Monday, August 15, 2011

An England Lemon -- Rocking The Boat

Character: Pirate England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Océanie Bonnefoy, Age 21

Inspiration: Pirates of the Caribbean...:D

When she woke up, the air around her was as peaceful as the waves that lapped at the ship. The atmosphere reeked of serenity, and it made her want to close her eyes and sleep some more. She would have, had the other person in the bed not noticed her escape from dreamland.

The finger tracing her arm momentarily paused, and the chest that was her pillow rumbled with a deep chuckle. The man beneath her ran his hand up her arm, and warmth spilled over her body at the touch.

“Had a good sleep?” he murmured, sounding similarly calm. His chest lifted with each slow breath that he took, and it was lulling Océanie quickly back to sleep. She brought a hand up to cloud her yawn and mumbled incoherently. It seemed to amuse him, for another gentle chuckle vibrated their bodies.

His fingers began to trace her body again, but this time, they moved from her arm and slipped beneath the tousled sheets to touch her back. He ran up her spine, sending tingling sensations throughout her bare body, and rushed back down it in a similar manner. Her breathing was quickly getting flustered.

“Mmm...Arthur,” came her soft voice, still slacken with sleep. Waking up was inevitable when he was touching her like that. She lifted her head to send him a pointed stare.

His lips curved up at the sight of it, but his fingers certainly didn’t stop their movements. Instead, they traveled down to her hips and bottom, lightly tickling her tanned, sun kissed skin. This time, Océanie gave in and snuggled closer to him. After all, waking up in such a manner wasn’t all that bad. It was actually pretty nice, she decided.

Wanting to do something in return, she began kissing his neck, gently taking a bit of skin between her teeth before sucking on it. As though encouraging her, Arthur squeezed her bottom and brought his other arm around her. She giggled and continued her ministrations.

The peaceful atmosphere around them wasn’t gone, but it was shifting into something else. With every touch of her lips on his neck, Arthur was quickly tumbling down into the bliss that was exchanged the night before. He moved her leg around him, pushing their naked hips together. The gasp that escaped his lover’s mouth sent pleasure shooting up his body. His fingers continued to ghost over her skin, leaving butterfly touches everywhere they could.

There was something satisfactory about waking up next to an Englishman, especially if that Englishman was the captain of a pirate ship who ravished women like it was second nature. Océanie was losing it quickly – the urge to sleep, and the control she thought she had – and began wondering how long it would be before one of the crew came looking for his captain. She decided it probably wouldn’t be too long, but still couldn’t stop her hips from grinding against his in blissful friction. She could feel him getting bigger against her and it was making her excited. She moved her lips away from his neck to trace down his chest.

And then, in a movement that had her head spinning wildly, her back was pressed against the mattress as Arthur rolled over. The switched positions provided an interesting setup. His knee was planted just between her legs, close enough to make her completely uncontrollable. His face was so close to hers that she could count every single eyelash framing his green eyes. His body, bare and glorious without the sheet, was positioned above her in the most tantalizing of ways. By the time Arthur had closed the space between their lips, her head was already spinning even more wildly than before.

His kiss wasn’t slow, but it wasn’t hurried either. Océanie wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or not, for even though she wanted to take it slow as well, the daunting thought of being interrupted hung heavily in the air. She hastened him by dragging her tongue across his lips.

He grunted against her and opened his mouth, allowing her free access. Her tongue darted in just as her arms brought him closer. The sheet that hardly covered her was thrown away and replaced by warm skin. Her breasts arched against him in an effort to convey her needing spirits.

He kissed her once more before pulling away and leaning back. She looked beautiful laying there, lips bruised, and Arthur felt pleased to know that it was all his doing. He was the one to make her like this, and he was going to be the one to come for him, and him alone. With that thought, he gripped her legs, spread them apart, and wasted no time in ravishing her.

Immediately, Océanie felt the uncomparable bliss of him inside of her. The immense satisfaction that she got whenever he was here – towering above her, pressing her into the mattress, making her feel like the most beautiful and wonderful creature to ever exist – it surpassed all previous thoughts and emotions. All she wanted to do was sink deeper into the pleasure and the passion and the love that was being exhibited before her.

She was not disappointed, for it seemed that Arthur had similar desires. Lifting her hips up, he pushed into her again and again, hitting her perfectly with deep and calculated strokes. The way he stared at her was inspiring; the force of his green eyes made the sex so much better. He spared some time to lean down and give her a sloppy kiss, interrupted by the incessant way their hips melded.

The stress was building up inside her, but it wasn’t the kind of stress associated with paperwork and routine. This stress was centered on the yearning desire to just let go – to collapse and pant and release alongside her lover, again and again and again. Océanie closed her eyes as that stress began unraveling.

“Ahh...Ar-Arthurrr! Mmm!” Her breathy moans were making Arthur delirious. He pumped hard, face screwed up in determination as he neared his own release. His swollen manhood was ready, so ready to let go, but only when Océanie’s moans increased did he truly release. Together, they tumbled down into the purity of liberation, and a moment later, they were collapsing onto the mattress in a heap of spent limbs.

“, Arthur,” Océanie turned to stare adoringly at him. His lips curved up into a tiny little smile and he drew her close. “I’m glad...the men...didn’t barge in...on us...-“

A loud knock sounded against the door, following by amused jeering and the occasional laugh, “Are ye done, captain? You’ve been at it fer a whole hour now.”

Oh. Océanie’s cheeks immediately flared crimson. Beside her, Arthur chuckled, cheeks lightly pink. Completely embarrassed that the crew knew, Océanie turned to bury her face in the crook of her lover’s neck. “I’m not having sex with you until we find land.”

England paled. Stupid crew.



  1. lol I luv the ending, you're such a good writer

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