Thursday, August 18, 2011

An L Lawliet Lemon -- Easy Chair

Character: L Lawliet

Fandom: Death Note

OC: Analynn, Age 18, likes lollipops

Inspiration: L’s HQ’s

The only sound that reverberated through the room was mindless typing. It was late – later than she would normally stay – but Analynn had made a resolution to herself and was determined to accomplish it. She only hoped that the infamous, all-knowing detective hadn’t figured out her plan.

She was situated on one of the plush red couches in the center of the room, gazing lazily at the back of L’s head as he worked. Everyone else had left over an hour ago, so it was almost entirely silent. The quietness didn’t intimidate Analynn in the least, however. She continued to stare adamantly at the messy black hair.

She was positive that her staring wasn’t unknown to L, seeing as he always knew what was happening within the room...and even outside of it, she dryly thought as she flicked her eyes to the video cameras. The sight of said cameras produced a sudden thought that had Analynn smirking widely. Those could certainly be of good use before this night was over... Her musing came to a halt when she realized that L had swiveled around in the chair and was raising a brow at her.

“I thought you were supposed to be working...?” he wondered, voice soft from not using it in a while. He didn’t seem like he cared if she was fooling off, for his ever-present blank face was all that she saw. No emotion clouded his eyes, and it provided an even greater challenge for Analynn.

A delicate shrug lifted up her shoulders. She tilted her head slightly to the side as she took him in, from his slouched position to his messy clothing. A sinful smile played at the edge of her mouth, and she noticed how his eyes narrowed suspiciously at the sight of it. “I can’t do any work until you stop working.”

Once again, his blank mask was all she saw. It nearly made her second guess her course of action, but when she realized how badly she wanted to continue as planned, she felt even greater determination fill her. He raised a gentle brow.

“Then you should know that I’ve no plan of stopping,” he confided, and shrugged the swivel chair back in the direction of his computer. Analynn frowned.

It wasn’t as though she did this every day, but she would have thought L to be a little more...knowledgeable about this sort of thing. Or, a voice shouted, or maybe he didn’t want her? Her eyes narrowed. Still, a challenge was a challenge.

Her heels clicked loudly around the room as she progressed toward his chair. He didn’t move position as she stepped forward. However, as Analynn grabbed the back of his chair and forced it back around, she was sure she saw slight surprise floating within his dark eyes. She smirked and, before he could complain or stop her, crashed her lips onto his.

Shockingly, his lips were quite smooth. She’d even venture to say they were irresistible. His taste made her excited and wanting, and when he didn’t pull away, she went in for more.

She could only guess that he was nothing short of shocked. Certainly he didn’t get such passionate kisses every day. (Or every week, or every month.) So it was natural that he didn’t kiss her back. It was because he was inexperienced...right? Analynn kissed him harder in annoyance.

When she had finally pulled away, she seemed to have been the only one who looked exhilarated. L’s lips were bruised to perfection, but his eyes were still flat and unwelcoming. The shock had drained from his expression, and once again, she was staring right into his blank mask. She scowled.

“Are you done?” he wondered, catching sight of her scowl and yet not seeming to care. Well, this certainly put a damper on her plans, she mused, and continued staring directly into his eyes, as though searching for the tiniest hint of pleasure. She found none, but that didn’t mean he didn’t feel it, right? L was just extremely good at hiding his feelings.

One delicate brow sprouted up. Analynn’s lips twitched into a smirk, “Not at all. I plan on finishing what I started.” Before he could deny that she hadn’t started anything, her lips were once again back on his, but this time, the passion was increased.

Even L couldn’t deny that he enjoyed this intimate act. Sure, he’d never tell her that he was enjoying it, and showing pleasure wasn’t one of his strong point, but he couldn’t deny the rising feeling that was emerging from his chest. He felt like he was floating; like he was overcoming gravity altogether. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to kiss her back. What if she can’t handle his blatant inexperience?

