Monday, July 11, 2011

A Kyoya Ootori Lemon -- Stream of Consciousness

Character: Kyoya Ootori

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club

OC: Kairu Sho, Age 17, wants to be on the New York’s Best Seller list for her writing.

Inspiration: Rascal Flatts songs~

The scratching of Kairu’s pen overshadowed any conversation that might have been made. Indeed, she wasn’t very concerned with offending anyone – especially the boy sitting across from her on the red velvet couch. He certainly didn’t look offended, but then again, Kyoya Ootori was pretty good at hiding any inconvenience he might be feeling. He merely sat there smartly and watched the strange meanderings of the girl he had come to know quite well.

Whether or not she knew he was staring could not be discerned, for Kairu didn’t look up or take any sort of break. She merely kept at it, writing down every tiny thought that entered her head in a manner that both parties were quite used to.

Kyoya didn’t interrupt her. He knew that when she was finished, she was finished, and never before. He had tried to interrupt her before, once or twice, during the first few weeks of their settlement. But he was shot down each and every time by a subtle wave of her writing hand before it went back to doing just that: writing. He had to admit that the actions aggravated him in a way that demeaned his sense of timing and poshness, and so he stopped trying to interrupt her and just settled to finish his tea before she was done. (It would have gotten cold, anyway, you see, for she usually took a good amount of time.)

When Kairu was finally done, she’d put away her notepad and click her pen, and push them gently into her school bag before turning to Kyoya and extending her hand. Kyoya would always reach forward and take it, twisting it around with a desire to brush his lips over her knuckles. But the hand would always be withdrawn quick as lightening before he’d be able to, and that was that. Just like it happened, now, he supposed as he watched Kairu tuck her hand back into the safe folds of her yellow dress. She sent him a pointed look, to which he returned with an amused smile.

“I don’t suppose anything new has come about?” she wondered, tearing her eyes from his accented features to rove the room. She studied the figures of her friend Haruhi – who was, strangely enough, being hounded by the blonde Prince that seemed to follow her around everywhere, and was always the subject of Kyoya and her conversation. She snapped her gaze back to the dark haired man when he began to respond, “Nothing new, no. You know, Miss Sho, I believe you should have an extra session with Tamaki if you wish to know more about his and Haruhi’s relationship. It would help – “

This was a fairly normal happening. Kyoya would always find some reason for Kairu to spend more money. She raised a brow at him and shook her head, “Thanks, Kyoya, but I think you’d tell me more honestly.”

He stopped talking to look at her, and then sighed, pushing up his glasses with a single, educated finger. With a brush of his hair, he responded, “Perhaps I should be less honest with you, then.”

Kairu very nearly let out a small laugh at that. She smiled and shrugged, “You couldn’t. Surprisingly, you’re not very good at lying.” She knew, because she had caught him various times in the past. Originally, Kairu would have thought that Kyoya would be the master at lying, but somehow she was able to see whether he truly was telling the truth or not. She supposed it was because of all the time she had spent in his presence.

“So nothing new at all?” Kairu mused, not really asking a question as much as going over it in her mind. “I guess I’m not surprised. Tamaki probably doesn’t even know he’s in love with her.” She had half a mind to say the same about Haruhi.

Kyoya reached forward at that moment to pour himself another cup of tea. He turned his gaze to Kairu a moment later in silent questioning, but Kairu shook her head. Kyoya lifted up his teacup and took a small sip. All the while he drank in her figure as well as the tea.

The reason that Kairu insisted upon having him as her Host was simply to get information on Tamaki and Haruhi’s budding relationship. After all, Haruhi and Kairu were very good friends – neighbors, in fact – and it was only natural for Kairu to want the best for her. Kyoya only wished that he didn’t feel so used every time they had a meeting. (Ironic, he knew, because the life of a Host was exactly that. Being used was part of the rules.)

