Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Mello Lemon -- It's Been A While

Character: Mello

Fandom: Death Note

OC: Allidia (Alice) Gerard, Age 18, Likes: Chocolate

Inspiration: Strangely enough, computer games. XD

The words ‘It had been a while’ could translate into many different meanings. For instance, it had been a while since Alice Gerard had seen her family; it had been a while since she had actually used money to buy ice cream; and it had been a while since she had seduced anyone. But in this case, the words meant something more sentimental, and held an inspiring touch that made her heart swell. It had been a while since she had written him a letter; it had been a while since she had listened to his voice; and it had been a while since she’d seen him. It had just...been a while.

Alice had no idea where the time went. It always seemed to just disappear whenever she wasn’t looking. All she knew was that it had to have been at least three months since she had seen Mello, and that was always bad news. (Bad, because usually he’d get into a good amount of trouble in a little amount of time, and Alice could only imagine what three months could have done to him. High security prison immediately came to mind.)

She knew that he was competent – one of the main things she liked about him – and that he could take care of himself. But she wasn’t so sure about her own self. Life these days was long and boring, and Alice was almost always tempted to do something even more foolhardy than ever. It was a bad sign when an ex-Mafia member couldn’t find the will to do what she loved. (Which was, of course, participating in rather evil activities that looked down upon any good-natured act.) Which was probably what had prompted her to get on her bike and get out of her apartment.

Riding a motorcycle gave one a certain sense of accomplishment and freedom, but riding it like Alice did forced other reactions to well up inside her – and everyone who had to jump out of her way as she came barreling down the sidewalk. The wind through her hair could be compared to nothing else; the firm grip of the handles and brakes gave her complete control. She could do anything she wanted...but there was only one thing that she could think would cure her of the redundancy that her life had become.

She had long since memorized the way to his living arrangements, as scruff and foreboding as they were. With the sharpness that came with her job, Alice jerked down a small side street, bike rumbling like thunder as she progressed.

It was shabby as hell here, but it was also rather comforting, because Alice knew who was behind the crappy brick walls and metal plated doors. She wondered what he was doing. Was he thinking about her? Was he scheming some big-shot heist? She had a feeling he was doing neither, but rather lazing around chewing one of his chocolate bars and scolding Matt to get off his gaming system.

It had been a while, she thought, since she had come to visit him. The reinforced door that led to the undercroft of the Mafia wouldn’t budge, but that didn’t bother Alice. The muscled men guarding said door – complete with machine guns and typical bad-guy attire – that was what bothered her.

She was sure they didn’t know who she was, but to her surprise, they didn’t stop her from entering. Was this respect she sensed? They must have heard of the legend she had built for herself, otherwise they wouldn’t just allow her entrance. She smirked to them and continued on her way.

It was cramped inside. There were rickety metal pillars holding up the ceiling, and they were coated with so much rust that they looked as unstable that the holey brick walls and the bullet-filled floors. Alice shook her head a bit, reminding herself that Mello never was one for interior design. She continued on her way until she got to a particularly familiar room.

This was the place where they’d hang out together. A tall TV set – the only thing abnormally new in the room – stood stark against the brick backdrop. There were DVDs and Video Games crowding the space around it, and controllers littering the coffee table. Two couches loomed up. One faced the TV straight on, while the other looked toward the other direction. Finally, two figures filled the room, making it seem much more livable.

A brown haired boy wearing a stripped shirt was bent over one Video Game controller. His eyes were so focused on the TV screen that he didn’t seem aware of anything going on around him. The other boy – a blonde haired, leather-wearing man – was strewn haphazardly on the couch. There was an opened chocolate bar in his hand, half-eaten, and it dangled lightly from slender fingers. He was watching the screen as well, albeit uncaringly, and seemed to be thinking of something else.

A scoff fell from Alice’s lips, and she was immediately regarded. Two pairs of eyes swiveled around to face her, brows furrowed. The confusion cleared up a moment later, and both men turned back to what they were doing. A roll of her eyes, Alice plopped herself onto the couch beside Mello and turned her head to gaze at him. He ignored her.

She didn’t much care if he acknowledged her presence or not, just as long as she was in his presence and not somewhere else. It had been a while, she thought, since she had made him angry. Smirking at the thought, she decided that it was high time to change that.

