Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Kakashi Lemon -- The Woes of a Hospital Bed

Character: Kakashi

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Katie, Jounin, ends up in the hospital more often than not~

Inspiration: 'S pretty obvious, I should think :D

Pains fluttered all over Katie’s body. They weren’t as bad as they were a few weeks ago. (When she had been first admitted into the hospital, she could hardly move for fear of disrupting her many wounds.) No: the pains she suffered with now were more of an emotional sort. She had absolutely nothing to do except stare listlessly at the white wall across from her.

She had been unconscious when she was first brought here. Her A-Ranked mission had gone awry and she had been discovered just as she blacked out. Having been awake now for two weeks, Katie was quite ready to go home. Hospitals always made her nerves more frayed than ever, especially after laying in one place for what felt like ages.

Luckily, Katie was not so unpopular as to have no visitors. Various Genin and Chunin had come to see her. Naruto and Lee had caused quite a ruckus, but Iruka had calmed them down as only he could. Unfortunately, that incident didn’t last very long and Katie was soon back to staring at the wall. The only higher ranked ninja that visited her was Kakashi.

When he first came to see her, it caused great embarrassment on her side. At the time, she had only been awake for three days and still stunk of blood and battle. She hadn’t showered in days, her hair was a mess, and she had certainly felt dirty inside as well as outside. But Kakashi, as always, remained neutral about her state and didn’t remark on her obvious unkemptness. (Because really, what could be done about it?) Katie was very glad indeed when she had finally been permitted to use to Hospital showers every few days. The only reason why she was here now, it seemed, was to make sure all her major wounds were completely healed up.

She let out a pent up breath and continued to stare at the opposing wall. The staring contest was futile – the wall certainly made a formidable opponent – but her recreational choices were very limited. Just as she was thinking she wouldn’t get to do anything else, however, the door opened and in stepped the silver haired ninja himself.

He didn’t look particularly...well. There was something his countenance that seemed hurried and haphazard. Upon seeing her awake, he let out a large breath and smiled his closed eyed smile.

“Kakashi! Am I glad to see you – I’m bored as hell!” a jolted, humorless laugh accompanied her words, and Kakashi stepped closer.

He stood at the foot of her bed and gazed at her through one gray eye. His thoughts were impossible to guess, because his mask was, as always, covering any form of expression. His hair was normally flipped to one side, jagged and messy as it lay atop his head. Peeking out from the top of his Jounin jacket was his little orange book.

“Hmm. I figured you’d be,” he said, voice bored. There was something about him, however, that contradicted that assessment: a twinkle in his eye that screamed excitement...passion. “That’s why I brought you a little something.”

His words had her curiously staring at him. There was nothing in his hands – no messily wrapped gift. Was it money? That wouldn’t really quell her boredom, because she couldn’t go anywhere to spend it. Her curiosity increased tenfold as she watched him tug his book from his pocket.

At first, Katie thought he was going to start reading it, but then he suddenly tossed it to her, and Katie raised a brow. “Really, Kakashi? What makes you think I want to read this perverted stuff?” Her voice was filled with annoyance.

Her emotions seemed to amuse him, for he chuckled softly and shook his head. As she watched for him to explain himself, and rid her of her confusion, Katie noticed that the door was suspiciously locked. Had he done that when he came in...? A moment after the realization, Kakashi was suddenly stepping closer to her bed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Eh...I figured you wanted some exercise.” She gaped at him, finally understanding, and then her lips slowly curved into a mischievous smirk.

“Oh. I see.” She giggled, “Why didn’t you just say so in the first place?” And then dragged him closer by the hand that was resting on her bed.

As soon as their lips connected, sparks filled Katie’s eyes. He must have removed his mask last second, because his lips were smooth and delicious. He was a good kisser – better than she thought he’d be – and it made her sink into a delirious addiction to which there was no return. Now that she had a taste, she had to have more.

Kakashi seemed to realize this, because his jacket was thrown to the floor a moment later. Their kiss was not broken as he removed his clothes, nor did it slow in the least. Katie wouldn’t allow it to: she assisted him in ridding himself of his pants.

Shivers raced up and down her spine as he crawled on top of her. In merely a hospital gown, Katie felt extremely hot all of the sudden. It probably had to do with Kakashi’s burning hands as they traveled up and down her naked skin.

His tongue rushed against her lips, darting in and exploring as soon as she allowed him to. A small grunt left him as she ran her fingers through his tousled hair, messing it up into perfection as she did. Her legs unconsciously spread apart as Kakashi situated himself between them, closing the distance that still existed between their bodies. Chest to chest, they continued.

Katie felt flustered. But with his hands scorching her like that, in such a pleasant way, there was nothing to be done about it. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time. Ever since the last time she was in the hospital, she realized. Damn Kakashi and it satisfying skills. (She just couldn’t get enough of him.)

His erection was soon made apparent as he crushed her to the mattress. She reveled in the weight that pushed her down. It thrilled her to know that he was dominating her: this strong ninja, wanting her, and her alone.

She felt her lips move in a familiar way, and realized she was moaning Kakashi’s name. The moans were mixed up in the passion, however, and as Katie arched her back and dipped her head into the pillows, she soon forgot that she was moaning at all. Kakashi’s lips, sucking at her breasts, was all that she could feel. That, and the growing, insatiable desire that was building dangerously within her.

She wanted him now. Her fingers tugged his head back and their eyes locked, sharing a single, fiery look that made them both come to terms with their situation. A moment later, Katie’s hospital gown was being ripped away and Kakashi was dominating her like never before.

The way that he fit perfectly inside of her made her feel alive. It brought out all her imperfections and turned them into flawlessness. He made her feel beautiful. He inspired awe with every thrust he made, pushing her down farther and farther into the mattress while her spirit roved the skies, always flying higher and higher in search of heaven.

She found heaven in one single, blissful thrust as Kakashi buried himself up to the hilt. He let out a loud groan in pleasure, began fumbling around, kissing every part of her he could reach, and then proceeded to follow her up as they both let themselves go.

“Kakashi! Ohh! Ka-Kakashii!”

He snarled her name like a predator and bit down hard on her shoulder. The pain intermingled with the sweetest of pleasures, and made Katie’s release that much better. She moaned, felt him thrust a few last times, and then her head met the cushion as she collapsed. Kakashi soon followed suit.

Her panting breaths saturated the air. She ran her fingers through his hair again, reveling in the silkiness of every single strand. Just as her eyes were beginning to close, and the relaxation was at its peak, the door burst open and in stepped four people.

For a moment, it was silent. And then...

“AIGG! My eyes!! THEY BURN!!!” Naruto ran back out, bumping into the wall as he scratched at his eyes.

“Ohohoho! Kakashi, you old dog!” Jiraiya grinned, hands forming the ‘thumbs up’ sign, “You might just get a spot in my next Icha Icha edition~!”

Sasuke’s eyes were huge; Sakura’s mouth was hanging open. The black haired ninja proceeded to grab the pink haired girl and drag her away from the horrendous sight.

Huh. Though she should have felt as horrified as the onlookers, Katie felt herself giggling. Kakashi rolled his eyes at her and planted a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth. There was one good thing about hospitals, Katie mused. As long as Kakashi would always be there to make them interesting~


Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Prussia Lemon -- Caging Thunder

Character: Prussia

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Michiko, Thunderstorms turn her on~

Inspiration: Thunderstorms

His eyes were like thunder, intense, raw, and unequivocal. They were like air to her; like oxygen to her lungs; something she aspired to live without, but could not no matter how much she tried. It was a losing situation to Michiko. She knew she would not get out of it unscathed, and yet to be scathed by him made her body tingle in scandalous apprehension.

