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A Takashi Morinozuka Lemon -- Strawberry Pie

Character: Takashi Morinozuka

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club

OC: Sora Shizuya, Age 17, Bakes for the Host Club

Inspiration: Some old recipes I use…~

The morning was crisp and natural. Everything seemed to be in order for Sora Shizuya, which was exactly how she liked it. The kettle was being heated on the stove top, the oven was warming up beside her, and she wasn’t feeling the least bit tired as she stirred a heavy bowl of what looked like cookie dough.

it was her usual morning routine, and it was rather incessant, but Sora didn’t mind. She loved being in the kitchen and creating things that other people could love. She was glad that she had the opportunity to do such a thing. (Kyoya wouldn’t let her say no, even though she hadn’t planned to in the first place.)

Working for the Host Club was sometimes exhausting. Each Host’s personality was so incredibly different that it was near infuriating when one of them were injured, bodily or not. But it was also amusing to no end, and their playful banter often brought smiles to many people’s faces.

Sora glanced at the clock before turning back to her work. She only had another hour before she had to go change into her uniform for school. (She’d often bring it with her to Ouran’s kitchens.) When she took another glance toward the window, and saw the sun just coming up over the horizon, Sora smiled at her crazy antics. She still couldn’t believe that she woke up at 5 every morning just to bake.

It really was the only time to do such things, though, because after her morning routine, Sora hardly had any time to herself during the rest of the day. She’d often spend hours at the Host Club, serving her baked goods, and then she wouldn’t get home until the sun was going back down. Homework had to be dealt with, by then, and Sora was just so exhausted from doing so much work that she’d often fall asleep before she even reached her pillow.

Her fingers picked up their pace a bit, knowing that time was running out. The loaf of banana bread in the oven was quickly pulled out and inspected before it was placed on a cooling rack. A batch of chocolate chip cookies replaced them in the oven.

While she waited for them to bake, Sora looked around at what she had made. Two hours didn’t seem like an awfully long time to spend baking, but Sora certainly put good use to every second. Baked goods littered the space; anywhere that a pie could rest, it did. With a small chuckle of relief, Sora went about wrapping each piece in tissue paper. She was already imagining the faces of joy that she’d see later on in the day.

// After School: Host Club //

Sora was even more tired than she was before, but she didn’t complain. This was what she loved to do, after all, and what better way to do it than to dedicate yourself to the task? She watched as Haruhi entered the kitchen with an empty tray.

“Need some more?” Sora wondered, pausing in her sip of tea. She often stayed in the kitchen while the Host Club was doing their thing, simply because she knew she’d feel claustrophobic if she ventured out. She didn’t particularly like too many people, especially a room full of swooning girls.

Haruhi smiled and nodded, “The banana bread was a big hit, Sora. It’s like they’ve never tasted it before!”

Sora laughed a bit. She got up from her seat, ignored her aching legs, and went over to the fresh bread she’d baked just that morning. As she was cutting a few more slices, she shrugged, “I don’t know, Haruhi. Maybe they really never had it. It’s not what I’d call fancy, after all.”

Haruhi helped her put the slices onto the silver tray, “I suppose. How depraved they must be feeling. Oh!” she looked up, “I nearly forgot! We’ve also run out of Strawberry Pie. They seemed to like that as well. Kyoya wanted to know if you had any left.”

With a quick look about the kitchen, Sora realized that she did not have any more pie. She frowned, “Should I make some? The Host Club’s almost over, isn’t it?”

Haruhi nodded, glancing at the clock, “Yes...I’ll go see if anyone can help you out. Two people can make it faster, after all!”

Sora watched as Haruhi carefully left the kitchen, balancing the tray all the while. She hoped Haruhi didn’t send in somebody like Tamaki or the twins. (She tried teaching them to bake before, you see, and it was a bad experience.)

While she waited for her helper, Sora quickly made space to work. She moved all the baked goods to the other counter and began getting the ingredients out for speedy use. She didn’t have much time to make the pie, and she wanted to get it into the oven as fast as possible. She was so busy that she hardly even noticed who had entered the kitchen.

Takashi Morinozuka was a quiet but appreciative man. While other were simply pleased that Sora spent so much time on them, Mori was more than pleased. He knew the effort that Sora exhibited each day better than anyone else, save maybe Honey. (Honey and Sora were the best of friends, and would often be found baking together. Well, Sora did most of the baking, actually...Honey taste-tested.)

With a clear of his throat, he let Sora know he was there. She glanced up quickly and threw him a bright smile, “Mori! I’m so happy they sent you,” she certainly did sound relieved, “hurry up and come here!”

He walked over to her, heart beating irregularly. (It always did in her presence, whether he wanted it to or not.) He allowed her to throw an apron over his clothes, gulping when she reached around him to tie it in the back. He resisted the urge to pull her even closer.

