Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Kakashi Lemon -- The Woes of a Hospital Bed

Character: Kakashi

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Katie, Jounin, ends up in the hospital more often than not~

Inspiration: 'S pretty obvious, I should think :D

Pains fluttered all over Katie’s body. They weren’t as bad as they were a few weeks ago. (When she had been first admitted into the hospital, she could hardly move for fear of disrupting her many wounds.) No: the pains she suffered with now were more of an emotional sort. She had absolutely nothing to do except stare listlessly at the white wall across from her.

She had been unconscious when she was first brought here. Her A-Ranked mission had gone awry and she had been discovered just as she blacked out. Having been awake now for two weeks, Katie was quite ready to go home. Hospitals always made her nerves more frayed than ever, especially after laying in one place for what felt like ages.

Luckily, Katie was not so unpopular as to have no visitors. Various Genin and Chunin had come to see her. Naruto and Lee had caused quite a ruckus, but Iruka had calmed them down as only he could. Unfortunately, that incident didn’t last very long and Katie was soon back to staring at the wall. The only higher ranked ninja that visited her was Kakashi.

When he first came to see her, it caused great embarrassment on her side. At the time, she had only been awake for three days and still stunk of blood and battle. She hadn’t showered in days, her hair was a mess, and she had certainly felt dirty inside as well as outside. But Kakashi, as always, remained neutral about her state and didn’t remark on her obvious unkemptness. (Because really, what could be done about it?) Katie was very glad indeed when she had finally been permitted to use to Hospital showers every few days. The only reason why she was here now, it seemed, was to make sure all her major wounds were completely healed up.

She let out a pent up breath and continued to stare at the opposing wall. The staring contest was futile – the wall certainly made a formidable opponent – but her recreational choices were very limited. Just as she was thinking she wouldn’t get to do anything else, however, the door opened and in stepped the silver haired ninja himself.

He didn’t look particularly...well. There was something his countenance that seemed hurried and haphazard. Upon seeing her awake, he let out a large breath and smiled his closed eyed smile.

“Kakashi! Am I glad to see you – I’m bored as hell!” a jolted, humorless laugh accompanied her words, and Kakashi stepped closer.

He stood at the foot of her bed and gazed at her through one gray eye. His thoughts were impossible to guess, because his mask was, as always, covering any form of expression. His hair was normally flipped to one side, jagged and messy as it lay atop his head. Peeking out from the top of his Jounin jacket was his little orange book.

“Hmm. I figured you’d be,” he said, voice bored. There was something about him, however, that contradicted that assessment: a twinkle in his eye that screamed excitement...passion. “That’s why I brought you a little something.”

His words had her curiously staring at him. There was nothing in his hands – no messily wrapped gift. Was it money? That wouldn’t really quell her boredom, because she couldn’t go anywhere to spend it. Her curiosity increased tenfold as she watched him tug his book from his pocket.

At first, Katie thought he was going to start reading it, but then he suddenly tossed it to her, and Katie raised a brow. “Really, Kakashi? What makes you think I want to read this perverted stuff?” Her voice was filled with annoyance.

Her emotions seemed to amuse him, for he chuckled softly and shook his head. As she watched for him to explain himself, and rid her of her confusion, Katie noticed that the door was suspiciously locked. Had he done that when he came in...? A moment after the realization, Kakashi was suddenly stepping closer to her bed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Eh...I figured you wanted some exercise.” She gaped at him, finally understanding, and then her lips slowly curved into a mischievous smirk.

“Oh. I see.” She giggled, “Why didn’t you just say so in the first place?” And then dragged him closer by the hand that was resting on her bed.

As soon as their lips connected, sparks filled Katie’s eyes. He must have removed his mask last second, because his lips were smooth and delicious. He was a good kisser – better than she thought he’d be – and it made her sink into a delirious addiction to which there was no return. Now that she had a taste, she had to have more.

