Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Dark Mousy Baby Daddy -- None The Richer

Character: Dark Mousy

Fandom: D.N. Angel

OC: Aeria Miazaki

Inspiration: Sixpence None the Richer albums~

// Prologue //

Dark Mousy was a thief, and therefore did things of his own accord. He played by his own rules and, in the absence of said rules, made up his own. He didn’t look to others to guide him, because he didn’t need them. He did things on his own, and that’s how he liked it.

Which was why, one night during midnight, when he found a particularly nice looking house that reeked of valuables, he didn’t bother to ask anyone if he should break into it. He just did. Because he was Dark Mousy, renown thief who played his own game.

It wasn’t as though he often broke into random houses. Usually, he had a schedule to follow. (Or, at the very least, a mental list of well known residences.) The reason he set his sights on this home, Dark didn’t know. But once he got inside he decided that it was definitely the right choice. Gut feelings usually were.

After taking one look around the sitting room, Dark immediately caught sight of several lovely, priceless artifacts that would add a nice weight to his wallet. (And was that gold...?) What a good choice, he mused, and darted farther into the house.

His footfalls were transparent. He moved like a ghost through the rooms, taking only what he thought would be worth his while and leaving everything else behind. By the time he had gotten to the fifth sitting room, the inner pockets of his leather jacket were full.

He was about to make his getaway when he noticed a striking portrait above the fireplace. The moonlight shafted over it, making the frame glow with faint traces of gold leaf. The portrait was of an older man with stern brown eyes. His countenance reeked of maturity and age.

“That’s my father,” a sudden voice said, and Dark had to stifle his startled gasp as he flung around. The girl was stood by the threshold didn’t seem surprised to see him. In fact, she looked oddly resigned to the fact that he was stealing her belongings. It was as though she didn’t want them anyway. He watched her shrug and step into the moonlight.

Immediately, Dark was hit by a single realization. He had not seen such a beautiful face in a very, very long time. The peaceful way which her features were settled made a strange emotion creep through him.

“When he wakes up, he’ll probably be really angry with you.” She said it as though she was proud of him! What a weird situation he had gotten himself into... She chortled softly at his expression, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell. It’ll be out little secret?” She put a finger to her delicious looking lips and winked. The mystery surrounding her increased.

He hummed, stepping closer to her. His composure was finally returning to him. In a smooth voice, he wondered, “What’s your name?”

She grinned, and it unsettled him a bit. Instead of answering him, the young woman shrugged again. “Will you be coming back tomorrow night, Dark?”

Before he could get an answer in, she gave him a little wave and began walking away. But before she was completely out of the door, she glanced back at him, mirth dancing in her eyes, “Oh, and I recommend you check the third parlor. There’s an especially pricey piece of artwork hanging on the left wall.”

Dark raised a brow. Huh. Maybe he would come back tomorrow night. After all, if there was one thing Dark loved more than money, it was a good mystery.

// How It Happened //

Months fly by fast when you’re in love. Or so that’s what they say. It hadn’t felt like a long time, but as Dark glanced up at her face as they sat together on the roof, he realized that it was. Almost a year had passed since their first, unconventional meeting. A strange emotion welled up inside of him at the thought.

As they sat there, he realized other things, as well. Her features were highlighted to perfection as the moonlight hit them. She had always looked the best in the moonlight, he decided, and brushed a finger over her cheek softly. When she turned to glance at him, question in her eyes, he smirked. It seemed as though she had grown more and more beautiful as every day passed. Their midnight meetings showed him that much, at least.

Said meeting had been going on since the week after they first met each other. Dark couldn’t deny that he had been strangely attracted to her the moment he laid his eyes upon her. Everything about her was a mystery to him, and even months afterward it was difficult to figure her out completely. She tossed him a playful smile and murmured, “What are you staring at?”

Her voice ghosted over the wind as she uttered her words. It enforced a peaceful sort of sensation to reside within him. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the roof, humming. “Nothing terribly exciting.” They both knew he was lying.

