Thursday, August 18, 2011

A North and South Italy Lemon -- Imprints

Character(s): North Italy and South Italy

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Daniela, Age 21, represents Singapore

Inspiration: Do I really need any? :D

If there was one thing that defined relaxation, it was going to the beach and soaking up the sun, especially on a day where not a lot of people were there. As it turned out, there were only three people there today, including her, because she was at a private beach in the heart of Italy. The relaxation was high.

They had only been there for ten minutes so far, but already Northern Italy was jumping up and down in the water, gasping delightfully at every sea creature he saw as though he’d never seen them before. South Italy was situated on the blanket they’d brought, scowling at his brother’s childishness as he splattered sun screen all over his tanned skin. (Daniela was making him do it. He’d never acquiesce otherwise.) His scowl only got deeper and deeper as North Italy got louder. It would have been entertaining, had Daniela not been sitting right next to him.

She sighed, unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it from her shoulders. She fully intended to catch some sun, even if the other Italians – specifically South Italy – were dead set on arguing. What she didn’t realize was the lack of noise after she’d pulled her blouse off. That is, until the one who had been making said noise appeared before her, eyes sparkling.

“You look nice in your bikini, Singapore~ Do you need help with your sunscreen?” he tilted his head adorably and smiled.

Beside her, Romano scoffed, “If anyone should help her, it should be me. Your hands are too wet from the ocean.” He glanced at Daniela out of the corner of his eye and frowned characteristically when she grinned. Her grin quickly fell, however, when the two brothers began arguing. Poor Veneziano didn’t stand a chance against Romano’s biting words.

Daniela’s relaxed spirit was quickly diminishing. She glowered and cut into the their argument, “Hey! You can both help me. Jeez, you two really need to – “

“Thanks, Singapore~! I’ll get the front!” Veneziano knelt before her, grinning like a madman, and grabbed the sun screen before Romano could. Weird. Was it just her, or did he exchange a strange smile with his brother...?

His hands were slightly chilled from the water, but they felt good against her warming skin. He started with her stomach, rubbing smoothly around her hips and up to just below her bikini top. As he did, she felt his brother kneel behind her and begin spreading sun screen into her back shoulder blades. It felt...really good.

Veneziano started chatting happily again, but his words didn’t really match the seductive way his hands were moving. Did he mean to do that? Daniela knew he probably didn’t. North Italy didn’t know what sex was, so how could he know how to be sensual? Somehow, he was pulling it off regardless.

South Italy was a little more knowledgeable about said subject, and he seemed to be using that knowledge to his advantage. His hot breath blew against her neck as his fingers worked against her back. His massage was both endearing and desirable, inflicting just as much emotion into her as his brother did.

There was something about getting touch by two Italians that made a person want to scream in joy. The relaxation was at its peak, certainly, and Daniela was so immersed in it that she hardly felt the hands drifting until it was too late.

Her eyes cracked open to watch as Veneziano slowly lifted her leg. Her ankle was propped in the conjuncture of his neck, and his eyes flickered to hers. Brown into brown, she decided that ignoring the electric shock that drifted through her was a bad idea. Mesmerized by his movements, her gaze locked onto his hands as they maneuvered up and down her thigh.

Her neck was being attended to, as well, by Romano as his teeth nibbles on the tender skin. Her breath stopped momentarily as his hands slid to her front, dipping just beneath the fabric of her bikini top. His lips sucked on the skin as he did, intensifying the emotions that were building inside of her.

As they commenced, Daniela realized two things. One, North Italy wasn’t nearly as innocent as he looked, and two, she was going to let them do whatever they wanted with her. They seemed to know that, too, because the dominant way they were handling her spoke of their utmost confidence and charm.

Her arousal was pounding between her legs. The sounds of the ocean waves lapping at the shore faded into the silence of the background. Her eyes were quickly drifting shut once more as she was overcome by the lustful feelings exhibited upon her. Arching back, she allowed Romano to slip his hands completely beneath the bikini top, and nearly moaned as he begun kneading her breasts with strong fingers.

At the movement of his brother, Veneziano began kissing her knee. Light, butterfly touches were placed on her inner thighs, making her throbbing that much worse as his lips rushed to meet them. The sight of his head so close to her womanhood turned her on even more. She reached out to wrap a finger around his curl, pleased with the immediate moan that she received.

When Veneziano slowly turned his eyes to hers, she was overcome by the emotion curling within their depths. The lust was obviously there, dominant and unmoving, and accented by the small upward tilt of his lips. He looked like a predator for once, and not a soft little animal. It was strange, but so very exhilarating.

She was so occupied with Veneziano that Daniela nearly forgot about the man behind her. He reminded her with a harsh squeeze to her breast and a playful nip to her neck. She groaned at the rough pleasure he was enforcing, so different from his brother, and arched her back again with the desire for more. He did not disappoint.

His fingers were like magic, working around her breasts and nipples with the intent to inspire awe. He was gentle, and yet forceful, and it had Daniela yearning for more. Soft moans erupted from her throat as he continued, broken only by the keening plead, “Romano....Veneziano...please...!”

The beg certainly did the trick. Eyes half cracked open in her bliss, Daniela saw the gaze that the brothers shared. In twisted agreement, they smirked and hurried their pace, intentions more bent on immediate pleasure.

