Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Shikamaru Nara Baby Daddy -- Capitol T

Character: Shikamaru Nara

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Hanako Nakawagua, Loud and brash, Dislikes: Thunder

Inspiration: Shikamaru’s laziness~

// Prologue //

The classroom was terribly boring. Hanako couldn’t remember a time when she was so languid...and what made things worse was the equally, if not more, languid boy sitting beside her. She frowned at the thought.

Shikamaru Nara was a lazy boy. His favorite hobbies were eating, sleeping, and watching the sky. He also hated Hanako Nakawagua with a burning passion that was requited on much the same level for her. It was a well known fact that the two were bitter rivals.

“Hey, Hanako,” came the voice of a girl whom Hanako was particularly familiar with, “Stop looking so down and come play with us. We have a fifteen minute break before class starts again!”

Indeed, they did, and Hanako was only too happy to vacate the seat next to her burning enemy. With a happy grin, the eight year old bounced up and went to run after the group playing ‘ninja’. Shikamaru just shook his head with a roll of his eyes.

// How It Happened //

The Leaf Village was as hot as ever under the burning summer sun. Tugging at her shirt, a female kunzite trampled lazily down the street, watching various passerby as they went about their daily routines. There weren’t many people out, probably due to the intense heat, but the few that were tried to appear happy. The laughter of the citizens of Konoha was not new to the girl, but after such a long mission, it felt like a chorus of angels.

Hanako was very sure that there was one other person outside, as well, though she knew he wouldn’t be found in the streets. The sky was absolutely beautiful today, which left Hanako with only one realization: Shikamaru was watching the clouds.

The only question now was where, exactly, he was doing it. He had a few different spots, you see, all around Konoha. The best place, he claimed, was the grassy field in Training Ground 8. The rooftop of the veterinary building was a close second.

Hanako pushed out her bottom lip, thinking. She had to go report her mission to the Hokage before she could look for Shikamaru. She was also in dire need of some of the normalcy of life, like a hot shower and a big bowl of Ramen. Finding entirely too much on her list of things to do, Hanako grumbled and decided to go to the Hokage Tower first. After all, she’d spent three whole weeks on a very tiresome B-Ranked mission, and managed to get out with little to no scratches. That deserved a nice chat with the Hokage.

Unfortunately, the Hokage wasn’t in today. Lady Tsunade must have decided that it was too hot a day to waste it in her office, for Shizune was the only one present at the desk. She looked to be very uncomfortable indeed, and was towering over a small stack of unreported missions with a tired expression on her face. When Hanako entered the room, Shizune sighed in relief, “Thank Kami you’re back, Nakawagua-san. The missions have been building up so much lately. I’m afraid Tsunade-sama isn’t in today...but I’ll pass your report on to her when she is.”

Hanako nodded with a soft smile and turned her gaze to Shizune, who was picking up a scroll and pencil to write everything down in the report. Clearing her throat, Hanako claimed, “Mission was successful. It took three days to get there and I was able to blend right in. The first week was spent gathering information about the spies, and the second was spent eliminating them. Two day return journey.”

Shizune’s pencil hurried to scratch everything down, not pausing for even a second as she did. Finally, she nodded and caught Hanako’s eye, “Good job, Nakawagua-san. I’m giving you a two-day reprieve before your next mission.”

Hanako nodded, maintaining her cool expression. But inside, she was pouting at the short vacation. She turned on her heel to leave, but then suddenly stopped, as though remembering something. Gazing back, Hanako wondered, “Shizune-san? Do you know if Shikamaru Nara is out on a mission?”

Her question was met with a smile and a shake of the head, “No, Nakawagua-san. Shikamaru returned early yesterday morning and will be spending one more day until his next mission.”

Hanako pouted openly now, but didn’t say anything except a small ‘thank you’ before leaving. Only one day left! She suddenly knew that her hot shower and bowl of Ramen would have to wait.

Hanako’s final verdict on her lover’s whereabouts was mainly based on a whim. After glancing at the clear blue sky, she decided that she’d check the vet rooftop first. If he wasn’t there, she would have gained a nice walk anyway.

Whistling while she went along on her journey, Hanako wondered where her next mission would take her. She sighed a bit and pouted. A two day reprieve was far too short, but she didn’t blame Lady Tsunade all that much. As of late, there had been some hassle about the Akatsuki organization, and most of the elite ninja were here defending the village.

With a glance around, Hanako found the stairway up to the rooftop and began her ascent. It was a fairly high building, so it took her a few minutes to reach the top. When she finally did, she was met with the sound of soft snoring, and a giggle left her lips. Her verdict was right after all.

Shikamaru was fast asleep on the bench some ways away. His head was propped up with his arms and he lay on his back. His mouth was open a bit, and Hanako thought he looked adorable. Smiling at the endearing sight, she stepped forward and took a seat beside him.

After sitting in silence for a moment, boredom grew heavily on Hanako’s mind. She pouted at her sleeping boyfriend and sighed. She had hoped to find him awake, and maybe drag him down to dinner with her. She wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before their separate missions got in the way. Hanako was just starting to loose hope on him when a sudden and rather naughty thought invaded her mind.