He wouldn’t ignore her for long. Leaning forward, she rested her head on his shoulder, grinning when he tried to shrug it off. The chocolate bar was hovering in front of her face, and even though Alice didn’t much care for that kind of chocolate – she preferred it in ice cream form, you see – she decided to go for it, just this once. She quickly leaned forward and bit into the bar before pulling back a few feet away from the man. He stared at her, eye twitching in annoyance, and watched as she slowly licked her lips. It did taste good on her tongue, she thought, and smirked at Mello. He let out a feral growl and threw the bar onto the coffee table before turning to her. Oops. Alice had forgotten about this little side of Mello. (You know, the vengeful one.) She was flat on her back not a moment later, and his face was not two inches from hers.

“Give that back,” he ordered darkly, narrowed eyes sliding from her own orbs to her plush lips as they chewed the delicious sweet. She shook her head, smirking in a challenge.

Well, Mello was never one to give in to any challenge. His lips were upon hers not a moment later, tongue battling to get into her mouth. She tried her best refusing him – she really did! – but when he suddenly bit down on her bottom lip, she couldn’t help but gasp. His tongue darted into her mouth and fished around for the melted chocolate.

Her eyes closed in bliss as he continued ravishing her mouth. It had been a while since he’d really kissed her. But to her dismay, he didn’t linger long before pulling back. He soon got back into his lazy position, chocolate bar back in hand and staring blandly at the screen. Alice pouted at him for again ignoring her. Not that his taste was in her mouth, she desperately wanted more from him. She slowly sat up, not taking her eyes from him, and leaned forward. The chocolate bar was pulled away from her and switched to the other hand suspiciously.

But that wasn’t what she was going for this time. Her mouth was craving something a bit more substantial...something that could quench the thirst that was now instilled within her. In a sudden movement, she tackled Mello to the couch and straddled him, glaring playfully down at his surprised honey orbs.

“Hey, Matt...?” she asked, leaning down to press her lips against Mello’s neck. The gamer grunted to show he was listening, and Alice continued, “...You may want to leave the room.” Then her lips were attacking his fervently, and her body was pulled flush against his as his arms latched themselves around her waist.

Matt merely rolled his eyes and muttered, “I was afraid you’d say that...” before leaving the room to go find another TV. He left not a moment too soon; a second after the door swung closed, Mello rolled over and began attacking her lips with his.

It had been a while since she’d experienced such poignant relief. Caged beneath him, Alice wrapped her arms about his neck and arched her back, pushing her breasts into his chest in a silent plea. He certainly didn’t ignore it. A moment later, his hands began groping every available bit of her body as he could.

A growl tore through Mello’s throat as he leaned over her. He nipped at her earlobe, muttering vaguely, “Why’d you come back?”

But Alice didn’t answer him. Besides the distraction of Mello’s movements, Alice had no clue as to why she was even gone for so long. Various responses flew into her mind, but vacated her senses before she could grasp onto them. Quickly giving up as Mello’s hands worked their way up her shirt, Alice groaned and closed her eyes. To say that she didn’t enjoy being in this situation was an understatement.

A leering grin found itself on Mello’s lips when he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. With a deep, guttural chuckle that sent shivers of lust racing down Alice’s spine, he breathed, “Why, you naughty, naughty girl. What else aren’t you wearing?” She didn’t miss the look he flashed toward her pants. A sly smirk mirrored his own.

She was about to answer him, no doubt with something as coy as his own words, but was quickly put to rest as his fingers began fondling her nipples. Tugging almost painfully, Alice mewled and arched her back once more. The man above her grinned in satisfaction.

Unfortunately for him, a delicious plan was brewing inside Alice’s mind. She wasn’t the one to be taken lightly in any situation, and this was no different. Ethereal touches were trailed down his spine, hardly existent as she dipped lower and lower towards his waistline. He reacted with much the same gentility, for once allowing her to have her way rather than forcing the odds in his favor. Alice rather liked this dignified side of him.

She leaned up slowly, hardly touching his as she pushed his back with a single finger. It was hard to believe that such a small movement could restrain him, but he must have known that his silence would reap the rewards eventually. He smirked a rather characteristic smirk and allowed her to push his back into the upright cushions. Alice crawled into his lap a moment later and hummed.

“I wonder,” she nipped at his neck, “If anyone might interrupt us?” Not that she really cared. She was far from being prudish, after all. A simply grin annunciated her inquiry.

Mello growled, as though he was quickly losing patience with her light teases, “Does it matter?” He leaned forward and devoured her lips.