“Alright,” Sora said when she pulled back. There was a determined glaze to her pretty eyes that had Takashi nearly smiling. “We need to make this as fast as possible. Could you start on the filling? I need you to cut the leaves off of all the strawberries and then split them in half. Ok?”

Mori nodded, grabbed a knife, and immediately got to work, always with the realization that Sora was right there beside him.

It was a while before either of them said anything. They were both busily doing their job and didn’t really thing of anything else. Well, almost, I suppose. Besides focusing on making the pie crust, Sora was day dreaming about the man beside her. Her cheeks were flushed a bit at her dirty thoughts, but she couldn’t possibly quell them. She wondered if Mori had ever thought such things about her. (He had – he was thinking about it right now – and that was why his own cheeks were rather red.)

The pie couldn’t have been finished sooner. When it was finally put into the oven, Sora breathed a sigh of relief and then turned to Mori. He stood there, looking tall and accommodating in the kitchen, and Sora realized that she couldn’t have had a better assistor.

They studied each other in a silent manner, but the air was far from restricting. There was a refreshing sigh to the room that had them both at ease and comfortable. A slow smile worked its way onto Sora’s face, “Thanks, Mori. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

He nodded a jerking nod, as though there was something else on his mind and he hadn’t quite heard her. There was, indeed, something else on his mind, and it could be clearly seen through his dilated, dark orbs as they watched Sora. The girl herself seemed to know what he was thinking of, for she couldn’t seem to stay still; she fiddled with her hands and twisted the fabric of her frilly white apron, until – they both rushed forward at the same uneven pace, and pulled each other close. Lips descended upon lips not a second later.

A breathy sigh escaped Sora’s mouth as Mori’s released hers. His lips instead traveled down her neck as he pushed her into the counter. She was quick to retain a seat on said counter, and all but threw her legs around Mori’s waist. It was a moment of crazed, animalistic passion that neither wanted to forgo.

Neither would have had to, as well, had the door of the kitchen not opened and Tamaki Suoh himself had not walked in. Needless to say, he gasped rather loudly at the sight of them and turned a very bright red color. Both Sora and Mori pulled back to gaze at him. (Neither were as red as Tamaki; Sora was sure that he could pass as a lobster.)

“W-Wh-W-Waa....??” the Prince certainly looked lost for words. The next moment, his eyes were rolling back into his head and he was collapsing onto the ground.

Sora couldn’t help herself; a giggled escaped her lips as she studied Tamaki’s fainted form. (Which was twitching, by the way, just a bit.)

“I think we should get Tamaki to a – “ her chin was abruptly pushed back around before she could finish, and those sweet lips were hers again. She could not deny him, even though she was quite aware that Tamaki would wake up very cramped if they didn’t get him to a couch. The thought was pushed away a moment later, however, when Mori’s tongue suddenly found residence on Sora’s lips, and well, she knew she was a goner by then.

Sora didn’t think Mori would be the one to instigate anything else, but she knew that if she didn’t get satisfied now, she’d have to satisfy herself later without Mori. That was never fun, after all, especially when she did a rather sloppy job of it. Sora pushed herself off the counter and took Takashi’s hands, silently pulling him from the kitchen and the pantry.

It was a tight fit, but Sora certainly didn’t mind. When the door was closed and locked, and she turned back around, Mori was already finding a way to remove his clothing. Sora couldn’t really see his face, but she was sure he looked downright hungry. She immediately stepped up to offer her assistance.

He had a nice chest, or so her hands told her. She couldn’t actually see it, but it definitely felt good; she kept her fingers lightly resting there as Mori tilted her chin up to kiss her. It wasn’t until her shirt was halfway off did Sora realize that it was Mori’s doing. His lips were dangerous; whenever he kissed her, she couldn’t seem to remember her own name.

His hands were dangerous too, Sora realized. She leaned into his body and held in a moan. He was too good at this, and they were hardly past foreplay yet! She held in another breathy groan when she felt his hands slide beneath the cups of her bra.

Then, suddenly, she was pushed up against the pantry wall, and she immediately decided that being ravished by Takashi was her new favorite hobby. When his hands tweaked her nipples in a rather rough manner, Sora didn’t even bother to hold in her moan. Her head hit the wall as she arched her back, and her mind couldn’t possibly keep up.

“Tak...a...shi...” another moan followed quickly. The man before her knew exactly how to touch her. It was as though he had done it before, a thousand times. (He had, incidentally, but only in his dreams.) He leaned forward to bite down on the conjuncture of her neck.

Sora was quickly wanting more. The little touches weren’t satiating her burning desire; she pushed Mori back and allowed her aching fingers to attach themselves to his belt.

It wasn’t right, she told herself, that Mori was having all the fun. She decided that she deserved a piece of that excitement and was not slow to achieve it. By the time Mori’s trousers were pulled away, he was biting his lip to hold in a moan of his own.