“Hmm.” She grinned. Drifting a slender finger over his cheekbone, Hanako leaned over him. Intimate moment with Shikamaru were far between and often started by her. There was no one else on the why not? She smirked and dragged her finger from his face, past his Chunin vest, and at the zipper of his pants. It was pulled down without a moments hesitation.

Her clever fingers found a way through his boxers quickly and surely, and pulled out the sought treasure with just as much boldness. It felt lax in her hand, which meant only one thing: she had some work to do. With a devious little giggle, Hanako swung her leg over his waist and began gracing her fingers over his manhood.

He was still very much asleep, but it wasn’t difficult to tell that Shikamaru was feeling her touch. His face shifted expressions, from peaceful to confused to pleased. A coy smirk lit up her face at the sight. Hanako sent her other hand to undo the restraints of his Chunin jacket, popping the slits that held it together. As always, the clothing he had on beneath it was minimal, and hugged his toned body well. She slipped her fingers over his taut muscles and made a pleased noise. A sight for sore eyes, truly.

Her hand below was quickly getting tired of its teasing touches. Wrapping it more firmly around his awakening length, Hanako pumped him through her fingers with a force to be reckoned with, eyes watching his face with a calculating glint. She had a feeling he was awake now – he was a light sleeper anyway, and this, certainly, would have brought him from his stupor. He was just trying not to let her know...perhaps because he didn’t want to go through the trouble? Whatever the case, Hanako was onto him. Her gaze narrowed.

Still pumping his dick, Hanako leaned forward to press her lips against Shikamaru’s neck. Her tongue darted over his flesh, sucking and nibbling on his skin. Her attempts at making him respond weren’t working, though, and she pulled back to kiss him more solidly on the mouth.

He was sporting quite the erection now. It would be impossible for a man to still be asleep after this! Hanako grunted against his lips – a sound Shikamaru surely should have smirked at! – and pulled away. She slid back down his body and gave his cock one last pump before dragging her hand away from it. Well, two could play at this game. With a sly smile, Hanako called, “Shika-kun~ You’re gonna have to wake up if you want me to help you take care of that problem of yours.” With a chortling laugh, she stepped away, ignoring the anguish of her own arousal as she did. She was almost to the stairs now, and would continue unless she did something. When he just laid there unmoving, Hanako shrugged. She took one last glance at his twitching manhood and turned on the spot.

She had been very serious at her move, and was getting ready to complete her journey to the stairs when Shikamaru groaned and opened his eyes. He sat up slowly, as though going through the utmost torture, and sent her a lazy, lustful glare, “Alright, alright, jeez. You’re so troublesome.”

Hanako merely grinned and bowed, “Why thank you.” Her tongue swirled over her lips, taking him in hungrily, “Now...I think it’d be in your best interest to get those damned clothes off.”

A grunt left his lips and he smirked. Tilting his head back in a stretch, Shikamaru seemed to be ignoring his problem altogether. He sighed, glanced down at his awakened manhood, and shrugged, “I think it’d be in my best interest for you to help me out already and forget about the clothes.”

She grumbled and stepped back up to him, kneeling before him, “You’re so lazy, Shika-kun! I swear, if your cock wasn’t this big I’d – “

She was cut off as Shikamaru rolled his eyes and pushed his head into his lap. It was her problem now, he decided, but silently thanked the Gods for giving her such a skilled little tongue.

// How You Told Him //

Flouncing from her apartment, Hanako glanced around. It was a damned shame that she had another mission, and so soon! It was just yesterday that she came back from her previous one, and she hardly felt rested at all. How Hanako managed to still keep that bounce in her step, she never knew. (But she were pretty sure her endurance was the reason Lady Tsunade kept dishing out new missions for her to partake in.)

The reprieves between missions were getting longer for everyone around her, but they seemed to be evading Hanako altogether. It was rather annoying, especially when all her friends were out having fun and she were stuck inside resting up. At least Shikamaru stayed inside with her, though he didn’t have to. The long reprieves weren’t evading him, that was for sure. He had another week before he had to go out on a new mission.

A grumbled sigh tore through her throat at the thought. What she would do to spend the entire day in bed...somehow, Hanako was sure that if she asked Shikamaru to stay with her, he’d have no problem with the idea. Her daydream only escalated as she made her way to the Hokage’s Tower. Tilting her head absentmindedly, Hanako opened the door and stepped into the room to be briefed on her mission.

She was barely present while Tsunade spoke. Her mind was drifting far into the clouds, making her daydream tangible on her tongue. She only caught the last sentence of Tsunade’s speech as she was whisked away from the sweet folds of dreamland.

“...Is that clear, Nakawagua-san?”

She jerked her head forward and smiled lazily, “Yep, completely clear, Hokage-sama! I understood every word of it! I’ll most definitely finish the mission to the best of my abilities!”