She watched those eyes blink, slowly as though to provoke her, and quickly locked gazes with his crimson irises as soon as she could. She wanted to look away, but that thunder wouldn’t let her. It scolded her, harmed her, and was the most suitable balm for those injuries that could be found.

People rattled on beside her, talking to each other politely, but Michiko had no idea what they were saying, or who they were speaking to. It was as if her world consisted only of herself and one other; thunder and lightening.

She watched with unhidden exuberance as the corner of his mouth tilted up into a scandalous smirk. She felt as though he could see her: all of her. A shiver wracked through her body, and his smirk widened. He was very well aware of what he was doing to her, and was loving every single minute of it.

His attention inspired a scary array of thought, all bent toward one thing and one thing only. Caging thunder was a difficult feat, but as Michiko's eyes brushed over his figure, from his shoes to his hair, she could think of no better pastime. Again, as though he knew the direction of her thoughts, his crimson eyes flashed.

Michiko couldn’t be in the same room with him and not do something. She wanted to run her fingers through his silver hair; she wanted to drag her nails down his sculpted muscles; she wanted to –

“Are you alright, Michiko?” she jolted from her lustful daze and snatched her eyes away from Prussia’s. Turning to her address the country beside her, she cleared her throat and nodded. France gave her a smirking look and glanced to where her eyes had just left. His hand was brought up to his lips to hide his snickers. “Maybe you are, but our dearest friend isn’t~ Ohonhonhon~” Upon meeting Michiko's confused gaze, Francis grinned, “You’ve awakened the monster in his – “

“France! What a pleasure to see you,” Gilbert snarled, suddenly appearing before the Frenchman. His pale cheeks held just the slightest hint of pink, which was probably due to the fact that France didn’t talk quietly. Prussia’s red glare situated on Michiko's face, “Michiko.”

The way he ripped her name from his throat had her shivering. She felt impatient and lustful and it was all his fault. Upon glancing down at his pants, she noted that France was right. Another shiver raced through her body, and one single, delectable thought entered her mind: was he very big?

Prussia was well aware of her stare. His mouth twitched in amusement, and with his ego stroked in such a delicate way, he felt better about forgiving Francis for his revelation to Michiko. But now that her attention was once again solely focused on him, Prussia had other, more important things to do. His eyes narrowed passionately, and he beheld Michiko with the same desire that she did him. “There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

Michiko knew very well that this ‘talking’ was something completely different. She was already bothered and pounding just from staring at his dented trousers, and wanted nothing more than to drag him into another room and have her way with him. Her lips exhibited her excitement. “Mmm. I think this talk should be done in a quieter atmosphere.” Beside her, France smirked.

The tension radiating off of the silver haired man was near tangible, and it made Michiko lick her lips in raw want. Prussia himself was having a difficult time not dragging her off right then and there. He leaned forward, just enough so that his hot breath breathed past her cheekbone, and growled, “Third sitting room, five minutes.”

With one last crimson glance, Prussia pulled back. Michiko's eyes were as dazed as the rest of her; the proximity of this powerful man had her knees shaking. She let out a breathy, uncontrolled sigh as she watched him saunter away. Her eyes fixated on his ass.

“Honhonhon! You’d better brace yourself, ma cheri. You’ve awakened more than just his dignity~” France chuckled a bit more, and Michikosmirked. She leaned back in her seat and pulled her eyes to her blonde friend. “I think I can handle whatever he throws at me,” she said. France merely grinned knowingly. He had a feeling she would.

The third sitting room was way too quiet. The air was saturated with apprehension, and the faint noise of the party a few rooms down made Michiko uncomfortable. Should she have left it? Was Prussia worth the scandal? When the door softly clicked open, and she was met with those passionate, burning eyes, she decided that yes, it was definitely worth it. One single glance had her weak in the knees, and she yearned to find out what one single touch could achieve.

For a moment, they just stared at each other, as though they were both unsure of how to progress. But when Gilbert suddenly began to saunter forward, low-riding jeans hugging his hips and button up shirt displaying his muscles...the apprehension was replaced by electricity. Raw, unyielding, delicious electricity.

The look in his eyes was fierce, like fire. His crimson orbs burned into hers with the darkest feeling of want, and her body was so solitarily locked in place that she didn’t even realize how close he was getting. When he was a few steps away, she lost it.

The spontaneous kiss was powerful. Their lips worked together as though they were two lovers in which the years had separated, finally reunited. Each movement was desperate, and filled with insatiable hunger. Each roving drag of their tongues, drawing against the other; every squeeze as arms pressed bodies together; every single action of their lips inspired passion. It was pure and lustful, driven only by the mirrored emotions lurking behind scorching touches.

A moan filled the heavy silence, but who it came from was a mystery. Michiko's mind completely blanked as her back hit the wall. A thrill filled her like no other. She found herself caged by strong arms, but she couldn’t possibly fight back, because the warmth they exhibited only made her yearn for more.

Her fingers spun through silver silk, dragging at his hair mindlessly as she pushed his head closer to hers. Her legs were lifted suddenly by rough hands, and clever little fingers traced mind blowing circles at her thighs. A loud, unpredictable gasp filled her throat as his hips crashed into hers, showing her just what he was feeling. Every writhing movement was a promise: an untempered, unexaggerated pledge of a long, passion-filled night.

Her body felt hot, and Michiko knew from the pounding between her legs that she needed him as soon as possible. She’d needed him all night, every since she first caught his lust-inducing eyes at the door.

Her fingers traced down his shirt, scraping over his covered chest. A snarl flew from Prussia’s delicious mouth as she did, and it made her go faster, wilder, because every noise he made had her needing more of him.

He pushed his hips farther into hers, erection grinding against her aching core in powerful moves. His lips moved from hers to nip at her ear, her neck, her collar. His hands slipped beneath her shirt, rejoicing at the feel of her hot skin...running up her sides and cupping her breasts...

His shirt was finally gone. Michiko wildly threw it over his shoulder and proceeded to forget it was even there in the first place. His chest stood out gloriously, dimly lit in the soft room. Her traced her fingers over him as their lips connected once more. Delirious touches ensued.

Before she knew it, her own shirt was being thrown off, followed closely by her lacy bra. His hands immediately found her bare chest, squeezing and kneading every nipple as though it was his job. His lips followed his hands, and every lick and suck as her head pounding hard against the wall behind her. She was sure she was moaning pretty loudly.

The next part of the night went by blurrily. It was as though Michiko was immersed in a dream, never fully waking up but always on the verge of it. Her mind was filled only with the thought of being one with Prussia, and she was so bent on those thoughts that she hardly even noticed that her pants were quickly coming off.

When cold air rushed to caress her, Michiko realized that she was nude. Her eyes slowly traveled down Prussia’s body, taking in every single part of his naked flesh before flicking her eyes back up to meet his. A shiver wracked through her body as soon as she did. Crimson thunder glowered at her through narrowed, passionate eyes. A moment later, said eyes were closed, and lips became one again.

But Michiko wanted to become fully one with him, and so when hers hands began roving his skin in a silent plea, Prussia couldn’t help but give it all to her. He pressed her high against the wall, wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, and then did just that, filling her to the hilt without any warning whatsoever.

Her back arched as the feel of his hardened length inside of her. He was rough, and he was passionate, but it only made her that more excited. Moaning and writhing against him in utmost pleasure, Michiko opened her eyes and watched him move.

He was beautiful, like a powerful predator; a wild, uncaged animal. He was majestically there, eyes locking with hers...hands gripping her hips...

