Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An England Baby Daddy -- Game Of Chess

Character: England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Natalie, loves British accents

Inspiration: Wahh~ British accents, of course <3

// Prologue //

Loving Arthur Kirkland was like playing a game of chess: one false move and you’re out. It was like walking on an endless trail of glass, always worrying about moving gingerly. Sometimes, it even seemed like the disappointment of a rainy day, as frequent as the changing London atmosphere. (Which were all very depressing, of course.)

It never failed to amuse Natalia whenever she came to visit England, simply because being around him seemed to be so caustic. Oh, he was a very stable sort of gentleman with quite an interesting past, but his own mental sanity wasn’t what she was referring to.

Natalia felt like a willing pawn in Arthur’s game of chess. Whenever she was around him she felt the desire to help him in whatever way possible. She had a feeling that it had something do to with her infatuation with him, but it was all cut and dry, really.

Maybe to Arthur, Natalia was a few steps above a mere pawn – at least, she hoped she was – but it didn’t matter either way. Both of them were playing a dangerous game.

“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you,” he told her.

Ah. A universal threat that was supposed to dub your opponent into thinking that what they’re doing is wrong, when actually it is the exact opposite~! How fickle did he think she was?! Regardless of his obvious attempt at degrading her own judgment, Natalia moved her bishop and took his knight. Bahaha.

The look he sent her was slightly incredulous. He totally didn’t expect her to ignore his blatant – huh. The smirk that was winding up his lips looked absolutely delicious, but that wasn’t the only thing strange about the situation.

“You should have listened to me,” he gloated. His queen knocked her bishop down and he victoriously grabbed the fallen piece. Ohhh. She had forgotten about the queen’s moves. Stupid reverse psychology!

She glowered at him and pouted, not realizing that as she stared at the chess board brooding, Arthur was staring at her face. It was a shame she missed the look in his emerald eyes, because it was short lived but nonetheless very rewarding.

“Alright. Prepare to be beaten,” she warned, and moved her rook farther into the board. (Yes, she was quite aware that she’d used that warning almost every time she moved a piece. And yes, she was also aware that it only amused the man before her. Shut up.)

He was obviously taking her words to heart, because the smile that he gave her told her of his enjoyment. He allowed a soft chortle to escape his lips as he leaned back, eyes roving her face rather than the board. “I’m tired of this.” He tilted his head, eyes locking with hers and sending shivers catapulting through her eager body. “We should do something else.”

Natalia grinned, “But I was about to beat you!” But then, as he shrugged and began leaning back toward the chess game – no doubt to prove her wrong – she scoffed and pouted, “...Fine. Let’s do something else. Playing chess with you is such a hassle.”

He grinned at her and hummed, beginning to pick up the game. “But I bet you enjoy pretending to beat me every time we end our games short.” His grin widened at the scowl she sent him.

“Humph. I do, actually. Don’t take that happiness away from me,” she couldn’t deny that the grin he was sporting was making her heart beat every faster. The table between them was entirely too small.

He seemed to be thinking the same train of thought, because his eyes suddenly sparked fire. His grin turned slightly mischievous as he eyed her; his entire countenance shifting into something a little more dangerous. It was nothing short of riveting.

“You know, I think I have some other ideas of what we can do,” he said, voice taking on a suggestive tone. She shivered and smirked, leaning forward, “I’m sure whatever this idea is, I’ll be ready for it~”

Sigh. The trip to the bedroom never was short enough.

// How It Happened //

A harsh sigh left her lips as he pushed her to the wall. His hips ground fitfully into hers, erection making her sink ever deeper into bliss and passion. Her fingers tugged through his hair, drawing his mouth hard against hers in a dominant kiss that quickly fell into submission as his tongue roved her bottom lip.

When she opened her mouth for him, Natalia was met with fierce desire. His taste was dangerous and perfect. She moaned against him and wrapped her legs farther around his waist. In the back of her mind, she wondered if this was what heaven felt like. (The bliss was reaching catastrophic levels.) She moaned again.

When her back hit the mattress, Natalia’s mind blanked completely. Her movements were driven by one desire. Burning need tore at her, enforcing a passion that would have frightened her had it not been utterly returned.

Against her mouth, Arthur snarled. His desire for her was growing with every second. Every movement of their hips was making him crazy and wild. Every kiss of her soft lips had him losing sight of any reality that might have been there. The earth didn’t exist anymore; there was only the sky as they shot upwards, past clouds and into a heightened bliss that before seemed unattainable.

Clothes came flying off bodies. The heat increased as skin burned skin. Lower bodies ground fitfully together with restraints: the pledge within their eyes was plausible and obvious. They stared at each other for only a moment before their lips connected, and the immediately lost any thought that might have been.

As their bodies connected and became one, they circled upward into indescribable passion. Intense gazes connected: soon, it wasn’t just a physicality that kept them intertwined, but an emotional promise as well.

Their ragged breaths mingled as they drew closer to the edge. Hips snapping heatedly, they rose higher and higher, past any and all boundaries that they’d previously hit. Arthur threw his head back and let loose a moan that drove Natalia crazy. She arched her back, feeling release imminent with every thrust, and shut her eyes tightly. His fingers closed around her legs, lifting them to gain better access. He only got in a few pounding thrusts before the position went them overboard, jerking wildly and intrinsically against one another as they came.

Reality set in only moments after, but it didn’t stop the lovers from moving together. Arthur slowed his pace, bringing them back to earth peacefully as their lips worked passionately together. A satisfied emotion hung in the air.

