Thursday, September 1, 2011

An England Baby Daddy -- Drug Me Silly

Character: England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Karina, represents Indonesia

// Prologue //

She had pressed the doorbell many times, but still no one answered Karina’s call. Her gaze rested questionably upon the front door as she stood before it, wondering whether she should just go inside or go home. If England wasn’t in, then he wouldn’t like her snooping around his house.

But that thought in itself was a curious one, for England was always home. If he wasn’t home, then he was wasting his day at a World Meeting, or out at the grocery store. Evidently, he wasn’t at either place. As Karina shifted the bag of groceries in her arms, she sighed. She had offered to do his shopping today, which meant that he knew she would be coming over...and that meant that maybe England was...hurt?

An image invaded her mind. England, on the floor, one hand poised toward the door in a helpless, infuriating fashion as his body remained curled brokenly upon the ground. His face would be twisted with pain as he jostled his body, always unable to get more than a few inches per push.

Well, that wouldn’t do. Sure, London wasn’t under attack today, nor was any of his other towns or cities, but it was highly possible that he injured himself on something mundane. Karina certainly wouldn’t put it past him. She was forcing the door open not a moment later.

As soon as she stepped into the room, she was met with silence. There was no maimed England laying hurt on the ground, nor anywhere that she could see. Immediately, her eyebrows furrowed. Where was that puzzling man?

She slowly made her way to the kitchen counter, which was in plain sight of the door, and laid the groceries down on top of it. She didn’t unpack them as she usually would, but rather turned her gaze elsewhere, as though waiting for him to pop up unexpectedly.

The silence was thick, and Karina was just about to turn back to the door and make her escape when she suddenly stopped mid-step. She turned with a raised brow, eyes roving the room and finally landing on the basement door. There were noises coming from below.

As she crept forward to press her ear against the wood, England’s voice could not be mistaken. A smile graced her lips and she nodded. Well, he wasn’t dead, and that was good. She decided she’d stay a while longer and turned back to the kitchen. She had some unpacking to do.

// How It Happened //

It didn’t take Karina long to put away the groceries. Soon, the shelves and the refrigerator were chocked full of food. When she had put the final product away, Karina turned to the stove to heat some water for tea. But for some reason, after said tea was made, Karina couldn’t find the cream that she knew Arthur enjoyed. It wasn’t in the refrigerator at all, so when Karina looked around the counter for what she knew had to be there, it was no surprise that her mind settled on the one thing that looked the most like milk. A small bottle of white, creamy liquid was placed by the window sill. It wasn’t cold like it was supposed to be, and it certainly wasn’t in it’s normal container, but Karina grabbed it anyway. She dumped the contents into both tea cups and proceeded to add the sugar.

When she was just finishing mixing thing the tea, the door of the basement opened and Arthur walked into the room. His apparent surprise lasted for a mere second before a pleasant smile made its way onto his face. He thanked Karina, reached for his tea, and claimed how thirsty he was before drinking most if it. Karina sipped hers slower, but after tasting the strangely addictive fluid, she was quick to drain her cup. Huh. This wasn’t his normal tea.

Arthur seemed to come to the same realization. His face paled. “ did you make this?”

She frowned and grabbed the box, feeling an odd sensation begin to take control of her body. “I made it like I always do...except I used that weird looking milk cause I couldn’t find the–“

“Milk?” he cut in, sounding strained. When she next looked at him, his eyes were locked on the half-empty bottle of creamy liquid. His expression seemed to radiate horror. “Karina...tell me you didn’t put that aphrodisiac into the tea...”

Her eyebrows creased, “Aphrodisiac? ...oh.” she cleared her throat uncomfortable, finally recognizing the feeling that pounded through her. She was horny. Dear God.

He groaned, and to her ears, it sounded utterly sexy. Her mouth watered, “Arthur-“

“Don’t say my name!” he said hastily, standing up. He did so faster than he intended, because he tripped over the chair. His face was flustered and embarrassed. His pants showed off his hard on and made Karina’s throat constrict in desire. She stared at his erection, feeling said emotion coil tightly within her.