Short pants heaved her chest up and down, so that she could hardly catch her breath. With his arms caged around her in such a dominant way, Michiko felt nothing but exhilaration and fear. Fear, because she never wanted him to step away from his moment. She never wanted to not be one with him. The comfort that accompanied every thrust – the romantic passion of every touch – it made her heart beat uncontrollably in her chest. It was a feeling that she’d never felt before.

It didn’t take her very long to come. She was already so turned on just by being around him, anyway. Soon, the moans were escalating, and her grip was tightening, and Gilbert was rushing to catch up to her so that they could fall together.

And fall they did. They didn’t just come: they came so hard that they felt on top of the world, as though they were seeing things from miles above, hidden in the clouds. The bliss didn’t last long, but it was so high that it was enough for them both. Soon, their pants were all that filled the room. Gilbert moved slowly in and out of her, not yet wanting to be completely apart.

Her fingers tugged at his hair, making him look at her. Immediately, she kissed him, fully and pleasantly. He grunted at the surprise, but didn’t pull away. Taking her lips more firmly in his, he dominated her once more. His hands ran up her bare sides.

When Michiko next opened her eyes, legs still wrapped unmovingly around her lover’s waist, she came to a conclusion. Caging thunder was impossible, but holding it, even for a short amount of time...well, that was definitely plausible. In fact, it was her new favorite hobby.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Near Lemon -- Nude

Character: Near (Nate River)

Fandom: Death Note

OC: Analynn, Age 18, hates being active~

Inspiration: Near’s...whiteness? Lol.

Analynn steadied her hands as she brought a brush up to her face. The soft bristles, lightly strewn with powdery foundation, left a cloudy trail across her skin. Her mind drifted as she easily rubbed the powder into her face.

The morning sun crept into her room from the open window, shining a peaceful aura over everything it touched. Analynn’s hair, still wet from her shower, draped over her shoulder as she continued with her make-up.

She was just uncapping her eyeshadow pallet when the door to her room softly opened, and through the mirror she was met with an equally soft gaze. Immediately, her lips curved up into a welcoming smile as she took him in. His wavy white hair was tousled and hung into his face as he stood at her doorway. One pale hand remained poised on the wooden panel, and his overall posture was poor as usual.

She expected to get the normally gentle tilt of his mouth in return – the softest hint of a smile, and was surprised when none came. In fact, all she received was a cold, indifferent pair of gradient eyes as they locked onto the make-up in her hands.

He glared at it as though it was his arch enemy, and then turned a raised brow to Analynn. His eyes were so intense that she could only guess at the direction of his thoughts. She stared questionably back, wondering where he got all this newly found energy from.

“What’s that?” he suddenly asked, narrowed eyes retreating back to the small plastic container in Analynn’s hands. His voice, usually so devoid of...well, anything, had a dangerous tinge to it, and Analynn felt that she should respond with care.

“Um...I just got out of the shower, so now I’m getting ready for the day,” she responded, putting down the eye shadow n fear that Near’s glare might burst it into flames. She didn’t understand his sudden revulsion, for she wore make-up every day and it wasn’t anything different. She never wore too much of it – just the tiniest bit of shadow and a small amount of mascara. It made her feel better about her appearance.

As though Near knew of her thoughts, he took a step into her room and said, voice randomly shifting back to gentleness, “You don’t need it.”

If there was one thing that Near was, it was mysterious and puzzling. Even after practically living and working with him for the past few years, Analynn still could not understand the most basic of his intentions. She had learned to pick up on the ginger change of tone that sometimes accompanied the flickers in his eyes, and somehow managed to read some of his emotions that way, but he was still confusing. He was an enigma.

She searched his eyes, wondering what his intentions were this time. Why was he standing in her room? He didn’t usually see her until she walked down for breakfast. Why was his eyes watching her so intently? She never thought he cared much about how much make-up she put on. And...why was he closing the door behind him? Her mind blanked. Was it just her, or did he look even more heavenly when he was standing in the morning light?

Analynn was starting to notice things that had surpassed her before. The faint glimmer of his gray eyes, the curled fingers that rested lightly on pale palms...the softness that seemed to radiate from every pore of his body. She suddenly felt a yearning desire to reach up and touch his hair – to slowly push it behind an ear. Her finger twitched.

He was staring so intensely that Analynn was getting nervous. Was he taking steps toward her, or was her mind just playing tricks on her? She could hardly see anything around her. Her eyes were locked precariously on his figure, and she wasn’t sure if it was his feet moving, or her carpet being pulled out from beneath him.

The light played dangerous mischief on his features, because they stood out wonderfully against the rest of the room. Analynn was sure that nothing compared to what she was feeling now. The thought changed as soon as he was in touching distance of her.

His words rang heavily in her mind. Did he mean what he said? ‘You don’t need it.’ Analynn figured that he did mean it, because Near never said anything unless he did. Her mind was so far away – working so hard to unravel the mystery that was him – that her sight elapsed. She completely missed the fact that he was standing right before her, towering over her seat with an uncommon, intimidating aura. His eyes were staring directly into hers, in such a way that she’d never seen before. Once her own eyes focused in on the grayness, a shiver wracked through her body, bringing a swarm of emotion that clouded her senses. She couldn’t think anymore; she could only watch.

His fingers lifted up to touch her cheek. It was the softest of touches, like a satin butterfly wing, and yet it impacted her in an electrifying way. Shock waves burned her body, but she wasn’t scarred. She felt herself yearning for more of his touch – a substantial amount more, and it terrified her as much as it glorified,

She dearly wanted to say something, but her lips felt dry and cracked. Slowly, her tongue darted out to swipe along her bottom lip, and immediately, his eyes zeroed in on them. She felt suddenly exposed with him staring at her lips like that. Another shiver rattled her; her fingers moved in anticipation; her lips felt dry again –

The next moment, his mouth was crushing against hers with a force that sent surprised jolts up and down her spine. A grunt left his parted lips as he went in for more, shocking her yet again as he pushed her back into the desk.

His taste was irreplaceable. There was something mellow about it, and yet it sparked a familiarity within her that had her craving more. Her fingers reached up and tugged on his white hair, and it floated like silk through her hands. A small keening moan spilt from her throat, and it only made his body react that much more.

The desk’s hard edge drove painfully into Analynn’s back, but it was a small price to pay for the bliss Near was giving her. His hands gripped her waist with the smallest of touches: tight enough to show her that he was there, and yet not nearly as overbearing as the unexpected force of the kiss. She almost wished it was.

Near must have realized that their positions at the desk was impractical, because he broke the kiss a moment later and took a step back. As soon as his mouth left hers, a rush of cold air hit her like a wall. She locked eyes with him and took him in.

He was breathing rather heavily, and his lips were bruised to perfection. His eyes, normally a lighter gray, held a dark twist of lust within, and burned into hers with a smoldering desire. His hair was tousled, his fingers curled, and his composure broken for the first time in years.

Analynn wasn’t always so sure of her emotions, but right now she was. She could see the mirrored passion of their gazes, and as she slowly got up from her chair, she could feel the snapping control in every breath that he took. She wasn’t much of a seducer, but it didn’t seem to matter. Every advance she took made his eyes darken further; every flick of her body made his own twitch with need.

When she reached him, her fingers immediately curled up on his chest, fisting his white shirt in a vice-like grip before pushing him backwards. He let her, until the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed and he collapsed onto it. His hair was strewn out behind him as Analynn crawled to his side. His compelling eyes were like a challenge, daring her to experience what no other woman had; pushing her to the core of his desire in such a way that it was mentally pleasing just as much as physically.

She dove right in, taking his mouth with hers and feeling that coldness immediately disappear. Her fingers shoved clothing away, desperate to get to skin. So passionate was their kiss that teeth clattered violently against each other. Fervent bodies swayed.