It was a matter of dignity and perhaps even something greater that kept Kyoya sitting with Kairu so selflessly. He was getting paid to be with her, and it wasn’t so bad to spend time with her anyway. He could think of some girls that he hated to spend time with. (Though the list was on a need-to-know basis, naturally. If anyone found out, he’d surely loose money.) Sometimes, Kyoya just wished Kairu didn’t want to know about Tamaki or Haruhi. Sometimes, he wanted her to ask him about other things, like how his day was, or whether or not he was getting good sales. Any other girl would ask him that, after all. But then he supposed that Kairu wasn’t like any other girl, and that was why she was so special. (This information was also on a need-to-know basis.)

“How are you getting along with everyone?” Kyoya wondered, always keeping his gaze latched upon her face. By ‘everyone’ he meant the other Hosts, who had become good friends with Kairu in the past few weeks. Once they found out that Kairu and Haruhi were neighbors and friends, they had opened their arms out to her. Which was rather strange, considering that the Hosts were all fairly secluded within their own little group.

Kairu shrugged, and her lips tilted upward into a tiny little smile. Kyoya loved it when she smiled like that, for it held just a little bit of mischief that made her, well, her. “Very well,” she responded, and their eyes met for a short second before she turned her gaze elsewhere, “They are all quite accommodating.”

‘Accommodating’ wasn’t the word that Kyoya would have picked. He would’ve used ‘frustrating’, or ‘sometimes likeable’. But then he decided that this was another reason he liked Kairu; she saw people for what they were, and then some. Silently, he wondered what she saw in him if not a source of information.

“How’s your book coming along?” he asked, glancing at her book bag, which was now resting against her leg as they talked. He turned his gaze back to hers just in time to see her brilliant eyes shift to him. Again, they stayed connected for a mere moment before she tore her gaze away.

“Just fine. It’ll take me a while yet, but I’m confident that I’m putting the needed time into it,” she finished, and her lips took to that tiny little smile that seemed to express so much about her.

Kyoya stared at her lips – and the smile – until it had finally disappeared. When it did disappear, he responded, “You do spend quite a lot of time on it.” He immediately thought back to the beginnings of every session, where she’d just spend time writing.

Kairu hummed. She didn’t tell Kyoya what, exactly, she had been writing during those beginnings. Whenever she was around him, words and thoughts would just pop up in her head, and she knew she had to write them down, for they were so inspirational and wonderful that it would be a sin not to. She wondered how he had become such a meaningful person to her.

“Are you sure,” Kairu asked, as though suspicious of Kyoya’s knowledge, “that you haven’t seen anything between them? That was, after all, the reason that they were meeting right now. (She didn’t want to admit that she quite liked his company anyway, you see.) She watched as Kyoya smirked and readjusted his glasses.

“If you want to talk about it alone, feel free to meet me after all the other Hosts and Customers have gone,” he relayed, trying not to think about meeting with her with no distractions. She didn’t look annoyed or disgusted at the invitation, so Kyoya took that as a good sign. Kairu humphed and nodded, agreeing not because she wanted to know about her friend, but rather because the idea of being alone with Kyoya Ootori was an enticing thought. They both got up simultaneously, thoughts reeling as one.

“See you then,” Kairu murmured, glancing at Kyoya before pulling her bag up and swinging it across her shoulder. He could only nod as he watched her go.

// Time Skip: Two Hours Later //

The Music Room was stark and empty. Dipping her head through the door, Kairu glanced around. It was strange seeing everything so silent. Usually, the Hosts were here making noise and disruptions. Needless to say, it made Kairu a little jumpy.

“I see you’ve made it,” a voice suddenly said, and Kairu had to throw a hand over her heart to quell the fast pace of it.

She let out a slow breath and turned to look toward the voice. Kyoya was sitting in their usual place, legs crossed and arms thrown haphazardly over the edges of the cushions. She didn’t want to admit it, but Kairu thought he looked downright sexy in that position. She swallowed a lump in her throat and came closer, shutting the door behind her.

“It’s strange not seeing everyone else here,” Kairu said aloud, and then silently thought how nice it was, being alone with him. There were no other girls to complain about their elongated sessions; no Host to barge into their conversation; there was nothing but silence. Complete, unequivocal silence. From across the couch, Kyoya smiled.

