Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Liquid Courage

Character: Sabaku no Gaara

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Naomi, Age 23, Enjoys clubbing (and Red-Heads~)

Inspiration: A few past memories involving my cousin and I X]

The lights were dimmed very low, the music was blaring, and Naomi could hardly see two feet in front of her. Indeed, the club was very much a club, and had many of the normal makings of one. Many people were bumbling drunk due to the wide array of alcoholic beverages displayed at the bartender’s counter. There was heavy dancing – and grinding – taking place on the dance floor. (And off of it, as well.) It was very loud and very sweaty and very much to Naomi’s liking.

She sat herself directly in front of the bartender, because that was the last free seat at the counter, and leaned forward to shout her order to the man. He sent her a nod and went to work creating it. All the while, Naomi watched in poorly hidden intensity, as though spellbound by the very fact that this was alcohol, and she was drinking. She didn’t go out very much and when she did, the night was spent getting so drunk that she often couldn’t remember her own name. (Or where her house was, or whether or not she was being date raped by some random was all very caustic, really, which was why she often shied away in the first place.)

When her drink was ready, Naomi picked it up and brought it to her lips, taking a small sip. The burning liquid all but seared down her throat, and she had to blink a few times to adjust to the unnatural feeling.

When she was ready to start going back to her friends, who were sitting around a small table by the wall, Naomi got up. She carefully balanced her drink in her hands and started to make her way over to them. She might have, too, had she not been intercepted about halfway there by a man who strongly smelled of alcohol.

Naomi recoiled rather forcefully, but was unable to retrieve her arm from its captors grasp.

“Wh’hello, there,” the man said, blonde hair falling into his eyes. Only one blue eye could be seen, and it was clouded with intoxication. Naomi could only hope that it was the drunken sort of intoxication. When she tried again to free herself, the man only tightened his grasp on her arm and smirked, “Wha’s a li’le lady such as yourself doin’ round here, in such a clammy bar...?”

Naomi frowned. She wasn’t stupid in the least, and didn’t like where this conversation was going. She had, unfortunately, seen this happen before in various nightclubs, but she had hoped it never happened to herself.

His hand didn’t seem to want to extricate itself from her arm. Naomi’s attempts at freeing herself seemed futile; with every movement, his grip only intensified to a point of pain. Her face twisted to mirror such a feeling.

From across the crowded, sweaty room, two men sat together. Empty shots littered their table and it was painfully obvious that they had been drinking rather heavily. (The cat-like guy appeared much more intoxicated than the other, who was acting strangely composed even through he had contributed to many of the empty glasses.) Alcohol aside, however, both pairs of eyes were trained solely on a lone girl as she struggled with a blonde man. (Or was it a girl? It was hard to tell, what with the long hair and tight clothes.) But regardless to the blonde’s gender, the girl was getting harassed, and that would have to be stopped.

“Sh-I go ov’r there-?” Gaara glanced at his companion, who had slurred the words into an uncomprehendable mess. Kankuro certainly looked as drunk as he sounded. His eyes were hazy and confused, his hair tousled, and his hood half-way off his head. The red-head feared that if Kankuro were to stand up, he wouldn’t know which way was up and which was down.

Gaara sighed and shook his head, “No.” He didn’t bother to say anything else as he got up. Before he was even gone, Kankuro forgot his brother had been there at all. The cattish man reached for another shot and downed it sloppily.

From his seat, Gaara hadn’t thought the crowd to be all that much of a hassle. He figured it’d take a few seconds to get to the girl and that would be that. But upon stepping into the crowd, Gaara realized that nothing was ever that easy. He pushed through the grinding bodies, trying desperately to keep sight of the unknown girl. It was a difficult feat, and he lost her a few times, but finally he was able to push past one last body.

He was just in time. Pain showed in her eyes at the clutching grasp of the blonde. Up close, Gaara realized that this was, in face, a man. He was pretty certain that he’d seen him before, actually, but pushed the thought away before it could interfere with the rest of him. “He’s hurting you?”

He wasn’t sure why he asked her, seeing as it was painfully obvious what the answer was. He just wanted to make sure that she needed him. Naomi glanced up and felt her heart sear with coherent alleviation at the sight of her rescuer. When Gaara saw her nod, relief of his own flooded his body. Gaara didn’t know why, but he felt a restless desire to protect her.

He turned to face the blonde, who was eyeing him in an inebriated fashion. Sea foam eyes connected to cerulean, and immediately sparks of resentment flew.

“She’s with me,” the words left Gaara’s lips before he could think them over. It somehow felt right saying it aloud. Unfortunately, the blonde didn’t seem to think so.

