Monday, August 15, 2011

A Momiji Sohma Lemon -- New Year's Resolution

Character: Momiji Sohma

Fandom: Fruits Basket

OC: Analynn, Age 17

Inspiration: New Years Eve parties at the Sohma Estate

The night was alight with a sense of relief. The feeling could be contributed to the relaxed gait of the blonde haired man. It could be the result of his escape from his family’s festivities. Or, of course, it could be due to the exuberant smile that ghosted across the face that Momiji Sohma was staring at.

When he reached his destination, he did nothing but draw her close. It was a welcomed relief now: one that crept across both of them and rid the air of its previous worry. No words were spoken, but the gentle cage in which he held her spoke loudly enough.

Only when Momiji felt her quell her shaking did he pull back. His fingers floated up to tilt her head up, but he did not lean down to close the distance. His honeyed eyes drank in her sight with adoration, carefully watching the beginnings of a blush cascade over her pale cheeks.

“Momiji...” she gazed at the smile that was winding up his lips, and traced the outer edge of it gingerly, “What are you doing here?”

It wasn’t as though she didn’t want him there, because she really did. But he was supposed to be back at his family estate... Immediately, his smile morphed into a grin.

His hands trailed down her arms, sending warmth shooting throughout her body. With a playful smirk, he murmured, “I snuck out to see you. You know I can’t let you spend New Years Eve alone.”

The horrified way he said that one lonely word made the girl smile even more. Still, her brown eyes remained tinged with worry. She drew back enough so that her head stopped spinning wildly, and wondered, “What if you get into trouble - ?”

He pushed his head toward her, just barely brushing against her lips, and whispered, “It’ll be worth it.”

She noticed that he hadn’t downright said he wouldn’t get into trouble, and that he would come out of this situation unscathed, but before she could protest, Momiji went in for the kill.

Even though his arms stayed securely at his sides, Momiji’s kiss sent her completely off the edge. Her fingers clawed at his collar, tightly drawing him closer. If he didn’t keep his hands on her arms to remind her of his curse, she would have forgone common sense altogether. It was a shame that a little space was left between them – for each dearly wanted to get rid of said space – but it was a necessary precaution when one’s boyfriend could turn into a bunny at any moment.

Before the kiss could completely blow her away, Momiji pulled back. His eyes were filled with want, his hair gently tousled, and his lips bruised into a tantalizing pink. She wanted to kiss him again, and never stop kissing him, because he gave her strength and warmth and everything she thought she didn’t deserve. Before she could act upon her thoughts, Momiji pulled back completely and tugged at her arm.

The coldness that crept throughout her body made her realize why Momiji was pulling her back inside. In all her haste to get to him, she had completely forgotten about the thick blanket of snow and the chilled winds that accompanied it. She had rushed from her house with barely enough time to don a jacket, and no time at all to slip on a thicker pair of shoes.

She followed her lover inside, and the flush of relief that hit her now was a reminder of his presence. The fact that he had come to see her, and her alone, made her heart beat ever faster. A healthy, satisfied glow brushed across her face, and when Momiji next looked at her, he felt one of his own ghost through him, as well.

He gently turned her around and helped her out of the furry jacket. He had to admit that she was adorable. As he pulled down the half zipped zipper and tugged off her coat, he noticed how haphazard she truly looked. Upon closer inspection, he finally realized what she was wearing.

It wasn’t as though he hadn’t seen her in her pajamas before. It was just...the type of pajamas she picked out tonight were...completely different from her usual pair. She was wearing one long, oversized shirt. It came up to her mid-thigh, and wasn’t all that low cut. Even the sleeves traveled down nearly to her elbows. No: that wasn’t what had him staring. His attention was locked onto the type of fabric the shirt was made of, and how thin and silky is was. It dipped around her curves in such a tantalizing manner that he was sure she wore it on purpose. Indeed, when his eyes finally darted back to hers, an amused glint could clearly be seen in them.

Everything about her was suddenly tantalizing. He stared in awed silence as he noticed little things that he surpassed him only moments before. Perhaps it was the close proximity of their bodies, but he could suddenly see every single eyelash; he could count each rise and fall of her chest as she breathed; and he could practically match his thrumming heartbeat to hers.

Her lips looked delectable. He began leaning forward in an almost unconscious manner, intent only on reaching her parted mouth, but was stopped by the coy smile that found it before he did.

“You must be cold,” she whispered, and Momiji was sure that her eyes had a tinge of lust. “I’ll make some tea to warm you up.”

And before he could even say her name – a soft Analynn upon his lips – she was walking in the direction of the kitchen without a backward glance. Momiji grumbled after her, convinced that she was acting entirely too desirable.

The tea was made quickly, with little to no interruption on Momiji’s part. Once it was put on trays with the necessary additions, Analynn took it with her into the traditional tatami room.

There was something very romantic about a tatami room at night, especially when you had someone to share it with. Analynn gave Momiji a warm smile as she sat down on the floor, and began addressing the tea. It was poured out easily into two separate cups, and the man before her didn’t bother adding anything else as he took a drink.

Drinking tea wasn’t exactly a difficult thing to do, but Analynn seemed to be having a significant amount of trouble. It probably had something to do with the way Momiji was staring at her, with such an intensity that she could only ogle right back. The direction of his thoughts was impossible to understand, which unnerved her beyond words.

“Ana,” he suddenly murmured, tilting his head in a manner that was very much like him. “What’s your New Years resolution?”

The girl didn’t really have an answer for him. She had thought about it, and had compiled a mental list as to what she should fix in her general persona, but that was it. Somehow, she didn’t think he required an answer at all, for the way he was staring now was even more invigorating than before. Again, it required no words.