“Sit down and we’ll talk,” he said, but Kairu didn’t really want to talk. Chances like these didn’t come very often, especially with such a man as him. They were alone, and he was looking so sexy and desirous and exactly what she needed. Trying vainly to push such thoughts away, Kairu took a shaky seat and an even shakier breath.

He tilted his head, “Are you alright, Kairu?”

There was a strange sort of glint in his eye - a predatory, hungry look – that made Kairu wonder if he knew what he was doing to her. Her name sounded so good on his tongue. She wanted him to say it again and again. Kairu smiled unsurely and breathed, “Yeah.” Clearing her throat, she repeated the word with a little more strength, as though embarrassed that he had such an effect over her voice.

Kyoya knew quite well what was happening to her, and though it surprised him a little, it pleased him more. He leaned back and drank the sight of her figure. His mind reeled with images of what he wanted to do with her, and he had to will himself not to get carried away. The fabric of his pants wasn’t all that suitable for hiding anything, and he didn’t want to scare her off...though by the looks of it, he doubted it would anyway.

She was staring at him in an almost lustful fashion, but she didn’t seem to realize that she was doing it. Her teal eyes were shaded in the dim light of the room, and clouded with an emotion that had Kyoya’s heart pumping ever faster. Voice thick with want, Kyoya muttered, “I think you’d be more comfortable over to me.”

Shit. Kairu glanced at the spot beside him and gulped. She didn’t argue – couldn’t argue – as she stood and stepped lithely to her new seat. Her willpower was dust on the floor; she would allow him to do anything and wouldn’t complain. Kyoya seemed to have realized this as well, and was not below using it to his advantage.

The proximity of their bodies was small. Mere inches separated the two, but still they held back as though they were afraid of closing such an intimate space. Their eyes never left each other. And then... “Kairu?”

She jerked her head up and felt a light blush adorn her cheeks. Kyoya smiled a tiny smile and tilted his head, resting the temples of his forehead against his slender fingers, “May I kiss you?”

He certainly didn’t seem all that embarrassed in his asking, but Kairu was almost positive that she detected the smallest of blushes overpower his pale skin. She blushed as well and nodded, closing her eyes in her anticipation.

Said anticipation was quelled not a moment later as Kyoya’s lips descended upon her own. Kairu was immediately encased in the most fleeting sense of utmost security that she’d ever encountered, before it was pushed away when Kairu deepened the kiss. She was blind with want, and though the sweet kiss felt amazing, something more was needed. Kyoya certainly didn’t seem to mind.

Their lips worked in a crazed fashion, like they had only just found each other after months of being apart. Melodramatically sane, Kairu clung to his school jacket and drew him closer. They reveled in the feeling of their bodies pressed together.

Kairu hadn’t realized that she was being dipped back until her shoulders were already touching the cushions adorning the red velvet couch. Kyoya’s weight on her felt heavenly; she was quick to wrap her arms around his neck and waist and pull him down farther. He grunted in appreciation as her tongue racked his bottom lip.

Kairu needed to be satiated. Her desire was only increasing by the minute, and the lust welling up inside of her was all Kyoya’s doing. He was to blame, and therefore he had to take responsibility for his actions. Feeling bold, Kairu grabbed his belt and dragged his hips down to grind against hers. Both of their inhalations was proof of arousal.

“Kairu...are you su-?” the question died on Kyoya’s tongue as Kairu pulled their hips together once more. Sliding her fingers into his belt buckle, she was quick to undo it and pull it away. As if that wasn’t enough of an answer, Kairu then proceeded to unbutton the top of his pants.

Kyoya wanted to smirk, but all expression seemed to be evading him. Gasping at her show of braveness, Kyoya allowed her to finish the job and pull the waistline of his trousers down. Before she could grasp onto his boxers, however, he raised a brow and caught her wrists. A moment later, they were pinned above her head.