By the twitching of Tsunade’s eye, Hanako raised a brow. Had she said something wrong? Sure, she lied a little – the tiniest lie – but she was sure she sounded enthusiastic as always. Shizune hid a mirthful laugh behind her hand, trying – and failing – to disperse it when Tsunade sent her a particularly pointed glare.

“I don’t think you heard me, Hanako,” she leaned forward, randomly staring daggers toward Hanako’s stomach. The poor girl’s brows shot right into her hairline. She followed the trail of Tsunade’s burning gaze and patted her belly. Did Tsunade think she was getting fat or something?!

Shizune laughed a bit more and shook her head, “Hanako, how have you been feeling lately?” She began to list off a variety of ailments that Hanako was possibly experiencing. Headaches? Tender muscles? Cramps? Morning sickness? Hanako answered honestly: no, yes, – but that was because she was a ninja, duh! – always, sometimes.

Shizune made a noise, “Humph. Well, obviously we know what’s wrong with you. You’ll start developing the hormonal stuff in a few weeks, and everything else will probably intensify. That’s why you’re not allowed to go on missions until after the baby is born, is that clear Hanako?”

Hanako stared at her. Hmm...her head might have been in the clouds again, but did Shizune just say that she was with child? How laughable! This must have been some sort of sick joke they were pulling on her. A smirk lit her face, “That’s funny, Shizune-san. You don’t really expect me to believe that shit, do y-?”

“FOR GOD’S SAKE, HANAKO! YOU’RE F-ING PREGNANT! WE AREN’T JOKING AND I MEANT IT WHEN I SAID THAT YOU’RE NOT GOING ON YOUR DESIGNATED MISSION!” Tsunade fell back into her seat with a scowl and observed the wildly delirious girl before her. (Hanako was silently wondering if the entire village knew now, for Tsunade certainly yelled it loudly enough.)

“Oh,” she said, tilting her head as she finally grasped it, “ do you know I’m pregnant when I don’t even know I’m pregnant? And are you sure I’m pregnant? Because if you’re not sure but just almost sure, then – “

“Hanako,” Shizune cut in, glancing fearfully toward Tsunade’s irate face, “As we’re both highly trained medical ninja, your pregnancy is absolute.”

Another tilt of her head. “Oh, I see.” A sudden grin spread over her face. She chortled a bit and muttered, “I wonder what Shikamaru will say? Haha! Probably how tiresome it’ll be...” And then, promptly turning to the window and throwing it wide open, Hanako ducked her head outside and caught sight of what could only be her boyfriend as he walked down the street.

“HEY, SHIKA-KUN! GUESS WHAT?” She didn’t wait for him to guess, “I’M PREGNANT, YOU SON OF A BITCH!” ...and then proceeded to shuffle back indoors and ignore the shocked and slightly disturbed looks on Shizune and Tsunade’s faces.

// Epilogue //

A grumble fell past parted lips. A tongue dragged itself beneath her jaw, dipping into the contours of her neck before changing into small little nibbles and bites. Shuffling beneath the covers, Hanako grunted in annoyance and tried vainly to push her lover away. “Shika...I’m trying to sleep...”

An amused chuckle ghosted across her bare shoulder. Shikamaru pulled away slightly, but only to wrap his arms snugly around Hanako waist. His lips quickly got back to ravishing her neck soon after, much to Hanako’s chagrin. “I mean it, Shikamaru...”

Clearly he didn’t believe her, and obviously she wasn’t putting up much of a fight. It felt mind blowing when he woke her up like that, sensual and pleasurable. It took her mind far from the troubles that the day would soon bring.

His hand played with the smooth edges of her waist beneath the thin sheets. He Dipped down to tickle her naval before darting back up when Hanako half-heartedly slapped him on his shoulder. She rolled over during the same action, snuggling into his chest as though the slap hadn’t even taken place. Shikamaru chuckled again.

His fingers moved up to tangle themselves into her silky hair. Leaning down, he pressed his lips to her forehead and sighed against her sweet skin. A sleepy, breathy mewl escaped Hanako’s mouth. She turned in his arms and kissed the center of his chest, not bothering to look up at him before shutting her eyes once more and trying to sink back into the solace of sleep.

“Natsu will probably be awake now,” she softly mumbled, not wanting to leave the comforts of her husband’s arms but knowing that she probably had to. As though reading her mind, Shikamaru’s grasp tightened around her and he growled lowly in disagree.

“Even if he is, I’m sure he can do without his mother for a while,” he muttered. A string of words followed, but Hanako was only able to pick up ‘troublesome’ before it disappeared into the air. His words were true enough, at least. Natsu, their only child, was a pretty docile kid. Hanako turned back to Shikamaru’s embrace, quieted for now.

“...I don’t ever want to leave you,” she whispered, not caring if Shikamaru had heard or not. It was a confession that she said often enough anyway. Her fingers spread out over the warm skin of his back.

Her words were met with silence, as usual. Another kiss to her forehead...the slight squeeze of his arms: Shikamaru had other ways of telling you that he felt the same. Hanako smiled and tilted her head, eyes observing her love with an admiration to behold.



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