She chortled and leaned forward, suddenly straddling his hips. The random move made him open his eyes to stare at her. She looked absolutely beautiful sitting on him like that. It almost felt as though she were his – utterly his – and that made him feel extremely good. She leaned down to press her lips lightly against his. In a soft voice, she whispered, “I think I know how to make it more interesting.”

Ah. Damn. There was no possible way to deny her, and she knew it. Their passion existed only during the nighttime hours, when everyone else lay asleep. It was unquenchable fire, coursing through veins like no other emotion had, and it stole them deeply into a dreamland that left them riveting with indescribable satisfaction.

His hands reached up to press against her hips, digging them deeply against his and making her feel exactly what she was doing to him. The realization made a sexy smile curl over her lips as she gazed down into his violet pupils. She looked like a panther as she stalked forward, lips meeting his delicately before darting away to kiss other areas of his burning flesh. She teased his neck, biting gently as her fingers loosened his leather shirt. As it fell away, Aeria was astounded by the beauty that moonlight can illuminate. His chest was pale and Godly, and it took all her self control not to loose herself against every smooth crevice.

Her fingers ghosted over muscle, eyes locked with his as she reached the edge of his pants. He didn’t seem particularly nervous; in fact, he seemed more relaxed than ever as he stared right back, gaze burning desire within her. Gingerly, she unbuckled his leather pants and slid them off his hips.

Before they could come completely off, however, Dark stopped her. His eyes were fiery with want now, and he regarded her with a passion that left her blind. His hands slid under her shirt, trailing up her sides and bringing her slowly down to his lips. As they kissed, more cloth disappeared.

Falling into passion was always a rewarding experience, especially when it was with someone like her. Aeria was left utterly breathless as the final piece of clothing came off. Their bodies melded together, flesh upon flesh, and in apparent arousal they became one.

Love making was intense when it was done during the darkened hours of the night. The moonlight washed over them, sinking between every dip and curve and giving each lover an otherworldly quality. Breaths intermingled as their lips brushed against each other, gently and lovingly. They left the desperation to their lower bodies, which jerked and rolled with pleasurable intensity.

His eyes never left hers throughout their intercourse. His hands, secured upon her waist, guided her around him as his hips bucked to meet hers. Every jostled thrust; every invigorating shove had each of them sinking farther into bliss.

Release was like a haven they fell into systematically. Together, pushing blindly against physical restraints, they experienced sated passion as they collapsed upon each other. Aeria laid her head to his chest, kissing his burning skin as his arms came around to hold her close. Their thrusts slowed, and when they opened their eyes they were back on the roof beneath the moonlight. Reality resurfaced.

Said reality did the same thing a few weeks later.

// How You Told Him //

The night breeze shifted over two solitary figures as they sat together outside. The moonlight was waning thin – a small crescent shape in the sky – and it seemed to contribute to the strange awkwardness between the thief and the woman.

He glanced at her, wondering if he had done something wrong. Was their passion wasted? Did it disappear when he wasn’t around? He had been absent during the past week due to a heist and had only just returned that morning. Did she realize, perhaps, that during his disappearance her life had been easier? She hadn’t had to sneak around behind her parents backs, or lie to her friends about the reason for her sleepiness during the day. Perhaps she was regretting that she had met him at all.

He was about to speak – to tell her that he didn’t want this passion to end, because seeing her was the one thing he looked forward to, and that falling into passion with her was the one thing that made him feel human – when she suddenly moved. He darted his eyes to met hers, and was surprised to find that welling up behind her dark purple eyes was a wetness that seemed like tears. She was crying.

His heart jerked in his chest. He had never seen her cry. It surprised him to think that seeing her tears made him hurt. She opened her mouth a few times and then closed it, seemingly unable to say what it was on her mind.

He gently put a hand on hers, silently asking what the matter was, and watched as her cheeks were wetted by emotion. Finally, she spoke, but her voice did not hold her normally mysterious air. Instead, it was heavy. “I didn’t think this would happen, you know. You must hate me.” Another tear. “I don’t want to make you think that you have to stay with me, because I know your job wouldn’t allow it! And you probably don’t want to anyway – “

Oh. Was that what this was about? Not knowing just how deep the situation was, Dark frowned and murmured, “Why would you think that? Of course I want to stay with you – “

She shook her head. Her eyes were intense when she lifted them up to stare at him, and for a moment, it took his breath away. “...No. You don’t understand. You – I mean, I – you see...I just...” He watched with barely hidden anxiety as she took a deep breath. She shut her eyes tightly. “I’m pregnant.”

