Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Kankuro no Sabaku Lemon -- Four Letter Word

Character: Sabaku no Kankuro

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Yoru no Tsume, Age 18

Inspiration: Complete and utter perversion.

It had been a strange day for the two ninja traveling together. The sky kept changing, as though it wasn’t sure whether to stay rainy or sunny. Despite their relationship, they acted more as brother-and-sisters than as actual lovers. It was odd, especially to those people who originally thought them to be family. (Last they heard, family didn’t make out in public.  Or anywhere, for that matter.)   

Indeed, Kankuro and Tsume’s relationship was so volatile and brewing that it was difficult to guess what happened next. All Tsume knew was that Kankuro was driving her mad! (And not the angry, overly furious kind of mad, either.) She felt as though she might go insane before their shared mission could possibly be over.

Even though she was certain that she was in love with Kankuro, Tsume knew that he could be downright stubborn when he wanted. Which was, of course, the reason she was pointedly ignoring everything he said as they walked into a tiny village for the night.

The village was to be their resting point before they continued on their return journey. After being out on their mission for over two weeks, both parties were finally able to take down their assigned man. Needless to say, Tsume was quite ready to sleep in an actual bed. (Hopefully, she thought, said bed would be far away from Kankuro.)

It wasn’t. After the sky finally decided to settle on one forecast – which, of course, just so happened to be rain – they both trudged into the nearest hotel with only one thing on their minds...only to find that such a thing must have been on other people’s minds as well. It was a long line to the counter, and when they finally were able to get to the desk, there was luckily only one room left. Unluckily, of course, the two would be sharing it. (Kankuro didn’t look too disappointed, but Tsume digressed.)

They were equally soaked upon reaching their hotel room, and all Tsume wanted to do was take a long shower and then go to sleep. Which, apparently, was all that Kankuro wanted, as well.

“Yeah right,” she scoffed, after Kankuro offered rather unwittingly that they share the hot water so neither had to wait, “I’m just not in the mood, Kankuro. It’s been a long day.”

Kankuro sent her a raised eyebrow in response, before shrugging and walking into the bathroom. Appalled, Tsume scowled and went to follow him, but all she got was a face-full of wood as the door closed on her face. Kankuro chuckled on the other side, “I guess you’ll just have to wait, then.”

But Tsume didn’t want to wait. They’d been traveling for days on end, with hardly any rest and certainly not any time for cleansing. She was dirty and scruff and in dire need of a hot shower. With narrowed eyes and gritted teeth, she burst through the bathroom door and began throwing her clothes off. Kankuro merely watched with an amused – and very pleased – expression dwelling in his eyes.

“Stop staring,” Tsume growled, and pulled her remaining clothes off before jumping into the shower. She immediately sighed in relaxation and tipped her head back, soaking in what could only be described as pure cleanliness. She hated that she had been so depraved of such an inane thing. She snapped back to attention when she heard the shower door open.

It wasn’t the first time the two had shared a shower, or, indeed, the first time they’d seen one another naked. Kankuro himself was enjoying the moment very much, but Tsume didn’t pay him any mind as she reached for the shampoo. Unfortunately, it was intercepted before she could grab it.

She glared at Kankuro, who smirked as he began opening the bottle. “Kankuro,” came her warning growl, “Give that back.”

He did not, which only infuriated her more. With a soft, mirthful chuckle, he merely gestured for her to turn around, “I’m trying to have some privacy, here.” The response to his words was one he rather enjoyed. He was pushed to the wall without a seconds hesitation and the shampoo bottle lurched out of his grasp. It fell to the tiled floor in a loud clatter.

Tsume didn’t know what to do with him. He could be so childish sometimes...with an annoyed glare, she bent over to reach for it.

Kankuro smirked widely and gazed at her rounded ass. How he loved that curved bum...he didn’t bother thinking as his hand came down in a fitful slap.

Shocked and reluctantly enjoying the scandalous attention, Tsume let out a surprised mewl. Kankuro’s brows shot up at the sound. Any more of that, and he was sure his lovely little friend would wake up. Tsume stood back up and threw him a glare. She didn’t want to admit that he looked damn sexy standing under the water – even if he was hogging all of it. The way the water droplets raced down his tanned and toned chest made her own mouth water delectably. Why oh why did she have to have such a desirable boyfriend? Her fingers itched to touch him.

Kankuro was feeling the exact same thing. Unsurprisingly, Tsume’s ass wasn’t the only thing he enjoyed touching. The spray of the water made her seem otherworldly and fiery. He couldn’t look away from her. Her darkened eyes left him short of breath and needful. In an unsuspecting bout of green and brown, they rushed at each other simultaneously and met halfway, limbs curling around one another and lips desperately finding themselves in a tight battle for dominance.