Her knee dipped against him, pushing between his thighs and making him grunt into the kiss. His hands ran the length of her, pausing here and there to remove excess cloth that was in his way. When his hands finally found her skin, they burned desirously against her.

The passion didn’t disappear, but the level of need shifted down a few notches once they were situated. Hovering over him, Analynn felt rather uncomfortable. It was her first time.

Her eyes slowly lifted up to meet his, as though seeking reassurance. He did not disappoint: soft gradient orbs welcomed her, beckoning to sink her into the pleasure that would no doubt follow. It was enough, at least, for Analynn leaned down to kiss him slowly as she moved her hips.

His hardened length sent shivers racing over her. She felt energized, and she hadn’t even sheathed it within her yet. Kissing the center of his chest, she moved against him, grinding slowly and watching the way his eyes dilated. The small moan that ghosted past his lips made her decision. A moment later, she was sliding onto him.

The first few moments were coarse and painful. Analynn couldn’t understand why any woman would want this. Her head felt light and her body uncomfortable. Near didn’t look too good, either, because his eyes were tightly squeezed shut as he forced himself to stay still. When he accidentally moved, a gasp drifted through her lips.

And then, she was jerking against him, because that accidental movement felt so good. She wanted to feel more of it, and evidently, so did he: he guided her hips around him as she jostled in his lap.

There was something wonderful about making love to an angel. The love that burned through their eyes was tangible in the air around them, bending just as their movements did. It was a flexible sort of romance: one that changed and morphed into different states. It was soft, and it was gentle, and it was passionate. ‘You don’t need it,’ rang through her head again. A slow, blissful smile etched across her face.

The coil that was tightening in her naval was going to explode. As the passion increased, so did the pace of their hips. The noise of the love making escalated as Near arched his back: moans spilt from his lips and his eyes shut closed. This was it, Analynn mused as she followed his example. This was it.

Never before had she felt such a fulfilling release. It shoved her up into the clouds and she flew. She swore she saw stars behind her eyes. As she forced herself ever faster, she was positive that she wasn’t even on earth anymore.


He gritted his teeth at the whimpering, oh so pleasing sound of his name upon her lips. This, surely, was rapture. He winced in pained satisfaction as her nails dug into his shoulders.

By the time the flying sensation of their bodies ended, and they touched back onto earth, their hearts were hammering loudly in their ears. Deep pants filled their bodies as they rushed to inhale enough oxygen. Their muscles felt sore despite the uplifting feeling of his length still within her.

The moment soon relaxed into a much softer passion, resonating deep within their souls as they glowed blissfully. Analynn lowered her head to his chest, inhaling his scent as she curled up beside him. Immediately after, his arms came up to encircle her.

The softest, quietest whisper fell from his lips as he kissed her hair, and it made her smile joyfully as she closed her eyes. His fingers ghosted up her back, the peaceful silence lingered fitfully, and when she looked back on his eyes, they were once again a soft, gradient gray.

“You’re beautiful without that artificial stuff.”


Thursday, August 18, 2011

A North and South Italy Lemon -- Imprints

Character(s): North Italy and South Italy

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Daniela, Age 21, represents Singapore

Inspiration: Do I really need any? :D

If there was one thing that defined relaxation, it was going to the beach and soaking up the sun, especially on a day where not a lot of people were there. As it turned out, there were only three people there today, including her, because she was at a private beach in the heart of Italy. The relaxation was high.

They had only been there for ten minutes so far, but already Northern Italy was jumping up and down in the water, gasping delightfully at every sea creature he saw as though he’d never seen them before. South Italy was situated on the blanket they’d brought, scowling at his brother’s childishness as he splattered sun screen all over his tanned skin. (Daniela was making him do it. He’d never acquiesce otherwise.) His scowl only got deeper and deeper as North Italy got louder. It would have been entertaining, had Daniela not been sitting right next to him.

She sighed, unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it from her shoulders. She fully intended to catch some sun, even if the other Italians – specifically South Italy – were dead set on arguing. What she didn’t realize was the lack of noise after she’d pulled her blouse off. That is, until the one who had been making said noise appeared before her, eyes sparkling.

“You look nice in your bikini, Singapore~ Do you need help with your sunscreen?” he tilted his head adorably and smiled.

Beside her, Romano scoffed, “If anyone should help her, it should be me. Your hands are too wet from the ocean.” He glanced at Daniela out of the corner of his eye and frowned characteristically when she grinned. Her grin quickly fell, however, when the two brothers began arguing. Poor Veneziano didn’t stand a chance against Romano’s biting words.

Daniela’s relaxed spirit was quickly diminishing. She glowered and cut into the their argument, “Hey! You can both help me. Jeez, you two really need to – “

“Thanks, Singapore~! I’ll get the front!” Veneziano knelt before her, grinning like a madman, and grabbed the sun screen before Romano could. Weird. Was it just her, or did he exchange a strange smile with his brother...?

His hands were slightly chilled from the water, but they felt good against her warming skin. He started with her stomach, rubbing smoothly around her hips and up to just below her bikini top. As he did, she felt his brother kneel behind her and begin spreading sun screen into her back shoulder blades. It felt...really good.

Veneziano started chatting happily again, but his words didn’t really match the seductive way his hands were moving. Did he mean to do that? Daniela knew he probably didn’t. North Italy didn’t know what sex was, so how could he know how to be sensual? Somehow, he was pulling it off regardless.

South Italy was a little more knowledgeable about said subject, and he seemed to be using that knowledge to his advantage. His hot breath blew against her neck as his fingers worked against her back. His massage was both endearing and desirable, inflicting just as much emotion into her as his brother did.

There was something about getting touch by two Italians that made a person want to scream in joy. The relaxation was at its peak, certainly, and Daniela was so immersed in it that she hardly felt the hands drifting until it was too late.

Her eyes cracked open to watch as Veneziano slowly lifted her leg. Her ankle was propped in the conjuncture of his neck, and his eyes flickered to hers. Brown into brown, she decided that ignoring the electric shock that drifted through her was a bad idea. Mesmerized by his movements, her gaze locked onto his hands as they maneuvered up and down her thigh.

Her neck was being attended to, as well, by Romano as his teeth nibbles on the tender skin. Her breath stopped momentarily as his hands slid to her front, dipping just beneath the fabric of her bikini top. His lips sucked on the skin as he did, intensifying the emotions that were building inside of her.

As they commenced, Daniela realized two things. One, North Italy wasn’t nearly as innocent as he looked, and two, she was going to let them do whatever they wanted with her. They seemed to know that, too, because the dominant way they were handling her spoke of their utmost confidence and charm.

Her arousal was pounding between her legs. The sounds of the ocean waves lapping at the shore faded into the silence of the background. Her eyes were quickly drifting shut once more as she was overcome by the lustful feelings exhibited upon her. Arching back, she allowed Romano to slip his hands completely beneath the bikini top, and nearly moaned as he begun kneading her breasts with strong fingers.

At the movement of his brother, Veneziano began kissing her knee. Light, butterfly touches were placed on her inner thighs, making her throbbing that much worse as his lips rushed to meet them. The sight of his head so close to her womanhood turned her on even more. She reached out to wrap a finger around his curl, pleased with the immediate moan that she received.

When Veneziano slowly turned his eyes to hers, she was overcome by the emotion curling within their depths. The lust was obviously there, dominant and unmoving, and accented by the small upward tilt of his lips. He looked like a predator for once, and not a soft little animal. It was strange, but so very exhilarating.

She was so occupied with Veneziano that Daniela nearly forgot about the man behind her. He reminded her with a harsh squeeze to her breast and a playful nip to her neck. She groaned at the rough pleasure he was enforcing, so different from his brother, and arched her back again with the desire for more. He did not disappoint.