To the outside world, things were going far from smoothly. Kyoya was having a bit of a fit inside his own mind. Tamaki was collapsed on the couch, still unconscious, and Takashi was gone. He had lost two of his Hosts to unknown reasons and the customers were starting to wonder. Haruhi claimed that Sora had been there not long before, and the pie that was in the oven was proof enough of that. But the problem was, of course, that she was gone as well, which left Kyoya only one conclusion. Takashi and Sora were together. Before leaving the kitchens to return to his customers – and Tamaki’s, as well. The twins were taking care of Takashi’s – he turned to Haruhi and sighed, “Get the pie out of the oven before it burns. We’ll look for those two later.”

Inside the pantry, neither Sora nor Mori had heard anything that went on in the kitchen, for they were far too busy. The passion had escalated tenfold by now, and could simply not be sent away. Grunts and moans could be heard only if you really listened, for they were so quiet – so discreetly intense – that they were hardly there at all. What was there was the indescribable desire burning through both boy and girl. It was a desire that was not easily quenched, but neither complained. Their pace was picked up as the heat increased.

Sora hadn’t realized how animalistic Takashi could get. His teeth sunk into her skin as he ground their hips together. It was such a painfully pleasurable bliss that neither could seem to get enough of it. Sora gasped as his erection was jostled against her craving core.

“Mmm,” Takashi grunted, pulling his head back to press his lips firmly to Sora’s. They quickly got lost within the passionate comfort that each movement brought about.

Clad only in the barest of things, the two suddenly stumbled back from the wall and landed on the ground, Sora tumbling over Takashi’s figure in a jumbled mess. He didn’t seem to mind, however, and only pulled her ever closed. Her head came down and their lips met once again in a sloppy kiss.

Appreciative noises were heard from the two as the last of the clothing was peeled from the heated bodies. And then everything stopped, and Sora eyes locked onto Takashi’s, as though she knew that this moment was the last one they’d share before being wholly connected. Gently, Mori trailed his fingertips down her arms, then her back, until they grasped lightly onto her bare hips as she hovered above him. Their eyes never broke contact as he slowly lowered her onto his thickened shaft.

He laid very still as she adjusted, and even though he dearly wanted to jostle his hips against hers, strained to keep his body locked that way. Sora tilted her head back, parted lips forming a silent moan. He was buried up to the hilt, and was squeezing walls that none had ever touched before. Finally, when the heat was getting too much even for her, Sora opened her partly lidded eyes and gazed down at Takashi. He stared back up, fingers twitching in angst at her hips, and Sora lifted herself up.

When she slammed back down, stars erupted in her eyes. A deep moan bubbled from her lips as she felt Takashi move. He was bouncing her on his stiff manhood, pacing himself at what could only be described as rapid fire. Faces twisted in equal bliss, the two moved as one in the darkened shadows of the small pantry.

Sora leaned forward, grinding her hips in circles around Takashi’s cock. She pressed her full breasts against his sweaty chest and captured his lips with hers. It was a messy kiss, annunciated by short spasms of breath with every twist of their bodies. Sora soon gave up and moved her lips to suck on the tender skin of Takashi’s neck. He let out a feral growl at the sudden onslaught, and bucked his hips rather harshly into hers. Sora’s responding moan made shivers run lustfully down his body.

Her breathing was coming out sparingly now, as though breathing wasn’t something she was bothering to do. Heavy pants were pushed against her lips as Takashi leaned up into a sitting position. He spread her legs farther and grabbed onto Sora’s ass, pulling her forward with a strength she didn’t know he had. Now upright, it was rather easy to reach Takashi’s lips. Sora threw her arms around his neck and held on for dear life and he rammed her hips against his in a heavy barrage. She had to bury her mouth against his neck to hide her panting, breathy moans.

“Haa! Mmmm, Taka...shi...!” sounding more fitful by the second, Sora knew she was coming to an end. By the looks of it, Takashi was, as well. He roughly slammed her hips into his a few powerful times before suddenly spilling into her, head thrown back in his obvious bliss.

Sora was quickly pulled over the edge as well. She let herself go, feeling more satisfied than ever before, and promptly fell against his heaving chest as he pumped a few last times.

They sat there for a few silent minutes. The only sound coming from them was their heavy breathing. Finally, Sora pulled back a bit, lifting herself off his manhood and then securing a seat beside him. Takashi brought an arm around her and she buried her head into his chest.

“I think...the probably done,” she gasped, but then turned suddenly to plant a loving kiss on Takashi’s chest, as though she didn’t really care about the Strawberry Pie.

Takashi hummed and kissed her hair, staying silent as he rushed to catch his breath. There was only one thing on his mind: He should help Sora out in the kitchen more often.

Extended Ending

Tamaki gasped on the couch, a hand over his forehead as though deathly ill, “Oh, was terrifying! I’m not sure how my poor heart could withstand such a sight!”

The black haired boy just sighed, rolling his eyes behind his slender glasses. At least that explained where the two had run off to. He decided to just leave them alone for a bit.

...The guests had already left anyway.



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