Kakashi seemed to realize this, because his jacket was thrown to the floor a moment later. Their kiss was not broken as he removed his clothes, nor did it slow in the least. Katie wouldn’t allow it to: she assisted him in ridding himself of his pants.

Shivers raced up and down her spine as he crawled on top of her. In merely a hospital gown, Katie felt extremely hot all of the sudden. It probably had to do with Kakashi’s burning hands as they traveled up and down her naked skin.

His tongue rushed against her lips, darting in and exploring as soon as she allowed him to. A small grunt left him as she ran her fingers through his tousled hair, messing it up into perfection as she did. Her legs unconsciously spread apart as Kakashi situated himself between them, closing the distance that still existed between their bodies. Chest to chest, they continued.

Katie felt flustered. But with his hands scorching her like that, in such a pleasant way, there was nothing to be done about it. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time. Ever since the last time she was in the hospital, she realized. Damn Kakashi and it satisfying skills. (She just couldn’t get enough of him.)

His erection was soon made apparent as he crushed her to the mattress. She reveled in the weight that pushed her down. It thrilled her to know that he was dominating her: this strong ninja, wanting her, and her alone.

She felt her lips move in a familiar way, and realized she was moaning Kakashi’s name. The moans were mixed up in the passion, however, and as Katie arched her back and dipped her head into the pillows, she soon forgot that she was moaning at all. Kakashi’s lips, sucking at her breasts, was all that she could feel. That, and the growing, insatiable desire that was building dangerously within her.

She wanted him now. Her fingers tugged his head back and their eyes locked, sharing a single, fiery look that made them both come to terms with their situation. A moment later, Katie’s hospital gown was being ripped away and Kakashi was dominating her like never before.

The way that he fit perfectly inside of her made her feel alive. It brought out all her imperfections and turned them into flawlessness. He made her feel beautiful. He inspired awe with every thrust he made, pushing her down farther and farther into the mattress while her spirit roved the skies, always flying higher and higher in search of heaven.

She found heaven in one single, blissful thrust as Kakashi buried himself up to the hilt. He let out a loud groan in pleasure, began fumbling around, kissing every part of her he could reach, and then proceeded to follow her up as they both let themselves go.

“Kakashi! Ohh! Ka-Kakashii!”

He snarled her name like a predator and bit down hard on her shoulder. The pain intermingled with the sweetest of pleasures, and made Katie’s release that much better. She moaned, felt him thrust a few last times, and then her head met the cushion as she collapsed. Kakashi soon followed suit.

Her panting breaths saturated the air. She ran her fingers through his hair again, reveling in the silkiness of every single strand. Just as her eyes were beginning to close, and the relaxation was at its peak, the door burst open and in stepped four people.

For a moment, it was silent. And then...

“AIGG! My eyes!! THEY BURN!!!” Naruto ran back out, bumping into the wall as he scratched at his eyes.

“Ohohoho! Kakashi, you old dog!” Jiraiya grinned, hands forming the ‘thumbs up’ sign, “You might just get a spot in my next Icha Icha edition~!”

Sasuke’s eyes were huge; Sakura’s mouth was hanging open. The black haired ninja proceeded to grab the pink haired girl and drag her away from the horrendous sight.

Huh. Though she should have felt as horrified as the onlookers, Katie felt herself giggling. Kakashi rolled his eyes at her and planted a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth. There was one good thing about hospitals, Katie mused. As long as Kakashi would always be there to make them interesting~



  1. aaaaaaaaaaa sooo embaressing!!! but it was awesome though!

  2. "Sasuke's eyes were huge; Sakura's mouth was hanging open. The black haired ninja proceeded to grab the pink haird girl and drag her away from the horrendous sight." ... or to his bedroom-- I really don't know.

    I loved this story! I've read it a few times but only just caught this (it was probably unintentional) but I couldn't resist noting it! Asides from that, please keep up with your amazing-ness!

    1. How did I not see this comment before now? Lol, I like how you think~ It was unintentional but it certainly opens the door to many possibilities!! :3

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