“Mmm...” she thought about saying something, but the look in her eyes silenced her completely. There was no need for words. The connection of their bodies portrayed their thoughts perfectly.

She smiled and lifted her head to kiss him again, drawing him closer as she tightened her legs around him. She didn’t want to let him go just yet. In the back of her mind, Natalia decided that she was probably more than a mere pawn to Arthur. (If the love in his eyes had anything to do with it, anyway.)

// How You Told Him //

Arthur Kirkland would make a good father. He liked children and treated them with care and affection. (With the exception of Sealand, but that was an entirely different story.) Natalia was positive that he would be perfect for the job. And really, what other choice was there? She was pregnant with his kid, after all.

He paced the living room, hands grasped together and eyebrows furrowed with frustration. Natalia was sure that he’d walk a hole into the carpet, but she kept her mouth firmly shut. The apprehension in the air was astounding and not to be trifled with.

Mutters spilt from his mouth as he paced, all centered on his problems – America, France, Germany – and all filled with anxiety. The world was upon his shoulders and Natalia was only going to add to that weight. She swallowed thickly and kept her gaze trained to the ground.

He sure was making it hard for her. She had woken up with blazing determination, intent on telling him the news that she had coveted for the past week. She was unsure of how to say it. Every time she opened her mouth to, her mind jumped to conclusions. He would yell at her because he didn’t want a kid right now. He would scorn her and leave her to take care of the child herself. He would tell her that he didn’t need any more problems.

But no, she had realized when she’d awoken, Arthur wasn’t like that. He was kind and soft beneath his hardened outer layer. He would understand, because he was a part of this, too. (She hadn’t gotten pregnant by herself, damn it.)

Her determination had died down as soon as she saw him, though. Through breakfast, she had felt the tension in the air, caused primarily by her. They’d made it throughout the entirety of the day with said tension. It was probably confusing the poor man very much.

But then, maybe it wasn’t. He didn’t really looked confused at the moment. More like annoyed.

“Arthur,” she cut in, heart swelling with a realization. If she didn’t tell him now, he might find out in a different way. It was her obligation. Besides, she wanted him to know. But when he brought his eyes to meet hers, her willpower crumbled once more. She felt so fickle.

His brows furrowed even more, “What the bloody hell is the matter with you today, anyway? Don’t think I haven’t noticed – “ he stopped when he realized that there were tears brimming at the corners of her eyes. “...Natalia?”

She smiled a watery sort of smile and kept her eyes firmly away from his. This definitely wasn’t the way she wanted to tell him. Sobbing it to him lost some of its heartwarming quality. “...I’m alright. It’s just...I...” she glanced up at him, but did not meet his worried gaze. He was quick to slid into the spot beside her. When her hand rested within his, she felt better.

He didn’t have to ask her what was wrong, because his eyes said everything. He reached up to brush away her tears and she sighed. As long as she didn’t look at him, she would be ok. Determination flared within her once more. “I’m...pregnant...” Huh. Well, it hadn’t been as strong as she’d wanted it to be, but at least she got it out.

His silence worried her. When she finally managed to glance up at him, he looked shocked. There was a happy sort of glitter within his emerald eyes, though, that set her nervousness aside. How silly she was! His lips curved into a tiny smile, meant especially for her, and he chuckled lowly.

As he leaned in to kiss her, Natalia realized that she hadn’t had anything to be worried about in the first place. He understood perfectly fine. Yes, she mused, blissfully shutting her eyes, he would make a very good father.

// Epilogue //


She glowered at him, brows furrowing in frustration as she peered up into emerald eyes. Once – just once! – she wished he’d let her win. It’d make her feel at least a little better about her losing streak.

He smirked victoriously and leaned back in his seat. In the other room, a cry erupted, cutting off whatever he was going to say. Immediately, his eyes flickered to the doorway and he watched his wife rise from her defeat to check on their two month old daughter.

His eyes softened as soon as she came back, carrying the tiny bundle in her arms as she hushed it and bounced the babe to quiet her. It didn’t work: the cries only got worse.

Arthur chuckled and she threw him an exasperated look. Silently, he held out his arms, taking the bundle as it was offered to him. Like magic – Natalia raised a brow suspiciously at the thought – the babe was silenced. She snuggled up to her father’s chest and let out a large yawn. A moment later, tiny eyes were closing of their own accord and sleep was imminent in the air.

“Huh,” Natalia sat down beside her husband, watching her child sleep in his arms. She reached out to brush at the baby hair upon her head, “I don’t know how you do it.”

He sent her an amused smirk and leaned back, closing his eyes. For a moment, Natalia just sat there, watching the father and daughter’s mirrored actions. And then she giggled, curled up, and laid her head to his shoulders.

His head immediately came to rest upon hers. Silence reigned in the room, saturated with peace. This was what Natalia wanted out of life. Complete and utter happiness in the form of a husband and child. Perfection.

She felt herself falling into the sweet folds of sleep. Her head was nodding against Arthur’s shoulder, her mind closing down with the promise of rest. And then...a low chuckle reverberated Arthur’s chest. He kissed the top of her head. Into her ear he whispered, “I guess you’re sick of playing chess, hmm?”

Her expression, though tired, managed to contort into disgust. He chuckled again at the sight and said no more. Peace welled up again.

In the back of her mind, Natalia realized that she really wasn’t a pawn anymore. In fact, within Arthur’s arms, she felt more like a queen.


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