Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Near Lemon -- Nude

Character: Near (Nate River)

Fandom: Death Note

OC: Analynn, Age 18, hates being active~

Inspiration: Near’s...whiteness? Lol.

Analynn steadied her hands as she brought a brush up to her face. The soft bristles, lightly strewn with powdery foundation, left a cloudy trail across her skin. Her mind drifted as she easily rubbed the powder into her face.

The morning sun crept into her room from the open window, shining a peaceful aura over everything it touched. Analynn’s hair, still wet from her shower, draped over her shoulder as she continued with her make-up.

She was just uncapping her eyeshadow pallet when the door to her room softly opened, and through the mirror she was met with an equally soft gaze. Immediately, her lips curved up into a welcoming smile as she took him in. His wavy white hair was tousled and hung into his face as he stood at her doorway. One pale hand remained poised on the wooden panel, and his overall posture was poor as usual.

She expected to get the normally gentle tilt of his mouth in return – the softest hint of a smile, and was surprised when none came. In fact, all she received was a cold, indifferent pair of gradient eyes as they locked onto the make-up in her hands.

He glared at it as though it was his arch enemy, and then turned a raised brow to Analynn. His eyes were so intense that she could only guess at the direction of his thoughts. She stared questionably back, wondering where he got all this newly found energy from.

“What’s that?” he suddenly asked, narrowed eyes retreating back to the small plastic container in Analynn’s hands. His voice, usually so devoid of...well, anything, had a dangerous tinge to it, and Analynn felt that she should respond with care.

“Um...I just got out of the shower, so now I’m getting ready for the day,” she responded, putting down the eye shadow n fear that Near’s glare might burst it into flames. She didn’t understand his sudden revulsion, for she wore make-up every day and it wasn’t anything different. She never wore too much of it – just the tiniest bit of shadow and a small amount of mascara. It made her feel better about her appearance.

As though Near knew of her thoughts, he took a step into her room and said, voice randomly shifting back to gentleness, “You don’t need it.”

If there was one thing that Near was, it was mysterious and puzzling. Even after practically living and working with him for the past few years, Analynn still could not understand the most basic of his intentions. She had learned to pick up on the ginger change of tone that sometimes accompanied the flickers in his eyes, and somehow managed to read some of his emotions that way, but he was still confusing. He was an enigma.

She searched his eyes, wondering what his intentions were this time. Why was he standing in her room? He didn’t usually see her until she walked down for breakfast. Why was his eyes watching her so intently? She never thought he cared much about how much make-up she put on. And...why was he closing the door behind him? Her mind blanked. Was it just her, or did he look even more heavenly when he was standing in the morning light?

Analynn was starting to notice things that had surpassed her before. The faint glimmer of his gray eyes, the curled fingers that rested lightly on pale palms...the softness that seemed to radiate from every pore of his body. She suddenly felt a yearning desire to reach up and touch his hair – to slowly push it behind an ear. Her finger twitched.

He was staring so intensely that Analynn was getting nervous. Was he taking steps toward her, or was her mind just playing tricks on her? She could hardly see anything around her. Her eyes were locked precariously on his figure, and she wasn’t sure if it was his feet moving, or her carpet being pulled out from beneath him.

The light played dangerous mischief on his features, because they stood out wonderfully against the rest of the room. Analynn was sure that nothing compared to what she was feeling now. The thought changed as soon as he was in touching distance of her.

His words rang heavily in her mind. Did he mean what he said? ‘You don’t need it.’ Analynn figured that he did mean it, because Near never said anything unless he did. Her mind was so far away – working so hard to unravel the mystery that was him – that her sight elapsed. She completely missed the fact that he was standing right before her, towering over her seat with an uncommon, intimidating aura. His eyes were staring directly into hers, in such a way that she’d never seen before. Once her own eyes focused in on the grayness, a shiver wracked through her body, bringing a swarm of emotion that clouded her senses. She couldn’t think anymore; she could only watch.

His fingers lifted up to touch her cheek. It was the softest of touches, like a satin butterfly wing, and yet it impacted her in an electrifying way. Shock waves burned her body, but she wasn’t scarred. She felt herself yearning for more of his touch – a substantial amount more, and it terrified her as much as it glorified,

She dearly wanted to say something, but her lips felt dry and cracked. Slowly, her tongue darted out to swipe along her bottom lip, and immediately, his eyes zeroed in on them. She felt suddenly exposed with him staring at her lips like that. Another shiver rattled her; her fingers moved in anticipation; her lips felt dry again –

The next moment, his mouth was crushing against hers with a force that sent surprised jolts up and down her spine. A grunt left his parted lips as he went in for more, shocking her yet again as he pushed her back into the desk.