She couldn’t possibly take her eyes off of him. Every tiny movement he made had her on the edge of her seat, hyper aware of him as she’d never been before. It was his eyes, she thought, or perhaps his posture in general. There was a predatory glint to his complexion that caught her off guard, and it was so unlike his usual countenance that she was nothing short of shocked.

He shifted. “Want to know mine?” Without waiting for her to respond, he plowed on, “To be more...aware of those I love. To be less afraid of things I’ve never done. To help people get over things they’re afraid of, too.”

Ah. That sounded more like the Momiji she knew. But still...his eyes didn’t loose the intensity. Was it just her? Somehow, she didn’t think so.

“ you ever think...of taking our relationship to the next level?”

Her eyes immediately snapped up to his, shocked and confused and, though she’d never admit it, exhilarated at the question. Her fingers itched to touch him – to run through his hair, or tug at his shirt – anything. Her eyes locked with his, and she couldn’t seem to look away. The intensity was building, reaching concentrated levels that she’d only dreamt of. It was so ecstatic that she could hardly breath, or blink, or spare any hint of thought anywhere else but his gaze.

Her silence, the way she was staring at seemed to provoke something inside him. Analynn didn’t know her boyfriend could be so eager when it came to this side of romance, but she couldn’t complain. Instead, she returned his kiss with an exuberance that seemed halfhearted in comparison to his. Yes: she was thrown off guard, perhaps to planes that had no return route.

Realization hit her as soon as she felt her lover’s building tension in the form of his erection. She gasped as her eyes flew open, startled and unsure. In response, Momiji slowly opened his honeyed eyes to gaze at her. A comfortable smile graced his lips, but his eyes still retained that stark intensity. She was drowning in that stare.

“Let me show you...” he mumbled against her lips, which were still rested slightly upon his. “Let me show you how much I love you.”

His words forced her heart to spring forward, thumping incessantly against her rib age. She hardly knew what to feel, but decided that the excitement stemming from his lustful eyes was direction enough. A moment later, she succumbed to the betrayal of her own heart.

He was gentle as ever as his hands drifted over her, and she began to wonder why she doubted him at all. He was making her comfortable, lowering her down onto the tatami floor. The seat of her cushion became a pillow for her head; the kotatsu beside them, a wall. It was in this private little nook that her trust heightened, and it rose ever further with each removal of cloth.

His fingers left burning trails in her skin as they progressed. His body became an affectionate cage as he towered over her, nipping at her tender neck and pressing kisses to her lips. His hands slid down her bare stomach and hips, ghosted over her creamy thighs, and began to give her more than mere pleasure. Their eyes remained connected all the while.

Keening moans filled the small room as Analynn sunk deeper and deeper into blissful passion. Momiji’s gaze never left her: he drank in the sight of her pleased expression and parted lips. With a soft, breathy sigh, Momiji lowered his body to hers, taking his fingers from her warmth. It was time.

Her eyes snapped open at the loss of his clever little digits. Confused, she looked up at him, but instead of receiving words, she was met with a hasty, loving kiss that was just as good as his finger’s ministrations.

And then, she felt him. He was against her opening, prodding her in the most sinful, lustful way. She didn’t look down, because she was too busy kissing him, but her fingers tugged at his hips in a begging fashion, pleading for him to not waste any more time. He acquiesced.

Immediate pain ripped through her, so blaring that it took her breath away. Tears reared up in her eyes, threatening to spill over her flushed cheeks. Was this really what it felt like? This torture was making her regret their actions.

But then she felt his apologetic kiss at the corner of her silent mouth, and she knew how good he must have been feeling. Her eyes cracked open and she beheld him, taking him in as he slowly moved inside of her.

He wasn’t looking at her, but rather had a dazed look in his eyes. His lips were somewhere between a smile and a frown, but the way his eyebrows were situated gave away his clear pleasure. It couldn’t be helped: in a soft voice, laden with emotion, Analynn urged him to hasten his pace.

He did so only too happily. Gripping her hips tightly with unrestrained fingers, he moved back to get a better angle and began a sudden barrage of thrusts. By the time he had set a fast tempo, Analynn was arching her back as the pain slipped away.

The feeling of being loved by such a warm man made her so happy. As he slipped in and out of her, he pushed her harder into the tatami floor. He was gentle, but dominant; loving, but needful; and her building moans were quickly turning him into a more needing lover.

There was something ecstatic about looking up to find yourself adored. Momiji’s expression was exactly that as he gazed at her through half lidded eyes. A soft declaration of his love flew from his lips as he leaned down to kiss her, returned only by the responding thrusts and nibbling kisses that were pattered over his face.

All too soon, the end came. The closeness of their release was proof of their escape into dreamland, for such things always creep up on those who are blinded. As they fell over the edge, nothing but immediate bliss shown in Analynn’s eyes. They rushed to catch up with one another – to fall together, rather than separately – and when they finally did, that bliss rose tenfold. It was such a feeling that Analynn could never have imagined; could never have dreamt up without Momiji to bring her there.

When they floated back down into reality, peace hung thickly in the air. Accomplishment and happiness filled Analynn thoroughly. She tilted her head to the side, where Momiji was settling down by her shoulder, and couldn’t stop the satisfied grin that graced over her lips.

He grinned just as widely and wrapped his arms around her. She was yanked closer a moment later, and snuggled into the warmth of his thrumming chest.

A soft sigh escaped her lips. If heaven was as good as this, she would be happy. Before closing her eyes completely, however, a sudden thought entered her mind.

“Hey...Momiji...?” she watched him look at her questioningly, and smiled, “I think I have my New Years resolution now.”

Words were useless. The smile that spread onto Momiji’s lips could not be described. A chuckle ghosted past his mouth and he pressed a deep, unwavering kiss against her. A good start to a new year.



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