For Romano, he just continued where he left off, massaging Daniela’s breasts and pattering he shoulder and neck and jaw with kisses. For Veneziano, he had a far greater task to do.

As he kissed up her thigh, Daniela twisted her finger into his hair, careful to stroke the ahoge curl a few times as she did. She received a pleasant smile in return, but couldn’t answer to it, because at that moment, a tongue was rushing out and sending blissful waves all over her body.

Another thing that Daniela decided was that Veneziano had one skillful little tongue. He had her moaning louder than ever before with just one flick across her. She felt Romano hold her gently to his chest as she arched her back, keeping her still as his brother slowly slid her bikini bottoms off and down her legs. After a moment, they were laying uselessly in the sand a few feet away.

If it felt good before, his tongue was nothing to what it was now. Immediately, her throat convulsed into bubbling moans, her face grew hot, and her fingers scrabbled delicately against Romano’s caging arms. Her head turned toward the Southern Italian, resting at the base of his neck. Another gasp filled her, but she pushed it down and began to move her lips to his skin, kissing and sucking the tender flesh just as Veneziano was doing to her.

A pleased sound emitted from Romano’s throat at the attention. His arms tightened around her and he moved his head to give her more space. With one talented hand, Daniela reached up to caress his curl, and received a satisfied murmur of appreciation as she moved it between her fingers.

The air around them was constricted and heavy, filled with moans and whimpers as the pleasure commenced. It was a whirlwind of emotion that settled in the pit of Daniela’s stomach and moved about her body like water. But as great as the feelings were, they couldn’t possibly fill her up completely, and in a moment of impatience, she reached down to tug at Veneziano’s hair, making him pause in his attention giving.

The look in her eyes made the Northern Italian pleased. Her brown orbs shone with need and lust, just for him and Romano. It made his heart pound wonderfully in his chest, “...Ve...Romano, I think...Singapore is ready...~”

His voice and words sent shivers of apprehension tingling down her spine. When she turned to look up at Romano, his expression was purely predatory, and it only increased the stinging desire that was numbing her legs.

They changed positions quickly, mostly because they were already basically in them. Veneziano laid back on the sand, arms outstretched as Daniela crawled into them. She was met with a smoldering, deep gaze from the Italian. Gently, his hands slid onto her hips, and he tugged her down against him.

A thrill of excitement permeated Daniela when Romano’s hands also secured a place on her thighs. His voice, thickly accented with lust, ordered his brother to hurry up. The erection that was now pressing teasingly against her opening was slowly eased into her, and she was immediately filled with an entirety of pleasure that had, before, surpassed her.

A moan bubbled up inside her throat, and she was pulled rather roughly down and encased within Veneziano’s arms. The reason for his move came a moment later, before she had completely gotten used to him inside of her.

Romano’s hands slid over her hips, slowly easing himself into her tight hole from behind. It was a difficult move, and it made Daniela freeze up in pain as he broke through. With a distressed cry, Daniela was pushed farther into Veneziano’s arms as Romano began thrusting deeply inside her.

Tears built up behind her eyes, threatening to overflow. The gentle Italian beneath her brushed them away with a soft, albeit tense, smile. She buried her head into his chest and he slowly began to move his hips.

He was much more gingerly than his brother, but it was no less pleasurable. Within a few minutes, the pain of Romano’s quick thrusts died down completely, replaced by the utmost satisfaction. His hands gripped her hard, hips slamming against her as he groaned in his pleasure. Daniela pushed back against him, giving him room to invade her depths.

Veneziano had quickly set his own pace, as well. It wasn’t as fast as his brother’s, but it was deep and fulfilling. The feeling of him within her – of both of them within her – made Daniela arch her back and cry out as she never did before. It was more blissful than she’d ever though it would be; more amazing than any other moment she’d witnessed. Her decadence was heightened with every single movement.

Her fingers scrabbled at the hot sands by Veneziano’s head. Release was quickly overcoming her, sending her into a dreamland made entirely for her. It was pure and powerful, and she was falling faster than the pace of the brother’s quickened paces.

A loud groan spilt from Romano’s lips, followed by a sudden barrage of thrusts that were deeper than before. His release was imminent, as well, and the mere thought of it pushed Daniela off of the edge.

She fell into Veneziano’s chest, not able to keep her body from letting itself go. At her obvious submission, the other two men followed suit, pounding out their finalities deep within her as their seed shot through her depths.

For a moment, everything was silent. The sounds of nature came rushing back to Daniela. The waves that lapped the shore – once shoved to the back of her mind – arose to remind her where she was, and what she had been doing before they had fallen into bliss. She noticed a few things, like how her bikini was laying in the sand, and how hot her skin was, and how much she wanted to run into the ocean to cool off.

A lazy smile drifted across her mouth. Romano pulled away, falling back onto the heated sands with a satisfied look etched across his face. Veneziano smiled and helped her off of him, hands gentle as ever as they slid across her waist.

Her face felt hot, just like the rest of her, and Daniela tugged at Veneziano’s hand, “I want to go swimming for a bit...are you coming, Romano...?”

For a moment, she thought he’d decline, as per usual. But after glancing up at her, and moving his gaze to where her hand was locked with his brothers, he grumbled and sat up, silently following.

A soft giggle escaped her lips as Daniela rushed down to the ocean. In her haste and carelessness, she left her useless bikini resting where it was previous thrown.


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