Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Hidan Lemon -- In Hiding

Character: Hidan

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Anne, Age 19, masochist

Inspiration: Avoiding Pain~

The Akatsuki base was silent. There was no screams or yells from any of it’s members, and a blatant sort of seriousness saturated the air. Anna didn’t like it one bit.

She wasn’t used to this level of stillness. There was always one thing or another going on. Deidara was normally chasing Tobi or bothering Itachi, and Kakuza was usually irking Hidan with his money counting...

She flipped another page of her book, almost afraid to look away from it. She wasn’t scared of being alone in the least; she was more suspicious. There must be some sort of master plan being hatched at this very moment, otherwise people wouldn’t bother to keep the silence. Since she was sitting in the Akatsuki base, Anna had a feeling this plan was something of a devious nature.

But devious or not, Anna never truly got to find out. Thinking deeply about ways to maneuver around the mayhem that would no doubt ensue, Anna hardly heard the door open until a man had already stepped into the room.

He stared at her for a while, watching the way her eyebrows were furrowed. It was clear that she was unaware of his presence, so he decided to make something of it. With a clear of his throat, Anna was on her feet and pushing a dagger into Hidan’s neck. When she saw it was him, she scowled.

“Mm. I love it when you get all bloodthirsty,” he murmured, uncrossing his arms to caress her cheeks.

She pulled away quickly, ignoring the prejudiced thumping of her heart, “You scared me is all.”

He didn’t bother arguing – he, above anyone, knew just how masochistic Anna could get. It was one of the reasons he found her to be so intriguing...and alluring. He smirked as he watched her sit back down. Her book remained useless beside her.

“Do you know why it’s so quiet?” Anna wondered aloud, not looking at Hidan. She felt his gaze on her, and it was sending shivers up and down her spine. She could only imagine how great those shivers would be if she chanced a look toward his lean figure.

Hidan shrugged, sauntering over to her seat, “I think Pein is sending people away on missions. I hear that everyone will be going.”

Anna immediately frowned at the news. She didn’t want to leave again, for she had only just gotten back from an exceedingly tiresome mission herself! She was awoken from her thoughts by a hand reaching into her vision. Anna glanced up to find Hidan a foot from where she sat. A lazy, knowing expression was etched across his face.

“Well come on, then,” he grunted, arching a brow. Anna hardly bothered for a moment’s hesitation before she grinned and took his hand. They fled the room in a hurry, Anna giggling all the way.

It was a long trip to Hidan’s room, and also one that weighed heavily upon Anna’s heart. An inner battle raged in her mind. What would happen once they reached their destination? Would they fall callously into intimate ties, just as Anna secretly wished...or would Hidan shut her out coldly? She could imagine it going either way. By the time they got to Hidan’s hallway, Anna’s heart was pounding traitorously in her chest.

The door was coming up fast – she could see the doorknob, and imagined them falling heavily into the room – “Hidan,” she stared, gulping convulsively at the mere thought, “I – “

Before she could finish, she was pushed roughly into the door, trapped between hard wood and the muscled fortress that was Hidan’s chest. He smirked down at her, as though he knew of her inner tribulations, and huskily grunted, “Pein won’t look for us here.” A moment later, the knob twisted. The way they fell into the room nearly mirrored the previous meanderings of her mind.

His lips were scorching hers not a second after the door swung shut, and she once again found herself pressed to the other side of said door. Anna could hardly keep up with him – it was so flustering, so passionate, that her mind was quickly giving way to her most inner thoughts.

She grabbed onto his silver locks to steady herself, but still was unable to do the same to her heart. It beat so erratically in her chest that she could hardly breathe. Short gasps of air filled her lungs, only to be exhaled with startling ease.

Hidan moved his lips to her ear and Anna nearly collapsed. His tongue flicked over the shell of it, darting tantalizingly back just when he felt her desirous shiver. He chuckled deeply, and it was filled with such lust that Anna couldn’t keep still anymore.