A snarl left his lips; he released the girl and instead focused on Gaara, “Get lost.” A shove to Gaara’s chest annunciated the words.

That was it: the last straw. The foamy eyes narrowed to a withering extent, and in his drunken surprise, the blonde took a stumbling step back. Those eyes were not to be messed with; the pair of cerulean blue looked away before any more provocation could be instilled.

Triumphantly, Gaara reached over and grabbed the girl, albeit gently. He pulled her to where he stood, sent one last intimidating glare to the blonde man, and took off through the sweaty bodies once more in the direction of his table. He was so focused on getting the girl away from the man that he didn’t even realize he was stealing her as well.

Naomi was confused. She’d never been saved before – especially by a drop head gorgeous red-head. As she stared at the back of his messy head, she felt her heart beat in her chest. He was certainly good looking, and Naomi had a feeling he didn’t do this often. (Which was good, of course, because that meant she was special.)

When they got to the table that must have been his, Gaara gestured to the empty seat across from a rather drunken looking cat-man. Naomi stared at him, a bit miffed at his appearance, and the red-head sighed, “Don’t mind him...he’s a little strange.” He offered no other explanation and proceeded to take a seat beside the odd man.

On this side of the room, it was much quieter and peaceful. Music still pumped through their ears, but it was more subdued due to the wall of people around them. It was dimmer, as well, as though the light didn’t seem to want to view them as it did everyone else. it certainly gave each face a grave, almost mature air. Naomi shifted. Should she go back to find her friends? (She wasn’t sure it would be a good idea...Blondie could be lurking somewhere, and what would she do then?)

She awoke from her thoughts just in time to hear the words the red-head was saying, “...want a drink?”

Sloppily, she nodded, grabbing the first shot she saw – they seemed to have doubled during the past few seconds – and immediately downed it, slamming it onto the table with a fierce growl. The cat-man raised a brow at her and grinned. With a glance toward the red-head, who was studying Naomi closely, he slurred, “Ya like t-drink? We’ll ‘ave a co’tesst.”

The red-head turned to stare at the cat-man, brows furrowed in obvious confusion, “A what?”

His response was an impatient grumble and a slightly more pronounced, “Cont’st! A cont’ssst!”

Naomi hid a chuckle behind her hand and looked at the still confused man across from her, “He means ‘contest’.” Then, upon turning to the intoxicated man, grinned and said, “I agree. I’m gonna beat you so bad.”

The cat-man merely laughed and shook his head, as though he wasn’t piss drunk and still ahead of the game. Gaara rolled his eyes, but leaned forward nonetheless, “Alright, then. We’ll start with – “

“Five shots,” Naomi cut in, a smirk playing at her lips as she eyed him. Originally, Gaara had planned for ‘three’. He raised a nonexistent brow at her and shrugged, not really caring enough to back down. Naomi grabbed her first shot at his silent consent and waited until her red-headed friend had followed suit. (Kankuro was vainly trying to keep up with their seemingly fast movements, and managed to spill alcohol down the front of his shirt before his shot had even reached his lips.) For the other two, the bitter liquid was administered much faster and the empty glasses were thrown haphazardly into a small pile before new ones were grabbed.

The five shots came and went. Ten shots, twenty, Naomi had no idea how much she drank, but upon glancing at the tall pile of empty shots, knew that it was a lot. She was quite used to the burning sensation as it traveled down her throat, and almost treasured it. Lifting her gaze up, she locked eyes with sea foam green and the two simultaneously reached for another glass.

She was starting to see stars. (A sure sign that she drank way too much and was in need of an escort home...if she could remember where that was.) Her mind, hazy and altered, screamed at her to stop this silly game. But unfortunately, drunken words are sober thoughts, and vica versa, and Naomi’s annoying habit of challenging everyone around her was only intensified with the large amounts of alcohol working her brain. Her hand reacted on it’s own as she downed shot after shot, eyes never leaving those of her opponent as he calmly progressed.

And then they reached for another round...only to find that their fingers met hard wood and not slender glass. Finally breaking eye contact, Naomi glanced at the enigma before her. Where had all the alcohol gone?! She swore it had been there not a second ago...

Gaara had much the same confusion written in his eyes. Kankuro certainly wasn’t to blame, for he was passed out over the table, looking as blatantly happy as only a drunkard could. What were they gonna do now? He slowly tilted his head back to view her, eyes drinking up her figure as their gazes connected once more.

“We’ve run out,” Naomi muttered, but she was sure it came out much more incomprehensible. She turned to stare at those alluring eyes. Naomi wasn’t sure why he was looking at her like that – with that strange hunger dwelling in his eyes – but it certainly sent excited jolts up and down her spine.