His eyes widened for a split second, but managed to control his shock by the time her eyes opened and she peered up at him. Huh. For a moment, he imagined what life might be like with her and a child. He liked what he saw. Tilting his head, he darted his eyes back to hers. A suave smirk curved up his lips. “Is that all? Why on earth are you so worried about that?” And then a moment later, “I suppose we should get married, hmm? Seal the deal?” He would have laughed at her incredulous expression, but decided that now wasn’t the moment. Instead, his smirk morphed into a pleased smile. He leaned down to kiss her. Seal the deal, indeed. Aeria was only too happy to do just that.

// Epilogue //

Dark Mousy stole many things in the course of his life. Grand Larceny hung on his shoulders. He should have been caught ages ago, really, but well...he was Dark Mousy, and he never got caught.

Erm...except maybe this once. Aeria slapped his hand and it quickly retreated from the cookie sheet. She sent him a glower, “Don’t eat the cookies, Dark. It’s almost dinner time.” He sent her an expression that mirrored said glower.

Dark leaned against the counter as he watched Aeria get back to work. She’d been in the kitchen all day, ever since early afternoon, and the counters were full of baked goods and other meals that would no doubt last them a few weeks. She didn’t much like cooking, so she usually picked out a day and dedicated the entirety of it to getting meals ready. Though Dark didn’t enjoy her spending so much time there, there was one good thing about the situation: when she wore that white frilly apron, she looked damned sexy.

His violet eyes trailed down her delicious body, memorizing the already memorized curves of her hips, chest, and waist. She looked about as edible as the cookies she had just finished making...maybe even more so, he mused.

He was about to stalk forward to have a little taste when the hurried sound of tiny footsteps rushed into the kitchen, and his daughter dove onto Aeira’s leg. She stumbled a bit at the sudden weight, but caught herself on the counter. Dark couldn’t stop the chuckle that swept through him. (He was rewarded with one of Aeria’s looks before she turned to deal with their hyper active daughter.)

“Momma, I want a cookie!” Dark chuckled again. He was about to speak up and say the same thing, but Aeria cut him off.

She swooped down to pick up the three year old and shook her head, “Dinner’s nearly ready. You can have one for dessert.” The small child was immediately silenced by the promise and nodded. Aeria gave her a tiny kiss before setting her back down. A moment later, their daughter was running back into the living room.

As soon as she was gone, Dark smirked and walked behind his lover. His arms caged her to the counter, and as he towered over her, he felt her shiver against his broad chest. A low chortle reverberated through him.

“I don’t think I can wait for my dessert,” he murmured into her ear, and gently bit down on the soft globe of flesh. She keened against him, lips parting intimately. Dark was suddenly filled with the desire to turn her around and take her mouth with his.

He leaned in, kissing her jaw and winding his arms around her slim waist. There was only one intention on his mind, and that was to –

“Momma? Daddy?” ...he softly cursed as their daughter once again made herself known. Aeria hummed a bit, trying to rid the lust from her voice and body. When she next spoke, she seemed to have done a good job of disguising it, “Dinner’s nearly ready, sweetie. Why don’t you help momma set the table?”

And just like that, Aeria slipped from her husband’s arms and began getting plates and napkins ready. Dark mumbled another curse and leaned against the counter again. As he watched his wife assist their daughter, he let his discouragement show on his face.

As well. He’d always have time to steal her away later that night. (After all, he was Dark Mousy, renown their who didn’t just take physical valuables~)



  1. Why has no one commented on this?! I love it so much, everyone must be embarrassed but we love each one you make, thank you!

  2. This was my OC, I remember her so well. And today I remembered this still existed and I'm still so happy with it to this day. Thank you for making it, and after six years I still enjoy reading it.