His fingers were like magic, working around her breasts and nipples with the intent to inspire awe. He was gentle, and yet forceful, and it had Daniela yearning for more. Soft moans erupted from her throat as he continued, broken only by the keening plead, “Romano....Veneziano...please...!”

The beg certainly did the trick. Eyes half cracked open in her bliss, Daniela saw the gaze that the brothers shared. In twisted agreement, they smirked and hurried their pace, intentions more bent on immediate pleasure.

For Romano, he just continued where he left off, massaging Daniela’s breasts and pattering he shoulder and neck and jaw with kisses. For Veneziano, he had a far greater task to do.

As he kissed up her thigh, Daniela twisted her finger into his hair, careful to stroke the ahoge curl a few times as she did. She received a pleasant smile in return, but couldn’t answer to it, because at that moment, a tongue was rushing out and sending blissful waves all over her body.

Another thing that Daniela decided was that Veneziano had one skillful little tongue. He had her moaning louder than ever before with just one flick across her. She felt Romano hold her gently to his chest as she arched her back, keeping her still as his brother slowly slid her bikini bottoms off and down her legs. After a moment, they were laying uselessly in the sand a few feet away.

If it felt good before, his tongue was nothing to what it was now. Immediately, her throat convulsed into bubbling moans, her face grew hot, and her fingers scrabbled delicately against Romano’s caging arms. Her head turned toward the Southern Italian, resting at the base of his neck. Another gasp filled her, but she pushed it down and began to move her lips to his skin, kissing and sucking the tender flesh just as Veneziano was doing to her.

A pleased sound emitted from Romano’s throat at the attention. His arms tightened around her and he moved his head to give her more space. With one talented hand, Daniela reached up to caress his curl, and received a satisfied murmur of appreciation as she moved it between her fingers.

The air around them was constricted and heavy, filled with moans and whimpers as the pleasure commenced. It was a whirlwind of emotion that settled in the pit of Daniela’s stomach and moved about her body like water. But as great as the feelings were, they couldn’t possibly fill her up completely, and in a moment of impatience, she reached down to tug at Veneziano’s hair, making him pause in his attention giving.

The look in her eyes made the Northern Italian pleased. Her brown orbs shone with need and lust, just for him and Romano. It made his heart pound wonderfully in his chest, “...Ve...Romano, I think...Singapore is ready...~”

His voice and words sent shivers of apprehension tingling down her spine. When she turned to look up at Romano, his expression was purely predatory, and it only increased the stinging desire that was numbing her legs.

They changed positions quickly, mostly because they were already basically in them. Veneziano laid back on the sand, arms outstretched as Daniela crawled into them. She was met with a smoldering, deep gaze from the Italian. Gently, his hands slid onto her hips, and he tugged her down against him.

A thrill of excitement permeated Daniela when Romano’s hands also secured a place on her thighs. His voice, thickly accented with lust, ordered his brother to hurry up. The erection that was now pressing teasingly against her opening was slowly eased into her, and she was immediately filled with an entirety of pleasure that had, before, surpassed her.

A moan bubbled up inside her throat, and she was pulled rather roughly down and encased within Veneziano’s arms. The reason for his move came a moment later, before she had completely gotten used to him inside of her.

Romano’s hands slid over her hips, slowly easing himself into her tight hole from behind. It was a difficult move, and it made Daniela freeze up in pain as he broke through. With a distressed cry, Daniela was pushed farther into Veneziano’s arms as Romano began thrusting deeply inside her.

Tears built up behind her eyes, threatening to overflow. The gentle Italian beneath her brushed them away with a soft, albeit tense, smile. She buried her head into his chest and he slowly began to move his hips.

He was much more gingerly than his brother, but it was no less pleasurable. Within a few minutes, the pain of Romano’s quick thrusts died down completely, replaced by the utmost satisfaction. His hands gripped her hard, hips slamming against her as he groaned in his pleasure. Daniela pushed back against him, giving him room to invade her depths.

Veneziano had quickly set his own pace, as well. It wasn’t as fast as his brother’s, but it was deep and fulfilling. The feeling of him within her – of both of them within her – made Daniela arch her back and cry out as she never did before. It was more blissful than she’d ever though it would be; more amazing than any other moment she’d witnessed. Her decadence was heightened with every single movement.

Her fingers scrabbled at the hot sands by Veneziano’s head. Release was quickly overcoming her, sending her into a dreamland made entirely for her. It was pure and powerful, and she was falling faster than the pace of the brother’s quickened paces.

A loud groan spilt from Romano’s lips, followed by a sudden barrage of thrusts that were deeper than before. His release was imminent, as well, and the mere thought of it pushed Daniela off of the edge.

She fell into Veneziano’s chest, not able to keep her body from letting itself go. At her obvious submission, the other two men followed suit, pounding out their finalities deep within her as their seed shot through her depths.

For a moment, everything was silent. The sounds of nature came rushing back to Daniela. The waves that lapped the shore – once shoved to the back of her mind – arose to remind her where she was, and what she had been doing before they had fallen into bliss. She noticed a few things, like how her bikini was laying in the sand, and how hot her skin was, and how much she wanted to run into the ocean to cool off.

A lazy smile drifted across her mouth. Romano pulled away, falling back onto the heated sands with a satisfied look etched across his face. Veneziano smiled and helped her off of him, hands gentle as ever as they slid across her waist.

Her face felt hot, just like the rest of her, and Daniela tugged at Veneziano’s hand, “I want to go swimming for a bit...are you coming, Romano...?”

For a moment, she thought he’d decline, as per usual. But after glancing up at her, and moving his gaze to where her hand was locked with his brothers, he grumbled and sat up, silently following.

A soft giggle escaped her lips as Daniela rushed down to the ocean. In her haste and carelessness, she left her useless bikini resting where it was previous thrown.

An L Lawliet Lemon -- Easy Chair

Character: L Lawliet

Fandom: Death Note

OC: Analynn, Age 18, likes lollipops

Inspiration: L’s HQ’s

The only sound that reverberated through the room was mindless typing. It was late – later than she would normally stay – but Analynn had made a resolution to herself and was determined to accomplish it. She only hoped that the infamous, all-knowing detective hadn’t figured out her plan.

She was situated on one of the plush red couches in the center of the room, gazing lazily at the back of L’s head as he worked. Everyone else had left over an hour ago, so it was almost entirely silent. The quietness didn’t intimidate Analynn in the least, however. She continued to stare adamantly at the messy black hair.

She was positive that her staring wasn’t unknown to L, seeing as he always knew what was happening within the room...and even outside of it, she dryly thought as she flicked her eyes to the video cameras. The sight of said cameras produced a sudden thought that had Analynn smirking widely. Those could certainly be of good use before this night was over... Her musing came to a halt when she realized that L had swiveled around in the chair and was raising a brow at her.

“I thought you were supposed to be working...?” he wondered, voice soft from not using it in a while. He didn’t seem like he cared if she was fooling off, for his ever-present blank face was all that she saw. No emotion clouded his eyes, and it provided an even greater challenge for Analynn.

A delicate shrug lifted up her shoulders. She tilted her head slightly to the side as she took him in, from his slouched position to his messy clothing. A sinful smile played at the edge of her mouth, and she noticed how his eyes narrowed suspiciously at the sight of it. “I can’t do any work until you stop working.”

Once again, his blank mask was all she saw. It nearly made her second guess her course of action, but when she realized how badly she wanted to continue as planned, she felt even greater determination fill her. He raised a gentle brow.

“Then you should know that I’ve no plan of stopping,” he confided, and shrugged the swivel chair back in the direction of his computer. Analynn frowned.