Deciding that she definitely needed someone to bring her home – and, if it was this red-head, walk her inside – Naomi leaned forward and slurred, “Wanna go to m-place?”

Gaara couldn’t quite process what she had said, but he was fairly certain it was an invitation. He wasn’t good with girls, but the look she was sending him now wasn’t hard to understand...or respond to. He immediately stood up, jostling the table a bit and rattling the empty shot glasses, and extended his hand to her. A slow smile spread across her face as she accepted his offer, slipping her hand into his and pulling herself up.

Evidently, the words ‘my place’ could be altered very easily when one is drunk and a long way from home. Tonight, it seemed, ‘my place’ was none other than the club bathroom, which was filled with unsanitary stalls and not the most ideal place. (It seemed like God-sent haven for a spontaneous moment such as this, however, and was all but rushed into in their haste.)

Had Gaara not been completely wasted, and alcohol wasn’t forcing his body to react, he would never have been so bold. But Naomi didn’t seem to mind, so he decided to throw caution to the wind and allow himself to satiate his deep hunger.

Lips crashed on lips; backs slammed into walls; and desperation hung tangibly in the air. Naomi was finding it rather difficult to breathe at all, especially with those heavenly lips on hers. Had anyone ever told him that he kissed like a God? She would’ve asked, if her mind wasn’t completely focused on removing clothes.

Gaara grunted against her fierce mouth. She tasted amazingly good, in a sweet sort of way. He couldn’t help but sink right into her arms as he began exploring her wet cavern with a probing tongue. He was quickly feeling the coldness of his soul melt away. Pushing her harshly against the door, Gaara began ravaging her neck and collar, dragging his tongue here and there...nibbling lightly... It seemed to make the woman shake every time he did.

Naomi quite liked her place pushed up against the tiled wall. Sure, it was cold and rather uncomfortable, but the way he was ravishing her made up for it. Throwing her head back, she allowed his more space for that clever little tongue and began arching her back to him.

Her breasts were in need of some treatment, but Gaara didn’t seem to be ready to remove her shirt. Pouting at his hesitation, she reached forward and started undoing the top buttons of her blouse. Before she could get the third one done, however, her chin was lifted roughly up and his lips crashed down onto them. His hands grabbed her wrists, threw them away, and grasped the thin fabric of her shirt. It was ripped apart a moment later. Buttons clattered to the ground in his haste.

He would’ve glanced to the girl to see if he’d gone too far, but to his surprise, her expression was not one of anxiety. Her dark eyes gazed at him in a sultry way, surrounded by thick lashes. Her lips formed a sexy smirk, as though she had quite enjoyed his display of ferocity. Dragging her fingers – Gaara like to think of them as claws – down his chest, she looked like a tamed kitten wanting to play. A lump built up in Gaara’s throat.

“You like it rough, huh?” came her husky voice, and when he looked back up into her eyes, they were clouded with mirth and lust. He shivered, and a small smirk of his own twisted the corner of his lips. Well, if she wanted to play that game, Gaara was very willing. He watched in appreciation as her slender fingers began tugging at his clothes.

Piece by piece, they fell to the ground, until his bare chest screamed out at her. Still, Naomi didn’t stop. She leaned forward and twisted a tongue lightly around a nipple before dragging it down. Kneeling before him, she went to work undoing his pants. Still he watched, hands keeping him up against the wall as he stared down at her silver head of hair.

When his boxers were finally revealed, Naomi stared at him. Oh. He was big, that was for sure, and that promised a very pleasurable moment for her. She slowly, daintily, tugged her finger into the flimsy fabric and pulled down. It scraped over his erection in the lightest of ways and made Gaara strain to hold in his moan. A moment later, he was completely naked, and Naomi was staring at him hungrily.

Well, if that wasn’t enough incentive, Gaara didn’t know what was. She wasn’t doing anything except look at him, and that was getting old fast. Reaching down to twist a hand into her hair, he tugged her head closer to his twitching staff, “Suck.” He watched her swallow once before humming and closing the distance.

Oh, that felt good. Her hot little tongue lapped up the precum of his tip and moved to drag down the underside of his length. If he’d known this felt so amazing, he would have dragged her into this bathroom a long time ago. He thrust a little into her mouth, but when her fingers grasped his hips, he ground his teeth and try not to do it again. He wanted to, though; he wanted to ram so far into her mouth that he was filled right to the hilt. He thought that would feel even better...and then growled at the slow pace in which she was going. Naomi pouted up at him, and slowly, teasingly, went to push him farther into her mouth.