His tongue made a job of tracing over her neck. Dipping up her jaw line, he felt Kairu quiver in anticipation. He smirked and slowly covered her lips with his own, working them passionately as his fingers started undoing her dress.

She helped him as he tugged it down, freeing her breasts as they went. When she was completely bare, the clothes were thrown carelessly off the side of the couch. Kyoya gazed down at her body, shivering at the genuine beauty of her curves. His hand traced her sides, molding to the contours of her hips before trailing down her leg. The attention was immediate and craved, and Kairu wanted more. She arched her back and pushed her breasts against his chest, turning said attention there.

Kyoya was quick to capture one full breast with his mouth. Kairu groaned heatedly as his tongue swished around her nipple. His teeth nibbled at her, biting and sucking in a painful and yet completely pleasurable fashion. By the time he was done, Kairu was so turned on that her panties were soaked and ruined.

Kyoya buried his face in her neck, licking here and there as he hands removed the last of their clothing.

“No more...” he heard Kairu whisper, “I want you now...” And he was only too happy to oblige. Lifting one leg over his shoulder, Kyoya positioned himself at her entrance. Kairu was quick to find something to hold onto: the velvet cushion beneath her head. When he deemed her ready, he slid in.

The reaction was immediate. Arching her back, Kairu’s eyes drifted shut. A moan bubbled up her throat, and it was so exotic that Kyoya couldn’t help but move faster. In hardly a few seconds, their hips were moving together in a rapid pace that could not be matched.

It felt so good! Kairu hadn’t been with a guy in a long time, and Kyoya was certainly very skilled. Grinding his hips into hers with a power that left her short of breath, Kyoya groaned his appreciation. His hand moved to grasp her hips, and the other stayed latched to her risen thigh. Moans and grunts were all that could be heard.

Kairu was quickly being overcome by bliss. Her eyes drifted to a close as she neared the edge. It wouldn’t be long now...just a few more thrusts...her moans increased as her orgasm began.

Kyoya rushed to catch up with her. He were near the end, too, and was just waiting for her to go before following. Pounding into her faster, Kyoya leaned down and rolled her nipple roughly in his mouth.

The action had Kairu moaning ever louder as she rose, lifting up into the plains of ecstasy and bringing Kyoya with her. Together, they let themselves go, fluids intermingling in a shrouded dance. Their hips rolled as they rushed to catch themselves, breath shortened and bodies sweaty. The scent of their lovemaking hung delicately in the air.

Kyoya moved his hips a few more times, before pulling is manhood out and slowly lowering his gasping body to lay beside hers. There wasn’t much room on the velvet couch, so Kyoya had to maneuver his head onto the cushion. The rest of his body found solace atop her legs.

Kairu ran shaky fingers through his hair. Her chest was heaving, breasts quivering against Kyoya’s arms. He pressed his lips to the side of her neck and his eyes slipped closed. Utter peace was etched into both their features.

“You don’t long...I wanted to do that...” he muttered, skillfully trailing his fingers down her neck and collar. He kissed her shoulder this time.

Kairu’s lips turned upward into a small smile. She turned to him, taking in the sight of his nude body pressed against hers, and murmured, “I think I do.”

They shared a tiny smile before both pairs of eyes drifted to a close. Arms tightened, breaths calmed, and sleep was tangible in the air.

Extended Ending

The Host Club was, once again, bustling with activity as Customers giggled and disruptions occurred. To Kairu, it was once again normal and lively, but she couldn’t help but miss the sexy silence that accompanied the quieter hours of the day. Her mind drifted back to settle on such thoughts, and a small blush littered her cheeks. Across from her, Kyoya smirked, as though he knew full well where her mind was.

“Kyoya...?” Kairu leaned back, gazing at him from beneath a thick fringe of lashes. She watched as his throat constricted. Smiling innocently, she wondered, “Have you heard anything from Tamaki and Haruhi?”

She didn’t really care about their relationship as much as she let on. Kyoya hummed. “Why don’t we discuss it later today after everyone leaves?”

Kairu blushed a bit more, but refused to let her coy smile slip.



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