very close. Haru could only close her eyes swiftly as his lips descended upon hers.

// How It Happened //

“Hmm...Ludwig,” Haru murmured, bringing him ever closer. Her desk got messier and messier as they kissed; Ludwig lifted her up to sit her upon the hard surface, and his hands began to get busy. His fingers ran up and down her body, eliciting shivers and mewing moans from her lips. Her own hands were tangling themselves into his hair, tugging at the wetted strands and trying to kiss him just as fervently as he was kissing her.

Both their faces were red with pleasure by the time clothes began getting looser. Haru’s shirt buttons were suddenly undone, exposing the roundness of her breasts to her lover’s hungry eyes. Ludwig immediately went in, capturing one hardened nipple with his lips and sucking harshly. That was what Haru needed! That pleasant cruelty that was Ludwig’s trademark style! She was his now – with another loud moan, she succumbed to him, throwing her legs around his waist and pushing their hips together.

He was hard, and it was making Haru wetter than ever. Ludwig moaned against her breast and grabbed her waist, thrusting against her through the confinements of his trousers. More moans ensued at the contact.

“Gott,” Ludwig cursed as he pulled away. He looked flustered and needy. Haru brought his head back up to kiss him as her hands began undoing his tie. A few more curses later, their clothes were in a pile by the desk, their skin was hot, and the desk was suddenly a likely prospect to lay upon. Haru wasted no time in pushing off the contents of said desk and doing just that. Her lover nearly died at the sight.

He groaned, hurriedly straddling her atop the desk, and lifted her legs up. No words were exchanged – the connection they shared was both mental and physical. Ludwig let out a relieved grunt before slamming into her.

It was tight, and oh so desirable. He could only groan at every thrust; his hips moved on their own and brought out his most basic and animalistic nature. Hips bucking wantonly, Haru threw her arms around his neck and brought him down for a kiss. Their tongues battled just as their hips did, until finally each were at their end.

Release was close; it was tangible in the air. As their hormones wildly controlled their bodies, the end came nearer and nearer, until the edge finally appeared and they both went hurtling off of it.

“HARU!” he yelled, bucking his hips with such intensity that Haru came hopelessly again and again.

“Ahh!” she gasped out, catching Ludwig into a lovingly surprised embrace as he collapsed into her arms. Their heavy breathing was all they could hear aside from the erratic beatings of each their hearts.

// How You Told Him //

Germany could certainly be frightening when he wanted to...and even when he didn’t. His face would always get stern, and his eyes would get a determined sheen to them. Haru could only watch, feeling unnerved and a bit afraid, as Ludwig paced the living room with his hands behind his back. He seemed to be trying to think up some difficult mathematic problem. She desperately wanted to go smooth out his furrowed brow, but for the safety of her nerves, she stayed quite still.

“Ludwig...?” she asked softly, leaning forward curiously, “What’s wrong?”

From the moment he had barged into their shared apartment, he had not divulged the information, and it was driving Haru crazy. She shifted in her seat, wondering if he knew about her pregnancy, and if that was the reason he seemed so off.

He snapped his gaze to her, and immediately, his eyes softened. With a light shrug, he stepped closer and sat on the couch beside her, “I’m worried about you,” he confessed with a blush, and looked away, “You haven’t been eating very well.”

Oh. So he had recognized a difference in her behavior...but he had no idea what the cause was. Haru blushed a bit and swallowed. She reached out to take his hands, and he turned to gaze at her wonderingly.

“Will you tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, brushing a strand of hair from her face as she clutched at his free hand.

She nodded, swallowing a lump in her throat. She had been thinking of this moment for days now, but even after hours or planning, she had no idea how to let her little secret out. She swallowed again, shifting her eyes anywhere but his face, and heard him sigh.

Gently he touched her, bringing her chin up so that their eyes could meet. Immediately, a blush formed upon Haru’s cheeks.

“Alright, alright...” she took a deep breath, trying vainly to calm the mismatched thrumming of her heart, “I’m pregnant.”

