Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Hook, Line, and Sinker

Character: Gaara no Sabaku

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Naomi, Age 23

** This is a sequel to Liquid Courage, though can certainly be read as a stand alone Lemon as well **

A glass was slammed onto the wooden table. Around Naomi, there were rowdy yells and jeering. A fight was taking place a few tables down, though it was between two men who were pissed drunk and didn’t really cause any trouble. Lights were swimming in her eyes, and laughter was building in her ears. Across from her, a group of her friends began chortling at an unheard joke. Another round of glasses were taken up.

It had been a month since the last time she’d entered a club, and somehow, she was feeling a little down. Naomi never was a depressed woman, but compared to the uplifted, heavenly feeling that a past red-head had given her, all her days were spent moping around in boredom. It was a shame that she’d been too drunk to get his number.

She could still remember him vividly. It was as if he’d never actually left, but then that made her even more depressed, because he did leave, and that was that. Sometimes, her skin still burned with the reminder of his touch.

“Feeling a bit under the weather, Naomi?” a friend suddenly asked, drawing her forth from the thoughts she’d sunk into. She noticed how all her friends’ attention was on her. With a light clearing of her throat, she shrugged, smiled dryly, and shook her head. “I’m fine,” she mumbled, and reached for her tall, nearly untouched glass of vodka and tonic so as to brush away their inquiries.

It worked. As she lost herself in the bottom of her drink, the conversation was turned elsewhere, and she was saved from any more questions. She was feeling under the weather, but that wasn’t because of any physical sickness. Naomi forced herself to gulp down more. Maybe if she forgot about him, she wouldn’t care so much.

She was only on her third drink when a sudden shadow loomed over their table. Immediately, the conversation of her friends died down. All eyes turned to the newcomer, but only Naomi recognized him.

“...Kankuro?” there was no mistaking that weird cat hood that adorned his head. (In fact, there was no mistaking him regardless. No other guy wore purple make up and sported such a sneering grin.) She raised a brow.

He nodded to her in greeting, flashed his eyes to her friends, and then ignored them as he turned back to Naomi, “Hey. I saw you come in. Wanna have a drink at our table?”

Our table. He wasn’t alone. Which meant that Gaara was probably with him. Naomi stared at him, unsure. Now that there was actually a chance of seeing the red head again, was Naomi up to it? Could her heart take another fling that would no doubt leave her clueless for the next month...? Eh. She supposed it could. (Said heart was surprisingly flexible.) She was quick to get up. Her friends were so unsure of what was going on that they didn’t even complain as she walked away with Kankuro. She’d explain the situation to them some other time. But for now...across the clubs dance floor, an unmistakable flash of shocking red hair met her. She swallowed thickly as they neared him.

When her eyes locked with pale green, Naomi felt shock burn into her body even though she was well aware of his presence. He didn’t seem very surprised to see her. In fact, his entire countenance was as relaxed as one could be. His back was lazily slouched in the booth, arms resting heavily on the table. In one hand was a tall glass of what looked like vodka.

As she sat down across from him, Naomi felt a surprisingly strong desire remove the distance. She had never felt such uncontrol before. The urge to jump him was practically insatiable. Naomi was so overcome by reigning in said urges that she didn’t even notice the glass of beer that Kankuro set before her.

She was thankful for the distraction of the alcohol and was quick to find the bottom of the glass.

No questions or pleasantries were exchanged. Gaara merely stared at her, foamy eyes burning into hers. Kankuro chatted mindlessly, but his words passed right over Naomi’s head. She was too preoccupied by the swirling emotions within those eyes.

He seemed to be silently screaming to her, but it wasn’t an angry sort of yell. This outcry was brimming in passion; in the scandalous desire to replay their last meeting’s events. It produced a similar craving within her.

She wasn’t sure how long they sat there, staring vividly into the other’s eyes. Naomi could only recall the seemingly endless array of alcohol that she was subjected to, and the familiar scene made her longing heighten. She vaguely wondered whether this particular club would be more lenient to their using the restroom stalls.

After a while, Kankuro seemed to realize that he was getting no where in his one-sided conversation. Grumbling, he sent a scowl toward his brother and stood up, grabbing a bunch of empty glasses and making his way toward the bar to get refills.

As soon as he was gone, the atmosphere shifted. Desperation wavered over them. Their gazes intensified to a daring extent. It was almost as though Gaara was setting forth a challenge. Whether he was or not, Naomi fell for it hook, like, and sinker.

As soon as Gaara detected her submission, he stood up. His figure was suddenly very powerful. He viewed Naomi as though she was the only woman there, and it made her heart beat so fast that she thought she might faint. She was quick to follow him up.

At first, Naomi had no idea where Gaara was going. The bathrooms were in the opposite direction, she knew, but as he walked toward the door, she seemed to understand. When she saw him take a pair of keys from his pocket, all her previous confusion was replaced by extreme excitement.

It seemed that, even though Gaara’s car could take them anywhere, he had no intention of leaving. Naomi could only guess that his need was on the same level as hers, because she didn’t care where they went as long as she had him.

The backseat of the car was cramped, but that only made it all the more interesting. Naomi crawled in first, hands shaking with uncontrolled arousal. When she felt Gaara’s thankful weight around her hips, she couldn’t have asked for more...but then his lips came crashing onto hers, and that realization melted into ridicule.

His kiss was fierce and dominant, and screamed of the promise of passion. As their lips worked with insatiable need, his hands ghosted over her body, evoking emotions and cravings that, only a month before, had seemed foreign and strange.