He groaned again, “If you keep staring at it, I won’t be able to – “

“Don’t then,” she cut in, turning passionate eyes to lock with his. He gulped at the burning want that settled within her gaze. “It’s my fault, and I should take responsibility.” The thought made her head spin in excitement.

Evidently, it cause a similar reaction with him, because the expression on his face gaze way to all his passion and lust. She beckoned to him, and he went, walking stiffly to where she stood only to sweep her off her feet in the most suave of manners.

His lips were like fire, scorching her through and through with want. He didn’t waste any time; his hips immediately found solace as they ground against hers, pushing her roughly against the counter. He snarled in his ear, and bit it harshly with his teeth. Her moan made him even harder.

“No foreplay,” he muttered, moving his lips to hers again. Desperation clung to his every movement, making his actions haphazard and sweetly dominant. “I need you now.”

Karina shivered at the husky tone of his voice. She kissed him fully and ran her fingers up and down his chest, loosening buttons as she went. The pounding between her legs made her go faster.

They were both already so turned on from the aphrodisiac that every movement they made brought a new wave of need upon them. His shirt was quick to disappear, as was the rest of his clothing. They fumbled with buttons and zippers for as long as they dared, and wasted no time in becoming one.

As Arthur slid into her, Karina’s back was pushed harder against the counter. The pain that it brought about, however, was nothing compared to the utmost pleasure of his thick cock pushing against her move inner walls. She threw her head back and moaned, and England took advantage of her newly revealed neck as he pattered kisses and nips all over it.

His thrusts were wild and hard, and with every one, he pushed himself deeper within her than before. Karina had to grip his shoulders tightly as he dominated her, because every movement made her feel as though she were about to fall off the edge of release.

Indeed, said edge was not far away. As hips grinded uncontrollably together, stars spun around Karina’s head. She opened her eyes to look at Arthur, only to find his own emerald orbs gazing directly at her. Sweet shivers raced throughout him at the eye contact.

Their breath was coming out harsher now, and as they closely spun toward the end, their lips met in a sloppy, passionate kiss. Karina threw her arms around her lover as they fell into the folds of bliss.

As their hips finally slowed and their kiss melded into a softer passion, Arthur panted against her. Though they had achieved great satiation, it didn’t seem to be enough.

“Damn.” He pulled his member out, but it was still rock hard, “...How much potion did you put in that tea?” He turned his eyes to her.

She groaned and the sound made him stiffen. Her hands smoothed over his chest, “...I guess there’s only one thing to do, hmm?”

As she sent Arthur a lust-inducing smirk and made her way towards his bedroom, he could only curse again. He’d have to leave that aphrodisiac out more often~

// How You Found Out //

Karina woke up feeling worse for wear. It’d been like that all week, and she couldn’t think of the reason behind her sickness. She felt queasy and uncomfortable as she sat up in bed. She rubbed her eyes slowly, thinking.

It couldn’t be food poisoning, because that wouldn’t have lasted for so long. It wouldn’t be a stomach bug, because her nausea was only restricted to the mornings. A thankful feeling washed over her: she was seeing the doctor today, so he was sure to find out what was wrong with her. Just as she was about to get up and saunter to the bathroom, a knock sounded at her bedroom door, and America’s head peered inside.

“Karina, I’m glad you’re up! I made breakfast, and then I’ll drive you to the doctor’s,” his cheerfulness made her smile.

America had been her friend for as long as she could remember. He took care of her when she needed it, and so she felt very thankful to have him. Sending him a soft look, Karina nodded and began getting up, “Alright.”

Breakfast was eaten quickly, and soon Karina was on her way to the hospital. She felt nervous for some reason, and that reason was made known to her as soon as she got into the office.

“...I’m what?” she stared at the nurse with a horrendous expression. The nurse, who didn’t seem to notice said look, smile happily and repeated, “You’re pregnant! Congratulations!”

Karina just sat there gaping. Her moment with Arthur had been a mistake – a stupid, stupid misconception that was entirely her fault. As she went over the caustic events, Karina decided that no one could know. Not America, and certainly not England.