Alice sunk into the kiss quickly, clutching at the leather fabric of his shirt as she hoisted herself farther onto him. Her movement forced a snarl to rip through his throat, and before she could teasingly ask what was the matter – as if she didn’t already know – Mello grabbed her hips and jostled them against his. His growing erection was restrained by the leather of his pants, but it was still discernable against her bum. Alice chortled a bit in a mocking manner, and the man before her scowled. He proceeded to rip her shirt away from her body, letting loose her breasts and simultaneously halting her laughter. (But no matter the circumstance, that aggravating smirk could not be removed from her plush lips.)

Mello ground his teeth together. He knew that in a few moments, he’d have her all to himself, but before that he had one little predicament to handle. He so dearly wanted to wipe that grin off your face. As if reading his thoughts, Alice disentangled herself from his grip and stood, looking lustfully at him through a thick fringe of lashes. The phrase ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ raced through her head. (Though she was certain that if she really wanted to, she could beat him awfully bad.) Her fingers found her belt buckle a moment later.

Mello sat back and raised a brow, looking as sexy as ever as he observed her hands. Her tight blue jeans were slowly disposed and thrown a few feet away beside her shirt. A lustful shiver tingled through his body as he caught sight of the area that should have been covered.

A wild smirk, and then, “Tsk, tsk. No wonder you’re so frisky. Such naughtiness ought to be punished.”

Alice hummed and did a small twist, not at all embarrassed at the intensity of his gaze. She noticed how taut he looked as he sat there. His legs were spread in his normal position, but this time, the heady bulge beneath the leather beckoned to her. His fingers seemed cramped as they tore through the delicate skin of his palms. With calculating eyes, his hand caught her wrist as she made to turn around once more, and all but dragged her back onto his lap. The drawstrings of his pants were loosened a moment later, and were shimmed from his slender hips faster than Alice could blink.

It all happened so fast that she hardly had any time to glance down and observe his twitching shaft before it was pushed inside of her, and she was crushed tightly to his leather-bound chest.

Alice immediately keened and spread her legs farther around him, pushing her knees into the fabric of the couch and leaned forward. His fingernails found something else to sink into as they grasped her hips, leading her around his stiff cock as he grunted and cursed and snarled in pleasure.

Alice was quickly being overcome by the hazy scent of sex. The heat was rising rapidly, jolting through her body with every pound of their hips. She threw her head back and moaned loudly as she felt Mello’s mouth fasten itself upon her bosom.

His teeth were not gentle as they bit down onto her nipple, and she didn’t want them to be. The roughness that was purely his had her on edge, sinking fitfully into what could only be described as raw passion. His tongue lapped over her other nipple, switching places with his free hand as he worked the pink skin into hard nubs.

After a moment, he pulled back and gazed at her fiercely before jerking his hips into hers in a deadly barrage that nearly sent her off the edge. With a harsh twist of her tender breasts, Alice let out a strained mewl, breathy and coated in lust and need. She worked her hips into small, tiny circles and almost came once more as he followed suit.

The power of his thrusts were quickly creating a dazed dream world around her. Alice could only grip onto his shoulders and tear her lips against his neck in an animalistic growl as he continued his fast pace. Neither wanted to wait; neither wanted the draw out whatever desire had built up. Heat coiled through Alice’s stomach, rearing and biting and pounding, and she couldn’t hold in her basking moan as she fell into an orgasm that shook her very soul.

Her spasms were bold and endearing, and Mello found it quite easy to follow her as he rammed her hips into his and milked himself clean. His throat convulsed in a deep, appreciative grunt as he finished, and his hands, gentler this time, slowly continued pumping their hips together as he released a satisfied sigh. His head fell back to rest upon the cushions of the couch, and a moment later, every movement stopped.

Alice was delirious with relief. It surely had been a while since she’d felt that degree of pleasure. She sunk into his sweaty chest and sighed in contentment, pressing her cheek just over his heart and listening to it’s fast beats. She felt his arm wind around her and rest at her waist.

“Why’d you come back...?” he murmured, breathy and barely coherent as he kissed her hair.

She glanced up at him, and their eyes locked in a soft stare that had Alice’s heart reacting even more wildly than it had before. A twitch of a smile reared at her lips, “...It’s been a while...and I missed you.” She wasn’t sure where that had come from, but as she spoke the words she knew they were true. She wasn’t complete unless she was here, by Mello’s side. She wasn’t happy unless she could come home to his arms. She wasn’t satiated unless he was the one to please her.

Mello hummed lightly, sanguinely, as though he was more at peace now than he ever was, and nodded slowly. It surely had been a while, and he had missed her, too. The sentiment lingered silently in the air.

Extended Ending

Eyes locked fitfully to the TV screen, Matt sighed.

“Freaking sex-depraved friends...” a string of soft curses followed.