Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Scotland Lemon -- The Hunger

Character: Scotland

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Daniela, Represents Singapore

Inspiration: High Heels

Daniela stared at her reflection. She had to admit that she went all out tonight. Her dress was so short that it rode up past her mid-thigh and just hardly covered her lacy black panties. Luckily, the bust of the dress covered much more, giving her a balanced feeling that rounded her figure nicely. Her hair was piled up atop her head and pulled into messy perfection; her eyes were dabbed with the slightest bit of shadow; and her neck was adorned with a diamond droplet that hung just above her covered cleavage. But her favorite part of her outfit was, by far, the shoes.

She had a feeling that Scotland would love them just as much. The bumped her up four extra inches and accentuated her already gorgeous legs. She usually paid quite a bit of attention to said legs, and so tonight they were shaved to utter smoothness and ready to strut around. These heels, Daniela suspected, would help her accomplish that.

On her way out of her room, Daniela grabbed her purse: a small little black bag that matched her dress perfectly. She took one last look around and shrugged. Her room was quite a mess, but she’d clean it up later. (As in tomorrow afternoon once her expected hangover was gone.) She was out the door not a second more.

Scotland was waiting for her by the front door. They’d been living together for about half a year now, and this was the standard procedure during a night out. She balanced herself carefully as she walked down the stairs, moving as gracefully as a wild cat in a tangled underbrush. Scotland turned his green gaze to her and stared.

Daniela felt naked. The way his eyes were roving her body made her feel as though he could see her – not just her dress, and her shoes, and her hair, but everything else, as well. A lustful grin wound up his lips just as his eyes finally met hers, and she had to suppress the deep shiver that ran the course of her body.

She couldn’t tell if he was trying to look like a sex God or not, but he was surely pulling it off. With his hands stuffed into the pockets of his low riding jeans, and his hair deliciously tousled as though he’d just jumped out of bed, – or, Daniela mused, wildly ravished her like he sometimes did – he looked just as desirable as she did to him. His smirk widened at her directed attention.

“You’re no’ wearin’ tha’,” he told her, suddenly appearing all too casual as he leaned against the wall. Though he seemed to be resisting the obvious train of his thoughts, Daniela knew better. Those burning green eyes spoke volumes.

“Why not?” she asked, voice light and playful because she already knew his answer. Her mouth tilted upward as she gazed at him. A hand on her hip; a leg jutting out; his eyes fastened themselves on the excess of smooth, creamy skin before tearing back up to her amused eyes.

He growled delightfully, and it sent shivers of unreserved lust up and down her spine. He pushed off from the wall and began walking to her with a prowess that belonged to a panther. “If ya don’ take it off,” he smirked, coming up to her body and pressing her into the stair railing, “I’ll ‘ave no choice but ta take it off for ya.”

Her body was screaming at her now. It wasn’t fair that he was taking advantage of this flustering moment. He knew she couldn’t think when he did this...but damn, she really couldn’t complain. His fingers were burning trails of fire through her dress, clutching at the small of her waist in such a lustful fashion that she could hardly breathe. Now, this wasn’t so bad, she told herself. So what if they missed the party? There would be plenty of others...and her arousal was something that simply couldn’t be ignored now. Neither, she decided, was Ian’s.

“Damn you,” was all she muttered before sinking hopelessly to the stairs. As he followed, Scotland muttered something that sounded similarly like ‘been there already’. But Daniela couldn’t stop to wonder at him because his lips were already crashing onto hers. She blanked.

There was something sensual about ravishing a Scotsman on a stairwell. Perhaps it had nothing to do with the man in question and more to do with the front door so close. (If anyone were to open it, they’d have quite a view.) This was dangerous, Daniela concluded, and the realization stemmed more than one pleading moans.

Still, the thought of moving it upstairs to more closed quarters felt bad. She was pretty comfortable right here, after all...and Ian didn’t seem to want to do any moving of that sort any time soon.

He growled lowly and pulled back to stare at her. His eyes were wild and intense, and all pretense of playfulness was gone: purely danger. “Stop thinkin’.” His command had her on edge, wondering; gasping; musing. But there was no way to continue her train of thoughts, because his electric eyes were coming closer, smoothly closing the space in one talented motion. His lips were back on hers not a moment too late, and her body was pressed into the steps as she focused solely on him.

It wasn’t a very difficult thing to do. Scotland wasn’t exactly an attention seeker in the way China or America was, but when his sex life was involved...well, the man knew what he was doing. Daniela was loving it.

Her fingers ran through his hair, catching the burning fire. Everything was heated between them, from their hot kiss to their grinding hips, and that fire was so unquenchable that neither could find relief that was not coated in the warmth.

“I-I-Ia-n....” she sounded strangled and in want of something else: something more than what she was receiving. Her eyes flitted open, only to get swept up in the caress of green. That one look sent trembles rocking through her, sending adrenaline to the tips of her fingers.

She leaned her head back as he moved in, nipping at the tender skin of her neck as his hands began to get busy. His touch was nothing short of mind blowing. His eyes were nothing short of hypnotic. Every squeeze of his hands had her buzzing with hardly concealed anticipation; each sharp, amused flash of his eyes had her breathing jagged, unkempt breaths. It was a roller coaster of passion, winding through emotions like the twists of metal rail; uncovering provoked desires with every jerk and snag and dive.

Their hips were bucking together, and Daniela was quickly tiring of their fabric constraints. She was so turned on, that the fact they were still completely dressed had before been pushed to the back of her mind. Now, it was resurfacing and leaving her with one mindless mantra. She repeated it over and over as her fingers reached for his trousers. Seeming to know what she wanted, Scotland pulled back and gave her more room. Her hand brushed over the insanely large dent and his breath hitched. Ohh she was going to have fun with him tonight. The look he was sending her assured her of that.