// How You Told Him // 4 Years Later //

America couldn’t really keep a secret, even when he only knew half of it. When he heart that Karina was back on the grid after four long years of disappearance, he had all but rushed to the World Meeting to let everybody know. Being the air head he was, he hadn’t stopped to wonder whether Karina had wanted people to know of her return.

For once, England appreciated America’s air headedness, though. There were many unanswered questions that had been plaguing him for the past few years, and he hoped Karina could fix that.

As Arthur walked up the driveway of what America had said was her new house, he felt a little nervous. He couldn’t help but feel that their misshapen, but no less phenomenal intimacy four years prior had been a reason for Karina’s disappearance. In some weird way, he felt responsible.

Back then, he was crazy about her. He reckoned he still was, too, because he had been all but pining over her for what seemed likes ages. Still, doubts had managed to keep him up at night, wondering if he had somehow scared her away.

He let out a heavy sigh. Who knew what was going on with her? For all he was aware of, she could be married with five kids. As though God was scorning him even more, he suddenly noticed a pair of green eyes staring at him. A young girl peered at him from the yard.

He thought about going back, but then his eyes roved the girl’s face, and he noticed something strangely familiar about her. Was it just him, or were her eyebrows entirely to large...?

“Um...hello, there,” he said, mind still years away as he began remembering Karina’s unorthodox departure. “What’s your name?”

The girl blinked at him. “Momma told me not to speak to strangers.”

The mystery surrounding her increased. Arthur shrugged, hands delving into his pockets in what he hoped would be a casual manner, “Well, I’m Arthur Kirkland. There. Now we aren’t strangers.”

It seemed to work, because the girl smiled a familiar smile and said, “I’m Aluina!”

Arthur walked closer, turning his gaze to the house. A sudden thought plagued him, and in a curious voice, he wondered, “...How old are you?” She didn’t look a day over four, he mused. When she responded similarly, Arthur frowned. He wasn’t stupid. He could put two and two together, especially when the obvious staring at him with eyes exactly like his.

“Is your mother in, Aluina?” She had some major explaining to do.

// Epilogue //

Not much had changed about her countenance, except perhaps that she had gotten even more beautiful. As they stared at each other, a heavy atmosphere made itself known. He knew, and she was very aware of that.

They didn’t say anything for a long time. An incomplete silence degraded them, not giving their past relationship any justice. Karina hung her head, not wanting to look at the betrayal that swirled in his emerald eyes.

Finally, Arthur opened his mouth to speak. The disappointment in his gaze leaked out into his words. “You should have told me.”

She didn’t know what to do or say, so she settled on two words, “...I know.” Because she did. Every day since she left that same sentiment haunted her. She felt nothing but shame and regret that Arthur had to find out this way.

“Does anyone else know?” he demanded, brow furrowing in anger. Karina would have been stupid not to catch the real question he was asking. Did America know?

Soft tears built up in her eyes, and she truthfully admitted, “...No.” She had told no one, gave no reason, and would have kept it that way had Arthur not come looking for answers.

She thought, maybe, that he was done. That he would surely leave now. Why would he want to look at her any longer? She lived in sin now. “Why did you come?” She had to know.

But his only response was another question, uttered simplistically from humorless lips. “Why did you leave?”

she stared at him in an open display of surprise. Could it be...? Hope flickered in her heart, intensified by the shining promise of his emerald gaze. When the quiet sound of her daughter – their daughter – came floating through the open window, she watched with coherent exuberance as England turned to watch her.

“...I missed out on four years of her life. You should have told me. I wouldn’t have abandoned you, damn it!” he turned fiery eyes to her, “I’m in love with you!”

The consequences of her mistake resurfaced tenfold, followed by the memories of the birth and the months that followed. She wished she could got back in time and tell him, because she now realized that she missed out on the loving care of a husband and father. An onslaught of tears attacked her cheeks. He was still in love with her, even after everything that she had put him through.

He stepped up to her, determined eyes locking with hers, “I’m not going to miss out on anything else.” And then, as though sealing his promise, Arthur leaned forward, closed the distance between them, and kissed her as thoroughly as he had four years before.

Life was finally starting to make sense.



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