Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Prussia Lemon -- Caging Thunder

Character: Prussia

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Michiko, Thunderstorms turn her on~

Inspiration: Thunderstorms

His eyes were like thunder, intense, raw, and unequivocal. They were like air to her; like oxygen to her lungs; something she aspired to live without, but could not no matter how much she tried. It was a losing situation to Michiko. She knew she would not get out of it unscathed, and yet to be scathed by him made her body tingle in scandalous apprehension.

She watched those eyes blink, slowly as though to provoke her, and quickly locked gazes with his crimson irises as soon as she could. She wanted to look away, but that thunder wouldn’t let her. It scolded her, harmed her, and was the most suitable balm for those injuries that could be found.

People rattled on beside her, talking to each other politely, but Michiko had no idea what they were saying, or who they were speaking to. It was as if her world consisted only of herself and one other; thunder and lightening.

She watched with unhidden exuberance as the corner of his mouth tilted up into a scandalous smirk. She felt as though he could see her: all of her. A shiver wracked through her body, and his smirk widened. He was very well aware of what he was doing to her, and was loving every single minute of it.

His attention inspired a scary array of thought, all bent toward one thing and one thing only. Caging thunder was a difficult feat, but as Michiko's eyes brushed over his figure, from his shoes to his hair, she could think of no better pastime. Again, as though he knew the direction of her thoughts, his crimson eyes flashed.

Michiko couldn’t be in the same room with him and not do something. She wanted to run her fingers through his silver hair; she wanted to drag her nails down his sculpted muscles; she wanted to –

“Are you alright, Michiko?” she jolted from her lustful daze and snatched her eyes away from Prussia’s. Turning to her address the country beside her, she cleared her throat and nodded. France gave her a smirking look and glanced to where her eyes had just left. His hand was brought up to his lips to hide his snickers. “Maybe you are, but our dearest friend isn’t~ Ohonhonhon~” Upon meeting Michiko's confused gaze, Francis grinned, “You’ve awakened the monster in his – “

“France! What a pleasure to see you,” Gilbert snarled, suddenly appearing before the Frenchman. His pale cheeks held just the slightest hint of pink, which was probably due to the fact that France didn’t talk quietly. Prussia’s red glare situated on Michiko's face, “Michiko.”

The way he ripped her name from his throat had her shivering. She felt impatient and lustful and it was all his fault. Upon glancing down at his pants, she noted that France was right. Another shiver raced through her body, and one single, delectable thought entered her mind: was he very big?

Prussia was well aware of her stare. His mouth twitched in amusement, and with his ego stroked in such a delicate way, he felt better about forgiving Francis for his revelation to Michiko. But now that her attention was once again solely focused on him, Prussia had other, more important things to do. His eyes narrowed passionately, and he beheld Michiko with the same desire that she did him. “There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

Michiko knew very well that this ‘talking’ was something completely different. She was already bothered and pounding just from staring at his dented trousers, and wanted nothing more than to drag him into another room and have her way with him. Her lips exhibited her excitement. “Mmm. I think this talk should be done in a quieter atmosphere.” Beside her, France smirked.

The tension radiating off of the silver haired man was near tangible, and it made Michiko lick her lips in raw want. Prussia himself was having a difficult time not dragging her off right then and there. He leaned forward, just enough so that his hot breath breathed past her cheekbone, and growled, “Third sitting room, five minutes.”

With one last crimson glance, Prussia pulled back. Michiko's eyes were as dazed as the rest of her; the proximity of this powerful man had her knees shaking. She let out a breathy, uncontrolled sigh as she watched him saunter away. Her eyes fixated on his ass.

“Honhonhon! You’d better brace yourself, ma cheri. You’ve awakened more than just his dignity~” France chuckled a bit more, and Michikosmirked. She leaned back in her seat and pulled her eyes to her blonde friend. “I think I can handle whatever he throws at me,” she said. France merely grinned knowingly. He had a feeling she would.

The third sitting room was way too quiet. The air was saturated with apprehension, and the faint noise of the party a few rooms down made Michiko uncomfortable. Should she have left it? Was Prussia worth the scandal? When the door softly clicked open, and she was met with those passionate, burning eyes, she decided that yes, it was definitely worth it. One single glance had her weak in the knees, and she yearned to find out what one single touch could achieve.

For a moment, they just stared at each other, as though they were both unsure of how to progress. But when Gilbert suddenly began to saunter forward, low-riding jeans hugging his hips and button up shirt displaying his muscles...the apprehension was replaced by electricity. Raw, unyielding, delicious electricity.

The look in his eyes was fierce, like fire. His crimson orbs burned into hers with the darkest feeling of want, and her body was so solitarily locked in place that she didn’t even realize how close he was getting. When he was a few steps away, she lost it.

