Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Orochimaru Lemon -- Justifying The Means

Character: Orochimaru

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Chloe Melissa, fell into Naruto world

The dungeon was damp and dark. Everywhere she looked, Chloe could see shadowy promises that her time here would be long. She huddled close against the stone wall, closed her eyes, and tried vainly to ignore the dank coldness that crept solidly into her bones.

She wasn’t sure where she was, or how she’d gotten there, exactly, but she knew that her future was certainly not a good one. If her current situation didn’t prove that, she didn’t know what did.

Her captor was a man, but Chloe wondered if she could even call him that. He looked more like a snake than a man; a hollow shell of some long lost skin that didn’t seem to belong in this world. She convulsively swallowed at the mere thought of him, and peered around insecurely.

He’d show up in her cell at least once a day, but surprisingly, he wouldn’t do anything. He’d merely lean against the wall and watch her, face covered by long tresses of silky black hair. She’d hardly be able to make out the outline of his eyes; a glimmer was all she was graced with. After realizing that he wouldn’t allow her to see the entirety of his face, she stopped trying to sneak a peek. Nothing seemed to get by him.

Chloe had no idea why he kept her here. She knew for a fact that she was nothing special. Out of the ordinary, perhaps, since most people seemed to know how to fight and use strange spells, but nothing overly special. She was just Chloe, and nothing more.

She had sunk so deeply into her meanderings that she hardly heard the door of her cell open. When the sound of clothed footsteps met her ears, she jerked her head up to study the man. He was dressed in his usual attire: a long cream colored yukata with a purple sash. His black armwarmers seemed to recede into the darkness of the hewn wall.

“Are you hungry?” he asked amicably, but Chloe could detect a sinister undertone that made her skin crawl. She gulped again, and forced herself to shake her head.

She wasn’t sure why this was so different than normal. He’d often enter her cell and ask her some such thing. ‘Are you warm enough?’ or ‘Are you in good health?’. She had no idea why he wanted to know, but could only decide that he wanted her alive long enough to torture her. If there was one thing she learned in her physiology class back home, it was that enemies would often trick you with thoughts of friendship. But Chloe knew better; she knew that he was after something greater...something that only she had. Which, of course, made no sense to her at all. She had no power, like that of her friend Sasuke. She had nothing a ninja had. She was just Chloe; nothing more and nothing less.

“Well,” he shrugged, taking his usual leaning position on the far wall. His voice was coated in a hidden malice, just hardly covered up but the seemingly kind tones. “I believe I’ve waited long enough.”

Chloe could hardly understand what he meant by that, but she was sure it wasn’t good. Nothing good came from a situation such a this, after all. She pressed herself more firmly to the wall, wishing desperately to be anyplace else. She shut her eyes tightly as he approached her.

She was sure he was going to hit her, but no hit came. When she peered out of her narrowed eyes, he was only standing there, studying her features once more. His eyes dipped lower on her body, latching to her cleavage before sliding down. Chloe immediately reacted, “You pervert!”

To her utmost horror, the man smiled. It wasn’t how a smile was supposed to be. It wasn’t happy or joyful, but rather held a frightening glower that made Chloe shiver in disgust.

“Yes, well,” he grinned evilly, “We all have our sins.” Her horror only escalated as she watched his tug his clothes off.

He seemed to be moving in slow motion. With each pull of his sash, Chloe backed away ever more, until the whole of her back was pressed diligently to the wall. It didn’t matter, though; she already knew that she would not be able to escape.

“Well...?” he asked, raising a brow as he gazed at her. There was an urgency to his voice now; a stark reminder of what was to come. His features morphed into a smirk, “I hardly think it’s fair that you stay fully clothed.”

The gentle reminder was not gentle at all, but hard and malicious and evil. It sent Chloe spiraling into an endless pitch. She raised her head and watched as his cream colored tunic fell to the ground. She also watched as his eyes narrowed at the lack of response saturating the cell.

“I...I...” Chloe wanted to say something to make him stop, but just as she came up with the perfect words, she was dragged from the wall and was brought face to face with him.

His smirk was horrifying, and she was almost grateful when he turned her around to face the wall. At least in this position she wouldn’t have to look at him. Of course, it would probably hurt all the more...tears gathered at the edges of her vision.

“Please don’t – “ there was no use struggling now, because she knew how much more powerful he was in comparison to her. He seemed to know it as well, and wasted no time in doing whatever he pleased. Her clothes fell to the ground a moment later, ripped by a knife that also fell to the stone floor.

Her hips were lifted up and his manhood was thrust into her. It was all happening so fast that Chloe could hardly breathe. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to dispel the pleasure that the man was giving her. If only he had given her more of a choice! But even as she hated it, the secrecy and raw passion he was filling her with was forbiddenly desirable.

Mews and gasps left her lips, which were pressed hard to the cold stone. Her eyes rolled back; her fingers clawed at the separations between each hewn rock. Her body acted without thinking and rolled back to meet his heavy thrusts.

He seemed delighted that she was finally acknowledging her situation. With a deep, lustful groan he quickened his pace, wanting to hear more of her pleas. Chloe could hardly resist.

It was going against everything she believed in, but it was so amazing! His steely grip burned into her bare waist, trailing fire throughout the entirety of her body. Never before had she experienced such delight, and could only retaliate it in her clouded state of mind.

She felt herself coming long before she wished, but she couldn’t stop the coiling feeling as it scorched through her naval. As though he knew of her predicament, the man behind her picked up his pace, so that his hips were moving so fast one could hardly see them. The slapping sound of skin heightened along with the moans, until finally they were reaching their peaks and dropping right over the edge.

Chloe didn’t know if blissful was a good word to describe what she was feeling, but if certainly felt good. No word could really make sense of the twisted desires running through each body, but Chloe didn’t feel awful. Wicked, perhaps, but not terribly awful.

When the passions loosened, so did the man’s hands. They slid from Chloe waist lightly, tracing down her thigh before completely letting go. A soft whimper left her lips as he dragged himself out of her. Chloe turned her head to watch him gather up his clothes. She didn’t really want to turn around, so she stayed face to face with the wall, arms lifting to cover her breasts.

“What’s your name?” she blurted out just as he reached the cell door. She gazed at him darkly, trying vainly to force an angry expression onto her face.

The man grinned and pushed a few strands of hair from his face. She was caught off guard by his golden eyes. “Orochimaru,” was all he said, before turning and closing the cell door. Chloe listened with baited breath as his footsteps receded.

He had a feeling he’d be back by nightfall.



  1. I absolutely loved this!! The best Orochi lemmon I have came across :0 <3

  2. That was so Hot! it gave me the shivers.

  3. It would be nice to have a sequel to either Orochimaru lemons. This was really good.