Heat coiled within Naomi’s stomach. She was pounding for him, ready and waiting beneath his slim figure. Her mind kept screaming instructions at her, but every time she tried to follow through with them, Gaara intersected her. In a way, the lack of liberation was tantalizing her. He was not a person to be trifled with, and the realization had satisfied shivers racing all over her body.

Her fingers tugged at him everywhere – his hair, his clothes, his neck – but it didn’t seem to make him go any faster. This time around, it seemed as though he wanted to take things slow. (As slow as one could go in the backseat of a car, at least.) The softness of his controlled movements was nothing short of invigorating.

His hips ground against hers in sweet friction. The fabric restraints of their clothes earned several keening moans from Naomi, and a fumbled, undecided movement of her fingers as she failed to rid them of said clothes. It was failed, because before she could tear his pants off, Gaara grabbed her wrists and pined them above her head. He leaned back to stare into her eyes, reflecting all his passion, want, and patience in his single burning look.

“Wait,” was all he uttered, voice thick with lust and the promise of more. But even as he spoke, his body contradicted him as he hoisted her legs farther around him and pushed his strained manhood to her heated core.

He traced her cheek as his lips found hers once more, ghosted his tongue over her lip, and dug a hand into her silky hair. He grunted out a pleased moan when she returned his affection, this time going as slow as he. There was a danger in the deliberate actions of their bodies, as though Gaara was getting ready to utterly sweep her away.

Indeed, he was. His lips grew hotter against hers; their tangled limbs grew tighter; and the sudden, ominous ripping sound of her pants sounded in the soft silence. It was like the light in the darkness, the deep breath before the storm, and the peace directly after all mixed into one tiny breath of air. The lovers took that breath into their lungs, inhaling a sensation that overturned their entire bodies, and finally began to fall into the realm where reason and thought do not exist.

Naomi swore that the car was rocking so harshly that it made discretion needless. She couldn’t help herself though, for she contributed half of said rocking as she met her lover halfway.

He towered above her, arms bulging out delicious muscles as he hovered over her mouth. Their faces were inches apart and they exchanged breathes with every push of their erratic hips. His hair fell into his eyes as he stared at her. If the movements of their lower bodies was not enough to make Naomi exhilarated, then it was definitely the striking contrast within his hard, passionate, erotic green eyes.

Her ankles were joined at his back, squeezing together with every unification of their hips. Her hands had secured a place at his shoulders, hugging his close to her and digging her nails into his skin. He didn’t seem to mind the pain – in fact, he seemed particularly pleased to have it. It was as though the insignificant blood was like a breeze of reality that cut through their dream and made it attainable.

“G...G-Gaa-Gaaraa...!” He snarled at her moan and bit down on her neck, tongue roving her skin as though striking gold. Her breathy whispers were quickly making him loose control. Every outward push of breath came with the soft keening of his name, and it had him pounding into her with increasing zeal.

After only a few thrusts, their movements paid off. The rocking of the car intensified as the lovers hurtled toward their end, desperation clinging to their every motion as they hurried toward release. It was almost sorry to see their finish, but the bliss that quickly rose them ever higher was not likely to disappointed. If it was anything like the last time...

But it was better. It was better because they weren’t just fumbling around uncertainly, wondering if they were doing things right. It was better because the undeniable pledge that saturated their every touch wasn’t meant to be overlooked. It was better because Gaara wasn’t holding back, and neither was she. They found solace in the way their bodies molded together, breathes panting with the last of their passion.

And then, everything was silent. The car stopped rocking, their hips stopped moving, and the warmth that had consoled their haphazard, rushing minds lessened. A peace lingered in the air, illuminated by the soft, ragged pants of the two intertwined lovers.

Nothing was said; no words were exchanged. As Gaara slowly released her from his grasp, he turned to gaze at her. He took his time in sitting up, and she took hers in following him.

For a moment, they just sat there, still reveling in the bliss that had been theirs moments ago. After the majority of that bliss wavered, Naomi brought her lips to press silently against his. It was a short kiss, as though she were thanking him, and it made his heart swell with emotion. Tonight would probably be their last meeting.

Unless...he took her face in his hands and kissed her harder, disputing her vague goodbye. Who said that a relationship couldn’t be born from a fling? It happened every day. It could happen to them.

As their kiss turned into more, Naomi pulled back. Her lips were bruised to perfection. Her eyes were twinkling up at him with a clouded sort of happiness. Her mouth was curved up with pleasure. When she spoke, her voice was breathless and invigorating. “You’re place?”

Gaara merely smirked. There was danger surrounded him again, and it made Naomi chortle in mirth. They were quick to stumble to the front seat. Hopefully, they would find Gaara’s house a lot faster than it took them to find hers.

Extended Ending

Kankuro had spent much of his evening away from his table. He was well aware of the sexual tension between his brother and the girl, and it was definitely not something he wanted to get involved with. He figured he’d meet back up with the duo after an hour or two.

But as the night drew to a close and people began filing out of the bar, Gaara was no where to be found. No bathroom escapades this time?

As he drunkenly stumbled out the door, Kankuro began searching for Gaara’s car....only to find the parking space which previously held it to be empty. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“You with that weird red head?” he turned to glance at the bouncer, who was leaning against the club’s wall smoking a cigarette. “Whatever he was up to, it sure shook the whole God damned car.” An amused laugh annunciated his words.

...Mother of God. Not again.



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