The spontaneous kiss was powerful. Their lips worked together as though they were two lovers in which the years had separated, finally reunited. Each movement was desperate, and filled with insatiable hunger. Each roving drag of their tongues, drawing against the other; every squeeze as arms pressed bodies together; every single action of their lips inspired passion. It was pure and lustful, driven only by the mirrored emotions lurking behind scorching touches.

A moan filled the heavy silence, but who it came from was a mystery. Michiko's mind completely blanked as her back hit the wall. A thrill filled her like no other. She found herself caged by strong arms, but she couldn’t possibly fight back, because the warmth they exhibited only made her yearn for more.

Her fingers spun through silver silk, dragging at his hair mindlessly as she pushed his head closer to hers. Her legs were lifted suddenly by rough hands, and clever little fingers traced mind blowing circles at her thighs. A loud, unpredictable gasp filled her throat as his hips crashed into hers, showing her just what he was feeling. Every writhing movement was a promise: an untempered, unexaggerated pledge of a long, passion-filled night.

Her body felt hot, and Michiko knew from the pounding between her legs that she needed him as soon as possible. She’d needed him all night, every since she first caught his lust-inducing eyes at the door.

Her fingers traced down his shirt, scraping over his covered chest. A snarl flew from Prussia’s delicious mouth as she did, and it made her go faster, wilder, because every noise he made had her needing more of him.

He pushed his hips farther into hers, erection grinding against her aching core in powerful moves. His lips moved from hers to nip at her ear, her neck, her collar. His hands slipped beneath her shirt, rejoicing at the feel of her hot skin...running up her sides and cupping her breasts...

His shirt was finally gone. Michiko wildly threw it over his shoulder and proceeded to forget it was even there in the first place. His chest stood out gloriously, dimly lit in the soft room. Her traced her fingers over him as their lips connected once more. Delirious touches ensued.

Before she knew it, her own shirt was being thrown off, followed closely by her lacy bra. His hands immediately found her bare chest, squeezing and kneading every nipple as though it was his job. His lips followed his hands, and every lick and suck as her head pounding hard against the wall behind her. She was sure she was moaning pretty loudly.

The next part of the night went by blurrily. It was as though Michiko was immersed in a dream, never fully waking up but always on the verge of it. Her mind was filled only with the thought of being one with Prussia, and she was so bent on those thoughts that she hardly even noticed that her pants were quickly coming off.

When cold air rushed to caress her, Michiko realized that she was nude. Her eyes slowly traveled down Prussia’s body, taking in every single part of his naked flesh before flicking her eyes back up to meet his. A shiver wracked through her body as soon as she did. Crimson thunder glowered at her through narrowed, passionate eyes. A moment later, said eyes were closed, and lips became one again.

But Michiko wanted to become fully one with him, and so when hers hands began roving his skin in a silent plea, Prussia couldn’t help but give it all to her. He pressed her high against the wall, wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, and then did just that, filling her to the hilt without any warning whatsoever.

Her back arched as the feel of his hardened length inside of her. He was rough, and he was passionate, but it only made her that more excited. Moaning and writhing against him in utmost pleasure, Michiko opened her eyes and watched him move.

He was beautiful, like a powerful predator; a wild, uncaged animal. He was majestically there, eyes locking with hers...hands gripping her hips...

Short pants heaved her chest up and down, so that she could hardly catch her breath. With his arms caged around her in such a dominant way, Michiko felt nothing but exhilaration and fear. Fear, because she never wanted him to step away from his moment. She never wanted to not be one with him. The comfort that accompanied every thrust – the romantic passion of every touch – it made her heart beat uncontrollably in her chest. It was a feeling that she’d never felt before.

It didn’t take her very long to come. She was already so turned on just by being around him, anyway. Soon, the moans were escalating, and her grip was tightening, and Gilbert was rushing to catch up to her so that they could fall together.

And fall they did. They didn’t just come: they came so hard that they felt on top of the world, as though they were seeing things from miles above, hidden in the clouds. The bliss didn’t last long, but it was so high that it was enough for them both. Soon, their pants were all that filled the room. Gilbert moved slowly in and out of her, not yet wanting to be completely apart.

Her fingers tugged at his hair, making him look at her. Immediately, she kissed him, fully and pleasantly. He grunted at the surprise, but didn’t pull away. Taking her lips more firmly in his, he dominated her once more. His hands ran up her bare sides.

When Michiko next opened her eyes, legs still wrapped unmovingly around her lover’s waist, she came to a conclusion. Caging thunder was impossible, but holding it, even for a short amount of time...well, that was definitely plausible. In fact, it was her new favorite hobby.


  1. i havent watched the anime and im already obssessed with prussia! Amazing as always!

  2. Sometimes I end up reading smuts by 12 year olds and there are bunch of grammatical errors making them hard to read. But stumbling upon this one, all I could say was "Damn...that was some good smut." Well done.