Analynn was taking great pleasure in kissing him. He wasn’t like other kisses she’d had. He wasn’t hasty in the least, and he wasn’t needy. He just sat there and took what she had to offer, silently bending to her will as she began tousling her fingers through his hair.

Her breathing was getting heavily with want. She broke the kiss to stare into his eyes for a moment, before pattering his neck with light nibbles and touches. L let out a soft sigh as she continued, and Analynn took it as a sign that he was enjoying it. A light giggle erupted from her mouth.

“How far...have you gone,” she wondered, glancing up at him as she paused in her ministrations. The blush on his cheeks, and his unwavering silence told her everything. A small, delicious smirk swept over her lips. She leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth, “I’ll take you all the way~”

Again, before he could protest, she suddenly jerked her legs up onto his chair, straddling him as she towered above him. She nearness had him at a loss for words. He gulped as she pushed down on him, grinding her hips over his in the most tantalizing of ways. Was this what it felt like? Purely blissful.

A soft moan pushed past her, and it made L’s heart race in his chest. The warm feeling of her hips was quickly spreading up his legs. It locked onto his entire body and made his gasp.

She could feel him getting hard against her, and it was driving her insane. She was sure that her panties were an absolute mess by now. Increasing her tempo, Analynn brought her lips to his again. This time, he slowly kissed back.

The kiss sparked something that Analynn hadn’t felt before. He felt like electricity and it was only fueling the fire between them. Moaning again – a soft, breath noise – her tongue began lapping against his lips, begging for entrance. He gave it to her not a second too late.

He tasted like chocolates and frosting, mouth watering and delicious. As their kiss intensified, her hands ran up and down his chest before slipping beneath the fabric and skimming over skin. He inhaled sharply at the sudden touch, but didn’t complain as he sunk deeper into the emotions she was enforcing upon him. Arching his back, he silently pleaded for more. Analynn was only to happy to acquiesce.

The heat was building quickly between them. The hardness that she was now grinding against was proof of L’s need. Not wanting to waste any more previous time, she suddenly broke their fiery kiss and tumbled from her place above him.

At first, L was confused as to why she got off, but when he watched her lift her shirt up, his complaints died. His dark eyes trailed over every piece of revealed skin, mesmerized by the smoothness of her. He felt himself get harder with each removal, and he had to force his fingers to stop from reaching out to her.

His expression must have told Analynn of his desires, for she didn’t take long. When her bra finally snapped off, she tugged at his wrists and pulled him up. He stood there, watching as she lifted his shirt off and added it to the pile of clothes.

Her admiration of his chest was short but endearing, bolstering up his courage enough for him to help her with his jeans. They pooled at his feet along with his boxers, and he suddenly felt embarrassed. The feeling did not last long, however, because he was soon being pushed back into the chair and his erection was being attended to.

If heaven could feel like one thing, it was her tongue. It slipped over him in the smoothest of ways, running up and down again and again. Her teeth grazed him lightly with each suck. Soon, he was thrusting into her mouth, not able to stop his hips from moving. It was purely heaven.

His fingers were grappling tightly at the chair, knuckles white as he strained to keep his moans at bay. It was hard to concentrate with her clever little mouth working against him so amazingly. His head tilted back to rest on the chair, and the smallest breathy sigh escaped his lips. His throat felt constricted and rough but he didn’t care. His mind shut down and allowed the passion to override him. Hastily, his hands reached forward to grasp onto Analynn’s light, silky hair.

He pulled her further into his lap, ignoring her choking protest as his cock was shoved deeply into her mouth. When she finally broke free of him, she glared. Voice heavy with lust, she murmured, “You’re too impatient.” But, regardless, she got off of him and grabbed his wrist.

L was taken off guard when she pulled him from his seat. When he was roughly tugged in the direction of the stairs, he allowed her to dominate. The thought of what awaited him in the upper bedrooms made his heart hammer. As they raced toward bliss, L could only think of one thing: he should really stay behind more often.


Arg. I apologize for this. The plot bunny left me hanging as soon as the lemon started. Damn that furry creature. D: wahhh


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