But it wasn’t enough. Sure, it felt good, but he was growing tired of this little game. He wanted something tighter...hotter. With another snarl, Gaara pulled away and lifted her up. Naomi just smirked, knowing what he wanted, and murmured, “So impatient.”

He ignored her, of course, and promptly pushed her back into the wall before slamming his lips onto hers. She tasted like him, and that was very, very hot. Without hesitation, he grabbed one smooth thigh and flung it around his waist. Naomi helped by lifting her other. When she was completely wrapped around him, he grasped her ass tightly and adjusted himself.

He didn’t ask whether she was ready or not, because he didn’t really care. He was ready – he had been for ages – and he was going to get what was his. He stared deeply into her eyes and then rammed into her, filling her up as only a man could.

Naomi immediately reacted. She threw her head back into the tiled wall, not caring that it hurt a little. He was so big! He was stretching her walls like no other man had. She promptly threw her arms around his neck and held on for dear life as he began a rough series of thrusts.

With each pound, Naomi was pushed higher up the wall. It wasn’t uncomfortable in the least, for the dominated feeling of intercourse far outnumbered the discomfort of a tiled wall. Her breasts were thrown back and forth at the impact, though it didn’t seem to bother Gaara. He quickly latched onto one plump nipple and nibbled at it with his amazing teeth. A hum emitted from his throat; he didn’t slow his pace, and Naomi could only gasp and moan and struggle to keep up with him.

This was, by far, the best sex she’d ever had. The danger of being caught was heavy around them, but by this time, they didn’t care about that as much as they did with finishing what they started. Release was close – so close that it schooled their hips into a rapid barrage. Naomi wanted to come so badly; she dug her nails into his back and let out a moan that drove him near insanity.

He gritted his teeth and drove himself deeper into her core, filling her completely with every thrust. And then he saw her gasp and shut her eyes and come. Her fluids surrounded him like a hot cocoon, sending him fitfully over the edge. He moaned deeply in his throat and banged into her once, twice, three more times before thrusting his seed as far into her as humanely possible. A strangled moan left his parted, bruised lips, and he buried his head into her neck as he waited for their orgasms to finish.

It was silent for a while; so silent that they could hear things they hadn’t heard when they came in. The drop of a leaky faucet, the pounding of the music through the door, the creaking of the stalls as the vibrations hit them. Gaara took a deep breath and pulled away slowly, pulling out of her just in time before the door was flung open and a strange man in uniform glared at them.

“Having sex in the toilets?” he growled. His eyes didn’t linger long on their nakedness, thankfully, and Naomi was able to throw her clothes quickly and haphazardly onto her body. Gaara was a little slower; he only managed to pull his pants back, forsaking his boxers completely, before a badge was suddenly thrust in their faces and the glares were back. “I’m gonna have to ask you both to leave. Now.”

His voice was so fierce that both Naomi and Gaara were positive that he meant business. Frowning, Gaara mumbled something incoherent and took a shaky and drunken step forward. The night guard grabbed them both by their upper arms – probably because they were taking their sweet time – and forced them from the bathroom. They were flung into the crowd promptly and were directed toward the exit. The security man was hot on their heels as they hurried toward it.

Stumbling out onto the street, Naomi gasped in the chilled air and turned to glance at her companion. A drunken mess, she hazily looked around to find themselves alone. A smirk wildly captured her face. “Wanna go to m-place?”

This time, ‘my place’ referred to the house that was hers. Now, if only she could remember where it was...

Extended Ending

A groan left the lips of a brown haired cat-man as he peered up. He was being prodded and sworn at, though that wasn’t anything new to him. Frowning, he snapped, “What’d ya want?!” A hangover was evident in his voice.

The pub’s owner raised a brow, “Look, buddy, if this was a hotel I wouldn’t mind you sleeping here. But as it isn’t, you’re gonna have to leave. It’s an hour past closing.”

Kankuro groaned and scowled. He noticed his brother was no where to be found, “Hey...have you seen a red-headed kid? Kinda short, pale lookin’?”

The owner smirked knowingly, “Ha! He was thrown out along with that girl four hours ago, buddy. Does he usually fuck people in the toilets?”

And before he could get an answer, he turned and went back to his counter. Kankuro could only widened his eyes.




  1. haha i lole'd at the ending xD
    but overall a VERY nice lemon :D

    1. You have to have no humor, and no knowledge of the characters to NOT laugh at it.
      It's amazing.

      In my personal headcanon Gaara is a very shy man who is gentle with lovers...(see Fire of Suna), so him getting drunk and going off made me legitamately drool.

  2. Youre Gaara lemons are my favorite by far :)

  3. wait a minute. if Naomi's shirt was torn off, how did she put her clothes back on? other than that, super hot