His taste was irreplaceable. There was something mellow about it, and yet it sparked a familiarity within her that had her craving more. Her fingers reached up and tugged on his white hair, and it floated like silk through her hands. A small keening moan spilt from her throat, and it only made his body react that much more.

The desk’s hard edge drove painfully into Analynn’s back, but it was a small price to pay for the bliss Near was giving her. His hands gripped her waist with the smallest of touches: tight enough to show her that he was there, and yet not nearly as overbearing as the unexpected force of the kiss. She almost wished it was.

Near must have realized that their positions at the desk was impractical, because he broke the kiss a moment later and took a step back. As soon as his mouth left hers, a rush of cold air hit her like a wall. She locked eyes with him and took him in.

He was breathing rather heavily, and his lips were bruised to perfection. His eyes, normally a lighter gray, held a dark twist of lust within, and burned into hers with a smoldering desire. His hair was tousled, his fingers curled, and his composure broken for the first time in years.

Analynn wasn’t always so sure of her emotions, but right now she was. She could see the mirrored passion of their gazes, and as she slowly got up from her chair, she could feel the snapping control in every breath that he took. She wasn’t much of a seducer, but it didn’t seem to matter. Every advance she took made his eyes darken further; every flick of her body made his own twitch with need.

When she reached him, her fingers immediately curled up on his chest, fisting his white shirt in a vice-like grip before pushing him backwards. He let her, until the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed and he collapsed onto it. His hair was strewn out behind him as Analynn crawled to his side. His compelling eyes were like a challenge, daring her to experience what no other woman had; pushing her to the core of his desire in such a way that it was mentally pleasing just as much as physically.

She dove right in, taking his mouth with hers and feeling that coldness immediately disappear. Her fingers shoved clothing away, desperate to get to skin. So passionate was their kiss that teeth clattered violently against each other. Fervent bodies swayed.

Her knee dipped against him, pushing between his thighs and making him grunt into the kiss. His hands ran the length of her, pausing here and there to remove excess cloth that was in his way. When his hands finally found her skin, they burned desirously against her.

The passion didn’t disappear, but the level of need shifted down a few notches once they were situated. Hovering over him, Analynn felt rather uncomfortable. It was her first time.

Her eyes slowly lifted up to meet his, as though seeking reassurance. He did not disappoint: soft gradient orbs welcomed her, beckoning to sink her into the pleasure that would no doubt follow. It was enough, at least, for Analynn leaned down to kiss him slowly as she moved her hips.

His hardened length sent shivers racing over her. She felt energized, and she hadn’t even sheathed it within her yet. Kissing the center of his chest, she moved against him, grinding slowly and watching the way his eyes dilated. The small moan that ghosted past his lips made her decision. A moment later, she was sliding onto him.

The first few moments were coarse and painful. Analynn couldn’t understand why any woman would want this. Her head felt light and her body uncomfortable. Near didn’t look too good, either, because his eyes were tightly squeezed shut as he forced himself to stay still. When he accidentally moved, a gasp drifted through her lips.

And then, she was jerking against him, because that accidental movement felt so good. She wanted to feel more of it, and evidently, so did he: he guided her hips around him as she jostled in his lap.

There was something wonderful about making love to an angel. The love that burned through their eyes was tangible in the air around them, bending just as their movements did. It was a flexible sort of romance: one that changed and morphed into different states. It was soft, and it was gentle, and it was passionate. ‘You don’t need it,’ rang through her head again. A slow, blissful smile etched across her face.

The coil that was tightening in her naval was going to explode. As the passion increased, so did the pace of their hips. The noise of the love making escalated as Near arched his back: moans spilt from his lips and his eyes shut closed. This was it, Analynn mused as she followed his example. This was it.

Never before had she felt such a fulfilling release. It shoved her up into the clouds and she flew. She swore she saw stars behind her eyes. As she forced herself ever faster, she was positive that she wasn’t even on earth anymore.


He gritted his teeth at the whimpering, oh so pleasing sound of his name upon her lips. This, surely, was rapture. He winced in pained satisfaction as her nails dug into his shoulders.

By the time the flying sensation of their bodies ended, and they touched back onto earth, their hearts were hammering loudly in their ears. Deep pants filled their bodies as they rushed to inhale enough oxygen. Their muscles felt sore despite the uplifting feeling of his length still within her.

The moment soon relaxed into a much softer passion, resonating deep within their souls as they glowed blissfully. Analynn lowered her head to his chest, inhaling his scent as she curled up beside him. Immediately after, his arms came up to encircle her.

The softest, quietest whisper fell from his lips as he kissed her hair, and it made her smile joyfully as she closed her eyes. His fingers ghosted up her back, the peaceful silence lingered fitfully, and when she looked back on his eyes, they were once again a soft, gradient gray.

“You’re beautiful without that artificial stuff.”



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