She all but threw herself from the door. Attacking his lips, Anna pushed him farther and farther toward the bed. A grin was etched upon Hidan’s features in response. He opened his mouth to say something – probably lecherous – but was cut off by Anna’s fresh set of attacks. She forcefully pushed him to the bed and smirked at him. With a brow raised seductively, Anna followed, crawling up his body and planting kisses here and there as she did.

Her fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as they tugged Hidan’s clothing off. He didn’t seem to mind, certainly; he looked quite peaceful with his arms lazily strewn beneath his head. His calculating eyes watched her movements like that of a snake, always darting from her fingers to her lips; from her eyes to her cleavage. Anna didn’t miss the attention. She found herself savoring it.

Once his shirt was finally off (he didn’t help her, the lazy bastard), Anna sent him a smirk and began untying the string that kept her own shirt up. She was not in her normal ninja clothing, since she had only recently gotten back from her last mission. Before she could fully undo the bow, Hidan suddenly flipped her over. Pressing her firmly to the mattress, he sent a leering grin toward her. “Let me,” he said, and proceeded to rip the bow undone and hasten her out of her shirt.

Anna felt only amusement at the limited hesitation that he exhibited. Her eyes laughed at him; Hidan raised a brow at her entertainment. He went to work on her pants, mumbling something about having to wear ‘blasted clothing all the time’.

Their clothes were, indeed, a setback, but luckily Hidan was quick in removing everything. Soon, the only thing covering Anna from full nudity was a skimpy pair of red panties. Hidan seemed to like the sight very much, but didn’t linger long. Those skimpy panties were soon resting in the pile of clothes along with the rest, and the silver haired ninja was wasting no time in getting down to business.

As their lips steadily worked with each other, Anna sighed. Her body was tingling with pleasure, high wired and shaking as Hidan pleasured her. His fingers had discovered much of her body already, and were not hesitant in finding more.

His tongue darted out to meld with hers, biting and sucking on her mouth as his hands played with her breasts. Their hips, too, found solace as they rolled against one another. The feel of his erected manhood was enough to send Anna into bliss.

“D’you think...Pein will find us...?” Anna wondered just as Hidan lifted her hips. He didn’t respond, but instead caught her gaze. It wasn’t that difficult to realize how little Hidan cared about Pein, even if he was their leader. Anna didn’t question him anymore as he slid into her. She merely fell into the passion that was given to her.

Hidan was pressing her hard into the mattress, but Anna could hardly complain. Moaning with pleasure, she moved her hips with his, meeting him halfway as he railed into her. He was rough, but Anna didn’t mind. In fact, she reveled in his calloused hands and hardened movements. Throwing her legs around his waist, she tilted her head back and gasped.

If she had ever experienced more pleasure, Anna didn’t remember it. This was all that mattered now; this raw passion that enveloped her very existence. How fortunate that she was here, with Hidan! More moans filled the room.

It was nearly time – she could feel herself coming to and end – Hidan clutched at her in such a way that she knew he was coming as well. With quickened paces and loud groans, they accelerated toward the edge and hurtled off of it, falling into what could only be described as pure heaven.

“Hidan!!” she screamed, ramming her hips against his and pushing him as far as he could go. He grunted in pleasure, and leaned down to catch her lips with his. Their kiss finalized the desire, and promised more of it in the future. Anna wrapped her arms around her lover’s neck and his thrusts slowed, only succeeding now in electrifying the buzzes of lingering passion.

“Damn,” Hidan grinned, breathing deeply as he pulled out of her. He collapsed beside her, throwing his arm around her waist, “I’m sure...that if Pein heard us, he’ll...keep away for a bit...”

Anna opened her mouth to respond, but a yell from the hallway overcame her voice, “LIKE HELL I WILL! YOU TWO ARE LEAVING FOR A MISSION WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!”

...A string of curses followed.



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