Kankuro nibbled on her lower lip, and as soon as her mouth opened, he thrust his tongue into her wet cavern and didn’t pull out until he’d explored every inch of it. She hummed against his lips and allowed him all the entrance he wanted, finding it content to just keep her body pressed to his. And how good it felt to just do that! Heat emanated from each molded torso, and in a frenzy of kisses and touches, Tsume was pushed against the wall and ravished completely.

It was rather nice being ravished by someone like Kankuro, though Tsume would rather die than admit it. He had such a natural, aggravating aura to him that was very much welcomed during these moments. His arrogance was converted into dominance, which was what Tsume liked: a battle. She pushed up against him, threw one leg around his waist, and ground her hips against his.

She knew what it would do even before she did it, and was pleased with the knowledgeable results. Kankuro grunted in appreciation, grabbed her hips, and pressed her closer to his erecting manhood as their lips continued their brutal and heady fight.

He was growing steadily against her. Every roll of their hips enforced a greater swell of his erection. It was becoming so hard that it was starting to get painful. Kankuro let out a feral growl and dipped his teeth into Tsume’s neck, systematically lifting her legs up and pushing his twitching cock an inch into her soaking folds.

She immediately reacted, both to the bite and to the feel of him against her. Throwing her arms around his neck, Tsume’s eyes connected with his. They stared at each other for a moment before Kankuro jolted into her in a sudden and uncalculated manner. Her head fell back and hit the wall, not feeling the slight pain that it brought. She could only focus on the rattling of her hips as Kankuro mercilessly kept her against the wall. With each pound, her back was forced ever higher.

It was a wild ride. Tsume could hardly keep up with him. She longed to thrust back into him, but with Kankuro holding her hips to the wall like he was, she couldn’t. She settled to just enjoy it while she could. She grabbed his brown hair sharply and held on for dear life.

“Nnngg,” Kankuro grunted. This position was nice – a little stiff, maybe, but nice all the same. With Tsume’s breasts bouncing with each thrust, he was turned on more than ever. He leaned down and nipped at one plump nipple, rolling it around his teeth in a way that he knew Tsume loved. His pulsating manhood loved it too: any minute now he felt like he was going to burst.

The attention to her breasts came as a surprise, but Tsume definitely didn’t complain. She mewled loudly as Kankuro bit down painfully on her nipple, but the pain was washed with such pleasure that she could hardly feel it. She pushed her breasts up and arched her back, silently pleading for more attention and their hips snapped fitfully together.

“Kan...Kankurrooo!” Tsume gasped. He grunted appreciatively when he heard her moan. That breathy sound was something he loved to hear. It fell so instinctively from her lips and it encouraged Kankuro to give her more pleasure. Abandoning one hand from her waist, Kankuro trailed it down to her clit and began fondling the bundle of nerves located at the top. Tsume immediately went crazy.

“Ahh! Kankuro...! Ooohh!” She couldn’t remember a time when she felt so good. Usually sex with Kankuro wasn’t so abrasive, because in his house they had to think about his Siblings overhearing. There were never any tricks like this, and Tsume found herself craving it more and more. In response to her obvious need, her body pulsated it’s reminder that she was very close to the edge.

Kankuro seemed to be, as well. His thrusts grew more powerful and controlled, and he was absolutely filling her up with every movement. Rolling into her again and again, Kankuro felt her come. It was an amazing feeling, but it was even more amazing when he fell off the edge with her. Burying himself into her completely, Kankuro pressed his lips to her neck in a nibbling kiss, disguising his loud moan as Tsume tightened around him.

A breathy, delectable sigh flew from Tsume’s lips as she felt his hot seed spill into her. If ever there was such a warm, comfortable feeling as this, Tsume didn’t know. Her eyes rolled back into her head as he jerked against her, milking him clean.

Their eyes stayed closed for a long while, and their bodies didn’t seem to want to move. Kankuro stayed buried in her until she started unraveling her limbs from his torso. Only then did he groan and pull back. A chaste kiss was place on her jaw before they completely separated.

In Tsume’s hazy perception, she slowly reached to grasp the discarded shampoo bottle from the shelf. Kankuro gave her a lazy smile and wrapped his arms around her as she began lathering the mixture into his brown hair. As she did, he gently attacked her face and neck with his lips, making her giggle.

“Mmm...I should get you angry more often,” he muttered, grinning wolfishly against her skin. She merely rolled her eyes and smiled.

Maybe he should, was all she thought as he tipped her head back and kissed her more solidly on her mouth. Tsume had a feeling the night was far from over.

Extended Ending

“Kankuro! Get your ass on the bed, now!” Tsume fumed, narrowing her eyes at her lazy boyfriend. After the stunt he pulled in the shower – she was blaming it entirely on him – he needed some payback.

The brown haired ninja merely whined, “But Tsume, it’s been a long day. I’m not in the mood~”

Tsume raised a brow. Like hell he wasn’t.



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