It wasn’t as though she did this every day, but she would have thought L to be a little more...knowledgeable about this sort of thing. Or, a voice shouted, or maybe he didn’t want her? Her eyes narrowed. Still, a challenge was a challenge.

Her heels clicked loudly around the room as she progressed toward his chair. He didn’t move position as she stepped forward. However, as Analynn grabbed the back of his chair and forced it back around, she was sure she saw slight surprise floating within his dark eyes. She smirked and, before he could complain or stop her, crashed her lips onto his.

Shockingly, his lips were quite smooth. She’d even venture to say they were irresistible. His taste made her excited and wanting, and when he didn’t pull away, she went in for more.

She could only guess that he was nothing short of shocked. Certainly he didn’t get such passionate kisses every day. (Or every week, or every month.) So it was natural that he didn’t kiss her back. It was because he was inexperienced...right? Analynn kissed him harder in annoyance.

When she had finally pulled away, she seemed to have been the only one who looked exhilarated. L’s lips were bruised to perfection, but his eyes were still flat and unwelcoming. The shock had drained from his expression, and once again, she was staring right into his blank mask. She scowled.

“Are you done?” he wondered, catching sight of her scowl and yet not seeming to care. Well, this certainly put a damper on her plans, she mused, and continued staring directly into his eyes, as though searching for the tiniest hint of pleasure. She found none, but that didn’t mean he didn’t feel it, right? L was just extremely good at hiding his feelings.

One delicate brow sprouted up. Analynn’s lips twitched into a smirk, “Not at all. I plan on finishing what I started.” Before he could deny that she hadn’t started anything, her lips were once again back on his, but this time, the passion was increased.

Even L couldn’t deny that he enjoyed this intimate act. Sure, he’d never tell her that he was enjoying it, and showing pleasure wasn’t one of his strong point, but he couldn’t deny the rising feeling that was emerging from his chest. He felt like he was floating; like he was overcoming gravity altogether. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to kiss her back. What if she can’t handle his blatant inexperience?

Analynn was taking great pleasure in kissing him. He wasn’t like other kisses she’d had. He wasn’t hasty in the least, and he wasn’t needy. He just sat there and took what she had to offer, silently bending to her will as she began tousling her fingers through his hair.

Her breathing was getting heavily with want. She broke the kiss to stare into his eyes for a moment, before pattering his neck with light nibbles and touches. L let out a soft sigh as she continued, and Analynn took it as a sign that he was enjoying it. A light giggle erupted from her mouth.

“How far...have you gone,” she wondered, glancing up at him as she paused in her ministrations. The blush on his cheeks, and his unwavering silence told her everything. A small, delicious smirk swept over her lips. She leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth, “I’ll take you all the way~”

Again, before he could protest, she suddenly jerked her legs up onto his chair, straddling him as she towered above him. She nearness had him at a loss for words. He gulped as she pushed down on him, grinding her hips over his in the most tantalizing of ways. Was this what it felt like? Purely blissful.

A soft moan pushed past her, and it made L’s heart race in his chest. The warm feeling of her hips was quickly spreading up his legs. It locked onto his entire body and made his gasp.

She could feel him getting hard against her, and it was driving her insane. She was sure that her panties were an absolute mess by now. Increasing her tempo, Analynn brought her lips to his again. This time, he slowly kissed back.

The kiss sparked something that Analynn hadn’t felt before. He felt like electricity and it was only fueling the fire between them. Moaning again – a soft, breath noise – her tongue began lapping against his lips, begging for entrance. He gave it to her not a second too late.

He tasted like chocolates and frosting, mouth watering and delicious. As their kiss intensified, her hands ran up and down his chest before slipping beneath the fabric and skimming over skin. He inhaled sharply at the sudden touch, but didn’t complain as he sunk deeper into the emotions she was enforcing upon him. Arching his back, he silently pleaded for more. Analynn was only to happy to acquiesce.

The heat was building quickly between them. The hardness that she was now grinding against was proof of L’s need. Not wanting to waste any more previous time, she suddenly broke their fiery kiss and tumbled from her place above him.

At first, L was confused as to why she got off, but when he watched her lift her shirt up, his complaints died. His dark eyes trailed over every piece of revealed skin, mesmerized by the smoothness of her. He felt himself get harder with each removal, and he had to force his fingers to stop from reaching out to her.

His expression must have told Analynn of his desires, for she didn’t take long. When her bra finally snapped off, she tugged at his wrists and pulled him up. He stood there, watching as she lifted his shirt off and added it to the pile of clothes.

Her admiration of his chest was short but endearing, bolstering up his courage enough for him to help her with his jeans. They pooled at his feet along with his boxers, and he suddenly felt embarrassed. The feeling did not last long, however, because he was soon being pushed back into the chair and his erection was being attended to.

If heaven could feel like one thing, it was her tongue. It slipped over him in the smoothest of ways, running up and down again and again. Her teeth grazed him lightly with each suck. Soon, he was thrusting into her mouth, not able to stop his hips from moving. It was purely heaven.

His fingers were grappling tightly at the chair, knuckles white as he strained to keep his moans at bay. It was hard to concentrate with her clever little mouth working against him so amazingly. His head tilted back to rest on the chair, and the smallest breathy sigh escaped his lips. His throat felt constricted and rough but he didn’t care. His mind shut down and allowed the passion to override him. Hastily, his hands reached forward to grasp onto Analynn’s light, silky hair.

He pulled her further into his lap, ignoring her choking protest as his cock was shoved deeply into her mouth. When she finally broke free of him, she glared. Voice heavy with lust, she murmured, “You’re too impatient.” But, regardless, she got off of him and grabbed his wrist.

L was taken off guard when she pulled him from his seat. When he was roughly tugged in the direction of the stairs, he allowed her to dominate. The thought of what awaited him in the upper bedrooms made his heart hammer. As they raced toward bliss, L could only think of one thing: he should really stay behind more often.


Arg. I apologize for this. The plot bunny left me hanging as soon as the lemon started. Damn that furry creature. D: wahhh

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Momiji Sohma Lemon -- New Year's Resolution

Character: Momiji Sohma

Fandom: Fruits Basket

OC: Analynn, Age 17

Inspiration: New Years Eve parties at the Sohma Estate

The night was alight with a sense of relief. The feeling could be contributed to the relaxed gait of the blonde haired man. It could be the result of his escape from his family’s festivities. Or, of course, it could be due to the exuberant smile that ghosted across the face that Momiji Sohma was staring at.

When he reached his destination, he did nothing but draw her close. It was a welcomed relief now: one that crept across both of them and rid the air of its previous worry. No words were spoken, but the gentle cage in which he held her spoke loudly enough.

Only when Momiji felt her quell her shaking did he pull back. His fingers floated up to tilt her head up, but he did not lean down to close the distance. His honeyed eyes drank in her sight with adoration, carefully watching the beginnings of a blush cascade over her pale cheeks.

“Momiji...” she gazed at the smile that was winding up his lips, and traced the outer edge of it gingerly, “What are you doing here?”

It wasn’t as though she didn’t want him there, because she really did. But he was supposed to be back at his family estate... Immediately, his smile morphed into a grin.

His hands trailed down her arms, sending warmth shooting throughout her body. With a playful smirk, he murmured, “I snuck out to see you. You know I can’t let you spend New Years Eve alone.”

The horrified way he said that one lonely word made the girl smile even more. Still, her brown eyes remained tinged with worry. She drew back enough so that her head stopped spinning wildly, and wondered, “What if you get into trouble - ?”

He pushed his head toward her, just barely brushing against her lips, and whispered, “It’ll be worth it.”