Ludwig stared coughing. Eyes slipping closed in slight humiliation, Haru bit her lip, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I should have been more careful – “

Her blabbering kept up for quite a while. After a few minutes of it, a finger was pressed to her lips, easily cutting her off. She opened her eyes to see her lover staring softly down at her, cheeks flushed the slightest bit in concentration. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

“Say that again,” came his fervently accented voice.

Haru nearly lost it at that. A huge smile wound up her lips, and she stared into his eyes with relief, “I’m pregnant – “

She was once again cut off, this time by needy lips that descended quickly upon hers. Tilting her head back happily, Haru laughed into their kiss. Ludwig pulled back slightly to grin at her, “I’m glad.”

There was a steadfast devotion in the way he gazed upon her, so ready to do whatever she wished. Placing one hand gingerly on her stomach, the German smiled. A whispered confession soon followed.

“Ich leibe dich.”

// Epilogue //

Laugher rang through the yard. It was boisterous and comical, much like the fleeting weather patterns above their heads. Somehow, it always seemed to be rainy whenever the family of four stepped out of their home.

“Don’t worry,” a man said to his wife, holding up an umbrella and wrestling it open, “There’s plenty of room under here.”

It was, indeed, a large haven, with room to spare. A smile was sent towards the man as a woman went to stand beside him. With the umbrella finally loose, it hovered over their heads safely. Both parents looked back to wonder where their children had gone.

“Heinrich!” the woman called, holding her hands to her mouth to accent her words, “Anna?”

When no answer came, she shrugged and sent a sheepish look to her husband, “I’ll go get them.”

He nodded, a soft look caressing his eyes as he took in his wife. “If you must,” he said, and watched her disappear into the porch.

When the twins were finally found, they were rushed out of the house impatiently. Normally, Haru wouldn’t mind if they were a little late, but on this occasion they wanted to beat the rain. In this part of the country, such a thing was near impossible.

When the three stepped out to meet back up with Ludwig, it was just starting to drizzle. They walked towards each other and jolted beneath the dry umbrella just in time. A moment later and they would have gotten pelted with the sudden overflow of rainwater. Haru let out a sigh of relief as she studied the harshness of each droplet.

An arm was quick to wrap around her shivering shoulders, and she immediately found warmth against her husband’s side. He smiled down at her and then turned to address his children, “Do you have everything? We won’t be back until late tonight.”

Nodding their small heads, the two seven year olds chorused, “Yes, father.”

It was obvious that they wanted to abandon the umbrella. They shifted on their feet and gazed longingly at the building puddles. Haru sent her husband a look, and he sternly shook his head, knowingly exactly what she wanted.

“Oh, come on, Ludwig,” she murmured, leaning in to his ear so that the children didn’t overhear, “I have an extra change of clothes and everything!” She patted the bag at the side, justifying her words. “Besides, we’d have the umbrella all to ourselves...” she trailed off questionably, smirking widely at the darkened look in Ludwig’s blazing eyes. One look at him was all it took for him to cave.

“Alright, alright,” he sighed, “Don’t go very far, children. And Heinrich, look after Anna.” Before he had even finished speaking, the two kids gave a victorious yell and off they went, courageously running into every puddle they could find.

Haru giggled at the manic sight. The two watched them for a short moment before Ludwig turned to his wife. The look on his face told her exactly what he wanted. Giggling some more, Haru all but threw her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. He gladly responded, hardly paying any attention to the umbrella as he tipped her in his arms.

Mindlessly grinning, Ludwig pulled away, only to be brought back with even more force by his impatient wife.

“Mmm. You’re making me regret leaving the house,” he told her, tightening his hold around her waist. He was rewarded with a swift kiss on his cheek. Haru pulled back from the kiss, but kept her arms firmly around him.

“We have tonight. And the next night,” she reminded him, pressing her lips against his again, “And the next, and the next...”

And indeed they did; neither felt regret as they headed off to follow their excited children.


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