For an instant, Daniela considered toying with him a little longer. If she got such a sensual reaction by just brushing over him, she wondered what would happen if she was more direct. But then she realized how much of a problem she was sporting, and decided that the ache between her legs needed to be satiated as soon as possible. She smirked up at him and proceeded to undo his jeans.

They certainly were tight around his waist. He helped struggle out of them and threw them haphazardly behind him. His boxers, though Daniela dearly wanted to assess them next, were left alone as Ian began ripping the buttons from his dress shirt. He was rough, in that dominant, I’m-gonna-make-you-scream sort of way, which was good for Daniela. She quite enjoyed when he was in control: it was sexy as hell and guaranteed a fiery release. A few of the buttons clattered uselessly down the steps.

“Woman, don’ jus’ sit there. Get tha dress off.” His words were enunciated by a sharp glower of his clover eyes, and Daniela snapped out of her appreciative daze to get to work.

Her dress wasn’t all that difficult to drag away. Ian slid his warm hands up her thighs and began to help her out, but before the dress was completely gone, his attention swiftly altered.

His fingers hooked into the slim lacy bands that held her panties up, and the look he next sent her had her quaking in need. The dress was gone, and as there was no need of a bra, her breasts lay exposed before Ian’s hungry eyes. Blood rushed to the surface of her cheeks.

He chuckled deeply at her expression, and proceeded to slid the black lace away. Daniela swore she heard a lustful groan in the back of his throat, but she before she could find out for sure, his tongue was rubbing her wetness and all conscious thought flew from her head.

It felt so good that Daniela thought she might come right then and there. Scotland’s mouth was clever and teasing, and he conveyed exactly that as he nipped and thrust it against her. “Mmmm! Ah-I-an-!” she felt completely insane. Her back was arching off the stairs and her eyes were dilated to a point of blindness. She wondered how on earth he could make her feel high with just one little organ. Coherency rushed back for a split second as Ian pulled away to wrestle out of his boxers.

The danger had escalated since they first started. Suddenly, worries flew into Daniela’s mind. What would happen if someone started wondering where they were? What if they went looking for them? What if they saw them here on the stairwell? She turned her gaze to her lover, who was staring at her as though he knew exactly what she was thinking.

Surprisingly, he didn’t say one word. He just continued to stare at her, watching her eyes drift down slowly, across his stark and muscular chest, past his flat naval and hipbones, until they locked onto the thick erection he was suffering with. That was when everything came back to her, and the pounding between her legs reminded her that she needed this, right here and right now, and that it didn’t matter if someone opened that damned door because she was going to fuck him no matter what. Ian smirked at the change in her dark eyes and scuffled forward.

It seemed to take forever. When he was finally positioned above her, her mind went blank. She anticipated him, and was not left in want. A moment later, he pushed into her, and her body buzzed with happiness at the feeling of their united beings.

Their eyes connected, green and brown, and as he towered over her, Daniela felt a safety that had seemed foreign to her not minutes before. His rough, calloused hands latched to a step above her head as he rolled his hips powerfully. It was a feeling that was completely dominating; she felt as though she utterly belonged to him, and that emotion only stirred the intense trembles of her body. Sliding her hands up his bare chest, she latched them behind his head and sunk into the sweet, incensing romance.

A step dug into her back, but she hardly paid any attention to it. She had eyes only for him, her body was reacting only to him. Her back arched as he dug deeply into her, and a heavy pant escaped from her parted lips. He was turning her into an animal.

Scotland would have smirked at that tiny little noise, had his own throat not convulsed in a low groan. It couldn’t be helped: she always brought this out of him. He couldn’t even think of stopping now, for he was so close to that insanely perfect release that the mere thought was sour and yielding. Only one thing tamed his feral mind, and that was to hear more of those breathy little sighs that crept from his lover’s throat. With another deep thrust, he leaned down to nip at her neck. Like magic, she whimpered at the tease.

He growled at her, ripping his head back to lock eyes with her. Low and rough, his words flew from his lips, “Say it.” He watched her shiver and knew she was coming to a close. His hips began to incessantly pound into hers, and her breathy pants escalated into louder moans. “Say my name.”

One hand raced down to grasp at her hips, burning fire against her side as he pulled her against him. With the added force, he was pushed ever deeper into her, hitting areas that before were left untouched. The impact was getting too much for her, and so with a long drawling moan, she arched her back and let out a soft plead, “I-Ian....!”

His answering snarl nearly made her come. His hips only seemed to increase their intense pounds. Leaning over her, he panted against her neck, “Again.”

This time, Daniela truly did reach the edge. She was quickly rising – she was being thrown up to cloud nine right along with him. His name found refuge on her lips again and again, as though it was a mantra that she was artfully clutching. A few ramming thrusts later, and Ian’s hips began a sporadic, lazy round that brought them safely back to earth. They were left panting wildly on the stairwell, sweaty bodies intermingled as they raced to catch their breath.

“Iain...” she whispered, hardly audible. His arms were above her again, and it felt like he was keeping her in the cage of his arms. Her fingers danced along the contours of his chest. She watched as he briefly closed his eyes. The silence rang like a well deserved prize, dangling just out of reach from their spent bodies.

It took a while for them to find the strength to get up, but when they did, it was only to make their way up the stairs. There was a big bed awaiting them, after all. Danger dissipated as the bedroom door swung shut. Now, the only risk was someone barging in and discovering the lost articles of clothing scattered about the foyer. Daniela figured they could handle that, at least.



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