She noticed that he hadn’t downright said he wouldn’t get into trouble, and that he would come out of this situation unscathed, but before she could protest, Momiji went in for the kill.

Even though his arms stayed securely at his sides, Momiji’s kiss sent her completely off the edge. Her fingers clawed at his collar, tightly drawing him closer. If he didn’t keep his hands on her arms to remind her of his curse, she would have forgone common sense altogether. It was a shame that a little space was left between them – for each dearly wanted to get rid of said space – but it was a necessary precaution when one’s boyfriend could turn into a bunny at any moment.

Before the kiss could completely blow her away, Momiji pulled back. His eyes were filled with want, his hair gently tousled, and his lips bruised into a tantalizing pink. She wanted to kiss him again, and never stop kissing him, because he gave her strength and warmth and everything she thought she didn’t deserve. Before she could act upon her thoughts, Momiji pulled back completely and tugged at her arm.

The coldness that crept throughout her body made her realize why Momiji was pulling her back inside. In all her haste to get to him, she had completely forgotten about the thick blanket of snow and the chilled winds that accompanied it. She had rushed from her house with barely enough time to don a jacket, and no time at all to slip on a thicker pair of shoes.

She followed her lover inside, and the flush of relief that hit her now was a reminder of his presence. The fact that he had come to see her, and her alone, made her heart beat ever faster. A healthy, satisfied glow brushed across her face, and when Momiji next looked at her, he felt one of his own ghost through him, as well.

He gently turned her around and helped her out of the furry jacket. He had to admit that she was adorable. As he pulled down the half zipped zipper and tugged off her coat, he noticed how haphazard she truly looked. Upon closer inspection, he finally realized what she was wearing.

It wasn’t as though he hadn’t seen her in her pajamas before. It was just...the type of pajamas she picked out tonight were...completely different from her usual pair. She was wearing one long, oversized shirt. It came up to her mid-thigh, and wasn’t all that low cut. Even the sleeves traveled down nearly to her elbows. No: that wasn’t what had him staring. His attention was locked onto the type of fabric the shirt was made of, and how thin and silky is was. It dipped around her curves in such a tantalizing manner that he was sure she wore it on purpose. Indeed, when his eyes finally darted back to hers, an amused glint could clearly be seen in them.

Everything about her was suddenly tantalizing. He stared in awed silence as he noticed little things that he surpassed him only moments before. Perhaps it was the close proximity of their bodies, but he could suddenly see every single eyelash; he could count each rise and fall of her chest as she breathed; and he could practically match his thrumming heartbeat to hers.

Her lips looked delectable. He began leaning forward in an almost unconscious manner, intent only on reaching her parted mouth, but was stopped by the coy smile that found it before he did.

“You must be cold,” she whispered, and Momiji was sure that her eyes had a tinge of lust. “I’ll make some tea to warm you up.”

And before he could even say her name – a soft Analynn upon his lips – she was walking in the direction of the kitchen without a backward glance. Momiji grumbled after her, convinced that she was acting entirely too desirable.

The tea was made quickly, with little to no interruption on Momiji’s part. Once it was put on trays with the necessary additions, Analynn took it with her into the traditional tatami room.

There was something very romantic about a tatami room at night, especially when you had someone to share it with. Analynn gave Momiji a warm smile as she sat down on the floor, and began addressing the tea. It was poured out easily into two separate cups, and the man before her didn’t bother adding anything else as he took a drink.

Drinking tea wasn’t exactly a difficult thing to do, but Analynn seemed to be having a significant amount of trouble. It probably had something to do with the way Momiji was staring at her, with such an intensity that she could only ogle right back. The direction of his thoughts was impossible to understand, which unnerved her beyond words.

“Ana,” he suddenly murmured, tilting his head in a manner that was very much like him. “What’s your New Years resolution?”

The girl didn’t really have an answer for him. She had thought about it, and had compiled a mental list as to what she should fix in her general persona, but that was it. Somehow, she didn’t think he required an answer at all, for the way he was staring now was even more invigorating than before. Again, it required no words.

She couldn’t possibly take her eyes off of him. Every tiny movement he made had her on the edge of her seat, hyper aware of him as she’d never been before. It was his eyes, she thought, or perhaps his posture in general. There was a predatory glint to his complexion that caught her off guard, and it was so unlike his usual countenance that she was nothing short of shocked.

He shifted. “Want to know mine?” Without waiting for her to respond, he plowed on, “To be more...aware of those I love. To be less afraid of things I’ve never done. To help people get over things they’re afraid of, too.”

Ah. That sounded more like the Momiji she knew. But still...his eyes didn’t loose the intensity. Was it just her? Somehow, she didn’t think so.

“ you ever think...of taking our relationship to the next level?”

Her eyes immediately snapped up to his, shocked and confused and, though she’d never admit it, exhilarated at the question. Her fingers itched to touch him – to run through his hair, or tug at his shirt – anything. Her eyes locked with his, and she couldn’t seem to look away. The intensity was building, reaching concentrated levels that she’d only dreamt of. It was so ecstatic that she could hardly breath, or blink, or spare any hint of thought anywhere else but his gaze.

Her silence, the way she was staring at seemed to provoke something inside him. Analynn didn’t know her boyfriend could be so eager when it came to this side of romance, but she couldn’t complain. Instead, she returned his kiss with an exuberance that seemed halfhearted in comparison to his. Yes: she was thrown off guard, perhaps to planes that had no return route.

Realization hit her as soon as she felt her lover’s building tension in the form of his erection. She gasped as her eyes flew open, startled and unsure. In response, Momiji slowly opened his honeyed eyes to gaze at her. A comfortable smile graced his lips, but his eyes still retained that stark intensity. She was drowning in that stare.

“Let me show you...” he mumbled against her lips, which were still rested slightly upon his. “Let me show you how much I love you.”

His words forced her heart to spring forward, thumping incessantly against her rib age. She hardly knew what to feel, but decided that the excitement stemming from his lustful eyes was direction enough. A moment later, she succumbed to the betrayal of her own heart.

He was gentle as ever as his hands drifted over her, and she began to wonder why she doubted him at all. He was making her comfortable, lowering her down onto the tatami floor. The seat of her cushion became a pillow for her head; the kotatsu beside them, a wall. It was in this private little nook that her trust heightened, and it rose ever further with each removal of cloth.

His fingers left burning trails in her skin as they progressed. His body became an affectionate cage as he towered over her, nipping at her tender neck and pressing kisses to her lips. His hands slid down her bare stomach and hips, ghosted over her creamy thighs, and began to give her more than mere pleasure. Their eyes remained connected all the while.

Keening moans filled the small room as Analynn sunk deeper and deeper into blissful passion. Momiji’s gaze never left her: he drank in the sight of her pleased expression and parted lips. With a soft, breathy sigh, Momiji lowered his body to hers, taking his fingers from her warmth. It was time.

Her eyes snapped open at the loss of his clever little digits. Confused, she looked up at him, but instead of receiving words, she was met with a hasty, loving kiss that was just as good as his finger’s ministrations.

And then, she felt him. He was against her opening, prodding her in the most sinful, lustful way. She didn’t look down, because she was too busy kissing him, but her fingers tugged at his hips in a begging fashion, pleading for him to not waste any more time. He acquiesced.

Immediate pain ripped through her, so blaring that it took her breath away. Tears reared up in her eyes, threatening to spill over her flushed cheeks. Was this really what it felt like? This torture was making her regret their actions.

But then she felt his apologetic kiss at the corner of her silent mouth, and she knew how good he must have been feeling. Her eyes cracked open and she beheld him, taking him in as he slowly moved inside of her.

He wasn’t looking at her, but rather had a dazed look in his eyes. His lips were somewhere between a smile and a frown, but the way his eyebrows were situated gave away his clear pleasure. It couldn’t be helped: in a soft voice, laden with emotion, Analynn urged him to hasten his pace.

He did so only too happily. Gripping her hips tightly with unrestrained fingers, he moved back to get a better angle and began a sudden barrage of thrusts. By the time he had set a fast tempo, Analynn was arching her back as the pain slipped away.

The feeling of being loved by such a warm man made her so happy. As he slipped in and out of her, he pushed her harder into the tatami floor. He was gentle, but dominant; loving, but needful; and her building moans were quickly turning him into a more needing lover.

There was something ecstatic about looking up to find yourself adored. Momiji’s expression was exactly that as he gazed at her through half lidded eyes. A soft declaration of his love flew from his lips as he leaned down to kiss her, returned only by the responding thrusts and nibbling kisses that were pattered over his face.

All too soon, the end came. The closeness of their release was proof of their escape into dreamland, for such things always creep up on those who are blinded. As they fell over the edge, nothing but immediate bliss shown in Analynn’s eyes. They rushed to catch up with one another – to fall together, rather than separately – and when they finally did, that bliss rose tenfold. It was such a feeling that Analynn could never have imagined; could never have dreamt up without Momiji to bring her there.

When they floated back down into reality, peace hung thickly in the air. Accomplishment and happiness filled Analynn thoroughly. She tilted her head to the side, where Momiji was settling down by her shoulder, and couldn’t stop the satisfied grin that graced over her lips.

He grinned just as widely and wrapped his arms around her. She was yanked closer a moment later, and snuggled into the warmth of his thrumming chest.

A soft sigh escaped her lips. If heaven was as good as this, she would be happy. Before closing her eyes completely, however, a sudden thought entered her mind.

“Hey...Momiji...?” she watched him look at her questioningly, and smiled, “I think I have my New Years resolution now.”

Words were useless. The smile that spread onto Momiji’s lips could not be described. A chuckle ghosted past his mouth and he pressed a deep, unwavering kiss against her. A good start to a new year.


An England Lemon -- Rocking The Boat

Character: Pirate England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Océanie Bonnefoy, Age 21

Inspiration: Pirates of the Caribbean...:D

When she woke up, the air around her was as peaceful as the waves that lapped at the ship. The atmosphere reeked of serenity, and it made her want to close her eyes and sleep some more. She would have, had the other person in the bed not noticed her escape from dreamland.

The finger tracing her arm momentarily paused, and the chest that was her pillow rumbled with a deep chuckle. The man beneath her ran his hand up her arm, and warmth spilled over her body at the touch.

“Had a good sleep?” he murmured, sounding similarly calm. His chest lifted with each slow breath that he took, and it was lulling Océanie quickly back to sleep. She brought a hand up to cloud her yawn and mumbled incoherently. It seemed to amuse him, for another gentle chuckle vibrated their bodies.

His fingers began to trace her body again, but this time, they moved from her arm and slipped beneath the tousled sheets to touch her back. He ran up her spine, sending tingling sensations throughout her bare body, and rushed back down it in a similar manner. Her breathing was quickly getting flustered.

“Mmm...Arthur,” came her soft voice, still slacken with sleep. Waking up was inevitable when he was touching her like that. She lifted her head to send him a pointed stare.

His lips curved up at the sight of it, but his fingers certainly didn’t stop their movements. Instead, they traveled down to her hips and bottom, lightly tickling her tanned, sun kissed skin. This time, Océanie gave in and snuggled closer to him. After all, waking up in such a manner wasn’t all that bad. It was actually pretty nice, she decided.

Wanting to do something in return, she began kissing his neck, gently taking a bit of skin between her teeth before sucking on it. As though encouraging her, Arthur squeezed her bottom and brought his other arm around her. She giggled and continued her ministrations.

The peaceful atmosphere around them wasn’t gone, but it was shifting into something else. With every touch of her lips on his neck, Arthur was quickly tumbling down into the bliss that was exchanged the night before. He moved her leg around him, pushing their naked hips together. The gasp that escaped his lover’s mouth sent pleasure shooting up his body. His fingers continued to ghost over her skin, leaving butterfly touches everywhere they could.

There was something satisfactory about waking up next to an Englishman, especially if that Englishman was the captain of a pirate ship who ravished women like it was second nature. Océanie was losing it quickly – the urge to sleep, and the control she thought she had – and began wondering how long it would be before one of the crew came looking for his captain. She decided it probably wouldn’t be too long, but still couldn’t stop her hips from grinding against his in blissful friction. She could feel him getting bigger against her and it was making her excited. She moved her lips away from his neck to trace down his chest.

And then, in a movement that had her head spinning wildly, her back was pressed against the mattress as Arthur rolled over. The switched positions provided an interesting setup. His knee was planted just between her legs, close enough to make her completely uncontrollable. His face was so close to hers that she could count every single eyelash framing his green eyes. His body, bare and glorious without the sheet, was positioned above her in the most tantalizing of ways. By the time Arthur had closed the space between their lips, her head was already spinning even more wildly than before.

His kiss wasn’t slow, but it wasn’t hurried either. Océanie wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or not, for even though she wanted to take it slow as well, the daunting thought of being interrupted hung heavily in the air. She hastened him by dragging her tongue across his lips.

He grunted against her and opened his mouth, allowing her free access. Her tongue darted in just as her arms brought him closer. The sheet that hardly covered her was thrown away and replaced by warm skin. Her breasts arched against him in an effort to convey her needing spirits.

He kissed her once more before pulling away and leaning back. She looked beautiful laying there, lips bruised, and Arthur felt pleased to know that it was all his doing. He was the one to make her like this, and he was going to be the one to come for him, and him alone. With that thought, he gripped her legs, spread them apart, and wasted no time in ravishing her.

Immediately, Océanie felt the uncomparable bliss of him inside of her. The immense satisfaction that she got whenever he was here – towering above her, pressing her into the mattress, making her feel like the most beautiful and wonderful creature to ever exist – it surpassed all previous thoughts and emotions. All she wanted to do was sink deeper into the pleasure and the passion and the love that was being exhibited before her.

She was not disappointed, for it seemed that Arthur had similar desires. Lifting her hips up, he pushed into her again and again, hitting her perfectly with deep and calculated strokes. The way he stared at her was inspiring; the force of his green eyes made the sex so much better. He spared some time to lean down and give her a sloppy kiss, interrupted by the incessant way their hips melded.

The stress was building up inside her, but it wasn’t the kind of stress associated with paperwork and routine. This stress was centered on the yearning desire to just let go – to collapse and pant and release alongside her lover, again and again and again. Océanie closed her eyes as that stress began unraveling.

“Ahh...Ar-Arthurrr! Mmm!” Her breathy moans were making Arthur delirious. He pumped hard, face screwed up in determination as he neared his own release. His swollen manhood was ready, so ready to let go, but only when Océanie’s moans increased did he truly release. Together, they tumbled down into the purity of liberation, and a moment later, they were collapsing onto the mattress in a heap of spent limbs.

“, Arthur,” Océanie turned to stare adoringly at him. His lips curved up into a tiny little smile and he drew her close. “I’m glad...the men...didn’t barge in...on us...-“

A loud knock sounded against the door, following by amused jeering and the occasional laugh, “Are ye done, captain? You’ve been at it fer a whole hour now.”

Oh. Océanie’s cheeks immediately flared crimson. Beside her, Arthur chuckled, cheeks lightly pink. Completely embarrassed that the crew knew, Océanie turned to bury her face in the crook of her lover’s neck. “I’m not having sex with you until we find land.”

England paled. Stupid crew.